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									Whose Gospel?
Author: James A. Forbes, Jr.

In Whose Gospel?, one of America's greatest living preachers offers a compelling vision of progressive
social change. Known as "the preacher's preacher", Dr. James A. Forbes, Jr. has tirelessly advocated
progressive views on the crucial issues of our time—from poverty, war, and women's equality to racial
justice, sexuality, and the environment. Long a powerful voice for progressive Protestants, Forbes draws
on a record of political commitment ranging from the civil rights movement to his stirring address at the
2004 Democratic National Convention, in addition to his eighteen years at the helm of New York City's
historic Riverside Church. Reflecting the insights of his years as a pastor, a teacher, and an adviser to
political leaders, this inspiring manifesto "for the healing of the nations" epitomizes the best thinking of
one of the country's foremost religious leaders. Published with a foreword by longtime Riverside Church
member Bill Moyers, Whose Gospel? is a pithy and insightful introduction to Forbes's thought and a
welcome source of inspiration in this era of hope and change.

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