Partners for Work, Creating Employment Opportunities for People by zfk17069


									      Partners for Work,
     Creating Employment
 Opportunities for People with
Developmental Disabilities in our
   “It is not the disability that
limits a person’s potential. It
  is the lack of opportunity---
 not the disability itself---that
poses the greatest barrier to
      Frank Devlyn, RI President
   Disability and Employment

 Unemployment     of working age adults
 with disabilities is approximately
 70% as compared to 5% of all
 working age adults
   Partners for Work is a Unique
 Rotary sponsored
 Rotary driven

 Not government sponsored

 Not service provider driven
      Capability not Disability
● Given the opportunity, proper instruction
  and training, individuals with
  developmental disabilities can provide a
  wide variety of skills to your business
● Just a few of the many industries you can
  expect to find people working:

    - Clerical     - Manufacturing
    - Education    - Daycare
Clerical Assistant,
City Government
Mail Room Clerk, Law Office
Grounds Maintenance,
    County Parks
Hospital Environmental Services
Electronic Assembly
Mail Delivery
Weight Room Monitor
Hydro Technician
          Supported Employment

 Community employment for individuals
  with disabilities working side by side with
  people without disabilities
 Paid employment

 Ongoing supports provided by
    – a community supported employment agency
    – Typical emplyee supports from the employer
   Employee and Employer receive
support from a Supported Employment
     Vocational Service Project

 Have regular meetings to educate the club
  and community about how to create
  employment opportunities
 Recognize employers in our community
 Broadcast the skills and resumes of people
  with developmental disabilities in our
  community who are looking for a job
 Partner with Community Supported
  Employment Agencies
Rotarians can open the door

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