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									The Dare
Risking It All

Author: Cara Summers

Does she dare...To score the first-ever photo of reclusive business tycoon Jared Slade? Little does
struggling reporter Rory Gibbs know she'll first have to get past his big, sexy bodyguard, Mark
Hunter.Can she dare...Trust dark, dangerous Hunter? She gets her picture, but then Hunter tracks her
down. He promises he'll get her an interview with his boss on two conditions: she hands over the film—
and gives him one kiss.Will she dare...Do what she really wants to with the gorgeous bodyguard? One
kiss leads to an explosive encounter. And then another. And another! Rory quickly realizes that she
loses all control around Hunter. But will she risk letting him get close enough to use that seductive power
against her?Yes!
Author Bio
Cara Summers
Did Cara Summers always dream of becoming a writer? Absolutely not!At the age of six, she wanted to
become the next Mother Teresa. At eight, her goal was to become a P.I. and drive a car just like Nancy
Drew's. In junior high, her interests shifted to science, and she believed that brain surgery was in her
future. Then in high school and college, she threw herself into the performing arts and set her sights on a
career as a Broadway musical comedy star!Falling in love and getting married caused her to modify those
plans somewhat, and she decided a teaching certificate and a steady paycheck might come in handy. It
wasn't until she was sharing most of her waking hours with two little boys under the age of three that she
thought of writing (or perhaps moving to a private room in a nice quiet mental hospital).It was Cara's mom
who saved her sanity by handing her a romance novel and saying, "Why don't you try this?"She did, and
it started her thinking. Hadn't her sixth-grade teacher told her what a good writer she was? And there was
the award she'd won from the Detroit News for a short, short story she wrote when she was 16....Was
Cara instantly successful in achieving her new dream of becoming a published writer? Absolutely not! It
wasn't until she'd battled her way through her fourth romance novel that she made her first sale to
Harlequin Temptation.Ten books later, is Cara happy with her new career? Absolutely! (It's only on the
days when her characters are giving her trouble that she wonders if maybe brain surgery would be
easier.)Cara lives in upstate New York with her three sons. When she isn't writing, she teaches in the
Writing Program at Syracuse University and at a community college near her home. Her current hobbies
are reading, running, and in-line skating. You can write to her at P.O. Box 327, Dewitt, NY 13214.

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