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					B SDn the inside
A newsletter for the employees of Boulder Valley School District

Board Names Three Superintendent Semi-Finalists                                                         February 27, 2007

 Community invited to semifinalist interviews on March 6, 7 and 8                     On the inside
 The following news release was sent to media Tuesday evening, Feb. 27.              Stay Safe!                           p. 2
 BOULDER – Boulder Valley Board of Education President, Dr. Helayne Jones,            (Don't Fall Down on the Job)
 tonight announced the names of the three semi-finalists to succeed retiring          TAC Update                           p. 2
 BVSD Superintendent George F. García this summer. The three semi-finalists            (Teachers Advisory Council)
 are, in alphabetical order, Dr. James Hammond, currently superintendent of the      Impact on Education                  p. 3
 Tukwila School District in Tukwila, Washington, Dr. Christopher King, currently
 deputy superintendent of the Boulder Valley School District, and Dr. Sandra
 Smyser, currently superintendent of the Las Virgenes Unified School District in
 Calabasas, California.
                                                                                      (Scholarships for Graduating Students)
                                                                                     TEC Students and VITA
                                                                                      (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance)
                                                                                     Superintendent's Honor Roll
                                                                                                                          p. 4

                                                                                                                          p. 4
           Guided by the leadership criteria developed
             with signif icant BVSD community input,                               BOARD APPROVALS
          my colleagues and I are delighted to announce                            Policy KFD and associated regulation
            three outstanding professional educators,                              KFD-R, Volunteer Use of District
               any one of whom could lead one of                                   Technology, were approved. This
               Colorado’s premier school districts.                                policy and regulation define the
                                                                                   circumstances for which volunteers in

                                   Dr. Helayne Jones                               BVSD schools will be granted access to
                          President of the Board of Education                      district technology resources. The new
                                                                                   policy is available on the web site at
 Dr. Jones pointed out that each of the three semi-finalists would, along with
 in-depth interviews with the seven-member school board, be interviewed by         under the "Index K" section.
 three separate public input panels representing BVSD internal and external
 stakeholders representing parents, teachers, district administrators, staff,      The learning materials recommended for
 community representatives, and business leaders.                                  adoption for Secondary Language Arts
                                                                                   were approved.
 The public input sessions are scheduled for Tuesday, March 6, Wednesday,          The appointment of a new member to the
 March 7 and Thursday, March 8. All interviews will take place in the Board        District Accountability Committee was
 Meeting Room in the BVSD Education Center located at 6500 E. Arapahoe             approved.
 Road in Boulder. The times for each group’s semifinalist interview are the same
 for each day. Those times are:                                                    The following contracts were approved:
                                                                                   NetworkD Corporation was awarded
          1:00-2:00 p.m. – Parents/Community Group
                                                                                   a contract for renewal of LANDesk
          2:30-3:30 p.m. – Administrator Group                                     licenses and the purchase of anti-virus
                                                                                   licenses. The funds for LANDesk come
          4:00-5:00 p.m. – Teachers/Support Staff Group                            from the 3A computer replacement
 While questions will only be taken from panel members during each input           budget; the anti-virus licensing is an
 session, the general public is welcome to attend and urged, along with            anticipated general fund budget expense.
 panel members, to fill out assessment sheets on each semi-finalist for later        Amen Consulting was awarded a contract
 Board review as the Board chooses the final candidate for the district’s new       for assistance with developing a time
 superintendent.                                                                   keeping system that is built using Lawson
                                                                                   technology and is fully integrated with
                                                                                   the Lawson system.

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B   SDn the inside

                             Don't Fall Down on the Job
                             Since 2001, more than 200 Boulder Valley School employees have been injured
                             when they slipped and fell. Don’t become a claim statistic.
         Spotting Hazards
         Scan ahead while you walk and remove hazards that you encounter. Good habits with regard to housekeeping play
         a big part in preventing slips, trips, and falls. Essentially, by keeping the area clean and free of clutter, you are
         removing the hazards, preventing injury to yourself and others.
         Maneuvering Around Hazards
         If you spot a hazard or slippery area, slow down, keep a steady footing and look
         where you place your feet. Shorten your stride to keep your center of balance
         under you. Walk like a duck, with your feet pointed slightly outward, creating a
         stable base and making wide corners. Correct the hazard if possible.
         Alerting Others of the Hazard
         Alert others of the hazard by the use of cones or other barriers. Follow all policies
         with regard to spills or other hazards.
         Choosing the Appropriate Footwear
         Choose your footwear to meet the environment that you will encounter. As we age,
         it takes more light for us to see clearly. Poor lighting can impair your vision and
         create hazardous situations. If lighting is poor, use a flashligt at the work site.

                                       Teachers Advisory Council Update
                                                by Janet Stellema, TAC Chair
 Although only three items were on the Teachers Advisory Council (TAC) agenda this month, time passed quickly due to
 much discussion. Dr. Chris King presented TAC with a draft of board policy regarding “Academic Honesty and Integrity.” Dr.
 King explained this policy would more clearly define cheating and the consequences. TAC will review the policy and provide
 feedback and ARs will receive a copy for each building to discuss. TAC expressed concerns about the New Century Graduate
 survey that high school teachers have been asked to fill out. Both Jonathan Dings and Brigitte Mutter were on hand to respond
 to questions and hear recommendations from TAC.
 Infinite Campus remains a consistent concern for teachers and this month’s issues focused on an update of the IC priority list
 and on IEP problems on IC. Although IC was originally purchased to address special education needs, a fully functioning IEP
 product will not be online until August 2007. Andy Kutinsky explained that some of the delay was due to awaiting updates on
 federal regulations. She further outlined that professional development time will be set aside in August for special education
 teachers to become familiar with the new product. Currently it is not possible to transfer information from an existing IEP into
 a new IEP document, requiring retyping of information. While IC has corrected this problem, the district is unable to upgrade
 because that version “broke” other features of the system. Dave Willamson explained that IC has made progress on many issues
 but that Boulder Valley has not been able to take advantage of those updates due to underlying technologies at the district level.
 Dave shared a large stack of updates and changes that IC has made and explained that IC will have a version 2008.1 available
 in June but that the district will be moving from IC version 3.8 to version 2007.2.2 in the fall.
 The item of largest concern remains the assessment times built into the elementary calendar for next year. Sheri Williams and
 Sandy Ripplinger brought TAC members up to date on what was being done to create a framework for these assessment days.
 Sandy emphasized the need to be both “tight and flexible” and that all schools would use those two days to assess, score and plan.
 Sandy described assessments that would be school based with all teachers involved with ALL students assessed in some way.
 As a minimum, student K-3 must be assessed in literacy as well as 4th and 5th grade students currently on ILPs. TAC suggested
 creating a timeline for implementation along with who would be responsible for the various stages. Kindergarten students and
 their needs are also an issue that needs to be addressed again. TAC also asked again when the time will be made available to
 teachers to plan for this new change and what other responsibilities would be removed so that teachers would have the time
 necessary. Sandy stated that TAC had given her “lots to think about” and agreed to return to TAC in April with further updates.

     February 27, 2007

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B    SDn the inside

                        IMPACT ON EDUCATION ANNOUNCES
    Impact on Education is privileged to oversee four scholarship programs that annually award approximately
    $45,000 to graduating BVSD students. High school counselors will accept applications for these scholarship
    programs over the next few months.
    Community members who have chosen to honor deceased family members and service organizations that are
    committed to supporting youth and education have created these scholarship funds. As such, each reflects the
    funding priorities of the individuals or group who established it. Impact on Education manages the investment
    of scholarship funds and works with high schools to oversee the application and awards processes, in addition to
    managing ongoing interactions with recipients and donors.
    A brief description of the four scholarship programs follows:
       •   The Independent Order of Odd Fellows Scholarship awards BVSD graduating seniors $1,000
           per year for up to four years. Impact on Education anticipates awarding five scholarships to 2007
           graduating BVSD seniors. Qualifying students must maintain a full college schedule of 12 credit
           hours or more, maintain a minimum GPA of 2.75, and complete 25 hours of community service to
           renew the scholarship beyond the first year.
       •   The Dennie and Donna Wise Scholarship awards BVSD graduating seniors $1,000 per year for
           two years. Impact on Education anticipates awarding eight scholarships to 2007 graduating BVSD
           seniors. Qualifying students must be accepted into a vocational, technical, or community college and
           provide evidence of financial need. This scholarship is well-suited for students who pursue post-
           secondary education on a part-time basis while working.
       • The Gould-Foothill Scholarship awards Boulder High School graduating seniors a one-time $1,500
         scholarship to help them pursue the education necessary to become an elementary school teacher.
         Impact on Education anticipates awarding two scholarships to 2007 graduating Boulder High School
         seniors. In addition to being interested in becoming an elementary school teacher, qualifying BHS
         students must have attended Foothill Elementary School for at least four years and provide evidence
         of financial need.
       • The Sally Smyth Scholarship awards a four-year scholarship of $5,000 per year to one graduating
         Boulder High School senior who has been accepted to a four-year liberal arts college. The qualifying
         BHS applicants must provide evidence of financial need.
    High school counselors have been provided with specific application information and award processes for each
    of these scholarships. Each has its own deadline—all scholarship awards are announced in mid-May.
                              For more information about these scholarships, please visit:
    In the eight years that Impact on Education has managed scholarship programs, it has awarded over $100,000
    to more than 50 graduating BVSD students. Anyone interested in establishing a scholarship with Impact on
    Education should contact Francie Anhut at 303-524-3865 x 2 or
                                                                                                 February 27, 2007

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B     SDn the inside

    Hats off!
                                                    Congratulations to this week's
                                                    Superintendent's Honor Roll recipient:
     Manhattan Middle School for the Arts and Academics Science Teacher Kimberly Greene was presented with an
     “Excellence in Teaching Award for the Middle Level” award by the Colorado Association of Science Teachers this past
     The purpose of CAST is to support, stimulate, and improve science education at all levels of instruction (pre-K through
     college) in the State of Colorado. Along with several other activities, the association provides mini-grants each year to
     science teachers who are among its approximately 400 members.
     “Exemplary does not even begin to describe Kim Greene,” said Manhattan School Principal Martha Gustafson. “She is
     a master teacher with a powerful knowledge of her subject matter, a deep understanding of pedagogy, and a purposeful
     command of instructional strategy.”
     “BVSD is extremely proud of Kim Greene,” said Samantha Messier, K-8 Science Coordinator for BVSD. “She is an
     extraordinary teacher with a winning combination of enthusiasm, expertise, dedication, and compassion. Any aspiring
     young scientist would be lucky to find themselves in her classroom.”
     “The most outstanding attribute of Kim Greene is her unrelenting devotion to her students,” added Gustafson. “She has
     the uncanny ability to bring out the very best in all students in her classroom, day after day, year after year.”

                                                       Boulder TEC Students Help Low-Income
                                                       Community Members File Income Taxes
                                                       Sean McCoy's Banking and Accounting students at Boulder TEC have now
                                                       assisted approximately 70 low-income community members with the filing of
                                                       their income tax returns. Help the students beat their record of 260 returns filed
                                                       last year — Please pass this information on to anyone you know who might
                                                       benefit from this program.
                    B       SD
                                                       Members of Boulder TEC’s Future Business Leaders of America Club are part of
    Boulder Valley Board of Education                  the nationwide Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA) that was created
        Helayne Jones, Ed.D., President                by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in 1969. The VITA Program offers free
    Angelika Schroeder, Ph.D., Vice-President          tax help to low- to moderate-income people, generally, $39,000 and below for an
             Teresa Steele, Treasurer                  individual. In order to qualify, students are required to take online training with
                   Jean Paxton                         the IRS and score 70 or above on a test afterward. An IRS agent helps the students
                  Ken Roberge                          prepare for the test.
               Lesley Smith, Ph.D.
                                                       The assistance is available on a walk-in basis (first come, first serve) on Thursdays
                    Patti Smith
                                                       from 5:00 to 7:30 p.m. and Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. INCLUDING
      Boulder Valley School District                   through the Spring Break holiday (Sat., March 24, Thurs., March 29, and Sat.,
    George F. García, Ed. D., Superintendent           March 31). The tax help sessions take place at Boulder TEC, 6600 Arapahoe
                                                       Avenue, in the banking and accounting classroom on the west end of the building
             BVSD On the Inside                        (facing the greenhouse). Tax help will be offered through April 7.
        Maela Moore, Newsletter Editor
                                                                                Come early and come prepared!
      “BVSD On the Inside” is produced by the
     BVSD Communications Division. Newsletter          More information is available in a prerecorded message given in both Spanish
     staff can be contacted at 303-245-5824 or
                      and English at 303-245-5946. Callers may also leave messages on that line and
                                                       receive a call back from the Banking and Accounting program with answers to
     Past issues are available on the web site at              their questions.
                                                                                                                           February 27, 2007

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