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									Lighting the Dark Side

Author: William R. Potter
Other: Richie O'Brien

Edition: 1

Lighting The Dark Side is an award winning anthology of short fiction including three novellas and three
shorter works covering a wide range of fiction genres including, Action/thriller, Mystery/ Suspense, Sci-fi,
Romance and even Hard-boiled detective. Regular people find themselves caught up in extraordinary
situations; and all are locked into circumstances rendered more complex by their own weaknesses. Only
when the shortcomings are recognized can they overcome these limitations and succeed. This collection
of Six Modern Tales is designed to exercise your emotions, capture your imagination, and challenge you
to think in new directions.The Stories...Bent, Not BrokenAn obsessive compulsive man falls in love;
however, his disorder puts a severe strain on the relationship. Jealousy, low self-esteem, anxiety, and an
increasing sense of violence engulf him until he pushes his new love away and falls into old habits of
avoidance.In the GrayA seemingly mundane phone call between a grown son and his mother uncovers
the reality of one man's life. Tragedy interrupts the call seconds before the man can speak his truth and
free his mind of decades of bitter animosity.Prominent Couple SlainDetective Jack Staal is disillusioned
about his career after he takes a nosedive from big city homicide investigator to small town detective.
Desperate to prove himself, he ignores protocol to work a case that is not his to solve.May 18thGrowing
pandemonium over the approach of an earth-grazing comet called Ivan is the backdrop for a man who is
given numerous chances to make amends with his loved ones.Blessing or Curse?Brad Stewart's bloated
ego strains lifelong friendships after an enormous lottery win. His millionaire lifestyle suddenly becomes a
nightmare when his son is kidnapped for ransom.Surviving the FallJames Goodal has spent his entire life
avoiding uncomfortable situations. This safe and easy existence has left James lonely and facing divorce.
Everything changes when he takes in a young street girl named Ashley. The pair finds comfort in their
unorthodox friendship until her violent world returns forcing James to fight for Ashley and for his very

Then the 911 operator diverted the conversation from helping Ashley to enquiring about how she was
shot, the kind of firearm, and who fired it."Is the shooter still in the house, Mr. Goodal?""Yes, I think he's
dead.""Dead, sir?""Yes, I killed him."James tossed the phone aside and took Ashley's hand in his. "It's
okay, Ashley. They're coming. Just hold on, sweetie. Hold on.""I love you James," Ashley said almost
silently, and then her body wilted and her eyes rolled back and closed."ASHLEY, No!"
Author Bio
William R. Potter
William R. Potter's first book was the award-winning short story collection, Lighting The Dark Side. He
began Dead of Knight in the summer of 2002. The birth of his first child put the book on hold, an early
version was completed by Christmas 2004. After publishing his debut book and finishing another novel
manuscript in 2006, Potter finally returned to the world of Detective Jack Staal. William lives with his wife,
two children, and a pair of spoiled cats in Vancouver, Canada.<br/>

The book jacket claims these tales will exercise our emotions, capture our imagination, and challenge us
to think in new directions. Well, I'm here to tell you all that the author delivers on all that plus much,
much more! These novellas and short stories are definitely page-turners, but what impressed me the
most was their character-driven force. Potter skillfully intertwined succinct narrative and some natural,
fast-paced dialogue to present characters so real, they leapt right off the page and captivated me
immediately.Lighting the Dark Side is a collection of three novellas and three short stories, including
plenty of action, thrills, suspense, mystery, and even romance. We start with an engaging story of an
improbable romance between an obsessive-compulsive geek and a drop-dead gorgeous woman, seemed
doomed from the start. Next, there's an artist trying his best to thrive and find love in spite of overbearing,
cruel parents. Following that, Potter changes directions and we're treated to a well-done, hard-boiled
police procedural with a nice twist. An end of the world by approaching comet thriller is on tap after that,
with some great flash-forward writing as well as another ingenious plot twist. Now, these are all wonderful
tales, but I believe Potter saved the best two for last. The title, Blessing or Curse is self-explanatory,
referring to a big lottery win. A kidnapping for ransom follows and we're treated to some of the author's
best dialogue. It's hugely entertaining and there are virtually no wasted words Elmore Leonard style. And
finally, Potter ends (all too soon) with a heart-warming tale of a wayward teenage street whore and a
gentleman with a rescuer complex. It's a great, intertwined plot where all the characters come together, in
the same spirit of the Academy Award winning movie, Crash. Once again, Potter showcases his writing
skills, this time with skillful interspersing of critical backstory in such a way as to avoid slowing the
plot.Well, you've probably guessed that I am highly recommending Lighting the Dark Side. As I said, all
the stories are captivating but more than that, I urge you to take note of the writer's skill at character
development and I'm sure you'll be impressed. In fact, I shouldn't think it'd be long before a major
publishing house snaps Mr. Potter up because he belongs on the bookshelves with the likes of Jeffery
Deaver and Peter Abrahams.

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