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                                                                                                                                 September 2007

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                                                                                      Did you know credit card fraud costs cardholders and the
                                                                                   issuing financial institutions hundreds of millions of dollars each
Home Equity Loans                                                                  year? While it’s not always possible to prevent credit card fraud
   Your home is an asset, but only if you use it like one. You can use a           from happening, becoming educated on the steps you can take to
                                                                                   prevent fraud can reduce your chances of becoming a victim.
home equity loan to consolidate debt, improve your home and pay college
                                                                                      Follow these important steps to keep your information safe:
tuition. And, of course, take that vacation you’ve been dreaming about.            • Sign the back of your credit and/or debit cards as soon as they
Welcome To Our Home Equity Promotion!                                                 arrive
• Get a $100 Visa Gift Card with a Home Equity                                     • Carry cards separately from your wallet - in a zippered
   Loan from TCCU!                                                                    compartment, a business card holder, or another small pouch
• Get a new car or truck                                                           • Keep a record of your account numbers, the phone number and
• Finance a remodeling project                                                        address of each company, and their expiration dates in a safe
• Pay education expenses                                                              place
• For a limited time only, get a $100 Visa Gift Card                               • Memorize your PIN - never write it on anything carried with or
                                                                                      near the card
   when you close on a Home Equity Loan! Consider
                                                                                   • Tear or shred receipts, bills, account statements, and other credit
   your possibilities.                                                                card offers before throwing them away
                                                                                   • Save receipts to compare with billing statements

May We See Your Id, Please?                                                        • Notify card companies in advance of a change in address
                                                                                   • Check your credit report regularly for any inaccuracies or unusual

For The Last Time
                                                                                      transactions Some things to avoid:
                                                                                   • Never lend your credit/debit/ATM card(s) to anyone
   You can’t be too careful when it comes to protecting your finances. That’s why   • Don’t leave cards or receipts lying around
we’re scanning your identification cards into our computer system. This way,        • Never sign a blank receipt - when you sign a receipt, draw a line
we’ll be able identify you when you come into our office. This benefits you in          through any blank spaces above the total
many ways. First, once we scan your ID card, we won’t need to ask for it again.    • Never give out your account number over the phone unless
Second, it helps prevent someone from pretending to be you and messing with           you’re making the call to a company you know is reputable
your accounts. Third…you won’t have to kick yourself when you forget your ID          If you lose your credit card(s) or if you realize they’ve been lost
at home anymore. It will make everything safer and more convenient. So bring       or stolen, please call us immediately at 712-755-3881. If it is after
in any government issued identification card. It only takes a minute…and it will    hours, please call (800) 682-6075.
save all of us time later.

Report Fraud
  If you become a victim of a fraud scam, contact us at TCCU.

Moving? Send us your new address or phone numbers
  Remember to tell us your new address or phone numbers – online, call or
visit our office in Harlan.
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 Opt Out - credit card solicitations                                             Check your financial health
   You can have your name removed for five years or                               Personal Money Management Quiz. Yes Or No Are You
 permanently from credit card solicitation mailings. Call                        YN       1. Balancing your checkbook                  YN     8. Taking out new loans
 Opt Out Prescreen at 1-888-567-8688 or go to their website                               with your statement of                              to pay off old ones, or                                                                 account each month?                                 extending loans in order to
                                                                                 YN       2. Putting money into an                            lower
                                                                                          emergency savings account                           monthly payments?
 Give the Gift You Know They’ll                                                  YN
                                                                                          and leaving it there?
                                                                                          3. Able to save for upcoming
                                                                                                                                       Y N 9. Using cash advances from
                                                                                                                                              one credit card to make
 Love!                                                                                    needs such as periodic
                                                                                          expenses and long-term
                                                                                                                                              payments on others?
                                                                                                                                       Y N 10. Receiving phone calls
   Gift shopping for family and friends isn’t always easy. Make sure to                   goals?                                              and notices from creditors?
 get them something they’ll really like and use. Give them an Gift Card.         YN       4.     Making       minimum                    The results
   New to Town and Country Credit Union, the VISA gift card is just like                  payments on your revolving                     Add up the number of yes’s
 cash and can be used almost anywhere VISA is accepted. Your friends
                                                                                          credit accounts (credit                      you have. Then see where you fall
 and family will be able to access the funds immediately.
                                                                                          cards)?                                      below with your score.
   The gift card allows them to shop online, wander through the mall, go
 out to dinner or catch the new movie premier. From coast to coast, they
                                                                                 YN       5. Postdating checks to give                   1, 2, & 3 –EXCELLENT, keep
 can get exactly what they want, when they want it.                                       yourself some extra float                     up the good work.
   Cards may be purchased from $25.00 to $750.00. You decide how                          time?                                          4 & 5 –Call Mr. G, our
 much money you want to load onto the card. Each card costs only $2.00.          YN         6. Unaware of how much                     Credit Counselor for preventive
 That’s less than the cost of gift wrap and a bow.                                        debt you owe and to                          counseling, 1-515-577-1799.
   The Visa Gift Cards are available at the teller line at the Credit Union.              whom?                                          6–10 –If you are experiencing
                                                                                 YN       7. Borrowing money from                      any of these situations, call
                                                                                          family or friends to pay for                 Mr. G, our credit counselor, 1-515-
 Credit Cards: Switch and Save                                                            regular household expenses                   577-1799.
    If you’re like most Americans, you probably use more than one credit
 card. Do you know what would happen if                                                   such as rent, food, and
 you went over the credit limit on one of your                                            clothes?
 cards, or if you made a late payment? If you
 got the card from a large national card issuer,
 chances are you’d be charged high penalty                                       Calculate Your Debt to Income Ratio
 fees, and you might find your interest rate                                         See below Debt To Income Ratio Calculation Worksheet.
 hiked to more than 30%.                                                            Evaluate Your Debt to Income Ratio
    Did your credit card come with tricks and traps? If so, shop carefully          Most lenders will tell you that a 36% or lower debt to income ratio is good.
 and switch to a better card—they’re not all created equal                       In reality, it’s difficult to apply a one-size-fits-all formula to everybody. Your
                                                                                 personal situation, such as number of dependents, unusual expenses, and
                                                                                 spending habits will affect how much debt you can reasonably handle, but as a
 If It Looks Too Good to be True...Recognizing and                               general guideline, let’s assume that anything over 36% would be uncomfortable
 Preventing Mail Fraud                                                           for the average person.
    Each year, thousands of consumers and business people fall prey to              Financial Health Barometer
 mail fraud schemes. They snare victims of all ages, from all walks of life.        If your debt to income ratio is: Less than 30%: Excellent! 30% to 36%:
 Unfortunately, if victims don’t recognize a scam until their life savings are   Good. You won’t have any problem with lenders, but work to bring it down
 in fraudsters’ hands, they rarely recover their money.                          below 30%. 36% to 40%: Borderline. Some lenders will still give you a loan
    Prevention is the key to eliminating mail fraud, and protection begins       but you may struggle to make your payments. 40% or higher: Red flag. Your
 with awareness of the latest scams.                                             credit situation requires attention.

 Go Direct Campaign Urges Boomers To Choose                                                 DEBT TO INCOME RATIO CALCULATION
 Direct Deposit                                                                                       MONTHLY DEBT PAYMENTS
    While there’s increasing evidence that baby boomers are becoming more         Monthly mortgage payment (include property taxes and insurance) or rent      $
 financially savvy, one of four boomers still gets paid with old-fashioned
 paper checks. Now there’s a campaign to change that. “Go Direct” is a            Monthly home equity line of credit or loan payment                           $
 national campaign with one key goal: Increasing direct deposit use among         Monthly car payments                                                         $
 existing Social Security recipients.
    With the anticipated surge in baby boomer retirements, the Treasury           Monthly revolving credit payments (furniture, appliance loans, etc.)         $
 Department--one of the partners spearheading Go Direct--just launched            Monthly student loan payments                                                $
 a yearlong pledge drive, “Countdown to Retirement,” to encourage
                                                                                  Monthly minimum credit card payments times two                               $
 boomers to choose direct deposit of paychecks now so they’ll be more
 likely to sign up for direct deposit once they start collecting their Social     Other monthly loan amounts                                                   $
 Security benefits in retirement.
                                                                                  Monthly child support payments                                               $
    The benefits of direct deposit are clear: Not only is it easier for
 consumers to use than paper checks, according to Treasury officials, it’s         TOTAL MONTHLY DEBT PAYMENTS                                                  $
 safer. Paper checks can be stolen and forged and have a higher incidence                                     MONTHLY INCOME
 of fraud.
    Direct deposit also saves money. Currently, about 20% of Social               Monthly net (take-home) pay                                                  $
 Security and Supplemental Security Income checks are issued in paper             Annual bonuses and overtime, divided by 12                                   $
 form (The Wall Street Journal Jan. 3). As 70 million boomers transition to
 retirement, the costs of processing millions of additional checks will surge     Other annual income, divided by 12                                           $
 unless those payments go the route of direct deposit. Each paper check           TOTAL MONTHLY INCOME                                                         $
 costs the government 80 cents more to process than does an electronic
 deposit.                                                                                                DEBT TO INCOME RATIO
    It’s easy to sign up. Visit or call 800-333-1795 for free        Total Monthly Debt Payments Divided by                                       %
 direct deposit of your government check.                                         Total Monthly Income = Debt to Income Ratio

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