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New 16-Channel H.264 Embedded Linux Standalone DVR for Business Security Camera Systems

       By Ez-Toyz Inc. Surveillance Solutions
       Dated: Feb 07, 2009

       We are proud to further expand our existing H.264 Standalone DVR product line with the addition of our
       DVR-26416S 16-Channel Embedded Linux H.264 Standalone DVR. This advanced remote viewable DVR is
       great for home or business camera installs.

       Completing our new H.264 standalone DVR product line is our new DVR-26416S 16-Channel Standalone
       DVR. This DVR allows for recording/playback of up to 16 cameras on a single DVR and comes complete
       with enterprise grade features such as 16-channel loopback outputs, multi-location remote viewing, h.264
       video encoding, embedded linux operating system, PS2 mouse menu control, IR remote control, multi-user
       access and more. Even though the DVR-26416S standalone dvr comes equipped with all of these features,
       it still manages to stay inside the budget standalone DVR arena, making it a clear choice for larger home or
       business security camera system installations or even multi-location franchise remote viewing.

          These standalone DVRs use the new H.264 video codec, which provides longer recording times with
       smaller hard drive sizes than previous model MJPEG or MPEG4 DVRs. This DVR-26416S 16-Channel
       Standalone DVR features an embedded Linux Operating system, delivering great stability for great
       recording and reliability. The built-in PS2 port provides you with the ability to control your DVR with a
       standard PC-Style mouse or with the included IR remote control. All features of this embedded linux DVR
       can also be controlled through the standard built-in web browser remote viewing. This lets you make
       changes to your DVR settings on-the-fly while you are away from the location.

          Unlike most standalone dvr recorders, these advanced linux dvrs provide great quality video, but more
       importantly allow for remote viewing of multiple locations simultaneously. This allows you to install a
       standalone DVR from our H.264 DVR family line in multiple stores or multiple locations and remotely
       view the cameras from each franchise or location simultaneously through a single web browser view. Each
       of these H.264 standalone DVRs also provides the ability to remotely view your cameras through any PDA
       Phone with xHTML and MJPEG file formats. This provides access that most standalone DVRs do not

        View the DVR-26416S H.264 16-Channel Standalone DVR here:

        Check out our full line of Standalone DVRs here:


       Ez-Toyz Inc. Surveillance Solutions is a premier online wholesaler of security cameras, surveillance
       camera systems, dvr cards, NVR recorders, IP Cameras, standalone DVRs and more for home and business
       security camera installations.
        Check out our Home and Business Security Camera Systems at

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PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

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