Farrer Elementary students
                                                    hang around while
                                                    enjoying the last few days
                                                    of warm weather.

                                                                                                             VOLUME 1 EDITION 2
 Learn about the New School, Decode Your Paycheck, Win an iPod, etc.
       This newsletter is jam packed with stories      to avoid that pesky holiday weight gain that           Also, don’t forget to look though the
 and articles about the latest happenings              plagues some of us during this season full of   newsletter for that little Provo School District
 going on in Provo School District. This section       gravy, pie crust, and multiple plates of        logo. The first 50 finders are entered into a
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 Digest version of The Snapshot. For my detail-              Margo Walker, our Payroll Specialist,     through the newsletter might be worth it, plus
 loving readers, this part will only get you           helps us understand what all of those crazy     it’s fun to play!
 more excited for the information ahead.               codes on our pay stubs mean. Read the
       The biggest tidbit of news is that Provo        article and you can be a paycheck-reading
 School District will be building a new
 elementary school! Exciting! It will be
                                                             Wondering exactly what does our            Inside:
 located on the Farrer Elementary School site.         Curriculum Department do, other than
       The funds for this project will come            requesting teachers use certain teaching         Our New School!                         2
 largely through a bond Provo School District          methods and books? Well, you aren’t alone.
 obtained through President Obama’s stimulus           Each member of the department provides           Pay Stub Decoding                       4
 plan. Our District was awarded $6.5 million           different services that aid classroom
 dollars with a interest rate of around one            instruction and teacher support. Basically,      Curriculum Team!                        6
 percent, which is a bargain compared to the           they are here to make sure teachers have
 usual four to five percent rates charged.             everything they need to be successful and        Good News Around the District!          8
        Kathryn Crowther, our Healthy Lifestyles       effective in our classrooms. Cool.
 Expert, has provided us with some helpful tips

                                                                  This is your newsletter. You should only have to see the articles and stories
                                                                  you want to. Like something? Don’t like something? Want to add something
                                                                  more? Want help telling your own story? Let me know about it. I’ll work it
       Your Input = Important                                     out for the next issue. Help me make this something you want to read. Email
                                                                  me, Laken Cannon, at, call me at 801.374.4865, or visit
                                                                  me in the District Offices with any ideas or suggestions. Thank you!
                  An architect’s rendition of the new school. Specific design details have yet to be determined. Employee and
                  public input will be considered for the look of the building.

Announcement: Construction of New Elementary School on Farrer Site
     You heard right, we are getting a new elementary school in              class is in session at the older building will be not be a
Provo School District! But wait, weren’t we just in the middle of            distraction or disturb the learning process.
budget cuts? Well, our school district applied for a bond found                    This new school will not only house grades K - 6, but also
within President Obama’s stimulus package and was awarded                    Provo School District’s Preschool, which teaches about 120
$6.5 million dollars to go toward the building of a new school.              qualified children ages three to five, and a learning center for
This bond has an incredibly low interest rate of around one                  students who are severely disabled or medically fragile. The
percent, giving us a great deal and saving our district millions of          school is estimated to hold 650 students total.
dollars. Accepting and using this bond will not raise taxes.                       While beginning construction dates haven’t been finalized,
     With the help of Joe Gledhill, our new Director of Facilities           I’ll make sure you know about them as soon as I do. Information
and Maintenance, the Board of Education analyzed the current                 will be published on the District’s web page, and also in The
building conditions of all of our elementary schools to see                  Snapshot. Keep checking for regular updates. As of right now,
where the greatest need of a new school was. After weeks of                  groundbreaking will probably begin in February 2010, and the
research and inspection, the finalists considered for replacing              new school should be ready to hold class in the Fall of 2011.
were Rock Canyon, Edgemont, Wasatch, Farrer, and Provost
Elementary Schools. It would be cheaper to build an entirely
new structure than to remodel the existing schools listed above.
The Board of Education decided with of vote of 7 - 0 that the
Farrer neighborhood was the most in need of a new building.                       Who’s Joe Gledhill? Joe
     Several factors went into making this decision. The main                     was hired this past
concern was that Farrer Elementary used to be a middle school                     summer, and he comes to
and was not accommodating for elementary instruction and less                     us as the former Director
appropriate for younger students. The lockers, drinking fountain                  of Facilities at the
heights, smaller classroom space, and overall design is not                       Missionary Training Center
constructive for elementary learning.                                             at Brigham Young
     The Board of Edcution is also committed to keeping a                         University. When Phil Lott
school in the central part of the city. Having a new school in                    began managing the
that area will not only improve the look of the neighborhood,                     transportation department
but improve the image of Provo City as a whole.                                   full-time, our District
                                                                                                                               Joe Gledhill
     The current Farrer lot is large enough to allow the                          needed someone to take
construction of an entirely new school while students attend                      care of the District’s 1,910,105 square feet of building
class in the old building at the same time. Students will not have                space, not mention the millions more in football fields,
to be bussed to a different location while the new building is                    tennis courts, and playgrounds.
constructed. Having the new school built at the same time while
     Employee Snapshot

Ann Davis
Lead Secretary

1. How long have you worked for Provo
School Distrct?
This is my 24th year.

2. Before working here, what was the most
interesting job you’ve had?
I used to be a medical assistant where I
handed doctors tools and things during
surgery. It was a very eye-opening

3. Who is your favorite singer or music          Healthy Lifestyles
group?                                           Help to Avoid That Holiday Weight Gain
Either Josh Groban or Il Divo, an operatic
                                                      By Kathryn Crowther, Provo School District Healthy Lifestyles Expert
boy band from England.
                                                       The holidays are a perfect time to regain the focus of eating right and exercising, especially since
4. What is one memory you have from high         the average American gains up to two pounds between Halloween and New Year’s. Don’t join the
school?                                          average American in gaining weight this year, join Provo School District’s second annual “Maintain -
I was in a lot of school plays, and one of the   Don’t Gain” campaign instead. Your school will compete in teams of four to six people against other
best parts was performing for the                teams in your school to try to maintain or lose weight over the holidays. Every participant who
elementary schools. That was really fun.         maintains or loses weight will receive a prize! (Not to mention the prize of feeling great that those
                                                 extra pounds didn’t land themselves on you.) What great motivation it will be to have your team’s
5. What is your favorite beverage?               encouragement and support with you every single day while working for the same goal. Kick off day
Water.                                           is November 25, 2009 and the ending day is January 4, 2010. Check with your principal or healthy
                                                 lifestyles coordinator to get on a team and start maintaining during the holidays!
6. Are you married? Do you have
I am married, and I have been for 38 years.
I have 4 lovely children and 4 adorable
grandchildren!                                   10 Tips to Avoid Pesky Holiday Pounds
                                                      Put the fork down before you feel full. Avoid eating quickly. Eat at a leisurely pace and
7. What do you enjoy doing with your             1    concentrate on the taste and texture of the food you choose to eat.
I love playing games with them, making                Pick white turkey meat. As a general rule, the white meat of the turkey tends to have less fat
                                                 2    than dark meat.
food for them, bowling with them, and just
making memories with them. My sweet                   Take it easy on the gravy. Pour a bit on the side of your plate if you must, but try not to drown
family is so important to me.
                                                 3    your food in this this high-calorie sauce.

                                                      Watch your portions. Try not to overload your plate, and keep portions to about the size of your
8. What are your hobbies?                        4    fist. You can always go back for seconds if you still feel hungry after.
I love to read, watch BYU football, and
bowl with my grandchildren.                           Send home the leftovers. Leave yourself a small plate for turkey sandwich fixings, but send away
                                                 5    the rest with your dinner guests so you aren’t tempted to nibble on the remaining pumpkin pie.
9. What is your favorite food?
                                                      Survey the entire buffet before plopping food on your plate. This way you can decide what’s
T Bone steaks or Hamburgers. Yum!                6    worth the calories and what isn’t.

10. What is your favorite smell?                      Drink tons of water. Not only is it good for your overall health and digestion, but drinking water
Roses!                                           7    before eating makes you feel full faster and inadvertently lowers calorie intake.

                                                      Avoid hitting the couch right after the meal. Find an activity outlet. Take a walk with family and
11. What is your favorite book?                  8    friends, play tag outside with the kids, or help with the dishes. Just get moving.
I really like the Work and the Glory Series.
Along with Twilight. They’re fun, quick               Don’t have a “now or never” mentality. You can roast a turkey or recreate Aunt Sue’s stuffing
reads.                                           9    in July. Ditching the “one time only” thinking makes turning down extra holiday servings easy.

                                                      Avoid thinking, “What the heck, it’s Thanksgiving (or Christmas or New Years)!” and stuff yourself
                                                 10   with any old food that comes your way. Be picky and really enjoy what you choose to eat.
Solving the Mystery of Payroll Coding
                    By Margo Walker

"     Have you ever reviewed          "     Listed below are some
your pay stub and wondered            common pay and benefit
what language payroll code            codes, but they are not the
is written in? It doesn’t need        only ones used. If you don’t
to be a mystery any longer!           see your questions answered
Not only does Provo School            in this summary, please feel
District save money by                free to contact Margo
providing pay stubs online,           Walker in Payroll at
but your pay, deductions and          801-374-4846,
District contributions are   or Liz
more accurately allocated,            Boardman in Benefits,
especially if you understand          801-374-4847,
and watch your individual    for a more
pay stub. By checking your            detailed explanation of your
pay stub monthly, you can             individual pay stub.
help avoid and correct any
inconsistencies or problems
which may occur.

EARNINGS (PAY):                                       DEDUCTIONS (YOU PAY) PRE-TAX:                          EMPLOYER (DISTRICT) PAID CONTRIBUTIONS:
BASE PAY – Monthly amount of your contracted          FLEXREIM – Flex Spending                               URS NCER – Utah Retirement System
base pay
                                                      MEDICAL – Medical premium payment (your                401K – Utah Retirement System 401K
TQ DAYS – 4 total professional development days,      portion)
paid monthly (teachers only)                                                                                 OASDI – Social Security
                                                      401K – Utah Retirement System 401K
LEGISLAT – Legislative addition paid monthly                                                                 MEDI – Medicare
(certified only)                                      (Dental and annuity plans will also show in this pre
                                                      tax category. There are too many to list, if you       WC – Worker’s comp
XTPERIOD – Additional pay for purchase of prep        need clarification, contact the Benefits office.)
period                                                                                                       LTD – Long term disability
                                                      EMPLOYER (DISTRICT) PAID CONTRIBUTIONS:                LIFE/ADD – Life & Accidental Death and
EXTRA DAY - Additional contracted days beyond                                                                Dismemberment
base pay                                              URS NCER – Utah Retirement System
                                                                                                             MEDICAL – Medical premium payment (District
TCH SPEC – Specialist position                        401K – Utah Retirement System 401K                     portion)
DEPT CHR – Department Chairman (Secondary             OASDI – Social Security
                                                      MEDI – Medicare
GLL – Grade Level Leader (Elementary only)                                                                   Some things to keep in mind:
                                                      WC – Worker’s comp
REGULAR – Regular hourly pay                                                                                 1. Pay and benefits are shown as “Current” and
                                                      LTD – Long term disability
OTHER – Hourly pay in addition to regular pay                                                                “Year to Date” on your stub. Year to date is
                                                      LIFE/ADD – Life & Accidental Death and                 always a calendar year when payroll is
MISC – Hourly pay in addition to regular pay          Dismemberment                                          involved.
OT – Overtime pay (classified only, with prior
approval)                                             MEDICAL – Medical premium payment (District
                                                      portion)                                               2. The pay period ending date is the end of the
AUTO – Monthly car allowance (where
                                                                                                             calendar month in which the check is issued. If
applicable)                                           DEDUCTIONS (YOU PAY) AFTER TAX:                        you receive hourly pay, it is for hours worked in
                                                      NEA/UEA /PEA– Association Dues                         the preceding month.
SUPERVIS – Activity supervision
                                                      FOUNDTN – Provo School District Foundation
LUNCH – Noon/playground supervision                                                                          3. Your benefits and tax withholdings should be
STIPEND – Additional one time payment
                                                      UNITED – United Way                                    withheld on the same checks as your contracted
                                                      FSA ADMN – Flex Spending administrative fee            or regular pay. Taxes, social security and
BONUS – Occasional, one time payment
                                                                                                             medicare are applicable on all checks. If your
                                                      SUPPLIFE – Supplemental life insurance –
FIELDTRP – Field trip pay (transportation only)       employee                                               benefits don’t match with the months you
ADJ – Adjustments to prior pay amounts                                                                       receive your pay, please contact Benefits or
                                                      SUPSPSE – Supplemental life insurance – spouse         Payroll as soon as possible to determine if there
                                                      DEPLF – Supplemental life insurance – dependents
                                                                                                             is a problem.
FIT – Federal income tax
                                                      GARNISH – Garnishment                                  Hopefully this clears up some of the mystery of
SIT – State income tax
                                                                                                             payroll for you. If it’s still not clear please give
OASDI – Social Security                               CR UNION – Freedom Credit Union
                                                                                                             Margo or Liz a call and solve the puzzle!
MEDI – Medicare
 Last Newsletter’s                                                                           Employee Snapshot
 Logo Finding Winner:
                                                                                                                    Merilee Terry
                                                                                                                    4th Grade Teacher
 Alyce Jayne McKinney                                                                                              and Literacy Coach
 Rock Canyon Elementary
                                                                                                                  Lakeview Elementary
 First Grade Teacher

                                                                                    1. How long have you worked for Provo School

 The Fastest 50 Finders:                                                            I’ve been with the District for 24 years. I working
                                                                                    here even before I started college.

  Mashell Brown - Westridge                 Sue Chrystler – Provost
                                                                                    2. Before working here, what was the most
  Cherilyn Phillips - Westridge             BriAnn Christensen – Centennial         interesting job you’ve had?
  Mitzi Hollis – Farrer                     Karen Hoffman – Franklin                When I was 14, a local author asked me to type his
  Margo Walker – District Office                                                    400+ page book on an old-fashioned typewriter for
                                            Debbie Burnside – Farrer
                                                                                    $50. It took forever at first, but I sure learned how
  Elizabeth Robles – District Office        Michael Barker – Centennial             to type accurately and fast!
  Donna Nelson – District Office            Susan Abbott – Provost
  Linda Banks – Timpview                    Denise Bronson - Farrer                 3. What is your favorite TV show?
                                                                                    Probably Law and Order, especially Criminal Intent.
  Pam Moe - Franklin                        Heather Peterson – Farrer
                                                                                    I have gained more knowledge than ever to help me
  Sandy Davis – Wasatch                     Vanessa Henry – Timpview                worry more about my kids, traveling, terrorist
  Debbie Burnside - Farrer                  Debbie Manning – Farrer                 attacks, and diagnosing disorders I am sure I have.
  Shauna Crockett - Timpanogos              Marilee Wing - Lakeview
                                                                                    4. Who is your favorite singer or music group?
  Diana Dean – District Office"             Cindy Christen – Edgemont
                                                                                    I enjoy oodles of 80s music, especially the Stray
  Kathy Kaiser – District Office            Marci Nelson – Canyon Crest             Cats and B-52s. I also love the soundtrack from
  Ty Smith – Provo High                     Christopher Miller – Student Services   Wicked. I saw the production twice in one day while
  Sally Stosich – Sunset View                                                       it was in Salt Lake. I can’t get enough Green!
                                            Dawn Schmidt – District Office
  Jason Zimmerman – Sunset View             Mary Newbold – Sunset View              5. What is your favorite food?
  Sarah Christopherson                      Wayne Allred - Centennial               Crushed ice, fine flakes - not pellets, topped with a
  Pamela Robbins – Amelia Earhart           Kevin Eppich – Provo High               just-opened can of Diet Coke - YUM! There is also
                                                                                    nothing better than Pixy Sticks or Chewy Sweetarts.
  Emily Ward - Edgemont                     Michelle Williams - Timpview
  Cheri Jackson – Spring Creek              Mary Allison - Dixon                    6. What is your favorite smell?
  Kim Hawkins – Franklin                    Andria Halbert – Amelia Earhart         The flowery, humid scent that you experience when
  Karl Golding - Dixon                      Sharri Brown – Independence             you get off the plane in Hawaii after being cooped
                                                                                    up in a small, cramped space for several hours.
  Teresa Tovar - Timpanogos                 Amy Collins – Amelia Earhart
  Sheri Wilson - Amelia Earhart             Linda Boyer – Spring Creek              7. Name 3 people you’d like to meet.
  Natalie Webb - Provost                    Christy Giblon - Dixon                  Albert Einstein - I love that he was an ADHD
                                                                                    individual with a drive that could only be driven by
                                                                                    distraction. William Shakespeare - I love his plays. I
                                                                                    can’t imagine writing anything close to what he’s
                                                                                    produced. Jesus - His unconditional love for
Hidden Logo Contest                                                                 everyone, no matter who or what they were; he was
Keep a look out, all of you sharp, eagle eyes! The Provo School District logo is    the ultimate teacher.
hidden somewhere in this newsletter. It could be anywhere! If you spot it, please
email what it is in, what it is next to, or some other specific    8. What is one fact few people know about you?
indication that you have found it! The first 50 entrants with the correct answer    My parents were told I was dead before I was born.
will be named in the next issue and entered into a drawing. The lucky winner will   After 3 longs days of labor, they broke my
receive an iPod Shuffle! Happy Searching!                                           collarbones to get me out. I was very much alive
                                                                                    and crying loudly when I came out. I weighed 11
                                                                                    pounds and 7 ounces upon arrival.

                          Example. Not
                                                                                    9. What do you enjoy doing with your family?
                          the real thing.
                                                                                    My husband, four boys, and I love going to
                                                                                    Disneyland and Southern California beaches. To me,
                                                                                    Disneyland really is the “happiest place on earth.”
    The Provo School District Curriculum Team
    Who’s Who, What’s What, and How They Help

                                                                                                                                                                 couldn’t cut much out. Thank you for reading!
                                                                                                                                                                 * Lots of stuff, I know, but it was all so good that I
                        Karen Brown                      Jared Ferguson                     Julene Kendall                      Ron Twitchell
                       Literacy Specialist           CTE and Science Specialist               ELL Specialist                    Math Specialist

                        Kathy Kaiser                       Todd Billings                     Ray Morgan                         Diana Dean
                     Assessment Specialist                 Everything Else               Assistant Superintendent            Curriculum Secretary

What do you guys do?
Karen:   I serve on several state and local committees to make sure each Provo School District teacher has the information and tools needed to push students to
         continually improve their literacy skills. I oversee ProvoREADS, and I work with the Literacy Curriculum Coaches at each school. I co-direct the Central
         Utah Writing Project, and represent the State of Utah at the Assembly on Literature for Adolescents along with many other committees and councils
         that work to improve student literacy. Basically I live and breathe finding the best ways to help Provo students read and write even better.

Jared:   I make sure each Career Technical Education class, like sewing, mechanics, and art, has the proper funding and supplies. I also oversee the budgets,
         staff, and program objectives for concurrent enrollment, college distance education classes and Drivers Education. I work with the science and health
         science programs, including maturation, and co-administer the USTAR Grant with Ron Twitchell. I sit on several state and local committees for the
         betterment of education in the areas I cover.

Julene: My job is to be an advocate for K - 12 English Language Learners (ELL) and their families by ensuring quality programs exist in Provo School
        District and these programs help students find success in our city, state, and country. I monitor the budgets, the training of ELL aides and teachers,
        and provide training for classroom teachers, administrators, and support staff on how to work more effectively with these wonderful ELL students.

 Ron:    I represent the district at a bunch of state mathematics education committees that help us gain better access to technology and methods that help
         students and teachers. I create and teach professional development courses for K-12 teachers in the district and lead the district-wide math pre- and
         post-tests. I lead the textbook adoption committees for every student group. I also craft the District’s Essential Mathematics Skills List, meet with UVU
         about concurrent enrollment courses and evaluate the instruction of algebra in the middle schools and high schools to improve student achievement.

Kathy: I am the Queen of Testing. I coordinate all district testing dates, order and distribute all testing materials, and give administrators the results in readable
       format. I resolve errors with testing results and conduct trainings for school testing coordinators. I work closely with IT to create easier ways for teachers
       and parents to access student data, and I also provide annual Community Council training and help principals with any TrustLAND questions they have.

Todd:    I’m kind of in charge of everything that is left. I ensure all the fine arts programs, including orchestra, choir, drama dance, and art, have the funding
         and supplies needed to educate students. I also am in charge of the social studies curriculum across the district as well as all of the world languages
         taught in our elementary, middle, and high schools. I take care of all of the professional development K - 12, and new teachers training. I also
         make sure teachers get the appropriate steps and lane changes when they complete higher education or endorsements.

 Ray:    I advise Superintendent Merrill and the Board of Education on district issues, specifically on the elementary level. I also oversee each curriculum
         adoption, purchase and implementation of materials at the elementary level. I manage the state and federal budgets for the Curriculum
         Department, direct the delivery and completion of all testing materials and hep provide access to student performance data.

Diana: I make sure all of the curriculum needs of everyone above are met and taken care of so they can spend as much of their time as possible on helping
       kids. I also help them with their many purchase orders, take notes during their meetings, and do a myriad of other things to assist my team.
How do you provide support for the classroom and teachers?
 Karen: Most of the time I feel the teachers are the ones who help me do my job better! I hope I provide teachers with great materials, helpful programs
        and effective professional development. I am willing to visit with any teacher in any classroom if they have questions about student literacy.
 Jared: I provide access to information and funding that allows our teachers to give youth up-to-date experiences with tools used in today’s
        career fields. I can give feedback on the success of programs using standardized measures and provide suggestions on how to reach
        more of our youth. I also help connect teachers to trainings given by today’s experts that deal with current issues in science education.

 Julene: I often meet one on one with teachers and tutors to answer questions and help in any way they need. I frequently participate in school
         faculty meetings and spend at least one night a week teaching ESL endorsement classes. I love to help teachers understand how to help
         this special group of students.
  Ron:     I have taught professional development and substituted in classrooms so teachers can observe each other in lesson studies. I can help train in
           technology, provide educational technology for teachers and classrooms and send teachers to conferences to learn more about a subject
           they’re passionate about.
 Kathy: I pass along any testing changes and updates to testing coordinators and principals so they’re aware of the new situation prior to the testing
        windows, helping teachers prepare for testing days. I am working to make access to student testing data more accommodating for teachers.

  Todd: I provide training in nearly every content area. If teachers go to they can check out all the ways they can
        enhance their teaching skills. Teachers contemplating a lane change or teachers that need to validate credits also come to my office. I’m
        in room 19 and I love visitors.
  Ray:     I hope any teacher who has a question about anything curriculum related would come and ask me. My door is always open. I help provide
           instructional materials at the elementary level, as well as professional development and pathways to endorsement, certification, and advanced
           degrees for educators at all levels

 Diana: I love to answer any questions a teacher has. If I can’t answer it, I send them to the person who can. I make sure teachers are taken care of by
        helping the curriculum team do their job even better.

What is your favorite part of your job?
 Karen: Working with the great teachers we have in our district!

 Jared: Networking with others to connect resources to provide better quality and more relevant opportunities for our youth. Seeing something
        big come together that benefits students learning is priceless.

 Julene: I love working with the curriculum team. We are a well-oiled machine that collaborates on best practice for teachers and kids. I also
         love working directly with teachers. Years ago one of our teachers said to her collegues, I just don’t know what to do with those kids that
         don’t speak English. I don’t even want them in my class.” (She is not alone in her thinking.) After participating in the Endorsement
         classes, she said, “I’ll take them all!” Her attitude had completely changed. That is one of the best parts about my job.

  Ron:     My favorite part is teaching professional development courses. I love working with the teachers.

 Kathy: The people, most definitely! I come to work to get cheered up – no, really! Everyone has the best interest of the kids in mind, and it’s so
        refreshing to be in a place where everyone is on the same page and has the same goals in mind.

  Todd:     Helping teachers get lane changes. I love to see their excitement when we have been able to get them to a higher pay scale.

   Ray:     I relish working with such high quality educators, and we have so many of them here in our district! They are always so dedicated to meeting the
            need of the students in our city.

  Diana: My favorite saying is “the heart of education is the education of the heart.” The people I work with are so good inside and care so deeply about
         what’s best for students that only good decisions are made regarding the teaching in our schools. I love knowing that when I work each day.

How long have you been with Provo School District? Where were you before the DO?
  Karen: I’ve been with Provo School District for over 26 years. I taught English at Provo High for 21 years before coming to the District Office.
  Jared: I’ve worked for Provo School District for 16 years. I’ve been at Spring Creek Elementary, Farrer Middle School, Independence High,
         and Provo High.
  Julene: I’ve been with Provo for 22 years and used to be a teacher at Wasatch Elementary

   Ron:     I’ve been with the District for 11 years. I used to teach math at Provo High.

         I was once the Administrative Assistant for the Director of the School of Music and Assistant to the Associate Athletic Director for Brigham
  Kathy: Young University. I have been with Provo School District for 1 year and 2 months.

   Todd:    I came to the District Office after working at Amelia Earhart and Timpanogos. I’ve worked for Provo School District for a total of
            28 years.

   Ray:     I’ve worked for Provo School District for 28 years, and I was at Grandview, Canyon Crest and Sunset View before working at the District Office.

   Diana: I was a lunch worker and then a secretary at Timpview High before coming to the District Office. I’ve been with the District for 15 years.
    Good News Around the District
NASA Scientist Visits                                 Timpview Teacher Wins
Canyon Crest                                          Utah Foreign Language
"         Dr. Ed Gholdston, a NASA scientist,         Teacher of the Year
visited Canyon Crest sixth graders to
supplement their study of the solar system.                 Stephen Van Orden, a German teacher
Gholdston, the scientist who designed the             at Timpview High School, was chosen as the
panels currently on the International Space           Utah Foreign Language Association’s (UFLA)
Station, gave details about how stars are             Teacher of the Year. The Association chose
formed, how our solar system differs from             him because students,
others and the future of space travel,                parents and
specifically potential trips to Mars. Tiffany         administrators enjoy
Strong, a sixth grade teacher at Canyon               and appreciate his
Crest, invited Gholdston to visit and arranged
                                                      excellent teaching, plus
the presentation.
                                                      he’s published a
"         "I knew he would be in the area, so I
  asked if he’d like to visit our sixth grade         number of articles in
  students to give them a different and               scholarly journals on
  professional perspective on outer space and         world language
  the technology used," said Strong. "I was so        pedagogy, given numerous conference
  excited when he said yes. I knew the kids           workshops and presentations and is the
  would love this."                                   executive editor for the journal Die Schrift.
  "       Gholdston gave details and interesting      The UFLA said, “In short, Stephen is a stellar
    facts on each planet in our solar system and      example of a world language teacher. We all
    the latest on space travel technology. Many
                                                      can be proud to call him our colleague. UFLA
    of the students expressed interest in working
                                                      is especially proud to have him as a member,
    in the space industry someday. Gholdston
    told them the best way to become an               and we wish him well at the Teacher of the
    astronaut or space scientist is to work hard in   Year competition for the Southwest Region.”
    school, from the elementary level through
    doctorate school, stressing mathematics,
    engineering, and science.

                                                      Franklin Receives Large
                                                      Donation from Provo’s
3 Cups of Tea at Westridge                            Farmers Market
      Shanna Ballard, a sixth grade teacher at              Originally founded in 2002, the Farmers
Westridge Elementary, has struck a sense of           Market began as a way to offer local
gratitude in her students. Not just for their         produce to Provo’s citizens, as well as provide
parents, warm clothing, healthy food, and             additional funding specifically for Franklin
                      iPods, but for their            Elementary School. Each year the Farmers
                      chance to receive an            Market donates its surplus funds to help the
                      excellent education.            elementary school to buy additional
                      After the class read Three      classroom supplies. This year, the market saw
                      Cups of Tea, a story            an increase in volunteers and became an
                      about the need to               official non-profit organization. Because of
                      provide greater                 these factors, the Farmers Market donated
                      education for the children      $7,665 to Franklin Elementary.
                      in the Middle East, and               Principal Marlin Palmer accepted the
                      heard the author of the         giant-sized check and said this was exactly
book, Greg Mortenson, speak in person,                what his school needed to serve Provo
these sixth grade students pledged to help            students even better. Principal Palmer said the
those less fortunate than they, especially with       money would go toward special calculators
                                                      for students who struggle with math, as well      PROVO SCHOOL DISTRICT
their education. These students packed stuffed
animals, backpacks, blankets, crayons, paper,         as additional electronic pens for the
                                                      interactive Promethean whiteboards and            280 WEST 940 NORTH
pencils and many other items, much of it from
                                                      electronic responders that help teachers          PROVO, UTAH 84604
their own closets, into giant duffle bags
headed for an orphanage in Ecuador.                   monitor which concepts students understand
                                                      and which subjects need a little more time and    TEL: 801.374.4800
Ballard said her class hopes to keep close
                                                      teaching.                                         FAX: 801.374.4808
contact with the orphanage by writing letters
back and forth.

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