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Sunday, January 24, 2010

                                                                                                                 IT’S MORE EXCITING HERE
                                               will be hosting an...

                               PEN H USE                                                                         Comcast seeks successful
   For Multiple Wafer Fab Technicians to Support Our Increased Business!
DATE: Saturday January 30, 2010
PLACE: 460 N. McCarthy Blvd., Milpitas, CA
                                                      LOCATION: JDSU in Milpitas
                                                      TIME: 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm                                  inbound sales professionals.
JDSU plays a vital role in the broadband and optical innovations that enable breakthrough solutions for                                                      Comcast has a number of openings for Inside Sales Professionals in
a wide range of essential high-tech industries. From biotechnology to telecommunications to brand pro-          Comcast Meet & Greet Event                   our Morgan Hill Sales Center, a 15 minute reverse commute from San
tection, JDSU's broad portfolio of products and solutions provides ample opportunity for you to apply your      Wednesday, 1/27/10                           Jose, to sell our Video, High Speed Data, and Digital Phone services
                                                                                                                                                             to residential customers in California. Qualified candidates will have
skills and knowledge to cutting-edge technology that impacts people's lives.                                    4pm–7pm
                                                                                                                                                             a minimum of two years inside sales experience selling products or
                                                                                                                Wyndham San Jose
                                                                                                                                                             services to inbound callers. No Cold Calling or Telemarketing. High
Wafer Fab Technicians (multiple openings)                                                                       1350 North First Street                      income potential, base plus uncapped commission. Outstanding benefit
Several positions available in Photolithography and Assembly/Coating Labs. Both positions require past          San Jose, CA 95112                           packages including medical, dental, and a full suite of complimentary
experience in a cleanroom environment working with a variety of semiconductor processing equipment,                                                          and/or discounted Comcast services.
MES tracking systems, SPC, and quality systems. Must be able to read and understand drawings,
schematics and written specifications in English. Assembly/Coating Position requires extensive manual                                                        Qualified candidates will have a proven sales track record, excellent
handling of delicate material at the die/chip level and processing in vacuum systems. Must have excep-                                                       references, and verifiable work history.
tional experience in manual device handling, exceptional dexterity at chip level and visual inspection with
microscopes. Photolithography Position requires past experience with contact aligners, wet and dry                                                              High income potential, base plus uncapped commission
etching, coat, develop, steppers, operating and variety of semi-automated measurement tools, visual                                                             Outstanding benefit package including paid vacations, 401K
inspection with microscopes and extensive experience with chemical preparation and handling.                                                                    matching, and a full suite of complimentary and/or discounted
                                                                                                                                                                Comcast services.
Equipment Technician                                                                                                                                            15 minute reverse commute from San Jose
Maintain equipment through scheduled PM’s, calibrations and repair of equipment. Have excellent trou-                                                           Fully comprehensive, paid training program
bleshooting skills. Must have an extensive knowledge of UHV theory, equipment and techniques, elec-                                                             No cold calling or outbound telemarketing
tronic testing ability, leak detectors, RGA’s, rough vacuum pumps, high vacuum pumps and other associ-                                                          Fun, fast-paced workplace
ated equipment.                                                                                                                                                 Full and part-time available
                                                                                                                                                                Employees have the opportunity to work from home in as little as 3 to
Chemical Technician                                                                                                                                             6 months of service
Performs chemical & raw material receiving, in-coming inspection,
stocking, inventory, and delivery functions. Must be an effective
communicator both verbally and written. Must be adept at using                                                  Visit to apply online.
MS Word and MS Excel.

               To apply, please stop by our Open House on January 30th from Noon until 5 pm.                    We are committed to ensuring our workforce reflects the communities we serve.
                                                                                                                Comcast is an Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action/Drug-Free workplace employer.
                  Submit your resume online at Ref#:11351

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2                        January 24, 2010                                                                                                                             JOBS & CAREERS

TO THE Point                                                                                                                        Office Hot                             topic

                                                                                                        Advancement: It’s Not Just a Guy Thing
    Background Checks
    Unlock Information on Job Candidates                                                                      hey say that men and women are quite            It also appears that the hierarchy present in

       t used to be that the only thing job
                                                                                                        T     different in many aspects, hence the
                                                                                                              “mars and venus” jokes. This may also be
                                                                                                                                                           many male-fronted businesses is different
                                                                                                                                                           when women are in charge. Women prefer a

                                                     teachers, daycare employees, and defense           the case with the way men and women run            collaborative effort and see themselves as the
       applicants had to worry about when            contractors. However, now many other               businesses and the rate of entrepreneurial         center of a “hub” rather than an authority
       applying for jobs were resume em-             employers are jumping on the security              growth.                                            figure at the top of the corporate ladder.
    bellishments being discovered or previous        bandwagon          requiring    checks.    And        Over the last 12 years, the Entrepreneurial        Women do have some factors that can be
    employers giving less-than-stellar rec-          employment agencies and temp firms are             Research Consortium has discovered that            disadvantages. Generally, the capital available
    ommendations. In a post-911 era, however,        being pushed by their clients to also run          women-owned business have doubled in               to women-owned startups is less than for men.
    employers are screening out applicants based     security checks on applicants. The Food and        numbers. In the 36- to 45-year-old age group,      Women-owned businesses also tend to be
    on more in-depth detective work. What they       Drug Administration (FDA) also wants to            more women than men have started                   smaller and less profitable than those owned
    may discover are criminal records or serious     screen millions of people who work in the          businesses. What’s also proven true is that        by men. This could be because women want
    falsification.                                   food business as a precautionary method.           women run businesses differently from men.         more time to spend with families and don’t
       ChoicePoint, a background search firm says        Security checks were once an expensive            While research into the comparisons             want to give up control to an outside party to
    that one-third of job applications feature an    undertaking, which limited their use. But          between women- and men-owned businesses            run things when they’re not around. But it also
    intentional error. Roughly 10 percent of job     technology has revamped and streamlined the        is still premature, certain trends have emerged.   may be due to the less access to funding or
    applicants have a criminal history. Proponents   process. Companies such as American                It appears that women entrepreneurs prefer         availability to resources for growth.
    of background checks say that they can be a      Background           Information       Services,   profitability, quality assurance, and contained    Additionally, some women go into business
    boon to companies, uncovering criminals or and rely           growth over rapid growth. Women tend to            for what some say are the wrong reasons: not
    those without citizenship papers early on        on electronic databases to gather everything       make conservative decisions geared toward          for immediate profit, but to escape corporate
    before potential problems could arise. But       from driving records to professional licensing     long-term advancement. They prefer to              glass ceilings or work/family balance.
    some say that these checks may unnecessarily     verifications. Background checks can range         cultivate and nurture relationships to provide        All things considered, however, as women-
    eliminate people from job pools because of       from $5 to hundreds of dollars depending           quality work, because they cannot compete on       owned entrepreneurs continue to multiply, the
    youthful indiscretions they have already         upon the depth of research.                        volume to larger businesses. Many women are        public should see a re-evaluation of these
    served time for, or as a result of incorrect         For individuals currently seeking new work,    also interested in limiting family-work            trends and can figure out for themselves
    information on records from identity theft.      it is realistic to expect a background check as    conflicts, realizing that, in the long run,        whether men or women have the advantage in
       In the past, background checks were limited   part of the screening process. Therefore, keep     aggressive management styles or inability to       business.
    to jobs where security and information about     this in mind even if you have nothing to hide.     compromise may infringe on quality of life
    applicants were vital, such as bank tellers,                                                        both in and out of the office.
JOBS & CAREERS                                                                        January 24, 2010                            3

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    Step Out of the Dark Ages...
                          and into the

                                  “Wait a minute, I
                                  think I see your ad
                                  beyond dar hills!”

                               YOUR AD!
                       • Display Formatted Paper

                                                               COOL GRAPHICS
                       • Logo and Company Branding
                       • Bigger Space
                       • No paying by the line
                       • Easier to find
                       • Not buried in the
                       • Highly Visible
                       • Low Cost
                       • 44,000 circulation
                       • Cool Graphics

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Sunday June 22, 2008
                                                                                                                       LINCOLN UNIVERSITY
                                                                                                                                    Accredited by ACICS
                                                                                                                      GET A PROFESSION!
                                                                                                                      EARN ACADEMIC CREDITS!
                                                                                                         Since 1919

                                                                                                                                Associate Degree in Diagnostic Imaging
Words are your best                                                                                                             with concentrations
                                                                                                                                • Diagnostic Sonography
weapon when it comes to strong resumes                                                                                          • Echocardiography                       Externship
By MARCO BUSCAGLIA,                                                                                                                                     Provided!
         hile the type of font you use on your                                                                                                                            Financial
                                                  “team player” and hackneyed phrases like
        resume is important, let’s face it —      “think outside the box” mean nothing.                                         • Medical Assisting
        whether you’re using Times New            Describe why you’re good at what you do.                                      • Ultrasound Technician                 Aid Available!
Roman or Helvetica won’t matter one bit if
they’re used on bland, ineffective words.         3. It’s all about you: Really, it is. If you
   If you want to liven up your job search, try   want to brag about your current or former
boosting your resume’s word power with the        company’s accomplishments, make sure you
following five tips:                              spell out how you directly contributed to
                                                  those accomplishments.
1. Improve the wheel, don’t re-invent
it: This isn’t a freshman creative writing 4. Liven it up: Think action, movement and                 Convenient location
class—no one wants to read your                   purpose. Don’t use generic phrases that just        in Oakland, close
interpretation of a good resume, so save the      sit there, like “helped,” “worked on” and           to the BART station
haiku format and stick with the tried-and-true    “contributed.” Instead, illustrate your
approach: strong        action verbs, quick       responsibilities with descriptions of what you
descriptions and a positive presence.             actually did.

2. Avoid clichés: If you find yourself using 5. Paint a picture: Your resume should tell
hackneyed jargon, start over. Don’t rely on a story of your career growth—and illustrate                                    For Information Please Call
fill-in-the-blank resumes or the words you how you’re ready to take your talents and
think companies want to hear. Buzzwords like experience to a new level of performance.                                      510-628-8032

                                                                                                                                         SALES PERSON WANTED
                                                      ay Area News Group is looking for an experienced sales person to join our Recruitment Advertising team in San Jose. This person
                                                      will be selling to and working with local and national advertisers. Responsible for growing existing relationships and building new
                                                      business. Developing new business via heavy phone prospecting and appointment setting. Presenting and delivering marketing pro-
                                                       posals in person. Selling multimedia products to include print advertising in our Employment tabloid and online products such as
                                                                   banner and impression ads across our websites and partner websites such as Mercury, Yahoo!, and Yahoo!

                                                                             We are looking for someone who has prior business to business sales experience, considers themselves a con-
                                                                              sultative sales person and skilled at prospecting for new business. Experience in media, recruitment, or
                                                                                employment services is strongly preferred. Excellent written and verbal communications skills, Excel,
                                                                                  PowerPoint, and internet fluency are required. Must have valid driver's license.

                                                                                       This is a great opportunity to work for an industry leader with a variety of multimedia products to offer
                                                                                         their customers. We offer comprehensive training focusing on consultative selling. There are many
                                                                                           opportunities for development and promotion. This positions offers a base salary plus commis-
                                                                                               sion and full benefits.

                                                                                                   We are the largest newspaper publisher in Northern California
                                                                                                      and have the Bay Area's greatest market penetration.
                                                                                                    For more information go to:
                                                                                                        Please send resume to:
6   January 24, 2010                                                                    JOBS & CAREERS

                            GURNICK ACADEMY
                             OF MEDICAL ARTS
                        •   Vocational Nurse (LVN)
                        •   Psychiatric Technician (PT)
                        •   Radiologic Technology Program (X-Ray)
                        •   Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
                        •   Diagnostic Medical Sonography

                                 Short-Term/ CEU Programs:
                                 • Phlebotomy Tech level 1
                                 • CPR for Healthcare Providers
                                 • Venipuncture

                                “We offer great choices in education, financing,
                             internship placement, program schedules and more!”
                       • Our #1 priority for our counselors, staff and faculty is our students - We want you to succeed!
                         We make sure to give you the great service, training, and experience!
                       • We provide the most flexible schedule: evenings and/or mornings, weekdays and/or weekends!
                       • We provide internship and lab hours!
                       • Our campus locations are close to the public transportation and are conveniently located!
                       • Most of our enrollments are ongoing, so you don't have to waste your time waiting...
                       • We offer prerequisite classes on-site!
                       • We have over 60 clinical affiliations, such as hospitals and other patient care facilities!

                             “All payment options we offer are interest free and for most of them,
                            you may qualify for an institutional grant. We also offer private loans!”

                         Invest in your education today and profit from it tomorrow!

                        Our San Mateo Campus is located at:
                        2121 South El Camino Real, Bldg. C200, San Mateo CA

                        Our Concord Campus is located at:
                        2702 Clayton Rd. Suite 201, Concord CA

                                     Our other campus locations: Modesto and Fresno

JOBS & CAREERS                                                                                                                                              January 24, 2010                                       7

                                                                                                                                                                                    19 1/2 days
                                                                                                                                                                      CNA TRAINING
                                                                                                                                                               at REASONABLE PRICE!
Learn about Law Enforcement,                                                                                                                               We Offer Training Programs For:
Corrections, Social Services,                                                                                                                              • Vocational Nursing
Security, and More!                                                                                                                                      • Acute Care (CNA/HHA)
Also, ask about our                                                                                                                                     • Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA)
                                                                                                                                                      • Hemodialysis

                                                                                                         Heald Student
PARALEGAL PROGRAM!                                                                                                                                   • Intro. to Anatomy & Physiology        Starting
Prepare to assist lawyers in law firms,
as well as work in the legal department
                                                                                                                                                     NEW CLASSES FOR 2010
of corporations, banks, insurance
companies and more!                                                                                                                                 • Alcohol & Drug Counselor Program        2010
                                                                                                                                                    • Medical Billing & Coding
Program availability may vary by campus and quarter

Heald College also offers degrees in the                                                                                                            • Alcohol/Drug Counselor (Course Length):
Healthcare, Business and Technology                                                                                                                 8 months to 1 year online with on the job training
fields in less time than you think!
                                                                                                                                                     We also offer Continuing Education Units For:
                                                                                                                                                     • CNA’s

                                                                                                                                                        Fully Accredited by:
                                                                                                                         LEARN                            Board of Vocational Nursing & Dept. of Health Services
                                                                                                                         MASSAGE THERAPY                   Locations: 41300 Christy Street, Fremont, CA 94538
                                                                                                                                                                T: (510) 445-0319
CALL TODAY!                                           Get in. Get out. Get ahead.        ®
                                                                                                                         Be ready in 4 ½ months to take
                                                                                                                         the National Certification test!           F: (510) 445-0524
1-866-524-1871                                        • Lifetime career services assistance for graduates
                                                      • Financial aid for those who qualify                              Enroll Now!
                                                                                                                         Call Now! 510-445-0319 866-620-9509
San Francisco • San Jose • Hayward • Concord          • Day and evening classes


                                      St. John
                                      Catholic School
                                        Visit St. John Catholic School and discover how our dedicated faculty
                                    and staff are building educational excellence through faith, love and tradition.
                                                                                                                                     Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten
                                                                                                                                            Information Night
                                                                                                                                      January 28th, 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
                                                                                                                                            Childcare Provided

                                                                                                                                              Open House
                                                                                                                                   January 31st, after the 9:30 am Mass
                                                                                                                                    Approximately 10:30 am - 1:00 pm
                                                                                                                                        En Español a las 1:00 pm
                                                                                                                                      Pre-Kindergarten - 8th Grade

                 270 E. Lewelling Blvd., San Lorenzo • 510-276-6632 •
8                           January 24, 2010                                                                                                                                                            JOBS & CAREERS
 Domestics                 Employment                  Employment                Employment                Employment                   Employment                   Employment                   Employment                     Employment
  NANNY PT needed          ACCOUNTANT/BOOKKEEPER       APPLIANCE REPAIR         Auto-Internet Mgr.        COMPUTER                    CO M P UTER /IT: Soft-        COMPUTER SYSTEMS             DESIGNER                      ENGINEER
Los Gatos. Must have
  car. Email resume            Cash in on your
                                                       PROFESSIONALS JOB
                                                         FAIR. Sears hiring
                                                                                 Jeep, Hyundai is
                                                                                                           Hewlett-Packard             ware Engineers
                                                                                                           Company has an op- Sunnyvale, CA area.
                                                                                                                                                              in       ANALYST position
                                                                                                                                                                     available in Antioch,
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Apple is looking for
                                                                                                                                                                                                  qualified individuals            Applications Engineer
                              accounting skills!      Earn $30-60/hr pro -
                                                            experienced          looking for someone       portunity for the fol- Debug new/existing                 CA. MS in Computer           for              following needed                      by
                                                          appliance repair       Exp. & Energetic! Fax     lowing position         in software & provide              Science or related          40/hr/wk          position.   STMicroelectronics
                            viding bookkeeping,
                            accounting, and tax
                                                        technicians in your      Resume 209-820-1895       Cupertino, CA               solution & alterna -          field; OR BS in Com -        To apply, mail your in Santa Clara, CA, to
                             services. Freelance
                                                         area. Sears Retail      & apply online                                        tion as appropriate.             puter Science or          resume to 1 Infinite provide internation -
 Home Health Care          work; determine your
                                                       Store. Eastridge Mall           Technical Solutions         Modify & test soft-              related field & 5
                                                                                                                                                                     years of progressive
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Loop 84-REL, Attn: al and domestic sup-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                port and interface
                                                          2180 Tully Road                                  Consultant.-Reqs.           ware        code.Work                                      AEC          Staffing-SB,
                           own hours and client
                           load. Must work well
                                                        San Jose, CA 95122      AUTO                       exp w/troubleshtng          with such tools as           experience required.          Cupertino, CA 95014 for multimedia prod-
 CAREGIVERS                 with people, have a
                                                      1/28/09 10:00–3:00pm
                                                       Look for the Techni -
                                                                                       Tire/Service        tech issues: Comp. MS Visual C++, MS
                                                                                                           netwkng skills, Oper. Visual               Modeler,
                                                                                                                                                                        Send resume to:
                                                                                                                                                                          INJ Software
                                                                                                                                                                                                  with Req # and copy ucts. Requires Bach-
                                                                                                                                                                                                  of ad. Job site & in- elors               or      foreign
     Needed ASAP
                              “can-do” attitude,
                              and be teachable.
                                                       cian Hiring Table. Up        Salespeople & Asst.    Systems (Windows,           MS.Net, MS Spy++,              Solutions LLC. (Ref.        terview,       Cupertino,     equivalent in Elec-
                                                        to $1500 hiring bo -                               Unix       or      Linux) MS MFC-ATL trace                   Code: SSA), 2400          CA. Principals only. tronics Engineering
                              Complete training
                                 is available.
                                                       nus for experienced           Manager needed        knwldg; Skilled in C, tool,          &Dependency          Sycamore Dr., Suite          EOE.                          or Electrical
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                neering, or will ac-
 CAREGIVER: Sunny -                                     eligible hires. Sears   Fax resume to 408-         C++ or Java Pro- Walker. Send res. to:                    6, Antioch, CA 94509.
vale Care Hm for Eld - FREE 3-HR SEMINAR                 is an EEO/AA Em -      226-0184. Bnfts/bonus      gramming; detailed          Future Dial, Inc. 340                                       Industrial Designer          cept             Bachelors
                              Sat, Jan 30, 9am –
erly, Live-in, FT/PT, 2
                                                       ployer & supports a      undrstdg of the In- Potrero Ave. Sunny -                 COMPUTER SYSTEMS              [Req# 4866122]. De- equivalent based on
yrs exp. 408-368-1598                                 drug-free workplace.                                 ternet & HTTP web vale, CA 94085                            ANALYST position           velop award winning           a combination of ed-
                                Concord Hilton
                           To register or for info:
                                                       Work Safe Live Safe.     Business-Senior Busi-      tchnlgs:       weblogic,                                  available in Antioch,        creative design di- ucation,                     training
 !CNAs with exp to
                                                               Be Safe.         ness     Development       Tomcat, Websphere; COMPUTER                    Pro-       CA. BS in Computer           rections from con- and/or                   experience
 assist 30yr old M in       or call (800) 899-1980                              Analyst.   Resume to       wrkng knwldg of da- grammer/Program-                       Science or related          cept      through      pro- as determined by a
                                                                                                           tabase: Oracle. Also mer Analyst (Multi -                   field & 2 years of         duction implementa -          qualified evaluation
 whl. chr at home &          Use ad code: 3370            APPLICATIONS          Attn: HR; Plug & Play,
  day college prog.,          UAC-30 years and        Danisco US Inc., Palo     LLC.; 440 N. Wolfe Rd.     reqs: Bachelors de- ple Openings)                De-     experience required.          tion. Requires Bach- service.                  Following
 Wks+Sat. Excl Eng.                counting!              Alto, California.     Sunnyvale, CA 94085        gree in CS, EE, IT or fine, dvlp. bus. intel-                Send resume to:           elor’s degree, or for- Bachelors, requires 5
 Refs., car , must lift,                                 Support existing                                  rel field of study & 5 ligence & web appl.                     INJ Software            eign equivalent, in years of progressive
    reliable. 6 mos                                    applications within        CABINET MAKER            yrs exp in job of- conforming to open                      Solutions LLC. (Ref.        Industrial          Design experience             design -
      assignment.              CAREGIVER: Asst             the Industrial        & INSTALLER . Exp’d       fered or rel. occupa - standards. Proficien -                Code: SA), 2400           and 6 months exp. in ing, developing and
                                                                                                           tion.    Send resume cy in Object oriented                Sycamore Dr., Suite          job offered including         validating multime -
   Joe 408-244-4359        Elderly w/disabilities,      Markets Business         wanted for custom
                             cln rms., prep mls,      Group & develop new       cabinet shop. Mid to       and         refer       to languages like Java,           6, Antioch, CA 94509.        product design; cre- dia              software        and
                             hygiene. Fax res to      applications. Provide     High level skill req’d.    Job#CUPSAG2.                C# & in Bus. Intelli-                                      ating and manipulat - hardware codecs for
                                                                                                                                       gence      tools     like    C O M P U T E R - TIBCO       ing 3D surfaces with ARM-based applica -
    Jobs & Careers               Capitol Villa          bioanalytical and         Grt work environ -                                                                 Software      Inc.   has
                                (408) 929-2232        engineering support          ment. Employee          Please       send      re- Informatica, Bus. Ob-                                       focus on design de- tions in embedded                                                                                 sumes with job num- jects, Oracle ware-                   the following job op-        tails;     2D/3D       CAD Linux OS. To apply,
                                 San Jose, CA             for customers.        health bnfts & 401K.                                                                 portunities available
                                                        Bachelor’s degree         Herb 925-313-5830        ber      to     Hewlett-    house      builder      is                                 tools; industrial de- mail resume to Ted
ENGINEERING                                                                                                Packard       Company,      much preferred. De-           in Palo Alto, CA: Sr.        sign and engineering          D a n i e l s ,
                                                         in Biochemistry,                                                                                            Consultant           (job
                                                            Biochemical          CAREGIVER: 3 mos.         19483        Pruneridge     sign, dvlp, test, de-                                      principals;         driving STMicroelectronics,
Apple is looking for qualified individuals for                                                             Ave.,       MS       4206, bug      &   implement         code: L1, location al-       mechanical, tooling, 2525 Augustine Dr.,
                                                      Engineering, Chemi -         exp & H.S. Send                                                                   so includes various
following 40/hr/wk positions. To apply, mail           cal Engineering, or       ad/resume to Prin -       Cupertino, CA 95014.        bus. intelligence, da-                                     electrical, and ther- Santa                Clara,      CA
your resume to 1 Infinite Loop 84-REL, Attn:                                                               No      phone        calls tabases (Oracle or             unanticipated          US    mal issues to imple- 95054. Refer to Job
                                                       Biotechnology plus       cess Lodge, Attn: J.C.,                                                              sites); Sr. Database
AEC Staffing, Cupertino, CA 95014 with Req #          relevant experience.      552 W. Hacienda Ave,       please. Must be le- MS SQL Server) driv-                                               ment design intent; #346-N
and copy of ad.      Job site     & interview,                                                             gally authorized to en solutions & cus-                   Analyst (job code:           mechanical          design E N G I N E E R ASIC De-
                                                      Send resume indicat -      Campbell, CA 95008                                                                  L2); Assoc. Member
Cupertino, CA. Principals only. EOE.                      ing job number                                   work      in   the    U.S. tomize      functionally                                    principals;        compo - sign Engineer.            Per-
                                                                              Collection position.         without         sponsor - familiar sol. for end-          of   Technical      Staff    nent design; plastic form ASIC verification
                                                       9091406 to Danisco,                                                                                           (job code: L3); Sr.
Software Engineer, System Configuration Ap-            925 Page Mill Road,    P.T. Growing Liver -         ship. EOE.                  users.     Dvlp.    user                                   injection mold tool & implementation us-
plications [Ref# 4866252/SB]. Develop and                                   more Freight Transp.                                       manuals & conduct             Support        Engineer      design;         designing ing industry standard
                                                       Palo Alto, California                                                                                         (job code: L4); Mem-
maintain software components in the Mac                   94304, Attn: HR.   co. Must have excel -        COMPUTER                     end-user       training                                    and creating func- tools. Requires Mas-
OS X operating system. Requires Master’s                                     lent communication,          Hewlett-Packard              sessions.       Provide       ber    of     Technical      tional models result- ter’s in electrical eng
degree, or foreign equivalent, in Computer                                  customer service and          Company has an op- appl. support, trou-                    Staff QA (job code           ing            in         a or related field & 3
Science, or related and 1 year experience in Auto-Fleet Mgr.                organizational skills.        portunity for the fol bleshooting, updates                 L5). Submit resume           m a n u f a c t u r a b l e yrs related exp. Will
job offered including Unix fundamentals;        TracyDodge,Chrysler              $18/hour with            ˆlowing position in & maint. for newly                     by mail to D. Dzapo,         product, prototypes, accept Ph.D. in lieu of
user interface design; and Cocoa, object ori- Jeep, Hyundai seeks            bonus potential. Fax         Cupertino, CA                dvlp. programs. Ex-           HR,    3307     Hillview     and mock-ups; Rhino 3 yrs exp. Must have
ented and network programming; Software         enthusiastic, talent-        resume 925-371-7036                                       tensive travel & relo-        Ave., Palo Alto, CA          3D and Alias 3D; con- following skill set (as
Design Patterns; BSD Sockets; C, Objective-C;   ed Fleet Mgr. w/ a                                        Technical      Solutions     cation, possible. MS          94304 and reference          sumer         electronics evidenced
HTTP protocol, HTTP proxy; Core Data; Core Proven Track Record COMPUTERS                                  Consultant.-Reqs.            CS/Engg/IT/IS or for-         job    code      stated                                                       through
                                                                                                                                                                                                  with a focus on ma- exp or graduate-level
Animation; Core Graphics; Mac OS X Kernel for our top-notch                 Senior Software Engi-         incl:          Weblogic,     eign equiv. Res. to           above.                       terials.       Interested coursework): Verilog,
Network Extension development; and tuning dealership. No exp                 neer position availa -       Websphere,         MSSQL,    AdoreSoft Corp. 3375                                       applicants            must VCS,              DC_SHELL,
text classification algorithm based on Latent nec., will train.
Semantic Mapping.                               Aggressive com pkg.
                                                                             ble in Newark, CA.
                                                                             Send resume with
                                                                                                          Oracle, IIS, Tomcat;
                                                                                                                                       Scott Blvd. #336, San-
                                                                                                                                 win- ta Clara, CA 95054                 Customer Service         submit a portfolio, Prime Time & Formal -
                                                                                                                                                                                                  resulting in a model ity. Must pass com-
                                                exc. bnft pkg. & 104k        Job # MB-1101 to: Si-        dows desktop & serv-                                        10-15 people. No            which evidences the pany’s technical re-
Test Engineer, RF Performance/iPhone [Ref# Ray or Nelson                     erra Wireless Ameri-         er Op Sys (NT, 2000, C O M P U T E R : S a a m a           exp. Will train. Ad -        required             skills. view. Send resumes
4866202/SB]. Provide test engineering sup-      209-820-1800                 ca, Inc., Attn: M.           2003); HTTP Tchnlgs; Technologies, Inc. in                 vancement opptys.            Please       enclose      a to K. Quach, Job Ref
port for GSM/GPRS/EDGE/WCDMA/HSDPA                                           Isaac, HR, 2200 Fara-        UNIX      admin:       Sun Campbell, CA seeking            avail. 408-263-7220.         s e l f - a d d r e s s e d 77, Marvell Semicon -
and other data communications systems.             PLUMBER or Drain          day Avenue, Suite            Solaris, HP/UX, Red Engagement Manag -                                                  stamped envelope if ductor,
Requires Bachelor’s degree, or foreign equiv-      Tech 408-472-6729         150,   Carlsbad,   CA        Hat Linux; Java, C, ers, Project Manag -                                                                                            Inc.     5488
                                                                                                                                                                    DENTIST                       you wish your port- Marvell Lane, Santa
alent, in Electronics and Communications            Fax 408-987-9901.        92008                        C++       programming; ers, Software Engi-                     PEDIATRIC                folio and model to Clara, CA 95054.
Engineering, or related and 5 professional                                                                Ntwrk             trouble- neers, Systems Ana-              DENTIST/ORTHO               be returned.
experience in job offered or as an ASIC Per-                                                              shooting; High avlblty lysts, Programmers &                 Brentwood office
formance Test Engineer. Professional expe-
rience must be post-baccalaureate and pro-                   Environmental Safety Specialist              envmts.
                                                                                                                        Also reqs: Programmer Analysts
                                                                                                                        degree     or at all levels. Employer
                                                                                                                                                                       Fax resume to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               E N G I N E E R , ASIC De-
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Dishwasher -3/week sign Engineer, Staff:
                                                                                                                                                                                                 in the afternoon. Ap- System & chip archi-
gressive in nature.     Also exp. with digital                                                            foreign equiv in CS, paid travel may be
                                                   Joslyn Sunbank Company, LLC part of the                CE or rel field of required.              Send     re-                                 ply in person at: Palo tecture design. Work
communication       theory;    WCDMA    (UMTS)                                                                                                                                                   Alto Commons 4075 El site: Mountain View,
standard             series;          standard       worldwide Danaher Corporation has an                 study. Send resume sumes                to     jobs@      DESIGN CHIEF: design
                                                                immediate opening.                        and         refer        to                                                  Camino Way Palo Al- CA.                 Resumes         to:
telecommunications and mobile phone test-                                                                                                                              & develop 2D/3D           to CA 94306                    QLogic Corp., 26650
ing equipment such as network analyzers &                                                                 Job#CUPUKE2.                                               models for cosmetic                                        Aliso      Viejo     Pkwy,
simulators, CMU200/Agilent A8960, MIMO,           Minimum of 5 years experience in Federal,                                           COMPUTER                        stores. Red’d: MA
                                                 State and local environment regulations in                                                                                                                                     Aliso Viejo, CA 92656.
Digital/Wireless Communication Systems, C,                                                                Please send resumes Selectica Inc. is the                 in Fine Arts or BA + 5       DRIVER                         Attn:      Janice      Gill-
                                                 a manufacturing facility required. Working
Perl, and shell scripting.
                                                          knowledge of hazardous waste
                                                                                                          with job number to
                                                                                                                                                                    yrs of prog. exp. Mail
                                                                                                                                                                     resume at The Face
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Owner Operators Needed Now     Hester/ HR
Manager, iPhone Software Project Manage -               management practices with prior                   Company,             19483 solution provider co.            Shop LLC. 3561 El           To Service Local and
                                                     experience in providing environmental                                                                                                         Regional Accounts.          ENGINEER:
ment Team [Ref# 4866322/SB]. Manage a                                                                     Pruneridge Ave., MS with offices in San                     Camino Real #95                                           BlackArrow            has
team of software engineering project man-              compliance services, permitting and                4206, Cupertino, CA Jose and San Fran-                    Santa Clara, CA 95051          Start the New Year
                                                  remediation activities in hazardous waste                                                                                                            off Right with           openings         for Soft.
agers responsible for software deliverables                                                               95014. No phone calls cisco, CA. Selectica                 Attn: Ms Jung, Pres.                                       Engrs. in San Jose,
for the iPhone program. Requires Master’s
degree, or foreign equivalent, in Computer
                                                     management. Must have the ability to
                                                  build on/modify existing safety programs
                                                                                                          please.      Must be le- Inc. is looking for an
                                                                                                          gally authorized         to engr. w/ the right            ENGINEERING
                                                                                                                                                                                                           ROADLINK             CA. Plan, develop &
                                                     and lead investigations. Demonstrated                                                                                                            Transportation            test      comp.        pro-
Science or related and 3 years prof. exp. in                                                              work in the U.S. with- bkgrd           for    JAVA&       Apple is looking for                  Solutions             grams; Analyze user
job offered or as a Project Manager or Soft- people project coordination required. Ideal                  out         sponsorship.     internet-based      S/W       qualified individuals          A People Company            reqs; Write codes,
ware Engineering Manager, including C++             candidate will have strong interpersonal              EOE.                         dev. SJ office:               for         following
                                                  and organizational skills. BA in Industrial                                                                                                        in the Intermodal          test systems, install
and assembly; computer hardware and CPU                                                                                               Software Engineer              40/hr/wk     position.           Business. Green           test data. Req. MS/
architectures; software engineering project            Technology and Hazardous Material                  COMPUTER                    Systems Engineer               To apply, mail your
                                                        Management Certificate preferred.                                                                                                          Truck Incentive Paid         equiv. Mail resume
management; software development and                                                                      Hitachi Data Systems Sr. SW engineer                       resume to 1 Infinite          per Load! Fuel Cards         to: HR, 160 West San-
QA; presenting project status updates to se-                                                               has the following op-         (Principals only):          Loop 84-REL, Attn:             with discounts, Di -        ta Clara St. Ste 202
nior executives; software project manage -       We offer an excellent working environment                 portunities available            Selectica Inc.           AEC       Staffing-SB,
                                                  and compensation package. If you desire                                                                                                           rect Deposit, Plate         San Jose, CA 95113
ment planning tools; software bug tracking                                                                 in Santa Clara CA:          1740       Technology         Cupertino, CA 95014             Program & More!
tools;     presentation      tools;  managing        to join an organization moving toward                 Software Engineer / Drive, Suite 450, San                 with Req # and copy                                       ENGINEER, Customer
                                                        world-class performance submit a                                                                                                            CDL A, 1 Yr Exp Re -
vendor/customer relationships; and manag -                                                                 Programmer           Ana- Jose,       CA      95110.      of ad. Job site & in-            quired. TWIC Re -         Support sought by
ing and leading a software engineering                         resume/application to:                      lyst,    job     #    807.              terview,   Cupertino,                                      Satcon        Technology
                                                                                                                                                                                                   quired in Port Cities.
team.                                                                                                      Please apply online                                       CA. Principals only.              HazMat a Plus!           Corporation, a lead-
                                                          Joslyn Sunbank Company, LLC                      at or COMPUTERS: Sr. Soft-                    EOE.
Software Engineer. [Ref# 4866300/SB]. Sup-                      1740 Commerce Way
                                                              Paso Robles, CA. 93446
                                                                                                           send       resume       to ware Engineer, Moun-                                          Don’t Delay - Call Today!   ing provider of utility
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                scale         distributed
port qualification of the latest iPhone prod-
ucts. Requires Bachelor’s degree, or foreign                     Fax to 805-238-7289
                                                                                                  tain View, CA. Dvlp
                                                                                                           Must refer to job # LIMS,            Java     Based
                                                                                                                                                                    Mechanical Engineer
                                                                                                                                                                    [Req# 4334494]. Sup-
                                                                                                                                                                                                         1-877-775-7375         power solutions for
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                the renewable ener-
equivalent, in Computer Science and Engi-             E-Mail:                   and title above. EOE.      apps Resume: P. Leon          port development of                                         gy market, to lead
neering, or related and 5 years professional                          EOE/H/V                                                         Complete Genomics,            custom and stand-            ENGINEERS                      the customer inter-
experience in job offered or as a Systems En-                                                             COMPUTER                    Inc. 2071 Stierlin Ct,        ard connectors from          Staff Design           Engi- face including com-
gineer.    Professional experience must be             SENIOR PERFORMANCE & SOFTWARE                                                  #100, Mountain View,          concept to produc -           neers, Santa Clara munications, quotes,
post-baccalaureate and progressive in na-         ENGINEER Hobsons, Inc. has an opening in                Intuit Inc. financial CA 94043                            tion. Requires Mas-           CA. Dvlp RTL desgns and schedules locat-
ture.     Also req. exp. with C/C++, TCL,          Oakland, California, for a Senior Perform -             software co. has the                                     ter’s degree, or for-         in verilog for DFE/ ed in Fremont, CA of-
automating 3rd party Access Points, 802.11 ance and Software Engineer.Design, develop,                     following job oppor- Computers                           eign equivalent, in           C D R / o f f s e t           fice.      Requires        a
and WPA2 enterprise, TCP/IP, OS X, Windows test, and support phases of our products, us -                  tunities       available Technology          Associ -    Mechanical        Engi-       calibratn/PLL tuning.         Bachelor’s degree or
and Unix, SQA methodologies & practices, ing the Microsoft .NET framework and C# to                        (various           levels ate (Menlo Park, CA)           neering or related            Prfrm front-end for equivalent in Electri -
developing an automated test framework,          construct web-based applications and sup -                /types) in Mountain Analyze companies &                  and 1 year exp. in-           functnl sim w/VCS/            cal Engineering or
testing mobile platforms, and automating         port services for Windows servers. Design                 View, CA: Software assist in dvlpmt of                   cluding       injection       NCverilog/synthsis/ related field and ex-
WiFi testing.                                   web tests, load tests, and interpret perform -             Engineers        (SWE1); bus. strategies. Work           molded plastic and            Forml verificatn          & perience in electrical
                                                ance results data. Analyze codes and make                  QA/Quality          Engi- w/ mgmt teams of               sheet metal part de-          test insert w/Mentor          engineering. Up to
Software Engineer [Ref# 4824236/LJ]. Evalu- optimizations and suggestions. Design, de -                    neers (QAE1); Data- portfolio           companies        sign; FEA, GD&T, 3D           Fastscan,        back-end     25% travel may be
ate project plans and proposals to access velop and test software codes.Must possess                       base Administrators to establish strategic               CAD including pro/E           placemnt/routng,              required. If qualified,
feasibility issues. Meet with managers, ven-     at least a master’s degree or its equivalent              (DBA1);         Systems agendas & operating              and Solidworks; De-           anlyze static timng, email                resume       to:
dors and others to solicit cooperation and        in Computer Science or a related field and               Support Svcs. Mgrs plans. Reqs Bach deg                  sign For Manufactur -         verify back-annotatd
resolve problems.      Provide documentation    five years of work experience as a Software                (SSM1). Mail resume in Comp Sci., Elec-                  ing; design and doc-          design/mixd-sig
for proposed technical solutions and archi-          Developer/Engineer. Must possess five                 to P.O. Box 40786, tronic Engg, or relat-                umentation meeting            sims w/Nanosim & ENGINEER
tectures. Requires Bachelor’s degree, or for-      years of C# development using Microsoft                 Tucson, AZ, 85717- ed field, + at least 1                government and in-            Hspice              analog Maxim              Integrated
eign equivalent, in Computer Science, Com- .NET; five years of T-SQL experience using ei -                 0786, Attn: HR, C. yr exp. in job offd or                dustry    regulations         interfce, chip debug Products is seeking
puter Engineering, or related, and 7 years         ther Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle Data -              Laituri. Must refer- as Mgmt Consultant.                 and    requirements;          & validate w/logic            a Member of Techni -
professional experience in job offered or in a base Server and three years of Web applica -                ence job title and job Exp. must be in Tech-             consumer electron -           a n l y z e r / d i g         cal Staff (Design En-
related position, and web technologies such      tion development using ASP.NET 2.0. Must                  code (e.g., SWE1) to nology Sector. Mgmt                 ics design meeting            osciloscp         /     low gineer) for our Sun-
as Java, J2EE (EJBs, servlets, JSP, Struts) Ap- also possess advanced understanding of ob -                be considered. EOE. Consulting exp. must                 cross-functional     re-      phase noise analog nyvale, CA location.
plication Servers, Content Management Sys-       ject oriented programming; JavaScript and                   be w/ top tier mgmt           quirements;        con-       sig     source/gnrator.       Please submit your
tems, AJAX, JavaScript and XML technolo -        jQuery; web server farm environments and                                             consulting firm. Mail         sumer      electronics        Req’s MS in EE & 2 resume                   online     at
gies; Single-SignOn implementations in web         load balancing; load testing web applica -              MACHINIST                  cover & resume to             design   cycle from           yrs exp in above du- w w w . m a x i m -
applications; leading software development tions; analyzing SQL statements; and source                       CNC Lathe. Min 5         Brooke      Gies,    Cap-     concept to manufac -          ties. Reply to HR, i c . c o m / c o m p a n y /
teams; UNIX environment and UNIX script- control systems. Any suitable combination                            yrs. exp running        stone Consulting LLC,         turing; driving multi-        FutureWei Technolo - careers/jobs. Select
ing; publishing and consuming web services; of education, experience and training would                      Okuma Cadet. Fax         9 W. 57th St., Ste.           ple suppliers;      and       gies 1700 Alma Dr. Advanced                       Search
web analytics; and integrating search engine be acceptable. Forward resume to Gina Sorg,                   resume 408.988.2375        4160, New York, NY            assembly          lines       Ste 500 Plano Tx and enter 639 on the
in web applications.                                50-E Business Way, Cincinnati, OH 45241.                                          10019.                        troubleshooting.              75075                         Job Code line. EOE
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 Employment                   Employment                    Employment                  Employment                   Employment                    Employment                    Employment                    Employment                 Employment
ENGINEER- Design En- E N G I N E E R I N G Cy-             ENGINEERING                ENGINEER                           ENGINEER: Senior            FINANCE                   LEGAL A S S I S T A N T :
 gineer: AnaCom, Inc. press                                                           National        Semicon -                                                                                                NEWSPAPER HOME            SALES
                                         Semiconduc -                                                                     Quality Engineer                                      San Jose Immigra -                DELIVERY
 in San Jose, CA. De- tor
 sign, develop, and leading provider of
 upgrade field trans- high-perform ance,
                                          Corporation,     Some of the tiniest
                                                            products require the
                                                            biggest     thinking...
                                                                                       ductor      Corporation
                                                                                       has openings for the
                                                                                       following      positions
                                                                                                                         (Boston Scientific
                                                                                                                      Corp.; San Jose, CA)
                                                                                                                      Provide Quality Eng.
                                                                                                                                                                                tion Law Firm has an
                                                                                                                                                                                opening for PT/FT le-
                                                                                                                                                                                gal assistant. Need
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Be Your Own Boss
 mission equipments.
 Bachelor & experi- grammable
 ence            required.
                             tions, has employ -
                                                            and that’s what we
                                                            at SanDisk do best.
                                                            This is where techni -
                                                                                       in Santa Clara, CA:
                                                                                       Staff Product Mar-
                                                                                       keting         Engineer-
                                                                                                                     support for Manufac -
                                                                                                                       turing, Manufactur -
                                                                                                                      ing Eng., Research &
                                                                                                                                                                                experience in non-
                                                                                                                                                                                immigrant (H-1, L-1,
                                                                                                                                                                                TN, B1/2 etc.) peti-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 INDEPENDENT             Quit making some-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          one else rich. It’s
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          time to pay your-
 Jobsite in San Jose, ment
 CA. Mail resume to in San Jose, CA for
                                        opportunities       cal brilliance comes
                                                            to advance our flash
                                                                                       Manages          product
                                                                                       marketing for sys-
                                                                                                                     Development, & Post
                                                                                                                       Market Compliance
                                                                                                                                                                                tions and immigrant
                                                                                                                                                                                (AOS, EAD, AP) appli-           DISTRIBUTORSHIP           self!
 James Tom at 682 Applications
 Hillcrest    Ter., Fre- neer (AE02): Assist
 mont, CA 94539 or customers with new
                                                  Engi-     memory        industry
                                                            leadership. We have
                                                            opportunities at our
                                                                                       tem solutions (e.g.
                                                                                       solar, audio, power,
                                                                                       etc.) throughout en-
                                                                                                                     of regulated medical
                                                                                                                       devices. Min. req’s:
                                                                                                                         M.S. in any eng . or
                                                                                                                                                     TOLL REVENUE AUDI- cations.
                                                                                                                                                      T O R :        Up     to sume        to
                                                                                                                                                      $77,578/BOQ - Posi-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   AVAILABLE             Due to recent oppor-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          tunities, East Bay
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Marketing      must
 email          resume@      embedded           designs     Milpitas, CA location      tire    product      life-        scientific field, +3         tion Closes 2/10/10.      or fax 408-995-5161.            Want to run your          grow. Come grow              (position         requires     for qualified & inter-     cycle including stra-        yrs. exp. Will also ac - Perform daily func-                                                 own business?            with us.          10%         international      ested individuals in       tegic and tactical ac-       cept Bach’s +5 yrs. of            tions related to toll                                                              Pay yourself what
                             travel); Failure Anal-         the following areas:       tivities such as prod-        prog. post-bacc. exp.            bridge revenue oper-     Machine Shop                        Independent            you’re worth.    We
  ENGINEER: e4e Busi -       ysis             Engineer                                 uct definition, pric-          Send resume: Jenni -            ations. Monitor daily in Gilroy hiring for all             Agents run their         need      managers
  ness Solutions, LLC        (FAE01):          Perform     ASIC    Design    Engi-     ing, promotion, and           fer Teis, Principal Re -         reconciliation      and         departments.              own business and          who can run, main-
 has openings in San-        failure analysis on            neers,    CAD    Engi-     key customer sup-            cruiter, Boston Scien -           audit of revenue for           CNC Lathe, Mill,           are responsible for       tain and motivate
   ta Clara, CA for Sr.      products         returned      neers, Design Engi-        port      (Job      Code           tific Corporation,          toll collectors for the    Manual Mill & Lathe             daily newspaper          crew    salespeople
 Software Engr. (ana-        by customers to de-            neers, Principal De-       7000107), Spice Mod-          47215 Lakeview Bou -             seven      Bay     Area       Fax 408-842-0246              distribution to         to generate sub-
lyze, design, dev / in -     termine root cause;            sign Engineer, Proc-       eling          Engineer-        levard, Fremont, CA            bridges. Evaluate &                                           subscribers.          scriptions for local
 tegrate software ap -       and Product Manag -            ess Integration Engi-      Responsible            for   94538. Ref.: MG 11873.            analyze      variances MANAGER                                                      newspapers.
 plications). Req. MS/       er (PM01): Responsi -          neer, Product Engi-        flicker noise charac -                                         for toll revenue. In- Apple is looking for               Agents recruit and
 foreign equiv. AND a        ble for driving de-            neer, Quality Engi-        terization,          test                                      terpret & prepare a qualified individuals                   develop their          No start up or fran-
                                                                                       structure       develop -    E N G I N E E R Software          variety of reports in- for
Computer Programm - sign wins and devel-                    neer, Reliability En-                                   Engineer.          Research,                                               following          independent             chise fees.   Your
   er (analyze info to       oping       business     in    gineer, Sr. Device En-     ment       for    flicker                                      cluding     daily    re- 40/hr/wk         position.        carrier force to         crew    size   and
                                                                                       noise, extraction of         dsgn & dev. computer              ports, daily collec - To apply, mail your
plan comp. specifica -       Cypress’s Consumer             gineers, Sr. Test De-                                   & wireless comm sys- tion                                                                   provide service to        sales commissions
  tions) Req. BS/ for -      and        Computation,        velopment Engineer,        flicker noise model                                                       summaries,     resume to 1 Infinite           the satisfaction of        are determined by
                                                                                       parameters             for   tems software & ap- weekly & monthly
eign equiv.+2yrs exp.        Data Communication             Staff Firmware Engi-                                    plications. Req mas- bridge statistics, & Loop 84-REL, Attn:                                the subscribers.          your own success.
Reply w/copy of ad &         or Memory Products             neers, System De-          SPICE, and validation                                                                    AEC          Staffing-LJ,                                 Managers       with
                                                                                       of flicker noise simu-       ter’s degree in Comp reconciliations.                 Un-
    salary req. to HR,       Divisions. If interest -       sign Engineers, Veri-                                   Sci, Comp Eng, or dertake other specif- Cupertino, CA 95014                                    Exceptional            small crews make
10720 Gilroy Rd., Hunt       ed, send your re-              fication Engineers         lations in the design                                                                    with Req # and copy                  leadership,          $65 per hour (net).
                                                                                       environment            for   Electrical Eng. Must ic assignments                     as of ad. Job site & in-
    Valley, MD 21031.        sume (must refer-                                                                      have          graduate-level                                                                organizational and        Managers       with
                                                                                       CMOS,      DMOS       and
                             ence job code) to:            We offer competitive
                                                                                       other devices (Job           coursework or exp in required.                              terview,      Cupertino,         customer service         large crews aver-
    ENGINEER: Hynix          Cypress         Semicon -     salaries and gener-                                      research & develop - Requires: Completion                   CA. Principals only.             skills are needed        age $160 per hour
Semiconductor Amer - ductor Corp, Attn:                    ous benefits, includ -      Code 7000201),         Sr.                                                               EOE.                              on a daily basis.       worked.
                                                                                       Reliability Engineer -       ment           of    wireless
 ica Inc. seeks Layout       AMMO, 198 Cham-               ing stock options. To
                                                                                       Authors and pres-            communication                                   in an ap-
                                                                                                                                               sys- of a BA/BSdiscipline.
  Engineer for its San       pion Court, M.S. 6.1,         apply online, visit:
                                                                                       ents       qualification     tems including Wire- propriate experience Commodity
                                                                                                                                                      2 years
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Spec         If you are a           No sales kits to buy,
Jose, CA office. Req’s       San Jose, CA 95134.                                          less LAN & Bluetooth,                                       Manager        [Req      #       self-motivated           no         gimmicks.
                                                                                       plan for new tech-
    BSEE, rel. field, or                                   careers, or fax re-
                                                                                       nology.           Works      networking,               Linux in; auditing, with re- 4823700].
                                                                                                                                                           fund accounting,                      Manage             hands-on              Take the "gamble"
equiv. and must have ENGINEERING,                  Mfg     sumes to (408) 801-                                      Socket, GUI Program - porting systems, au- the                         development          manager, you can          on        YOURSELF.
                                                           8632. Please indicate       closely with process                                                                                                      make $30,000-            Must    have    valid
5 yrs. exp. in DDR and       Applications         Engi-
                                                                                       and package tech-            ming, C, C++, Java, dit revenue collec - and implementation
high speed DRAM lay - neer (CIM, numerical                 applicable title on all                                  MS          Visual     Studio, tion, & financial re- of                procurement           $60,000 a year           driver’s license, in-
  out. Full chip layout      control machinery &           correspondence.             nology development                                                                       initiatives.     Perform              profit.             surance, clean re-
                                                                                       engineers to develop         gdb,          &    Windows.
  exp preferred. Send        optomechanical                An EOE
                                                                                       and define reliability       Must pass co’s tech port preparation, in- strategic price and                                                         cord    for    back-
   your resume refer -       components) & De-
                                                                                       FMEA       (Job     Code     review.           Send       re- terpretation of data contract
                                                                                                                                                      from     variance
                                                                                                                                                                                                negotia -
                                                                                                                                                                           re- tions. Requires MBA,
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Fax or email cover         ground check. And
encing job code HSA-         sign Engineer          (for   ENGINEERING: Sr. Re-                                     sumes to K. Quach,                                                                          letter and resume         a desire for SUC-
  111 to hrstaffing, or      optical/electronic            search Engineer for         7000243).      Apply via                                       ports.                    or foreign equiva -                     to:               CESS!
                                                                                       email to: talentscout        Job Ref 174, Marvell
  fax to 408-232-8115 .      c o m p o n e n t s ’         Los Altos, CA, work                                      Semiconductor,              Inc.                            lent, or related, and
 Only applicants with        HW/SW/FW, optical             loc. Conduct scientif -
                                                                                       cants     must     refer-    5488         Marvell      Lane, Interested        parties 2 years professional
                                                                                                                                                      must submit an MTC experience in job of-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  (925) 943-8179         Call    today    and
unrestricted US work         thin film filter anal,        ic     research/proto-                                   Santa Clara, CA 95054                                                                                                 leave a message.
 authorization will be       coating         simulatn,     typing of automotive        ence applicable job                                            application, & a cur- fered, or related oc-             Walnut Creek Area           (Serious   inquiries
  considered. We are         thermal           stability   applics on services &       codes in their sub-                                            rent    resume.     For cupation, or as a                       Call                only.)
                                                                                       missions.                        Engineers, RF: Pro-           more info & applica - Quality Engineer, or               William Buchholz
also seeking Field Ap- m e a s u re m e n t/ t e s t       mobile        platforms,
                                                                                                                       vide RF engineering
plication Engineers in       automation,          etc.).   perform        research,                                                                   tions go to our web a Documentation &                      (925) 952-5002           East Bay Marketing
                             Send        resume       to   analysis & develop. of                                     guidance for mobile             site                  at Design Controls En-            wbuchholz@bayare               (925) 778-2885
 Chicago(HSA-109) &                                                                   ENGINEER, Principal            telecommunications
  San Jose(HSA-108).         Optoplex Corp., 3374          Android       operating Apache Design Solu -                                      gineer, or combina -       
                             Gateway Blvd., Fre-           system; dvlp applics.                                         systems. Job site:           gov/jobs/. or call our tion of the above oc-
                                                                                       tions, Inc located in            San Jose, CA. Inter -         job hotline @ (510)
                             mont, CA 94538.               Req: Master’s deg (or San Jose, CA. Develop                                                                          cupations.        Profes-
ENGINEERING                                                                                                         ested candidates clip
Competitive salaries?
                                                           equiv.) in Comp. Sci.,       3D elctromagnetic
                                                           + 2 yrs exp. in job or solutions for power &               ad and send resume
                                                                                                                                                      817-5818.                 sional or academic
                                                                                                                                                                                knowledge of opera-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  PEST CONTROL TECH      SALES
   Check. Compelling                                                                                                      to: Job #4, NextG          FINANCE                    tions     management,         Must be exp. & have
  technology? Check.        moka5, Inc. currently          as s/ware engr. Fax signal integrity analy -                                                                                                        Branch II license.
                                                                                                                        Networks Inc., 2216
   LGS Innovations is
 currently looking for
                             has openings in our
                                  Redwood City,
unique, creative indi - California location for
                                                           resume to Deutsche
                                                           Telekom, Inc., Attn:
                                                           Kathy     Dallas   (650)
                                                                                         sis of IC package.
                                                                                       PhD in EE/CE. Send
                                                                                         resume to: JobID:
                                                                                                                       O’Toole Avenue, San
                                                                                                                             Jose, CA 95131
                                                                                                                                                                                chain management,
                                                                                                                                                                                operations planning,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Oakland Route.
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Top Pay, Benefits            Crew Managers
                                                                                                                                                                                production manage -           & 401K 800-244-1176
viduals to work at our       Software Engineers.           335-4101.                  APA5004. jobs_rd@                                                                                                                                    East bay’s largest
  Florham Park, NJ re -        Research, develop,                                               ENGINEER: Sr. Staff                                     ment, quality control                                          newspaper
 search labs. Current -        create, and modify
                                general computer
                                                              ENGINEERING: Sr.                                       SW Eng . Bach. in C.S.,
                                                                                                                         Eng. or rltd, 7 yrs.
                                                                                                                                                                                and      process
                                                                                                                                                                                provement for the
                                                                                                                                                                                                       im-         Police Dispatcher          group seeks
ly seeking milli-meter
wave RF scientists to applications software
                                                             Software Engr- Dev
                                                           enterprise class serv -   ENGINEER                             exp.; & exp. with                                     life cycle of products
                                                                                                                                                                                from concept phase
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  City of Martinez, CA     crew managers to
 create unique mmW           or specialized utility         er s/w in Java for se - Research        Engineers           L2TP RAS and ISDN                                                                       $4,309-$5,204/mo                supervise
                             programs. Apply on -                                     (Staff Device): De-               router, RADIUS and           TOLL REVENUE AUDI- to mass production                    w/xlnt. benfts. Recv
   systems and RFIC                                          curity event mgmt.                                                                       T O R :        Up     to and end of life; New                                          door-to-door
devices & mechanical          line at http://www.          Req. incl: Bach Deg CS     sign engineering re-                multicast router                                                                    & route emergency               sales crews.
                    (email                                      lated to programma -                 protocol. CV to:           $77,578/BOQ - Posi- Product              Sourcing;      calls   by    radio    &
   engineering talent                                         & Eng or rel + 5yrs                                                                     tion Closes 2/10/10.      Strategic Price and
     skilled in rapid            exp. Req exp building      ble logic solutions.              HR, RGB Networks,                                                                     phone. File by: 5pm         Be Your Own Boss.
                               Or mail resume to:                                     Job Site: Mt. View,                  390 W. Java Dr.,           Perform daily func- Contract              Negotia -     2/8/10. Request city
    prototyping, E&M                                       enterprise-class apps                                                                      tions related to toll tion;                                                         Be Your Own Direct.
FEM, Control Systems        475 Broadway Street,            in Java incl extreme      CA. Interested candi-          Sunnyvale, CA 94089.                                                   establishing      app & flyer: www.
                             2nd Floor, Redwood                                       dates send resume                                               bridge revenue oper- and developing stra-               city ofm,
   Photonics, FEA for                                         multi-threading &                                                                       ations. Monitor daily tegic sourcing strat-                                         Commissions start
 thermal/mechanical          City, California 94063         memory mgmt. work         to Job #113, Actel            ENGINEER Stratitude reconciliation                                                        925-372-3522, or 525               at
                                   indicating job                                     Corporation,         2061                                                           and egy and supplier re-            Henrietta St Mtz, CA EOE
/optical. Apply today
    Send a resume to
                                reference number
                                     15816. EOE.
                                                             site: Cupertino, CA
                                                               Mail resume to:
                                                             ArcSight, Inc. Attn:
                                                                                      Stierlin Court, Moun-
                                                                                      tain View, CA 94043.
                                                                                                                    Inc is hiring Software
                                                                                                                    Engineers. Some du- toll collectors for the cal background or
                                                                                                                    ties incl/not ltd to seven
                                                                                                                                                      audit of revenue for lationships;            techni -
                                                                                                                                                                                                              PROGRAMMER A NA-
        jderuggi@        ENGINEERING, NA of-
                                                              OK (GF), 5 Results
                                                             Way, Cupertino, CA      ENGINEER - San Jose,
                                                                                                                    design/develop soft- bridges. Evaluate & nology industry; and
                                                                                                                    ware            applications.     analyze
                                                                                                                                                                 Bay     Area experience in tech-
                                                                                                                                                                   variances    supplier        financial
                                                                                                                                                                                                              LYST: Multiple Open -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                ings. Assist in writ -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 per order.
   today! Candidates         fice of Taiwan-based               95014 No calls.       CA – Process Engi-            Send resumes to 2450 for toll revenue. In- analysis.                                         ing, analysis & re -
  must be able to ob -       semiconductor foun-                                                                    Peralta         Blvd.,     #222 terpret & prepare a                                        view of sftwr applic            Call for a
                                                                                      neer - Rprt to Devel-                                                                                                                                   confidential
tain a US Government         dry is seeking Cus-           SOFTWARE Engineer:         opment               Mgr,     Fremont, CA              94536. variety of reports in-                                      prog. Req. MS/ for -
  Security Clearance.        tomer Support Proj-                                                                    May be placed at cli- cluding                              MANAGER with 5+yrs              eign eqv in CS/Engg             interview:
                                                           Des, dev, & imple- respnsble               for    re-                                                  daily    re- exp. Phone Sales with
  Advanced degree in         ect Manager, Engi-            ment s/w programs          search      &    develop      ent sites nationwide.             ports, daily collec - 5+yrs exp. 7am start.             (any)/Math/Phys/rel
Electrical Engineering
  or Physics. EOE. LGS
Innovations. Your job
                             (for EMDFT & BISTR),
                                                           for    VoIP    customer
                                                           billing systems, using cal
                                                                                      structures & chemi -
                                                                                              properties      of
                                                                                                                                                      tion       summaries,
                                                                                                                                                      weekly & monthly
                                                                                                                                                                                 Competitive Salary,
                                                                                                                                                                                   Benefits. Gilroy.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  field. Req travel/
                                                                                                                                                                                                               reloc. Apply w/copy
                                                                                                                                                                                                                of ad, res & sal req
                                                           SQL Server 2005 & next generatn semi-                                                      bridge statistics, &         Email resume to
   search stops here.        (IT, DB, system &             MySQL;      understand     conductors used in                                              reconciliations.    Un-                                       to HR, SoftSol
                             ntwks) & Planning                                                                                 30 sales reps                                      Resources Inc, 48383
                                                           VoIP soft switch sys hard disk & MRAM                                                      dertake other specif-
ENGINEER,       Sr. Soft- Systems              Analyst.    & integrate CDRs for techs for thin film                            needed now!            ic assignments        as                                 Fremont Blvd, #116,
                             Send        resume       to                                                                                                                          MARKET Research                Fremont, CA 94538
 ware      Development,                                    billing     processing,    sputtering. Work w/                                             required.                Analysts: Detailed job
 Embedded Systems.           TSMC North Ameri-             using MySQL 5.0; dev customers to dvlp                       Must be 16 or over and                                                                                           Sales
                             ca,      2585    Junction                                                                        willing to earn                                        description at
 Mentor         Graphics,                                  s/w to detect & con- processes                      &                                     Requires: Completion               PROGRAMMERS               Don’t sell Cars, Sell
 San Jose, CA. Lead Ave., San Jose, CA                     trol fraud activities;     equipmnt for next                      money in sales.          of a BA/BS in an ap- Job Site: San Jose, CA.             ANALYSTS/ ORACLE              RV’s, If you have
 developer for devel- 95134.                               understand s/w for generatn hard disk &                                                    propriate discipline.        Job may involve             DBA CONSULTANTS:            sales exper & want
 opment,         architec -                                vertex taxing engine MRAM techs, focus-                             Commission             2 years experience                                           Detailed job            to make more mon -
                                                                                                                               opportunity.                                      working at various
 ture, porting, cus- NURSE                                 & integrate with our ing on PVD & RIE                                                      in; fund accounting,       unanticipated loca -             description at          ey we need you. The
 tomization & optimi -                                     billing sys dev billing- processes.         Provide                                        & auditing, with re- tions throughout the           customers want our
 zation of embedded                                        related & ad hoc re- MRAM                   process                Late afternoon,         porting systems, au-                                     Job Site: Sunnyvale;        prod, have few pla -
                                                                                                                              evening hours.                                     U.S. Please send re -
 software/systems                                          ports using SSRS & trblshooting                 sup-                                       dit revenue collec - sumes to TechForce,                 CA. Job may involve          ces to shop, don’t
 products & new cus-                                       integrate     with    our port.               Assist       Transportation provided         tion, & financial re-                                     working at various         have our prod cost,
                                                                                                                        if you live in Berkeley,                                    Inc. 2680 N First
 tom      solutions     for                                billing system.     Soft- installatn engnrs to                                             port preparation, in-       Street, Suite #130,             unanticipated           trade often, individl
 customers.          Reqs:     Are you an RN who           ware Developer: Des, qualify processes on                           Castro Valley,         terpretation of data                                    locations throughout          mentor, largest in -
                                                                                                                           Fremont, Hayward,                                      San Jose, CA 95134
 M.S. in EE, CompSci,              has wanted to           implement,      test,   & newly            installed                                       from     variance    re-                                 the U.S. Please send         ventory in No. CA,
 Math, or related field       advance to a Super -         sup s/w apps, incl. tools. Dvlp engnrng                          Newark, Oakland,          ports.                   SOFTWARE Engineers               resumes to North -        Graduating pay plan,
 & 3 yrs experience.          visor position? Well,        s/w algorithms, visu- processes for semi-                          Richmond, San                                    Software application           bound LLC, 1298 Kifer         volume bonuses,
 Extensive travel re-          here is your oppor -        al    components,       & conductor equipmnt                          Leandro,            Interested       parties   design and develop -            Road, Suite # 503,          training systems.
 quired (approx. 6-12         tunity! We are seek -        user interaction as- &               tech,       incl              San Lorenzo or          must submit an MTC ment. Job Site: Santa                 Sunnyvale, CA 94086          Please view us at
 weeks/year) to Rus-           ing a dynamic indi -        pects,             using equipmnt for next                            Union City.          application, & a cur- Clara, CA. Applicants                               
 sia and to various          vidual with excellent         ActionScript,       Flex, generatn hard disk &                                             rent    resume.     For      clip ad and send                                           Send Resume:
 customer sites lo-               communication            Java,    JavaScript,    & MRAM techs. Create                  MAKE FULL TIME $$$
                                                                                                                           WORK PART TIME !!
                                                                                                                                                      more info & applica -      resume to: Job #41,             Sales Asst.                    Tenney @
 cated       throughout           skills to join our       Web Services tech- new materials proc-                                                     tions go to our web         Mimosa Systems,              Highly motivated.
 the US. If offered em-            team of Home            nologies; use RDBMS        ess developmnt. Min                                             site                  at 3200 Coronado Drive,               Self-starter.
 ployment, must pro-             Health Professio -        (incl. MySQL & Ora- Req: MS in Physics,                         Leave message for Santa Clara, CA 95054                  No exp. needed.
 vide proof of unre-            nals. If you have at       cle) to dev data mod- Elec Engnrng, or Ma-                    interview. State town        gov/jobs/. or call our                                    Fax 650-369-8382         TECHNICAL- Trade
 stricted employment          least one year home          els & perform back- terials Sci w/knwldg                      in which you live and        job hotline @ (510)                                  Beam, Inc. seeks a
 authorization. Prefer        care and superviso -         end operations; ana- of Thin Film Sputter -                  best time to reach you.       817-5818.                                                                          Technical Lead.     Job
 resume        submitted       ry experience, with         lyze, dev, & modify ing gained thu either                                                                                                                                     site: San Mateo, CA.
 electronically          to   knowledge of COP’s,          existing s/w by im- coursewrk,              training      For a Great Opportunity     SALES                                                                                   Req.’s MS in Electri -
                                                                                                                               CALL                                                                                    SALES           then this may be the          plementing Flex best or           exp.     Qualified                                   LEADS LEADS LEADS                                             With good organi -       cal Eng., Computer
 bs. Can also submit           job for you. Interim        practices     &    using applicnts send res                     510-869-3821           Seeking exp. siding,                                                                   Science,    or related
                                                                                                                                                                                                                zational, detailed,
 via mail to: Melecia             HealthCare is a          ActionScript        com- by       mail     only    to                                   textured coating &                                              follow-up and         field + 3 yrs exp. Mail
 Niles, Mentor Graph -       nurse driven, quality         mand patterns. Sub- Yoshiko Gray, Canon                                                window sales reps.                                              customer skills.       resume to S.Owen,
 ics,       8005       SW      based, home health          mit resume to 8x8, Anelva               Corp,    Job                                  Run leads & generate                                             Window/ door/          Two Waters Park Dr.,
 Boeckman               Rd,   agency. Please send          Inc., Santa Clara, CA, Code:            7919-P2913,          Jobs & Careers               your own leads.                                             fireplace co. Fax       Ste 100, San Mateo,
 Wilsonville OR 97070.               resumes to            at          or  3300 North First St,      Earn $150-$200K.                                             res. 408-379-1471       CA 94403. Use job
 REF# 50240380E               408-654-3318               San Jose, CA 95134                                         Call Rich 800-654-2208                                                                  code: TL001.
JOBS & CAREERS                                                                                                                                    January 24, 2010         11
 Employment                    Employment                    Employment                   Employment
SALES, FIELD Leading SO FT W A RE Sr. Tools
      Manufacturer of         Automation         Devel-                                   WAREHOUSE
     Fluid Automation         opment          Manager     VOLUNTEER
     Products seeking
outside sales person.
                              based        in    Santa KNOW           HOW
                              Clara, CA. Lead team W O R K seeks volun-
   Must be degreed in
  cal Engineering with
                              of software dev en- teers age 55+ to
Mechanical or Electri - gineers responsible
                              for     networking
                                                          teach Business Math
                                                       & and English courses
      5yrs fluid power        software         product    to      job      trainees.      The Bay Area News
     experience. Good         dev.       Position req Teachers            are also         Group-East Bay is
      selling skills. LA      Bachelor’s       deg    in needed                     for    currently seeking a
  Cnty/Inland Empire.         Comp Sci, Software          mentoring and train-             part    time     Ware-
  Exlnt benefits pack -       Eng or related tech ing at area nonprofit                    house Coordinator
age. Send resume to:          field & 5 yrs progres - agencies.                            for our Richmond
     Rochelle.Royster         sive post-bac exp in BAY AREA LEGAL AID-                     distribution center.           software prod dev. 2 Help us provide free                    The successful can-
    or fax 714 937-1390.      yrs exp must incl legal assistance to                        didates will be cus-
                              networking & man- limited                       English      tomer focused, en-
Software E n g i n e e r .    aging a software dev speakers with inter-                    ergetic, detail ori-
  Design, develop, test team. Exp must incl preter and/or trans-                           ented with the abil-
  & implement diag- utilizing networking                  lation      assistance.          ity to prioritize and
  nostics software in protocols               C,  Perl; Fluency needed in
  embedded sys. envi- Java, web develop - Spanish, Cantonese,
  ronment. Req Mas- ment
  ter’s in electrical eng unit test design & Vietnamese.
  or related tech field frameworks,
                                        technologies,     Mandarin,
                                                   SSL CONTRA
                                                                                           work with dead-
                                                                                           lines. Prior custom -
                                                                                           er service experi-
                                                                                           ence      and     good
                                                                                                                         Northern California’s THE Employment Paper
                                                                                           math      skills   are
  & 1 yr exp perform - protocols, & network               COUNTY          LIBRARIES        needed.
  ing hardware bring simulators.                  Must need greeters and
  up, characterization,       pass co’s technical         book       menders         at   Duties include help-
  verification,      device review.         Send     re- many library loca-                ing to ensure all
  driver       regression     sumes to: V. Bixler, tions.              Training is         newspapers, carri-
  tests & diagnostic          Job Reference #105, provided and hours                       er mail and critical
  software dev. in em- Citrix Systems, Inc., are flexible.                                 information is dis-
  bedded systems en- 6500 Hollister Ave, TOOLWORKS,                               INC.     tributed to inde-
  vironment.           Must Goleta, CA 93117.             works to promote in-             pendent     carriers
  have following skill                                    dependence, equali -             by distributing dai-
  set (evidenced          by   SUPPORT SERVICES           ty, and personal sat-            ly reports, prepar -
  graduate             level         SUPERVISOR           isfaction for people             ing the daily mani-
  coursework or exp.):         CITY OF PLEASANT           with        disabilities.        fest for each publi-
  CPU architecture, in-                  HILL             Volunteers are need-             cation,    assisting
  struction set & mem-          $5,361-$6,922/Mo.         ed to share special              with verification of
  ory     hierarchy,     as-                              skills and hobbies.              truck loads, num-
  sembly, C/C++, I2C,         The City of Pleasant       VOLUNTEERS                for     ber of carts, copies
  UART, SATA HDD &              Hill Police Depart -      INTER-AMERICAN                   per    bundle   and
  FLASH devices, FPGA ment is recruiting for              DEVELOPMENT              AS-     bundles per cart
  platform, logic ana-         a Support Services         SISTANCE             ship        and helping clear
  lyzer, & mixed signal Supervisor to work in             ocean containers fil-            the drop site/ ware-
  oscilloscope.        Must the Support Services          led     with      medical        house.
  pass co’s tech re- Division. The primary                supplies and medi-
  view. Send resumes function of this posi -              cal     equipment          to   This is a part time
  to K. Quach, Job Ref tion will be to assist             Central and South                position,      early
  350, Marvell Semi- in the day-to-day su -               America.             Ware-       mornings - 5 days
  conductor, Inc. 5488        pervision of records        house       and       office     per week, 11:00 pm
  Marvell Lane, Santa          management, com -          help needed now.                 - 5:00 am including
  Clara, CA 95054.               munications and             FOR THESE AND                 weekends and holi-
                                 property and evi -         OTHER VOLUNTEER                days.    Basic math
  SOFTWARE: Manag -            dence functions of         OPPORTUNITIES,                   and        computer
   ing Tech Architect -           the department.         CALL THE                         skills and the abili-
 Dev, create, custom -             Refer to job an -       VOLUNTEER CENTER                ty to lift up to 40
 ize & modify for CRM          nouncement for de -        OF THE EAST BAY                  lbs are required.
   & CEM to meet cus -       tails. Application and
      tomers’ specific         job announcement                (925) 472-5760               For consideration
 needs. Provides Sub -           may be obtained                (510) 232-0163               email resume to
 ject Matter Expertise        from the City Offices             (925) 778-0165             eastbayjobs@baya
  on completion of all        at 100 Gregory Lane,                               
     s/w deliverables.           Pleasant Hill, CA,      or visit our website at                    Fax
   Req. incl: Bach Deg         Pleasant Hill Police                   (925) 977-8444
   or equiv. CS, CIS, or          Dept., or may be                                                or call
  rel. + 5 yrs exp. incl.    downloaded from the                                              (925) 945-4756
     Java, Java Script,          City’s website at       VOLUNTEER
                                                          SENIOR          HELPLINE
       HTML, DHTML,
 Servlets, Java Server S E R V IC E S - Help se-
    Pages SQL Server.          Completed City ap -        niors age in their
 work site: Cupertino,       plication and resume         homes.        Become a
 CA & other U.S. loca -       must be received by         volunteer driver or a
tions. Mail resume to:          5:00 p.m., Monday,        phone       reassurance
  Chordiant Software,            February 8, 2010.        volunteer (bilingual
   Inc., Attn: HR, 20400         POSTMARKS NOT            especially needed).
   Steven Creek Blvd.,        ACCEPTED, RESUMES BONITA HOUSE, INC.
   #400, Cupertino, CA           NOT ACCEPTED IN          is a mental health
       95014. No calls.              LIEU OF CITY         residential           treat-
                                APPLICATION. EOE          ment       program         in
      SOFTWARE: Sr.                                       Berkeley.            Areas
    Consultant - Dev &       TECHNICIAN: CM Test          needing attention in-
                                                          clude; flower beds,               Jobs Careers & Eduction
create apps from leg -            Technician. PCBA
     acy to current re -         Functional Test &        raised          vegetable          is the Bay Area’s largest
lease. Req. incl: Bach          Debug Flying Probe        garden,           window
                                                          washing and clean-                    and most respected
Deg CS, CIS, Electron -          Tester Resume to
 ics & Comm Engg, or         ing.                               recruitment publication
  rel. + 5 yrs exp. Req.         Fax: 408-747-1239       KNOW         HOW         NET-
 exp w/TPSP incl IBM                                      WORK seeks volun-                   and Job Fair company.
    Websphere & BEA                                       teers age 55+ with              For over 24 years, we have
                             TRANSPORTATION               experience          writing
  Weblogic. work site:         Subhaulers w/3 axle
    Cupertino, CA Mail                                    grant proposals and             connected leading compa-
                               tractors wanted for        finding funding for
resume to: Chordiant           container work from                                            nies from all industries
   Software, Inc. Attn:                                   nonprofits.           Bring
                               the port of Oakland.       your        professional        with the area’s best talent.
     HR, 20400 Steven           Must be 100% port
  Creek Blvd, Ste. 400,                                   skills     and      experi-     We combine the most job
                                compliant. Contact        ence to a local non-
  Cupertino, CA 95014.          Mark 209-368-8815
           No calls.                                      profit     agency        and     listings with diverse, high
                               M-F, 9-3 Start immed       watch it grow!
                                                         MEALS ON WHEELS                    quality career opportuni-
  Design      analyze      & WELDERS NEEDED in            We need volunteer               ties to help you reach your
  dev system rqmts.            MIG & TIG Welding          drivers       who        are

                               Stainless Steel at a       available        once       a       recruitment objectives.
  40hrs/wk 2yrs exp
  BS grad Send CV: Sil-          food proc. equip.        week        between 11
  icon Valley ABA & manufacturing plant.                  a.m. - 1 p.m. for our
                                                                                              Every Sunday, Jobs
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                                                          tive supervision.
                                                             FOR THESE AND
                                                            OTHER VOLUNTEER      
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12                          January 24, 2010                                                        JOBS & CAREERS

      Earn your degree in as
      little as 18 months with
      help from our friendly staff
      and flexible schedules!
      •   Dental Assisting
      •   Medical Assisting
      •   Medical Insurance Billing & Coding
      •   Medical Office Administration
      •   Pharmacy Technology NEW!
      •   Accounting
      •   Business Administration
      •   Construction Management                           NEW!
      •   Office Skills (Certificate)
      •   Sales & Marketing
      •   Software Technologies
      • Criminal Justice
      • Paralegal

                                                                                                                                 Heald Student
      • Electronics Technology
      • Network Security
      • Network Systems Administration
      Program availability may vary by campus and quarter

     San Francisco • San Jose • Hayward • Concord
                                                                           Get in. Get out. Get ahead.       ®

                                                                           • Lifetime career services assistance for graduates
                                                                           • Financial aid for those who qualify
                                                                           • Day and evening classes


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