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									At Crescent Lake Bible Camp, it's more than        Crescent Lake Bible Camp's mission is to
just a job, and our employees leave with more      provide a safe and friendly camping              Crescent Lake Bible Camp
than just a paycheck.            We provide        experience in a Christ-centered environment,
opportunities for training and certification in:   which uses God's Word to initiate faith and      Employment Opportunities
                                                   growth in Jesus Christ. People of all ages and
•        American Red Cross Certification in:      all walks of life will be refreshed both
         AED/ Basic Water Safety / CPR /           spiritually and physically.
         CPR for the Professional Rescuer /
         First Aid / Lifeguard                     Crescent Lake Bible Camp's slogan is
                                                   "Beautiful by Creation, Sacred by
•        Climbing Tower Facilitator Training       Association." These values are woven into
                                                   every aspect of Crescent Lake Bible Camp.
•        High Ropes Facilitator Training

•        Leadership Development

•        Ministry Opportunities

•        Teambuilding Facilitator Training

•        Teamwork/Teambuilding Skills                                                                  “Beautiful by Creation,
                                                                                                       Sacred by Association.”
Our Staff also has the opportunity to grow
personally in their faith and receives the         For further information about Crescent Lake,
knowledge that they have been able to have a                    please contact us at:
positive impact on the lives of our campers.                                                                 Mission Trips
                                                                                                           Outdoor Education
                                                           Crescent Lake Bible Camp                         Specialty Camps
                                                            2750 Bible Camp Road                          Summer Family Camp
                                                            Rhinelander, WI 54501                        Summer Resident Camp
    We would like to invite you to come be a                    (715) 203-0500
     part of the exciting ministry here at                                                                   Teambuilding
         Crescent Lake Bible Camp.                                                                          Wilderness Trips
        Summer Camp Employment                               Leaders in Training/Discipleship Director                 Waterfront Director
             Opportunities:                                  Responsible for developing and implementing the           In charge of all waterfront activities including boating
                                                             Leaders In Training Program, designed to equip            and swimming lessons. Requires current Red Cross,
 All positions require the staff member to be at least       teenagers for future service for both camp and Christ.    WSI and Lifeguard certifications or current Lifeguard
     18 years of age, unless otherwise specified.                                                                      with Head Lifeguard and Waterfront certifications.
                                                             Lifeguard (Ages 16+)
Adventure Program Manager                                    Lifeguards will assist the Waterfront Director in                        *****************
Responsible for safety standards at all adventure            coordinating all aquatic activities, including boating,
program areas. These include, but are not limited to:        swimming, etc. Requires current Red Cross Lifeguard          Fall / Winter / Spring Opportunities:
archery, high ropes, low ropes and riflery. Supervises       certifications.
and assists staff that are running the activities.                                                                     Lead Instructor
                                                             Missions Trip / Wilderness Trip Leaders                   Responsible for the day-to-day operations during the
Arts & Crafts Director                                       Trip Leaders are expected to be role models and           Outdoor Education program. The Lead Instructor
Responsible for leadership for the arts and crafts           relationship builders for the Wilderness Trip programs.   reports directly to the Camp Director to ensure quality
program. This includes planning activities, ordering          Primarily responsible for the health and safety of       programs and service to our campers and provide
supplies and providing an inventory of materials at the      program participants off-site. Advanced certifications    leadership to the Staff.
end of the season.                                           preferred (i.e. WFR, WEMT, etc.). Ordination or
                                                             strong Christian leadership experience required.
                                                                                                                       Outdoor Education Instructor
Chapel Coordinator                                                                                                     Responsible for leading an assigned group of students
Responsible for many aspects of the spiritual life at                                                                  from local schools through various activities, including:
Crescent Lake, from leading chapel times for younger                                                                    teaching environmental science and historical
campers to assisting counselors with in-cabin devotions.                                                               reenactments, organizing games, singing and other
 Musical ability is desired. This position may also                                                                    campfire activities.
supervise the Nature-based activities at the camp.
                                                                                                                       Teambuilding Facilitator
Counselors In Training (Ages 16 – 17)                                                                                  Responsible for leading our Teambuilding and
CITs are High School-age staff that are responsible for                                                                Challenge Course activities, which includes: Climbing
helping with the Resident Camp Program, learning                                                                       Tower, High Ropes Course, High Teams Course,
leadership skills, assisting with night activities and in-                                                             Initiatives, Low Ropes Courses, Wilderness Trips and
cabin supervision at night.                                                                                            much more. This position is part-time, on-call to fit
                                                                                                                       your schedule.
Lead Counselor                                               Resident Camp Counselors
Responsible for the day-to-day operations during the         Counselors are expected to be role models and             Salary: Varies due to season, experience and position.
Summer Camp program. The Lead Counselor reports              relationship builders for the resident camp programs.      All Summer Staff are paid a base salary plus room and
directly to the Camp Director to ensure quality              Also responsible for: leading devotions, building         board and missionary support opportunities. All other
programs and service to our campers and provide              camper self-esteem and helping them to develop a          positions, please call for more information.
leadership to the Staff.                                     relationship with God.

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