Insurance South Africa Says New Car Sales Driving Policy Sales

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					Insurance South Africa Says New Car Sales Driving Policy Sales

Mendham, NJ 07/24/2010 - is happy to announce
about the increasing sales of new cars. It further suggests that such can
lead to an increase in the car insurance policy sales.

Since car insurance has been deemed essential as set by certain
legislations in the local and international levels, it has become a part
of any new car purchases to get an insurance policy with the necessary
coverage for the driver and everyone else's security.

When it comes to car insurance, one can actually choose from three basic
types. The Third Party coverage includes any legal liabilities an
individual may cause on the property of someone else when an accident
takes place. The Third Party, Fire and Theft coverage provides for fire
damage and theft as well as all damages incurred during both actual and
attempted thefts. The most comprehensive coverage pays for Third Party,
Fire and Theft as well as the damages on the policyholder's vehicle
during an accident. Additional features include the possibility of
getting an individual covered even when driving someone else's car, which
is perfect if the owner of the borrowed car does not cover everyone who
drives the car.

To gain more information regarding car insurance, visit Press members can contact the following for more
details about this release.

Contact Person: Susan Smith

Title: Public Relations

Company Name: Justin Harrison Marketing

Address: P. O. Box 311, Mendham, NJ, USA, 07945

Phone: +00 1 973 531 4982

Fax: +00 1 973 543 5683


Description: has observed a significant increase in the number of insurance policies for cars being sold. This is found to be caused by the rise of new car sales at the present time.