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									The Power of the Legendary Greek
The Greek Tycoons

Author: Catherine George

Isobel James, the last single girl (or so it seems!), can't believe she's come to Greece on her own, but
she had to escape the wedding fever that's gripped her best friends.When reclusive tycoon Lukas
Andreadis finds Isobel washed up on his private beach, he thinks she's another journalist acting the
"damsel in distress." He whisks her to his villa, where interrogation leads to seduction.Now Isobel's
struck down by something much more dangerous than wedding fever—a powerful infatuation with the
legendary Greek....
Author Bio
Catherine George
Catherine George was born in a village on the Welsh-English border, where the public library featured
largely in her life. Her mother, who looked upon literature as a basic necessity of life, fervently
encouraged Catherine's passion for reading, little knowing it would one day motivate her daughter into
writing her first novel.At 18, Catherine met her husband, who after their marriage swept her off to Brazil,
where he worked as Chief Engineer of a large gold-mining operation in the mountains of Minas Gerais, a
setting which later provided a very popular background for several of Catherine's early novels.Nine happy
years passed there before the question of their small son's education decided their return to Britain.Not
long afterward a daughter was born, and for a time Catherine lived a fulfilled life as a wife and mother who
always made time to read, especially in the bath! Her husband's job took him abroad again, to Portugal,
West Africa, and various countries of the Middle East, but this time she stayed home with the family.
And spent a lot of lonely evenings in between the reunions when her husband came home on
leave."Instead of reading other people's novels all the time," he suggested one day, "why not have a shot
at writing one yourself?" So Catherine did.But first she took a creative writing course. Encouraged by the
other students' enthusiasm for her contributions, she decided to try her hand at romance, and read
countless Mills & Boon novels as research before writing one herself. Her first novel, which Romantic
Times voted best of its genre for that year, was accepted, along with all 54 written since.These days son
and daughter have fled the nest, but they return with loving regularity to where Catherine and her
husband—back for good from his travels—live, with Prince, the most recent Labrador, in a house built at
the end of Victoria's reign in four acres of garden on the cliffs between the beautiful Wye Valley and the
River Severn.

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