Midnights Drearier by P-EternalPress


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									Midnights Drearier
Author: Joe Nazare
Editor: Kim Richards
Author: Cinsearae Santiago

Age Group: 16 and up

Night after night the blackbird has plagued Eldon Richter's farm, leaving bizarre incidents of blight in its
wake. So now Deadeye Eddie sits vigilant, waiting to shoot down the winged nemesis. But even the
legendary marksman is not equipped for what he'll set his sights on come the dark dawn of midnight.

That night the blackbird woke him again. It soared solo this time; perhaps another survivor from the
previous night had spread the chirp that the Richter farm was a no-fly zone. Eldon dragged a chair over to
the window and sat watching. For some time he struggled to make out the blackbird's movements
against the backdrop of starless sky, his efforts of location aided mostly by the bird's periodic caws. And
just when he thought that he'd finally locked onto the thing as it flew away from the house and high over
the distant oak tree, the blackbird seemed to cut itself off mid-cry and faded from sight.
Eldon blinked, then leaned forward, willing his eyeglasses to telescope his vision. Shaking his head, he
stood and shuffled back towards the bed. He glanced at the alarm clock on the end table, and instantly
shuddered. One digit behind its hourly counterpart, the minute hand pointed straight up at the twelve.
Eldon, who hadn't shucked all the rural superstition educated into him as a youngster, couldn't help but
think: The witching hour.

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