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									Sustainable Site Design
Author: Claudia Dinep
Author: Kristin Schwab

Edition: 1

Sustainable Site Design introduces the core concepts of sustainability as applied to landscape
architecture. Focusing on site-scale design, this book provides a regional framework for integrating
sustainable practices throughout the design process. From landscape analysis to program and design
development, each design phase is illustrated with detailed case studies covering a broad range of
innovative built landscape architectural projects.
Author Bio
Claudia Dinep
Claudia Dinep, ASLA, former principal with the firm of Rolf Sauer and Partners in Philadelphia, currently
consults, lectures, and writes on landscape sustainability. <br>

Kristin Schwab
<br>Kristin Schwab, ASLA, is a licensed landscape architect and an Associate Professor of Landscape
Architecture at the University of Connecticut.<br>

"Written to serve as a textbook and reference for those in the field of landscape architecture and
community planning, the purpose of this volume is to address the environmental and societal needs
relating to the development of a sustainable landscape. Heavily illustrated with photographs and design
plans, the publication contains a valuable glossary and bibliography."

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