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                                                                          WOLFGANG JENDSCH
                                                                                   Buchhof 1
                                                                 D-78315 Radolfzell/Bodensee
                                                                   Telefon (+49) 07732/12893
                                                                Telefax (+49) 0721/151510123

Sales Information
Model-Collection „Fire- and Emergency Apparatus“
A large part of the models in scale 1:87/H0 for sale was example-like build in manual work
(a.o. example-like truck bodies, technical details, adaptation of types) and „fire-technical“
equipped (a.o. with tools, lacquer, design). Only some models were leave in their original and
example-like manufacturers version (may be some detailed adaptions: a.o. vehicle plates,
flashlights). The models of the apparatus are essentially based on basic models of the
manufacturer Herpa, Roco and Wiking.
Model builder and owner of the collection: Wolfgang Jendsch (contact see above)

Stock Summary of Models
Fire Service:                                  about 480 models
Medical Rescue and Emergency Services:         about 80 models
Disaster Management Services:                  about 140 models
Technisches Hilfswerk (THW), Germany:          about 80 models
Police:                                        about 120 models
Military Forces:                               about 60 models
History:                                       about 70 models
Summary:                                       about 1,030 models

Apparatus of the Fire Services

Command- and Chief Cars, various Types and Versions
Command Cars type 1 (ELW 1)
Command Cars type 2 (ELW 2)
Command Cars type 3 (ELW 3)
Command-Container (AB-EL)
Chief Cars (KdoF)
4WD-Command Cars

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High-Rise Rescue Apparatus, various Types and Versions
Ladder Trucks (DL, DLK 23-12, DLK 23-12 n.B., DLK 23-12 SE)
Snorkels (GM)
Telescope Masts (TM)
Articulated Fire Extinguishing Masts/Snorkels (GLM)
International Ladder Trucks (a.o. Great Britain, Scandinavia, USA)

Fire Equipment and Fire Engines, various Types and Versions
Hand Fire Extinguishers
Mobile Fire Pumps (TS 8/8)
Fire Pump Trailers (TSA)
Small Fire Engines without water tank (Tragkraftspritzenfahrzeuge/TSF)
Small Fire Engines with water tank (TSF-W)
Fire Engines (LF 8, LF 8/6, LF 10/6, LF 16, LF 20, LF 24, LF 16-TS, HLF)
Tanker Pumper, Water Pumper (TLF 8, TLF 16, TLF 24/50)
Large Fire Engines (GTLF)
Airport Fire Engines (FLF), various versions (Germany)
Airport Fire Engines (FLF), a.o. from Dubai, Africa, Libya, China, Scandinavia
Industrial Special Fire Engines (Company Fire Services)
Fire Trucks of the former „German Democratic Republic“ (DDR/GDR) Fire Service
Fire Extinguishing Trailers
Bicyle Fire Unit

Technicakl Rescue- and Equipment Trucks, various Types and Versions
Rapid Intervention Rescue Trucks (VRW)
Technical Rescue Trucks types 1 to 3 (RW 1 to 3)
Technical Rescue Trucks with recovery crane (RW-Kran)
Technical Rescue Trucks with loading crane (RW-Kran)
Special Technical Rescue Trucks „Bodensee“ (Lake Constance)
Equipment- and Support Trucks (GW)
Equipment Trucks „Water Rescue“ (GW-W)
Boats with Trailers
Equipment Trucks „HazMat“ (GW-U/G)
Lighting Trucks and Lighting Trailers (LiMa)
Transport Trucks (LKW, Trailers)
Cranes (KW) of various types and versions
Changeable Body Trucks (WLF) with various Containers (AB)
Hight Powered Ventilator
Special Trucks (a.o. GW-Bau, GW-Räum)
Fire Extinguishing Cart

Medical Rescue- and Emergency Apparatus of the German Fire Service
Emergency Doctor Cars (NEF)
Emergency Rescue Ambulances (RTW)
Ambulances (KTW)

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Fire- and Rescue Apparatus of the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr)
Fire Engines
Airbase Fire Engines
Command Cars
Military Police Patrol Cars
SAR Rescue Helicopter (Search & Rescue)
Base Trucks of the US-Military Forces in Germany

Historical Fire Apparatus
Hand-drawn Fire Engines
Hand-drawn Hose Trailers
Hand-drawn Water Trailers
Horse-drawn Hand-pressure Fire Engines
Horse-drawn Ladder Trailers
Horse-drawn Water Trailers
Horse-drawn Steam Fire Engines
Fire Engines of the beginning of the Motorisation
Fire Trucks of the „Feuerlösch-/Feuerschutzpolizei“ (WWII, various types and versions)
Fire Trucks of the after-WWII-time (various types and versions, a.o. Tractor/TSA)

International Fire Apparatus
USA: Forest and Wildland Fire Trucks (Wildland Engines, Water Tender, Brush Trucks)
USA: Wildland Fire Helicopter, Jumpplane DC-3 (USFS)
USA: Fire Boat „John J. Harvey“, New York/USA (scale 1:100)
USA: Special Fire Trucks (a.o. Fire Tanks, Fire Engines of Aircraft Battle Ships)
South America
Czech Republic
Fire Trucks of the Czech Railway Fire Service (a.o. Rescue Tanks)
Saudi Arabia

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Apparatus of the Medical Rescue- and Emergency Services

German Medical Service „Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund“ (ASB)
German Medical Service „Deutsches Rotes Kreuz“ (DRK; German Red Cross)
German Medical Service „Johanniter-Unfallhilfe“ (JUH)
German Medical Service „Malteser Hilfsdienst“ (MHD)
Black Forest Mountain Rescue (Disaster Mountain Rescue Unit)
Mountain Rescue Austria (ÖRK; Austria Red Cross)
German Water Rescue „Deutsche Lebensrettungs-Gesellschaft“ (DLRG)
Bavarian Water Rescue (BRK; Bavarian Red Cross)

Medical Rescue Apparatus
Emergency Doctor Cars (NEF)
Emergency Rescue Ambulances (RTW)
Ambulances (KTW)
Intensive-Ambulances (ITF)
Interhospital-Ambulances, Long-haul Ambulances (IHT)
Mobile Emergency Station
Medical Rescue Helicopter (ADAC, DRF, KATS)
Historical Ambulances
International Rescue- and Emergency Vehicles (a.o. USA, France, Netherlands, Switzerland,

Apparatus of the Disaster Management Services

Fire Units
Disaster Unit „LZ-R“ (Fire & Rescue): Fire Engines, Rescue Trucks
Disaster Unit „LZ-W“ (Fire & Water Supply): Fire Engines, Hose Carrier
Equipment- and Support Trucks (GW)
Water Supply Trucks (WassFördW)
Command Cars (FuKW)
Other Disaster Fire Trucks (a.o. Fire Tank „Fuchs“)

Medical Service- and Social Care Units
Special Unit Vehicles (ZTrKW)
Crew Carriers (MTW)
Equipment- and Support Trucks (GW)
Social Care Transport Trucks (BetrKW)
Changeable Body Trucks (WLF)
Mobile Kitchen Trucks (KüKW)
Doctors Unit Trucks (ATrKW)
Ambulances (KTW, KTW-4-Tragen, KTW-8-Tragen)
Rapid Intervention Unit Trucks (SEGKW)
Mobile Kitchen Trailer (FKH)

Reconnaissance Vehicles (ErkKW)
Track-down Vehicles
Decontamination Trucks with Trailer (DMF)
Tank-Water Truck (TW 30)
Crew Carriers (MTW)

Communication Units
Equipment- and Support Trucks (GW)
Transport Trucks (LKW)
Radio Communication Trucks (FuKW)
Radio Communication Support Trucks (FeKW)

Disaster Units of Foreign Countries
Czech Republic
UN-Foreign Country Units (Fire Engines, Medical Rescue Trucks)

Technisches Hilfswerk (THW), Germany

THW Apparatus, various types and versions
Crew Carriers (MKW)
Equipment- and Support Trucks (GKW)
Transport Trucks (LKW)
Mobile Power Generators (NAG; Truck, Trailer)
Trailers (a.o. Equipment- and Transport Trailers, Mobile Kitchen Trailers, Boat Trailers)
Heavy Equipment, Working Machines (a.o. Excavators, Frontloader, Grader)
Command Cars (KdoW)
Chief Cars (Pkw, 4WD-Cars, On-duty-Cars)
Rescue Boats (MZB)
Ponton-Ferry „Bodensee“ (Lake Constance)
Amphibian Trucks (DUKW Hochwasseralarmzug Rheinland-Pfalz)
Specialized Trucks (a.o. Tracked Vehicles, Motorcycles, Accident Rescue Trucks)

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Police Vehicles of the German States
Patrol Cars (various State versions, various types)
Patrol Cars of the Highway Police
Patrol Cars of the former „DDR-Volkspolizei“ (GDR)
Crew Carriers (MTF)
Police Helicopter
Civile Specialized Police Cars (a.o. Escort Cars)

Vehicles of the German Border Control (Federal Police)
Crew Carriers (MTF)
Equipment- and Support Trucks (GW)
Patrol Cars (FSW)
Protected Special Vehicles (a.o. Tanks)
Police Helicopter
Trucks of the German Railway Police (Bahnpolizei/Bundesgrenzschutz)

Police Cars USA
Patrol Cars (Police)
Patrol Cars (Sheriff)
Protected Special Vehicles (a.o. Tank)

International Police Cars
Czech Republic

Facts: January 2009

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