Yuki Monogatari + Ice Breaking by wvz16198


									7 Days 5 Nights
Yuki Monogatari + Ice Breaking

Day    Breakfast            Lunches                    Dinners                                Hotel
 1         -                    -                         -                                   Flight
        Meal on                                Kaiseki Cuisine / Hotel    Akan Emerald Hotel or similar.
 2                     Own Arrangement
         Board                                         Buffet             www.hotelemerald.co.jp/top.html
                      Kamameshi Cuisine +
      International                           Deluxe Crab Welcome         Mombetsu Prince Hotel or similar.
 3                        Steamboat +
          Buffet                                   Combination            www.mombetsu-prince.com
      International    Traditional Japanese    Kaiseki Cuisine / Hotel    Sounkyo Grand Hotel or similar,
          Buffet               Cuisine                 Buffet             www.sounkaku.co.jp
                           Ishikari Nabe
      International                             Traditional Ramen +       Sapporo Ramada Hotel or similar,
 5                         Steamboat+
          Buffet                               Gyoza + JPN Fried Rice     www.ramada-sapporo.com
                          Hokke Cuisine
                       Grilled King Crab +
      International     Grilled Abalone +                                 Chitose Com’s Hotel or similar,
 6                                              Japanese BBQ Buffet
          Buffet        Scallop + Seafood                                 www.granvista.co.jp/urban/new-chitose-airport/
 7                       Meal on Board                    -                                     -
                         * All Above Menu Are Subject To Change Without Prior Notice.

Experience      : Ice Breaking Cruise / NATURAL ONSEN ~ LAKE AKAN, SOUNKYO …
Attraction      : National Park Daisetsuzan Mountain range / Otaru Canal
Enjoy           : Shopping at Tanukikoji / Susukino / Factory Outlet Mall
Taste           : 3 Types of the Crab / Gala Seafood – Grilled Abalone + Scallop + KingCrab

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    1      KLIA – JAPAN (NARITA / KANSAI)                        •       Drive through the snow forest; enjoy the un-usual
•       Assemble & meet our professional tour manager                    seen scenery , to arrive to Abashiri ~ the small town
        at KLIA                                                          at the sea of Okhotsk costal
•       Accompany by our TM, board a night flight to             •       Continue costal drive up to the MOMBETSU ~ the
        Japan ~ good rest ya!
                                                                         land of the winter floating ice!
                                                                 •       Today’s highlight: ICE-BREAKING CRUISE by the
           JAPAN – HOKKAIDO – LAKE AKAN                                  Garriko II! (Subject to weather and ice condition).
           NATURAL ONSEN + AINU VILLAGE                                  Hop aboard the ice-breaking sightseeing boat to
•       In the early morning, arrive to Japan’s airport ~1               witness the drift ice floats across the Sea of Okhotsk.
        of the busiest airport in this world                     •       Tonight, overnight at Mombetsu Prince Hotel where
•       Proceed to the domestic terminal for domestic                    you can enjoy the Deluxe Crab Meal in the hotel ~
                                                                         you may shocked by the crab meats served.
        flight to Northern region ~ scenic Hokkaido
•       Arrival at the land of nature ~ 1 forth of whole
                                                                            MOMBETSU – OKHOTSK TOWER –
        Japan side but so natural
                                                                     4      DAISETSUZAN SNOW MOUNTAIN RANGE
•       Lake Mashu ~ obscured by swirling mists and thick                   – SOUNKYO
        cloud and has the most transparent water in the          At Mombetsu, we will discover 2 more places which
        world.                                                   related to ice and winter!
•       Lake Kussharo ~ not 100% frozen lake in winter as        • Okhotsk Tower is a natural observation room. The
                                                                     situation in the sea is observable from a window. The
        this is the hot spring lake; well, During winter you
                                                                     mystery of drift ice and a marine organism can be
        will find no of natural birds are flying in to here to       touched.
        warm up such as gooses and sea gull .                    • Okhotsk Tokkari center – Seal Protection center,
•       Ryuosan ~ it’s a boiling volcano, where sulfurous            more than 30 seals in this center, which u can be
                                                                     seen in near.
        fumes rise from crevices in the rocks and it’s
                                                                 • Then we proceed to mountain range of the national
        legendary                                                    park area ; where
•       Akan National Park ~ mysterious lake where               • Mt. Kurodake - Sounkyo Ropeway. (Subject to
        Marimo weed balls grows famous fishing spot.                 Weather Condition).           The Sounkyo-Kurodake
•       Kotan, Ainu Village ~ there is plenty of souvenirs           Ropeway is a magnificent gondola ride that takes
        shops offering traditional handicrafts.                      passengers from the Sounkyo Village to the fifth
                                                                     stage of Mt. Kurodake.
           LAKE AKAN SNOW ACTIVITY – ABASHIRI                    • Sounkyo Gorge is flanked on both sides by 150m
    3                                                                high perpendicular cliffs with columnar joints. We will
                                                                     visit the famous 120 meter high Milky Way Waterfall
•       In the morning, before we check out from the hot             and 90-meter high Shooting Stars Waterfall. These
        spring resort; we spend some time for snow                   two waterfalls are the most popular and beautiful
        activities;                                                  among all the falls.
•        “Lce Land Akan”. The massive location, 26km in          • Tonight you can enjoy several of soaking pools and
        circumference, features winter activities such as            outdoors hot spring bath facilities in the hotel at
        Banana boat mobiling (the most popular!), and
                                                                 • From end January to mid march ~ The Sounkyo Ice
        ice fishing for wakasagi (pond smelt). (All activities
                                                                     Lighting festival will impress you (weather is below
        on own expenses). Later the fish can be fried at             15c)
        the little restaurant near by

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5                                                               6
      STREET OTARU – SAPPORO                                         – CTS
Let’s see what we have for today!                               •    Let’s have a brief visit to see the landmark of
                                                                     Japan ~ the shrine of the Emperor: Hokkaido
•    The highlight of today is the Snow Mobile excursion             Jingu, the representation of the highest belief of
     (own expense) … like the James Bond … Mobiling in               the Japanese; the structure and environment is
     the snow hill, of course you can enjoy the                      the best part of it.
     magnificent scenery along pretty gorges and                • Visit to the symbolized shrine in Hokkaido –
     ravines.                                                        Sapporo Shrine
OTARU;                                                          • Arrived into the Hokkaido capital city : SAPPORO
Originally named Otarunai ("River of Sands") from the                a 1.5million of inhabitant and American designed
native Ainu language, it was renamed Otaru when                 • Sapporo’s landmark – Hokkaido’s Former
development of Hokkaido started in Ernest. Located                   Government Building, and pass by the Clock
approximately 30 km west of Sapporo on the northern                  House
tip of Hokkaido's Shiribeshi district on the Sea of Japan
                                                                • Odori Park - Sapporo White Illumination, Sapporo
side, it is a harbor and port facility city. During the
                                                                     TV Tower, a park which can communicate with
development of Hokkaido, Otaru experienced a boom
                                                                     people in Sapporo.
as one of the only port facilities in this region and also as
                                                                TODAY REALLY HIGHLIGHT!
a herring fishing area. During this boom period many of
                                                                GALA Seafood lunch presented by Apple Vacations &
the places to visit were constructed. Now Otaru has
                                                                prepared by the chief of Hokkaido Kita Gourmet
approximately 146,297 people and was designated as a
                                                                Kitchen at the wet market area!
city on August 1st 1922.
                                                                Try hard, eat hard & think hard, how we can make it
                                                                for you: -
•    Otaru Canal ~ the most remarkable & beautiful spot
                                                                ⇒ Live Tarabagani big crab, is live grilled, not to
     for picture.
                                                                     mention the price for it!
•    Otaru Handicraft Street - Glass handicraft shop,
                                                                ⇒ Live abalone in Japanese butter grilled
     music box shop, museum, art gallery, the ice cream,
     the sushi…
                                                                ⇒ Grilled Salmon
•    Shop at area the Tanukikoji & its underground
                                                                ⇒ The crab meat soup and porridge
     shopping street - enjoy your shopping at more than         ⇒ Japnanese Sake
     150 boutiques, souvenirs, shops and the 100 yen            • Factory Outlet MALL – the latest shopping
     shop too! Well LV also here!                                    experience in Japan for branded bargain,
•    The Susukino nightlife entertainment area, is the               BEWARE as it will emptying your wallet!
     Sapporo’s famous nightspot for fun                         • Over night at Narita airport hotel

                                                                7    JAPAN (NARITA / KANSAI) – KLIA
                                                                After breakfast, proceed to airport for your departure
                                                                flight to Kuala Lumpur.
                                                                Sayonara to Japan with pleasant memories &

    Terms & Conditions:
       1. Flight details, itinerary, hotel and meals which stated on the itinerary above are subject to
           change according to different departure date without prior notice. Any changes after
           booking, will inform accordingly.
       2. The sequence of itinerary, meals and hotel arrangement are subject to the final adjustment
           of the local ground operator.
       3. Principally tour commentary will be conducted in Chinese speaking. However, others
           languages can be arrange on request basis.
       4. Triple room sharing will base on extra roll in bed basis.
       5. We strongly recommend you to purchase travel insurance before departure.
       6. To ensure the benefit of consumer, please refer to the standard terms & conditions at the
           back page of your invoice.
       7. Flow ice is a natural phenomenon:we are not encounter the possibility of the flow ice

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