THE EMPLOYEE NEWSLET TER OF
                                         THE SCHOOL DISTRICT OF PHILADELPHIA

                                         November 2009

                                       Core Team
At the Core of Our Mission
       Are Children
                                                At the Core   with
                                               Superintendent Arlene C. Ackerman

                                              B    efore schools close for the
                                                   Thanksgiving holiday, I want
                                              to take this opportunity to extend
                                              a sincere and heartfelt thank you
                                              to every teacher, principal and staff
                                              member throughout the District
                                              for all you have done on behalf of
                                              our children. What we have accom-        it all depends on us—people work-
                                              plished comes as a result of your        ing together as a team to give all
       The School District                    dedication and commitment to giv-        our children a great education—the
   of Philadelphia Core Beliefs               ing our children the education they      education they deserve.
          Children come first.                deserve.                                    To quote Frederick Douglass, “We
                                                Philadelphia’s schools stand           are one, our cause is one, and we
        Parents are our partners.             higher now than they stood seven         must help each other, if we are to
Victory is in the classroom and facilitated   years ago. We have made good             succeed.”
     by a strong instructional leader.
                                              progress for which we can be thank-         Whenever I read, say, or think
                                              ful. This year we have intensified       about the name of this holiday,
     Leadership and accountability            supports for our lowest performing       Thanksgiving, the teacher in me
        are the keys to success.              schools, placed emphasis on inter-       sees a compound word —Thanks
                                              ventions for reading and math, and       and Giving. So, before I end this
      It takes the engagement of the
                                              focused on the importance of great       message I ask you to join me in Giv-
 entire community to ensure the success       teachers in every classroom. Our         ing Thanks for the children…
            of its public schools.            goals are clear and simple: student         Who bring us sticky kisses
                                              success, great staff, quality choices,      and fistfuls of dandelions,
                                              accountable adults, and world-class         Who sleep with the dog
           Do you know                        operations.                                 and bury goldfish,
           this person?                         But goals alone will not continue         Who hug us in a hurry
                                              to promote improvement in schools           and forget their lunch money,
           See page 7.                        or help our students to achieve the         Who cover themselves
                                              success they deserve; neither will          with Band-aids and sing off key,
                                              State tests or other annual mea-            Who squeeze toothpaste
 FOOD FOR THOUGHT                             sures. At the core, it all depends          all over the sink,
                                              on people—teachers, principals,             Who slurp their soup.
  “Gratitude is not only                      administrators, parents, and other
                                              partners—working together. Only          Let us give thanks for the children
 the greatest of virtues,                     with a common understanding              and pray for them…
     but the parent                           about what makes for excellence in         Who are sleeping in shelters,
                                              teaching and learning and a shared         Who don’t have any rooms to
    of all the others.”                       commitment to do whatever it takes         clean up,
                                              to give every child options and            Whose pictures aren’t on
Cicero, Roman orator and politician
                                              opportunities, will we be able to          anybody’s dresser,
                                              achieve true greatness. That means                             continued on next page

Give Thanks continued from page 1
  Who have no safe blanket to
                                                   School District sets United Way
  drag behind them,
  Who are afraid of the dark
                                                      campaign goal of $85,000
  and feel misunderstood,
  Who may never get dessert,
  Who can’t find any bread to
                                                 T    he School District of Philadelphia’s
                                                      United Way Campaign is underway.
                                                 According to Executive Director of Em-
  steal,                                         ployee Support Operations Sue Gilbert,
  Whose monsters are real.                       who is the coordinator of the District’s
                                                 campaign, this year’s goal is $85,000.
As we gather with family and
                                                 Last year, the District’s efforts resulted
friends this week and take time to
look back and reflect, let us remem-             in $80,327in contributions to the United
ber to give thanks for one another               Way and to specific organizations which         be deducted monthly from January
and for the little things that make              were selected by employees through the          through June and from September
us a great core team. To you—my                  donor choice option.                            through December 2010. Gilbert sug-
colleagues and friends—I say once                   By this time, all schools and offices        gests that employees consider payroll
again, thank you!                                should have received their materials.           deduction as an “easy on the wallet”
                                                    Gilbert asks that contributions and          way of supporting the worthy causes
Have a safe and Happy                            pledge cards be returned to Employee            of their choice through the United Way
Thanksgiving.                                    Benefits, Suite G10, Education Center,          campaign. No monthly amount is too
                                                 440 N. Broad Street, by December 11.            small and every contribution is greatly
                                                    Employees who choose the payroll             appreciated.
                                                 deduction option will have 1/10 of their            Employees who have questions about
                                                 total contribution deducted from one            giving a donation, making a pledge or
Arlene C. Ackerman, Ed.D.                        paycheck a month from January through           filling out a pledge card are asked to
Superintendent                                   December 2010, with no deductions in            contact Breanne Appleton at the United
The School District of Philadelphia              July and August 2010. For example, for          Way by telephone at 215-665-2491 or by
                                                 a $100 total annual pledge, $10 would           e-mail at

                                                                                                  Front page view – The School
                                                                                                  District of Philadelphia’s School of
                                                                                                  the Future and its students, along
                                                                                                  with a District yellow bus, grace the
                                                                                                  cover of the November 2009 issue
District debuts school police bike patrol – The School District of Philadelphia’s Of-             of School Bus Fleet magazine. The
fice of Climate and Safety recently instituted a bike patrol. These school police officers        photo highlights one of the issue’s
are deployed throughout the city as needed, and support the efforts of volunteers who             feature articles—on approaches
maintain safe corridors near District schools. Checking out the “rides” of (left to right) Of-    that can be taken to protect stu-
ficers Tyrone Jackson, Roger Caldwell, Aaron Branson and Jose Nazario are School District         dents in bus loading zones.
Deputy for Safety James Golden (right) and Michael Lodise, president of the School Police
Association of Philadelphia (left).

                                                Superintendent’s                                           Faces and Facts

                                                The Superintendent’s job takes her
                                                                                                                    A salute to our
                                                                                                                    School District’s unsung
                                                                                                                    heroes and their work.
                                                                                                                    This issue spotlghts:
                                                into District schools, to special events
                                                and all around the city.

                                                                                                       Jeryle Sowell
                                                                                                       Bus Dispatcher
September 29, 2009                                                                                     Transportation Services
The Superintendent meets with an energetic group of Mastery Charter High                               School District Education Center
School students during her recent visit with U. S. Secretary of Education Arne
                                                                                                       440 N. Broad Street, 3rd Floor
Duncan, former Speaker of the U. S. House of Representatives Newt Gingrich,
and civil rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton.                                                            FACTS:
                                                                                                       Jeryle Sowell’s job title is deceiving;
                                                                                                       he doesn’t dispatch school buses
October 20, 2009                                                                                       these days, but he does resolve
On the set of her District cable TV program,                                                           customer service issues and handles
“At the Core,” Dr. Ackerman hosts the irre-                                                            questions with efficiency and cour-
pressible Dr. Bill Cosby for the first-ever epi-                                                       tesy.
sode of the show, which airs on PSTV Phila-                                                               Karen James, director of customer
delphia 52. See the PSTV home page (click                                                              service and parent support in the
on “sitemap”) on the District’s web site, www.                                                         Office of Parent, Family and Com-, for the broadcast schedule.                                                               munity Engagement suggested
                                                                                                       Sowell for recognition as one of the
                                                                                                       District’s unsung heroes. She and
                                                                                                       her staff are in a good position to
                                                                     October 27, 2009                  identify staff members who provide
                                                                     The Superintendent joins          great customer service, since James’
                                                                                                       office handles the incoming calls on
                                                                     with a West Philadelphia
                                                                                                       the District’s main phone number.
                                                                     High School student leader
                                                                                                          Every school day, Sowell handles
                                                                     as together they celebrate
                                                                                                       calls from parents--ranging from
                                                                     the groundbreaking cer-           reports related to route scheduling,
                                                                     emony for the new school.         to questions about eligibility for yel-
                                                                     (Please see the related article   low bus service and SEPTA student
                                                                     on page 5.)                       Transpasses. Sowell sees himself as
                                                                                                       the link between the student and his
                                                                                                       or her home, the child’s school, and
                                                                                                       Transportation Services. Based on
                                                                                                       what Sowell’s fans have to say, that
Editor’s Note –                                                                                        is a very strong link indeed.
The October “Superintendent’s Datebook” incorrectly identified
the location of a recent visit by the Superintendent. Greeting Dr.
Ackerman with a big smile at Communications Technology High
School is student Vernon Politt.                                                                       The seven members of this unit,
                                                                                                       including Sowell, responded to ap-
                                                                                                       proximately 475 customer calls in
                                                                                                       October 2009.

         Superintendent Arlene Ackerman
      briefs State senate education committee
             on Imagine 2014 initiatives
        uperintendent Arlene C. Acker-         and offices throughout the District are     technology, finance and procurement
        man recently appeared before           meeting their intended targets;             data; and the creation of a peer as-
        the Commonwealth of Pennsyl-         n A more streamlined system for hiring        sistance program and performance
vania Senate Committee on Education            and developing the best and brightest       incentives. The Superintendent noted
for the first in a series of committee         talent in teaching and instructional        that the District also is decreasing the
hearings tied to the June 30, 2009             leadership; and                             number of Renaissance Schools, train-
expiration of the Education Empower-         n A quarterly system for reporting fiscal     ing current staff to provide re-engage-
ment Act. This law applies to a number         accountability for all budget concerns.     ment services in targeted regions, and
of schools districts across Pennsylvania                                                   seeking external funding to decrease
that have demonstrated a history of          Phase one progressing                         administrative costs and streamline
low test-score performance, financial           Addressing the Committee’s interest        social services to students who are most
distress and other specific challenges.      in Imagine 2014, the District’s five-year     in need.
  While The School District of Philadel-     strategic plan, the Superintendent said,
phia is not covered by this particular       “This academic year, we are implement-
law, the District has been engaged in        ing over 50 initiatives in Phase One of our   Renaissance concept
sweeping education reform. Therefore,        strategic plan valued at over $126 million.   explained
the Committee expressed particular           With passage of the State budget in               Responding to the committee’s inter-
interest in the District’s strategic plan,   October, the District revised its projected   est in the District’s Renaissance Schools
Imagine 2014, and in the Renaissance         revenues in order to maintain a balanced      initiative, the Superintendent called it
Schools initiative aimed at addressing       budget. Every key component of our            “our most exciting transformational
historically low-performing schools, and     strategic plan, however, was preserved.       movement.” “The Renaissance Schools
asked Dr. Ackerman to testify on these       Some of these include reduced class size      initiative will develop and implement
topics. The members of the committee         in grades K through 3 in our lowest- per-     a process to transform the District’s
who represent senatorial districts that      forming schools, the addition of coun-        lowest-performing schools by working
cover parts of Philadelphia are State        selors for our middle and high schools,       with school communities to recruit and
Senators Anthony H. Williams, Vincent J.     an enhanced system of supports for our        select individuals and organizations that
Hughes and Lawrence M. Farnese.              Empowerment Schools (the 95 most chal-        have a proven track record of operating
                                             lenged schools in the District), a revised    and supporting high-achieving schools,”
Accomplishments reviewed                     high school schedule to permit common         Dr. Ackerman explained.
  The Superintendent gave an overview        planning time for teacher dialogue, in-           She told the committee that a Renais-
of the District’s accomplishments since      creased course offerings for students, and    sance Schools Advisory Board com-
she assumed the leadership position in       an increase in the number of teachers         prised of internal and external stake-
June 2008. “Looking back at what we          serving our growing English Language          holders was convened in August and in
have accomplished in one academic            Learner population.”                          October provided recommendations
year, we are pleased to report success in       The Superintendent said that since         in three areas: school selection, com-
multiple areas,” Dr. Ackerman said. The      the adopted State budget allocation for       munity engagement and communica-
Superintendent cited:                        Philadelphia was less that the District       tion, and the recruitment and selection
n Enhanced customer services                 anticipated, “the District has proposed a     of turnaround teams. “Currently, the
   throughout the District;                  $36 million reduction in (Imagine 2014)       Board’s recommendations are being
n Parent, community outreach pro-            Phase One appropriations.”                    shared with all interested stakeholders
   grams that have served over 5,000            Dr. Ackerman noted that this reduc-        at community meetings throughout the
   families to date and created systems      tion will be achieved by delaying the         Greater Philadelphia area,” Dr. Ackerman
   to support a growing immigrant            implementation of some initiatives until      said, adding, “If we are to be successful,
   population;                               January 2010 and re-assigning what were       it is imperative to develop a sustainable
n Stronger climate, safety and school        to be Phase One (2009-2010) initiatives to    process by which schools and providers
   attendance initiatives;                   Phase Two (2010-2011). Now scheduled          will be selected and local school com-
n An Office of Accountability that now       for January openings are a new Regional       munities actively engaged each step of
   demonstrates better oversight of          Childhood Center, one of three Regional       the way. We envision our Renaissance
   standardized testing, data analy-         Talent Centers, and an Office for Teacher     Schools initiative as an opportunity to
   ses and storage, and has created a        Affairs. Now planned for rollout next year    dramatically transform our chronically
   “Report Card” method of showing           are: system upgrades for the manage-          underperforming schools for students,
   the public how individual schools         ment of records, facilities, information      parents and community stakeholders.”

   West Philadelphia community rejoices
      at prospect of new high school
O     n October 27, as wind-whipped
      rain pelted the city, the sun
seemed to shine inside the big white
tent at 49th and Chestnut Streets. Stu-
dents couldn’t stop grinning and even
dignified adults exchanged many hugs,
handshakes and backslaps. The occasion
was the groundbreaking for the new
West Philadelphia High School, and all
present were warmed by the fact that
this long-cherished dream was truly
becoming a reality.
  The celebrants gathered not only to
break ground but also to view a model
of the new, $66 million state-of-the-art
school. It is expected to be completed
and ready for occupancy in September
2011. The new “West Philly” will replace
the current high school building located
at 47th and Walnut Streets, which was
built in 1912.                             Digging in for a great future – Celebrating the groundbreaking for
                                           the new West Philadelphia High School are (front row, from left to right): SRC member
Community partners praised                 Johnny Irizarry, a WPHS Air Force Junior ROTC member, a staffer for State Sen. Anthony
  In their remarks, Superintendent         H. Williams, Superintendent Arlene Ackerman, West Philadelphia Community Partners’
Arlene Ackerman, and Commissioner          representative Kalif Dobson, former SRC Chairwoman Sandra Dungee Glenn, Student
Johnny Irizarry, who represented the       Government President Sherese Lewis, City Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell, State Rep.
entire School Reform Commission,           James Roebuck, West Philadelphia Community Partners Co-Chair Althea Fogle and WPHS
both acknowledged the hard work and        Alumni Association President Paula McKinney Rainey.
persistence of the West Philadelphia
Community Partners. Students, parents,        The classroom wing of the new,            IMC will be located directly off the main
school staff, community and faith repre-   170,000-square-foot, three-story             entrance at 49th and Chestnut Streets,
sentatives, and education advocates all    building will be oriented along 49th         while the gyms and cafeteria will be
have been involved in pressing the case    Street. A decorative motif that will         accessed directly from two separate off-
for a new school.                          recur throughout the building—               street courtyard entries.
                                           including the pattern of the floor              This capital project has been de-
                                           tiles—was inspired by Gee’s Bend             signed to meet the Leadership in
                                           quilts, made famous by the African-          Energy and Environmental Design
                                           American quilters’ cooperative from          (LEED) silver rating. LEED is an inde-
                                           Gee’s Bend, Alabama. The school was          pendent certification program and the
                                           designed with three academies in             nationally accepted benchmark for the
                                           mind: creative and performing arts,          design, construction and operation of
                                           business technology and urban stud-          high performance “green” buildings. The
                                           ies/law. The two gyms will be located        school’s “green” features will include the
                                           along the Market Street side of the          collection of rain water for non-potable
Model of the new West Philadelphia         property.                                    uses such as the flushing system. The
High School                                                                             planned landscaping also incorporates
                                           School designed to be                        many LEED-eligible elements, including
                                           community-friendly                           the restoration of trees along Chestnut
                                             To allow for separate night time           and 49th Streets.
                                           community use, the auditorium and

                                                        Honor Roll
Last month, the Office of Talent and De-        noticed the school’s needs when visiting
velopment (HR) held a Town Hall Meeting         their “Littles.” The contributions were un-     The Central East Region congratulates
to celebrate the hard work and success-         veiled at a festive November 5 ceremony.        the staff students and parents of Welsh
ful efforts of its staff for the 2009 teacher                                                   Elementary School. The school won the
                                                                       Fully Engaged –
recruitment and placement process. (See                                                         region’s monthly Attendance Award, with
                                                                       This Fairhill student
related article on page 7.) Chief Talent and                                                    a 97% attendance for September.
                                                                       wastes no time in
Development Officer Estelle G. Matthews
                                                                       trying out the new
said that the seven awards presented at
                                                                       computers donated
the event recognized individuals whose
                                                                       by employees of
personal characteristics make for a conge-
                                                                       Comcast Corporation.
nial, smoothly functioning workplace, and
those who contributed innovative ideas
for improving operations.
The categories and the winners were:
The Good Humor Award, to a person who
always has a story or joke to keep the ten-
                                                Principal Catherine Blunt says that the
sion at a minimum – Allan Johnson and
                                                entire Parkway Center City High School
Johnnie Young;
                                                family is proud of the school’s accomplish-     We Are Fam-i-ly - Principal Jeanette Fer-
The Everything but the Kitchen Sink Award,      ments including the following, which were       nandez (center, in black outfit) and mem-
to a person from whom you can always            listed in the fall 2009 Philadelphia Inquirer   bers of the Welsh school family celebrate
get a button, band aid, toothpaste, lotion,     Report Card on the Schools: achieving           with the travelling attendance trophy.
or other necessity – Angie Davis and            NCLB progress goals for four consecutive
Casanda Sample;                                 years (2004-2007) and Keystone School
                                                designation for three consecutive years
The Road Warrior Award, to a person travel-
                                                (2005, 2006 and 2007); acknowledgement
ling the most to get things accomplished -
                                                by the District as a Best Practice School
Judith Adams and Brenda Gormley;
                                                (2004-2005 The Philadelphia Inquirer’s
The “JB” Award, to the haaaardest working       fall 2009 “Report Card on the Schools”                    How to submit items
man or woman in the office – Claudine           and its special Focus on Math feature also              for “Honor Roll” columns
Colmon and Kimberly Goodman;                    reported that 79.8 percent of the school’s
                                                11th graders scored advanced or proficient        Since Core Team is a publication
The Dollar Bill Award, to a person contrib-                                                       for School District of Philadelphia
                                                on the spring 2008 PSSA scores, and 71.7
uting or generating the most economic                                                             employees, “Honor Roll” is a regular
                                                percent scored advanced or proficient in
assistance – Judith Gilliam and Arlene                                                            feature to spread the word about
Glover;                                                                                           local, state and national honors our
                                                                                                  employees have received, and honors
The Helping Hand Award, to a person that                                                          which their work has made possible
provided the most assistance - Gloria                                                             for their schools or administrative
Carter and Carolyn Roberts.                                                                       offices. Please send items that fit this
                                                                                                  description to coreteam@ philasd.
In addition, Jay Smit and Karima Jones
                                                                                                  org. You may also submit photos and
received The 100 Watt Award, presented                                                            captions to accompany “Honor Roll”
to a person contributing the best or most                                                         items.
innovative ideas. Smit submitted sug-                                                               Alternatively, if your school or office
gestions for improving customer service                                                           is seeking publicity for a future event
in the Classification and Compensation                                                            or activity which you feel has news
unit, and Jones was recognized for her                                                            value for the general public, please
diligence and efficiency in dispatching a                                                         submit a publicity request form to
significant workload.                                                                             the Office of Communications. You
                                                South Philadelphia High School stu-               may find this form online through
                                                dents have been on both the receiving             the District’s website, www.philasd.
                                                and giving ends of recent community               org. Go to “Sitemap,” “Communica-
Fairhill Elementary School’s IMC now                                                              tions,” “Forms,” then “Publicity Request
                                                service activities. As a service project, the
boasts more than 1,700 new books, four                                                            Form.” Clicking on “save” at the end
                                                Cheyney University cheerleading squad
new computers and a new laser printer,                                                            of the completed form will send your
                                                conducted a clinic for the high school’s
thanks to the employees of Comcast Cor-                                                           information by e-mail to the Office of
                                                cheerleaders, while SPHS’s freshmen and
poration. As participants in the “Big Broth-                                                      Communications.
                                                seniors built relationships while planting
ers/Big Sisters” program, the employees
                                                tulips as part of a beautification effort.

                                              SEEDS of SUCCESS
    Office of Office of Talent Acquisition (HR)
    celebrates successful recruitment season
                                                                                            year’s contingent of approximately 360
E     ven as they celebrate a 2009
      school opening with the fewest          2009 teacher recruitment                      student teachers, with close to 200 of
                                                                                            them attending. In another innova-
teacher vacancies (24) in at least a de-           and placement                            tive move, staff is now organized on a
cade, the staff of the Office of Talent Ac-
                                                                                            business partner model. Now a particu-
quisition (formerly Human Resources) is              Success…by the numbers                 lar teacher applicant will be dealing
already working to further strengthen
                                                                                            with the same Talent Acquisition staff
The School District of Philadelphia’s          Teacher hiring goal              1,414       member throughout the hiring process.
teacher recruitment and placement              Teachers hired                   1,734       Schools and regional offices also will
processes.                                      Teacher vacancies,                 24       have assigned partners on the depart-
   Chief Talent and Development Of-            first day of school 2009                     ment’s staff. “You know you will not be
ficer Estelle G. Matthews and her staff
                                                                                            passed off to seven or eight different
responded to Superintendent Arlene             Teacher vacancies,                 146       people,” Matthews said.
Ackerman’s pithy charge, “Get me               first day of school 2008;                       Matthews also has plans to create
teachers”, by making major process             Teacher vacancies,                   81      an Office of Teacher Affairs to provide
changes which sometimes weren’t easy           first day of school 2007)                    District educators with timely commu-
to accomplish.
   The first hurdle which Matthews,                                                         nication and information—“anything
then new to the District, faced last                                                        a teacher needs to succeed.” While the
year came from within the system--                                                          office is not yet a reality, the department
convincing colleagues that the hiring         as were commitment letters. Once an           is beginning to make its vision a reality.
timeline could be changed. “It was criti-     applicant received a commitment letter,       For example, Matthews says she expects
cal to get the right leaders (from other      he or she was assured a job with the Dis-     her department to sponsor quarterly
departments) to join the effort and to        trict. This alleviated the uncertainty that   webinars for new teachers, with the first
be connected to the strategy, to stay         new teacher hires often experienced           scheduled to take place in December.
committed and to adhere to the time-          in the past, waiting until August to be          “We’ve learned a great deal from the
line,” Matthews noted. This initiative        placed by the District with no commit-        past year,” Matthews said. “We learned to
moved forward because Matthews’ staff         ment forthcoming before then.                 ‘get ahead of it’ rather than just reacting.
members coordinated closely with Al-             The department also received positive      I’m really proud of the team.”
lotment and Budgeting, and met with           feedback from new teachers who re-               On October 29, the Talent Acquisition
                                              ceived welcoming telephone calls from         staff gathered to reflect on what they
colleagues from these units regularly
                                              District leaders in August. This outreach     had accomplished (see related item in
so that they could jointly resolve any
                                              was also an opportunity for the District      “Honor Roll” on page 6), and how they
problematic issues.
                                              to learn whether some who had made            achieved their successes. The next day,
   Beginning in April, and occurring ev-
                                              commitments to teach had changed              they were back on point, focused on
ery weekend but one through May, Tal-
                                              their minds but had not notified the          their mission. After all, for the nation’s
ent Acquisition conducted hiring fairs,
                                              District. This proved to be the case for      eighth largest school system, the recruit-
something that formerly wasn’t done
                                              about 20 of the 800 teachers contacted.       ment season never really ends.
until the summer. The department also
reached out to prospective District           The information enabled Talent Acquisi-
teachers through newspaper and radio          tion to assign teachers from its then-un-                         Core Team is distributed
ads, and for the first time through a         placed pool of extra applicants to these                          monthly—September through
strategic District recruiting presence at     slots in time for the opening of school.                          June—to employees of The
                                                                                                                School District of Philadelphia.
national professional conferences. Also          How is the department planning to                              Please send comments or
for the first time the District enabled       make the 2010 teacher recruitment and                             questions to
on-line teacher applications through its      placement processes even smoother?                      
web site. “Our application flow doubled       One key objective is to improve the             The School District of Philadelphia
once we did that,” said Mario Crisfulla,      District’s recruitment of those who             Office of Communications
executive director of Talent Acquisition.     student teach in District schools, since        Education Center, Room 102
                                                                                              440 N. Broad Street
   A $1,000 signing bonus--half payable       only about 80 of approximately 700 last         Philadelphia, PA 19130
in the third paycheck and the other           school year ended up with the District.
half at the end of the school year--was       Talent Acquisition recently conducted           215-400-4040
an attractive feature for new teachers,       the first in a series of forums for this

Where in the world is Carol Sienkiewicz,
school-based instructional specialist?
School based instructional specialists, like Edison High School’s Carol Sienkiewicz,
are critically important resources for students, teachers and school administrators
alike. As part of the District’s Empowerment Schools initiative, Sienkiewicz supports
student instruction with an emphasis on reading and math.
In addition, she works closely
with the principal and the
assistant principals
to design programs aimed
at closing the achievement
gap, and also is involved
in the creation of professional
development plans and the
delivery of “PD” to teachers.

                                                       Once a week, Sienkiewicz (center) meets in an instruc-
                                                       tional planning session with Assistant Principals (from
                                                       left) Lisa Kaplan, Richard Pomante, Alexis Greaves and
                                                       Lydia Gonzalez.

Meeting with co-teachers Rachel Kletzman, special
education teacher, and Matt Lautenschlager, English
teacher, Sienkiewicz discusses techniques for effec-
tive and engaging instructional delivery.
                                                                               With an even greater emphasis this year
                                                                               on accelerating student progress in math
                                                                               and reading, Edison’s instructional
                                                                               specialist coaches Joseph Sanchez.

                                                                                                    Where in the
                                                                                                   world are YOU?
                                                                                            In future issues, don’t be surprised
                                                                                               if our Core Team camera bugs
     Nurturing teacher “D” with “PD”
                                                                                                 catch you as you go about
     A big part of each day is geared toward supporting instruction. Sien-
     kiewicz works with Bridget Bujak, math school-based teacher leader                            YOUR work on behalf of
     and “S” Academy leader, during a fourth period professional develop-                               our children.
     ment session.


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