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Author: Christina Feldman

Christina Feldman writes in Compassion, "You do not need to be a saint to find the grace and
transformative power of compassion; you need only to be willing to pay attention to pain and its cause
and to commit yourself to its end." She offers techniques for developing the capacity to hold adversity,
loss, and pain—with love. Her guided meditations will teach you to cultivate and sustain compassion for
the blameless, for those who cause suffering, for those whom you love, and for yourself.
Author Bio
Christina Feldman
In the early 1970s, Christina Feldman spent several years in Asia, studying in the Buddhist meditation
tradition. She has led insight meditation retreats in the West since 1974. A cofounder of Gaia House in
Devon, England, she is a regular teacher at the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts, and
at Spirit Rock in Woodacre, California. In addition, she leads retreats in Europe. Christina is coauthor
(with Jack Kornfield) of Soul Food, and author of numerous books including Silence, Woman Awake, and
Beginner's Guide to Buddhist Meditation (all three published by Rodmell Press). She lives in Totnes,

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