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									For The Sake Of His Child
Author: Lucy Gordon

Single father in need of a wife!High-flying businessman Carson Page loves his young son, but Joey is
deaf—and Carson is unable to communicate with him.Gina Tennison feels for Joey—she was once in his
position herself. So for his sake, she agrees to live in Carson's home for the summer to show this proud
man how to reach out to his son. As Carson becomes the dad of Joey's dreams, Gina begins to wonder if
Carson could ever reach out for her, too....
Author Bio
Lucy Gordon
Lucy Gordon was born in England, where she still lives with her Italian husband. She wanted to be a
writer all her life, and began by working on a British women's magazine. As a features writer, she gained
a wide variety of experience.She interviewed some of the world's most attractive and interesting men,
including Warren Beatty, Richard Chamberlain, Charlton Heston, Sir Roger Moore, Sir Alec
Guiness.Single life was so enjoyable that she put marriage, and even romance, on the back burner, while
she went about the world having a great time. Then, while on vacation in Venice, she met a tall, dark
handsome Venetian, who changed all her ideas in a moment, and proposed on the second day. Three
months later they were married—and still are. Her friends said a whirlwind romance would never last, but
so far it's lasted nearly 30 years.Lucy now claims to be an expert on one particular subject. Italian men
are the most romantic in the world. They are also the best cooks.After 13 years on the magazine Lucy
decided that it was now or never if she was ever going to write that novel. So she wrote Legacy of Fire
which became a Silhouette Special Edition, followed by another, Enchantment in Venice.Then she did
something crazy—gave up her job. Since then she has concentrated entirely on writing romances for
Silhouette and Harlequin. Rico's Secret Child, out in March 2000, was her 50th book.A few years ago she
and her husband returned to Venice and lived there for a couple of years. This proved the perfect base for
exploring the rest of Italy, and she has given many of her books Italian settings: Venice (of course),
Rome, Florence, Milan, Sicily, Tuscany. She has also used the Rhine in Germany for Song of the Lorelei,
for which she won her first RITA Award, in 1991. Her second RITA came in 1998, with His Brother's Child,
set in Rome.Eventually Lucy and her husband returned to England, where they now live. So far her
settings have been European and her heroes mainly Italian or English

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