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									In Baghdad
Author: Paul McGeough
Table of Contents

MapsDay One: First AttackDay Two: Lunge at the Heart of the RegimeDay Three: Long-Promised Shock
and AweDay Four: A State of DenialDay Five: Saddam Hussein Addresses his PeopleDay Six:
Colleagues DisappearDay Seven: Death in the MarketplaceDay Eight: A Lull Before the Expected
SiegeDay Nine: More Bombs, No CandlesDay Ten: Ministry of Misinformation Takes a Direct HitDay
Eleven: Suicide BombsDay Twelve: A Guerilla War in the OffingDay Thirteen: Marking TimeDay Fourteen:
Cat-and-MouseDay Fifteen: Trying to Find TranquillityDay Sixteen: People Pour from the CityDay
Seventeen: The US Captures the AirportDay Eighteen: The Americans are within Greater BaghdadDay
Nineteen: The Push into the Heart of the CityDay Twenty: Occupation at a Terrible CostDay Twenty-One:
The End of Saddam's RegimeDay Twenty-Two: The World Beholds a Tyrant's Statue FallDay Twenty-
Three: A Time for RevengeDay Twenty-Four: T

A classic, engrossing war correspondent's story by the only Australian journalist who was in Baghdad for
the duration of the war.As war loomed, reporters from around the world swarmed into Iraq. But in the end
Paul McGeough was one of a handful - and the only Australian - to cover the entire war from
Baghdad.Keeping a daily diary, McGeough documented the death of the innocents and the cheap
propaganda on both sides; the heroic efforts by doctors and nurses in filthy, under-supplied hospitals; the
collapse of the regime; the American conquest of Baghdad; and the rampant looting that tore away the
last vestiges of Saddam.His personal diaries are a unique insight into life for reporters behind enemy lines
- from the stress of colleagues dying around them to daily battles with a regime that saw them virtually
become human shields and always potential hostages.It is an extraordinary feat to be the sole Australian
reporter to have experienced such raw history in the making. But Paul McGeough's remarkable
achievement is to have written such a compelling narrative of the closing days of the brutal dictatorship of
Saddam Hussein while under real and present danger.Here is his definitive account of the 30 days in
Baghdad that changed the Middle East forever.Praise for Paul McGeough's Manhattan to Baghdad:'This
is a serious book by a serious journalist, a man with his heart in the right place ...' - Phillip Knightley,
author of The First Casualty'In the tradition of war correspondent Martha Gellhorn ... driven by a desire not
only to report but to understand the meaning of events.' - The Age'Authoritative, compassionate and
informative - as well as being a ripping good yarn.' - Australian Bookseller & Publisher
Author Bio
Paul McGeough
Paul McGeough is a former editor of The Sydney Morning Herald, and is now its New York-based writer-
at-large. He has been a reporter for almost 30 years, covering international conflict since the 1990-91 Gulf
War. McGeough's work has earned Australia's highest journalistic honours, including the Perkin and the
Walkley Awards. His reporting on Afghanistan won a prestigious SAIS Novartis international award in

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