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									Workplace Learning
Routledge Studies in Human Resource Development

Editor: Marianne van Woerkom
Editor: Rob Poell
Table of Contents

1. Introduction Marianne Van Woerkom and Rob Poell Section 1: Perspectives on Learning in the
Workplace 2. The Relational Interdependence between Personal and Social Agency in Learning and for
Working Life Stephen Billet 3. Beyond Individual Acquisition: Theorising Practice-Based Collective
Learning in HRD Tara Fenwick 4. Principles For Research on Workplace Learning: At the Intersection of
the Individual and the Context Peter Chin, Nancy L. Hutchinson, Joan Versnal and Hugh Munby 5.
Bateson's Levels of Learning: A Framework for Transformative Workplace Learning? Paul Tosey, Jane
Mathison and Dawn Langley Section 2: Operationalising Learning in the Workplace 6. Antecedents of
Nurses' Actual Learning Activities: The Role of Psychological Work Conditions and Intrinsic Work
Motivation Marjolein Berings, Rob Poell and Marc Van Veldhoven 7. The Development of an Instrument to
Assess Information Acquisition Activities: Implications for Workplace and Organisational Learning Yu-Lin
Wang and Andrea D. Ellinger 8. In Search of a Good Method for Assessing Learning from Errors at Work
Johannes Bauer and Regina H. Mulder Section 3: Learning in Various Workplace Settings 9. Learning
from Differences: The Relationships between Expertise Diversity, Team Learning and Team Performance
Marloes Van Engen and Marianne Van Woerkom 10. The Relationship between Central Actors and Level
of Reflection in Project-Based Learning: Dutch and U.S. Data and Theory Compared Rob Poell, Victoria
J. Marsick and Lyle Yorks 11. A Call for Learning: The Challenge of Realizing Learning in Call Centers
Eira Andersson and Anna Berg Jansson 12. Work-Based Learning Programmes in English Universities:
Government Policy and Organizational Practice Paul Smith and David Preece 13. The Relationship
between the Professional Identity, Professional Development and Coaching Style of Teacher Educators
Marianne Van Woerkom 14. Implications for Research and Practice Marianne Van Woerkom and Rob

This edited volume aims to evaluate the promises of workplace learning by addressing the following
related questions: What are current developments in theory that informs workplace learning research?
How can learning in the workplace be measured? What is the impact of various organizational settings
(e.g., team-based work and call centres) on workplace learning? Which are the promising new avenues
for research? And which research-based recommendations can be made to boost learning opportunities
in various work contexts? The topic is conceptualized as an interaction between the individual and the
work context, as a combination of individual and collective processes, as a link between cognition and
action, and as a political process.With a wide array of contributions from academics such as Stephen
Billet, Tara Fenwick and Victoria Marsick, this volume will be an important research and reference tool
with all those academics and practitioners who are interested in the field of human resource
development.Targeted at researchers, (post) graduate students, and reflective practitioners and managers
interested in the area, "Workplace Learning" provides must-read material for anyone wanting to advance
the theory, research, and/or practice of learning in the workplace.

'A significant ensemble of workplace learning articles by leading international authors that will make a
notable contribution to the field.

'A significant ensemble of workplace learning articles by leading international authors that will make a
notable contribution to the field.

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