Locum Employment Details for Recruitment by zfk17069


									                                                  ABN 21 062 930 385

          Locum Employment Details for Recruitment

What MDGP is seeking:
     GP for MDGP Locum Service Position
     Minimum of 5 years experience in Family Medicine
     Experience in English speaking country
     Capable of obtaining Medical Board of Queensland registration
     with limited supervision
     Prefer RACGP fellowship or equivalent or family medicine

What MDGP is offering:
     Prefer 12 months or longer contract
     Long term Locum position based in Mackay, working in a
     variety of practices and locations
     Have your own business without the demands of running a
     private practice
     MDGP assistance and support to set up a company
     MDGP will initially provide doctors with four weeks
     accommodation and a car for two weeks so that you have an
     opportunity to organise your living and transport arrangements
     MDGP provides comprehensive assistance with the logistics of
     living and working in Australia
     Professional and personal support undertaken by our GP Locum
     Advisor and the MDGP Locum Support Officer
     Income of 60% of generated fees with a minimum weekly
     Opportunity to earn additional income undertaking shifts at the
     Mater Private After Hours Service.
     Two weeks of comprehensive inductions and orientation
     Rural placements include accommodation and travel
     Flexible Holidays
     Educational and upskilling opportunities provided
     Opportunity to move onto a general practice
     Locum Service based in Mackay
     MDGP brings years of industry expertise together to provide
     professional support, advice and resources to GPs.
     MDGP is a dynamic and friendly team who support the locum
     and their family during their time in the region.

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