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									Temple Tower
Bulldog Drummond

Author: Sapper

As the 'Maid of Orleans' sets sail for Boulogne, two men wave goodbye to their trusting wives, who are
completely unaware that their husband's intended 'golf holiday' is a ruse. One of the men is Captain Hugh
'Bulldog' Drummond – a demobilised officer with a fierce appetite for adventure and ale; the other is
Bulldog's loyal friend, Peter, who narrates this exciting tale of a man in fear of his life and in desperate
need of their help in penetrating the ill-omened Temple Tower.
Author Bio
Sapper is the pen name of Herman Cyril McNeile, born in 1888 at the Naval Prison in Bodmin, Cornwall,
where his father was Governor. He served in the Royal Engineers (popularly known as 'sappers') from
1907-19, being awarded the Military Cross during World War 1. He started writing in France, adopting a
pen name because serving officers were not allowed to write under their own names. When his first
stories, about life in the trenches, were published in 1915, they were an enormous success. But it was
his first thriller, Bulldog Drummond (1920) that launched him as one of the most popular novelists of his
generation. It had several amazingly successful sequels, including The Black Gang, The Third Round and
The Final Count. Another great success was Jim Maitland (1923), featuring a footloose English sahib in
foreign lands. Sapper published nearly thirty books in total, and a vast public mourned his death when he
died in 1937, at the early age of forty-eight.

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