Electronic Warfare Graduating Class 03-09 by lso20334


									    Volume 20, Issue 6
                                                  The Association of Old Crows                                      Page 1 June 2003
                                                     Billy Mitchell Chapter

                                          EL GRITO DEL CUERVO
    Special points of interest:
                                          THE CRY OF THE CROW
•        BMC - AOC
                                          Electronic Warfare Graduating

            18 June                                 Class 03-09
                                         The Electronic Warfare class 03-
•        Chapter Elections            09 of the 563rd FTS at Randolph
                                      AFB, Texas graduated on 8 May 03.
                                      Lt.Col (ret) Bob Franklin of the
•        14 June is FLAG DAY          Billy Mitchell Chapter of the AOC,
                                      presented AOC coins to all of the
                                      graduating EWOs.
•        Next Games Night

                14 June

     Inside this issue:

Electronic Warfare                1                                          Pictured above left to right are 2d Lt Kevin
Class Graduation                                                          Kretz, 2d Lt Diego Uribe, 1st Lt Neil Theisen, 2d
Navigator / EW Roles              1
                                                                          Lt Dan Alford, 2d Lt Kane Kettles, Capt Tim
     Change                                                               Lyon- Flt Commmnader, 2d Lt Jon Ard, 2d Lt
                                                                          Cary Mittlemark, 2d Lt Matt Epplin. Kneeling
Radios, Giveaways                 2
Hasten the Peace
                                                                          L-R: 2d Lt Joe Valentino, 2d Lt Nick Anthony.
                                                                             Pictured at left are Lt.Col (ret) Bob Franklin
President’s Corner                2                                       and 2Lt Neil M. Theisen the class Gilroy award
Editor’s Corner                   3

                                             role of Navigators and Electronic Warfare
Sesame Street Breaks              4                       Officers to Change
Iraqi POWs
                                         The traditional roles for Navigators   awareness, air leadership, and additional
BMC Luncheon                      5
                                      and Electronic Warfare officers has       EW knowledge. AETC is currently defin-
                                      changed, as the Air Force has procured    ing the final pipeline, and will start staffing
Plane Beams Broadcasts            6   modern systems and revamped aircraft      resource requirements and implementation
to Cuba
                                      mission employment roles.                 timelines.
Watching the Watchers             7      With that in mind, the Air Staff de-      Hear about this initiative at the BMC
                                      veloped an initiative to redesign the     Luncheon on 18 June at the Kelly USA
BMC-AOC Board                     8   entire navigator/EWO training pipe-       Club. LtCol Peet's presentation will ad-
Members                               line/program. This new aviator will       dress the Air Staff's initiative to redesign
                                      have more situational                     the entire navigator/EWO training pipeline/
Volume 20, Issue 6                                                                                                                 Page 2 June 2003

                                                                board with regard to the possibility of holding a National
Presidents Corner                                               Symposium in San Antonio. Discussions during the last
                                  It is getting to be that      board meeting indicated that a majority of the members
                               time of year again when
                               everyone is getting ready to     were in favor of inviting National to our area and sug-
                               go on vacation as soon as        gested the time frame be the fall 2005 or fall 2007.
                               school is out. Everything        Since a majority of the members approved a motion
                               else is slowing down a bit       electronically to invite national I will be generating a let-
                               due to the hot weather we        ter in the next few days doing just that. It will be inter-
                               have been having here in
                               San Antonio. Let me bring        esting to see just what the outcome will be to that invita-
                               you up to date on some of        tion.
            the happenings with your chapter.                       Many of you may have heard that the chapter in the
   Elections will be coming up soon and our                     Houston area has closed and for that reason, the BMC-
elections chairman, Andy Lease is looking for                   AOC will be sending a letter to national requesting that
candidates for 3 board members and President.                   selected zip codes in the Houston area be included as
If anyone is interested I suggest you contact                   members of the Billy Mitchell Chapter. We realize that
Andy and let him know that you would like to                    Houston is a long drive from here but at least we can
be put on the ballot, as you are interested in                  keep those crows that are interested in the association
making some of the decisions for the chapter.                   informed and possibly involved in some way.
Andy can be contacted by e-mail at vicepresi-                       I hope all of you have a great summer and request
dent@bmcaoc.org. We would like to hear from                     that you VOTE for your favorite candidates for the board
you.                                                            and president.
   During FiestaCrow ’03, discussions were                      Respectively,
held with representatives from the National                     Don Macaulay, President BMC-AOC.

  Radios, Giveaways Hasten                     said.
          The Peace                               “You would be surprised what this stuff can do,” said the unit’s
                                               Captain Curt Barker of Macomb, Ill., while in an Iraqi neighborhood
By Ray Quintanilla, Chicago Trib-              distributing 800 radios one recent afternoon. Thousands more will be
une, 4/29/2003                                 given away in the coming weeks, he said.
BAGHDAD—Just over a week                          “It worked in Bosnia, and Kosovo, and it can work here, too,” he
ago, US troops spent two days                  said. Barker’s team is attached to the Army’s 2-70th Armored Battal-
walking the streets of Baghdad,                ion, and helps put things back in order once Abrams tanks clear
sidestepping unexploded grenades               neighborhoods of Iraqi troops.
and other litter of war, to deliver            Barker said soldiers in his unit are urging Iraqi civilians to tune in to
what they consider their primary               three AM frequencies for information on where to find food, drinking
weapon: a $2.99 AM/FM radio.                   water, medical care, and other necessities.
   A few days later, they also be-                In the coming weeks, there will be information about the installa-
gan distributing thousands of soc-             tion of a new government, he said.
cer balls, baseball equipment, and                                                                                          (Continued on page 3)
even comic books in Arabic to
children in these war-torn
neighborhoods.                                    El Grito del Cuervo (USPS 014176 ISSN 10886249) is published by the Billy Mitchell Chapter
   These are unusual methods, to                  of the Association of Old Crows, Inc. [IRS Code 501c(6)] and AOC Educational Foundation,
                                                  Inc. Billy Mitchell Chapter [(IRS Code 501c(3)], 4335 West Piedras Drive, Suite 203, San
be sure, but for the Army’s Psy-                  Antonio, Texas 78228-1210. Periodical postage will be paid in San Antonio, Texas. Mailings in
chological Operations Unit—which                  even number years are as follows: January through July, one mailing; August, two mailings;
                                                  September through November, one mailing; December, two mailings. For odd numbered
has about 40 soldiers—such items                  years; January, February, one mailing; March, two mailings, April through December, one
are their primary weapons. It is an               mailing.
                                                  POSTMASTER: Send change of address to El Grito del Cuervo, c/o BMC-AOC, 4335 West
important part of how the peace                   Piedras Drive, Suite 203, San Antonio, Texas 78228-1210.
will be won in the days ahead, they
Volume 20, Issue 6                                                                                    Page 3 June 2003

(Continued from page 2)
                                                           Editor’s Corner
    “It might look funny on the outside, but there’s a       Lots of good stuff in this
lot riding on this radio,” Barker related, handing an     month’s newsletter.
Iraqi man a small yellow package with Chinese writ-       FiestaCrow is over and plan-
ing on the sides.                                         ning for 2005 shouldn’t start
    “If it works the way it’s suppose to, people will     for a couple of months. Yes, it
be a lot better off,” Barker said.                        does take that long. Ask Mark
While much of the fighting is over, US troops con-        Ashton or anyone that has been
tinue to encounter small pockets of resistance in         on the FiestaCrow committee.
Baghdad.                                                     It’s only been a week since I finished up the last
    That has slowed the progress of a postwar             newsletter. I got a little behind with traveling and
cleanup, military officials say. A 6 p.m. curfew re-      FiestaCrow. So, I can’t tell ya I’ve just returned
mains in effect. Most grocery stores are still not        from some exotic local. I am working on a trip to the
open, and it’s estimated that hundreds of the city’s      Pentagon, but nobody in their right mind wants to go
primary power lines will be down for several more         to DC in the summer so that trip may not happen.
weeks.                                                       I got a couple of great articles from the CNO/IO
Sergeant Ted Vytlacil, who has been on the psycho-        Newsletter compiled by Mr. Jeff Harley, SAIC of the
logical operations team for five years, said the soccer   US Army Space Command, G3 Plans, Information
balls being given away will carry messages aimed at       Operations Branch. I hope you enjoy them. I try and
keeping children away from minefields, unexploded         pick ones of interest that aren’t too long.
bombs on the streets, and downed power lines.                Chapter elections are coming up soon. Andy
    “It gets the message across really well,” Vytlacil    Lease has an article on page 4 along with a mug shot
said, as a small group of Iraqi men gathered around       (he’ll love that). He’s got the unenviable job of try-
his vehicle. “When we give these items away, there        ing to recruit members to run for the board of direc-
will be tons of kids lining up for them.”                 tors and this year for president. You would think
    Kalid Abdul Malik Mohammed, a father of two,          with a membership the size of the Billy Mitchell
was among the first to receive a radio and grasped it     chapter he wouldn’t have a problem finding candi-
with a look of confusion on his face. Under Saddam        dates, but everyone seems to have an excuse why
Hussein, he said, radios often were not available in      they can’t participate. Hell the only reason I stay on
stores, and most of his neighbors do not own one.         the board is because we have beer and pizza at every
    “Thank you. I haven’t seen a radio in a long          board meeting paid for by the chapter. What better
time,” he said, through an Army interpreter as he         reason to become a board member? Personally, I’d
stuffed the small package into his coat pocket.           like to see some new blood on the board. Don’t get
    Mohammed hasn’t had running water since a US          me wrong I think everyone currently on the BOD is
bombing four weeks ago destroyed a major water-           doing a great job. They are energetic, work hard and
line. And there has been no word, other than through      are selfless volunteers. It’s just that most of us are
his local mosque, about anything related to formation     on our 2nd and 3rd terms in office, it’s time to spread
of a new government.                                      the responsibility to the rest of the chapter member-
    “The best thing about it is that I will be able to    ship. If you’re interested in running for one of the
know what is happening all over Iraq,” Mohammed           board of directors positions or chapter president con-
said. “We all know very little about our own future.      tact Andy Lease at vicepresident@bmcaoc.org.
It would be a good idea to help us understand what is        The BMC-AOC luncheon is the 18th at the Kelly
going to happen next.”                                    USA Club this month. Come on over and rub shoul-
                                                          ders with the rest of the membership. Bring along a
                                                          non-member, we’ll sit him/her next to DAK and
Show me a nation whose national beverage is               he’ll probably sign them up for a lifetime member-
beer, and I’ll show you an advanced toilet                ship. If I know DAK he’ll even convince them to
technology.                                               run for a position on the board of directors.
Mark Hawkins in the New York Times, 1977                  See ya next month — Miller, out
Volume 20, Issue 6                                                                                     Page 4 June 2003

     Sesame Street Breaks Iraqi POWs                    have the end result of breaking down the individual’s
                                                        will to resist questioning.”
Unattributed, BBC News, 20 May 2003                        Amnesty International told BBC News Online
    Heavy metal music and popular American chil-        that at least one Iraqi captive - a civilian, later re-
dren’s songs are being used by US interrogators to      leased - had reported being kept awake for up to four
break the will of their captives in Iraq.               days by loud music.
Uncooperative prisoners are being exposed for pro-         “This is an issue that seriously concerns us. If
longed periods to tracks by rock group Metallica        there is a prolonged period of sleep deprivation, it
and music from children’s TV programmes Sesame          could well be considered torture,” said a spokes-
Street and Barney in the hope of making them talk.      woman.
    The US’s Psychological Operations Company              “It is a very difficult line to draw between what
(Psy Ops) said the aim was to break a prisoner’s        constitutes discomfort and what constitutes torture -
resistance through sleep deprivation and playing        that line will vary for individuals and it would de-
music that was culturally offensive to them.            pend on each particular case,” she added.
    However, human rights organisation, Amnesty            She said they were looking into whether the US
International, said such tactics may constitute tor-    and UK were abiding by their responsibilities under
ture - and coalition forces could be in breach of the   the Geneva Convention on the treatment of prisoners
Geneva Convention.                                      of war.
    Sergeant Mark Hadsell, of Psy Ops, told News-          The UK’s Ministry of Defence has said all its
week magazine: “These people haven’t heard              prisoners are being held under the terms of the Ge-
heavy metal.                                            neva Convention and are visited by members of the
    “They can’t take it. If you play it for 24 hours,   International Red Cross.
your brain and body functions start to slide, your
train of thought slows down and your will is bro-            ? Want to Make a Difference ?
ken. That’s when we come in and talk to them.”
    Sgt Hadsell’s favourites are said to be ‘Bodies’                           It is that time of the year again.
from the XXX film soundtrack and Metallica’s                                The time when your Billy
‘Enter Sandman’.                                                            Mitchell Chapter begins its search
                                                                            for enthusiastic Crows who want
    The theme tune from the US children’s pro-                              to make a difference. Make a dif-
gramme Sesame Street and songs from the purple                              ference in how the Chapter and
singing dinosaur Barney are also on their hit list.                         indeed the International
     “In training, they forced me to listen to the                          Association supports its members
Barney “I Love You” song for 45 minutes. I never                            and also where the Chapter and
want to go through that again,” one US operative        the Association head into the future. Make a differ-
told the magazine.                                      ence in the Chapter’s social events like the Saint Pat-
‘No lasting effect’                                     rick’s Day River Parade, Member Luncheons,
                                                        Christmas Party and so on. Make a difference to as-
    Rick Hoffman, vice president of the Psy Ops
                                                        piring young men and women of the local military
Veterans Association, told BBC Radio 4’s Today
                                                        with the Enlisted Tuition Assistance Program. Make
programme that such a tactic would have no long-
                                                        a difference to local college students pursuing de-
lasting effect on prisoners.
                                                        grees in majors relevant to the Chapter and Associa-
    “The use of this kind of audio-technique is         tion through the Chapter’s scholarships. Make a dif-
rather new in interrogation,” he said.                  ference in aerospace industry and related Govern-
    “There have been other kinds of non-lethal,         ment programs. Make a difference in the Chapter’s
non-harmful techniques, such as sleep depriva-          National Symposium, FIESTACROW that happens
tion... which leave no long-lasting effects but do                                               (Continued on page 6)
Volume 20, Issue 6                                                                                 Page 5 June 2003

                                BMC-AOC Luncheon
                                  18 June 2003
                       Guest Speaker LtCol Peet, HQ AETC
         Where – Kelly USA Club When – 18 June 2003
        Check—In at 1100. Lunch at 1130. Speaker at 1200.
           Go to BMC-AOC web site for directions/map.

                              LtCol Peet will be speaking on
                             Next Generation Undergraduate
                              Navigator Training Program.
   Col Peet is currently assigned as the Command Undergraduate Flying Training
      Program Manager, Air and Space Operations Directorate, Headquarters
          Air Education and Training Command, at Randolph AFB, TX.

                                    Cost $15.00 per person
                     Alamo Grilled Chicken                     or        Pasta Lover’s Treat

                     For reservations, sign up by 16 June using the
                           On-Line Luncheon Registration Form
     or call Marsha Ocain at the BMC Office (210) 732-7697
                             Reservations should be made or canceled NLT 16 Jun. If you
                         find you cannot attend after that date please send a substitute to take
                           your place, otherwise you are still responsible for the reservation.
(ContinuedIssue 6 page 4)
Volume 20, from                                                                                      Page 6 June 2003
every other April in the odd-numbered years.
Make a difference in how the Chapter spends the         altered its normal transmissions of the two stations,
money that comes from National and FI-                  but said they were ineffective and hinted that the
ESTACROW and the list goes on.                          Castro government might retaliate.
   “How” you say, “can I do that?” You can join             “Those transmissions did not constitute a techni-
us on the Billy Mitchell Chapter Board of Directors     cal success to be proud of. Very few [Cubans] heard
either as a Board Member or President of the Billy      the noise,” an editorial in the Communist Party
Mitchell Chapter. “How on earth can I do that?”         newspaper Granma said.
you say. I say…SIMPLE…you run for office!!!                 “The government of the United States should not
   The Billy Mitchell Chapter will soon be electing     forget that Cuban radio might be heard on standard
three Board Members and Chapter President. We           frequency in many American states,” the editorial
meet for a couple of hours the first Thursday eve-      added.
ning of every month and then, spend a little more
time on our individual responsibilities. It is not      The statement appeared to suggest that Cuba might
hard, it is not boring, it is NOT thankless…it is fun   consider boosting the power of its own radio stations,
and gratifying. You will enjoy the influence you        a move that could disrupt the broadcasts of commer-
can have over Chapter operations and you will love      cial radio stations in South Florida.
the company of other board members all there be-            Radio and TV Martí have been controversial en-
cause they want to…MAKE A DIFFERENCE. As                deavors, popular with many Cuban Americans who
the Chairman of the Elections Committee, I am           want Cubans on the island to receive alternative
seeking energetic Crows who have a desire to GET        sources of information. But the two stations have
INVOLVED and have a little time to donate to the        been plagued by morale problems. They get little
cause. Please throw YOUR name into the hat!             congressional oversight and are generally seen as in-
   If you have questions, want to run for these of-     effective in penetrating the jamming by the Castro
fices or know someone who does (or should!)             regime.
please e-mail me at AndyLease@meritecservices.              Radio Martí began broadcasting in 1985 on me-
com soonest. Thanks and please come join us on          dium wave and short wave. In the past several years,
the Board!!                                             criticism has soared that its programming had be-
                                                        come stale—sometimes lacking in elemental news
                                                        judgment. In May 2002, Radio Martí delayed a
       Plane Beams Broadcasts to Cuba
                                                        broadcast of a historic speech in Havana by former
                                                        President Jimmy Carter calling for political change.
By Tim Johnson, Miami Herald, May 22, 2003
                                                            On April 1, the White House replaced Radio
WASHINGTON - On orders from the White                   Martí’s chief, Salvador Lew, with aother executive,
House, the Pentagon deployed a special airplane         Pedro Roig.
this week to beam the signals of Radio and TV
Marti to Cuba, using a technology that one admini-          Among recent changes to brighten the station’s
stration official said “breached the wall” of Cuban     programming are broadcasts of Major League base-
jamming efforts.                                        ball games.
    “The political green light is on” to make the           A White House statement said the Tuesday night
controversial U.S.-operated stations more effective     broadcasts “used a transmission platform that we be-
at reaching Cubans, said the senior official, who       lieve is not susceptible to Cuban jamming. We are
spoke on condition of anonymity.                        currently evaluating the results of that transmission.”
    An Air Force EC-130 plane conducted the                 The administration did not say how often it would
transmissions between 6:30 p.m. and 10 p.m. Tues-       use the EC-130 plane to beam the radio and TV sig-
day, several officials said. It operated within U.S.    nals.
airspace, not passing into Cuban territory.                 “We may not want to do it every day,” the official
    Cuba acknowledged that the United States had        said. “We realize this puts some binds on the
                                                                                               (Continued on page 8)
Volume 20, Issue 6                                                                                  Page 7 June 2003

Watching the Watchers: Web Users Fight                 viders and e-mail providers, before finally landing in
  Back for Their Privacy on the ‘Net’                  the mailbox of the recipient. Almost anywhere along
                                                       the way, someone with the right tools can sneak a
From The Bradenton Herald, May 05, 2003                peek.
    These are sobering times for Internet users who        The best way to foil would-be mail snoopers is to
value their privacy.                                   encrypt your e-mail. Encryption scrambles the mes-
                                                       sages you send to others, requiring the recipient to
    The government has expanded its online sur-
                                                       unscramble the message to read it. The encryption
veillance authority in the wake of Sept. 11. And
                                                       itself is virtually unbreakable. But it requires users
Web users are bombarded almost daily with warn-
                                                       on both ends to have a pair of “keys” to encrypt and
ings about cyberterrorism, hackers, worms, spy-
                                                       un-encrypt messages.
ware, identity theft and cookies.
                                                           I tried to install a freeware version of Pretty Good
    It seems you can’t wander down the Informa-
                                                       Privacy, easily the most popular encryption program,
tion Superhighway these days without wondering
                                                       on our Windows box. The program integrated seam-
who is spying on you or surreptitiously sucking up
                                                       lessly into our Outlook mail program. But it was
all your personal information.
                                                       cumbersome and a little confusing to install, and a
    Fortunately, there are myriad tools for Internet   couple of weeks later, I still haven’t figured out how
users who want to reclaim at least some of their       to use it.
                                                           After e-mail, Internet users might want to con-
    Encrypted e-mail, “anonymous” Web surfing,         sider the vulnerability of their Web surfing habits.
and software that crushes cookies and eats spyware     Web surfing litters the Internet with personal infor-
can all help reduce your online exposure.              mation, from Internet protocol addresses, which can
    Consider, though, how paranoid you want to be.     identify individual computers, to sometimes personal
Building a virtual wall around your online self can    information like names and e-mail addresses.
be time-consuming and hinder your Internet ex-             Moreover, hidden scripts on a Web page can bore
perience.                                              into your hard drive and retrieve private information,
    Law-abiding citizens probably do not have to       often without your knowledge.
worry about the government trolling their e-mail or        Some of that information is merged with “offline”
logging their Web surfing habits, privacy experts      information, such as credit reports, to draw up a
say. On the other hand, hackers, unscrupulous net-     clearer picture of your buying habits, said Lance
work administrators, co-workers and online mar-        Cottrell, president of Anonymizer.com, an online ser-
keters all could be trying to scoop up personal in-    vice and software program that makes Web surfing
formation about you without your knowledge.            anonymous.
    E-mail is perhaps the most ubiquitous form of          Cookies, those little text files silently placed on
Internet use, and in many ways the most insecure.      your computer by the Web sites you visit, continue to
Far from being a direct communication between          be a privacy issue.
people, an e-mail makes several hops across com-
                                                           Many cookies serve a useful purpose, such as re-
puters on workplace networks, Internet service pro-
                                                       membering log-in information or helping e-
                                                       commerce Web sites keep track of what’s in your
        Check the Billy Mitchell                       shopping cart.
         Chapter Web Site for                              But cookies are also used by advertisers to track
                                                       your surfing and shopping habits. Privacy experts
      information about the next                       said users should be more aggressive in managing
           BMC Luncheon.                               their cookies. Look in the preferences menu of your
Volume 20, Issue 6                                                                                                 Page 8 June 2003

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San Antonio, Texas 78228-1210
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BMC-AOC Board Mem-                                                        (Continued from page 6)
                                                                   audience.” But he said the administration will
                                                                   allot the money necessary to make the signals
bers and Committee                                                 more effective on a constant basis.

Chairs                                                                 Both Radio and TV Martí have transmitted
                                                                   from the Florida Keys. The TV Martí signal is
Board Position                            Name                     sent from a balloon tethered 10,000 feet above
President/          Don Macaulay          president@bmcaoc.org     Cudjoe Key at a low angle toward Cuba that is
Vice President Andy Lease                 vicepresident@bmcaoc.org easily blocked.
Nominations & Elections                                                The EC-130 aircraft used in the test Tuesday
Secretary           Mike Tackett          secretary@bmcaoc.org
Treasurer/          Bill Ocain            treasurer@bmcaoc.org
                                                                   is the same type of aircraft that beamed signals
Web Master                                                         to Iraqis during the war, a Pentagon official
Director/           Dak Proctor           mail@bmcaoc.org          said.
At Large            Lt.Col Bob Franklin mail@bmcaoc.org
Newsletter          Mike Miller              mail@bmcaoc.org
Military Liaison/ Maj. Pat Gallogly          mail@bmcaoc.org
Constitution        Tom White                mail@bmcaoc.org
                                                                                Membership E-Mail Addresses
By-laws                                                                   Marsha Ocain our membership POC for the
Military Liaison Capt. Rick Hauf             mail@bmcaoc.org              BMC is updating the e-mail rooster and would
Programs            Tom Eisenhut             mail@bmcaoc.org              like everyone to send her an email at
Social              Sam Roberts              mail@bmcaoc.org              mail@bmcaoc.org or to meocain@stic.net
Awards,             Ron Poland               mail@bmcaoc.org
Awareness, Goals                                                          so she can have the latest and greatest contact list
& Objectives                                                              available for our use.
ETG                 Robert Flores            mail@bmcaoc.org
Membership/         Marsha Ocain             mail@bmcaoc.org
Office Manager
FiestaCrow ‘03 Mark Ashton                   mail@bmcaoc.org
     If you are interested in assisting or have any questions in any of
the areas listed please contact the individuals via their e-mail ad-
dress listed.

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