Using GPS on iPhone 4G

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					Using GPS on iPhone 4G
                                     If you like on traveling frequently for business
                                     reason or pjust pleasure trip, this Smart phone
                                     device would be the best travel mate for you,
                                     since the Apple iPhone has a built-in GPS
                                     navigator which will guide you anywhere you
                                     want to go. With this iPhone GPS, you can
                                     track your position even your movement
                                     speed, Estimate Time Arrival, looking for point
                                     of interest and many others. The GPS has the
                                     maps of cities and directions that can be
                                     learned to the place where they wanted to go.
                                     However to apply this built-in GPS navigation,
                                     you should know the guidance usage. The
                                     following steps will take you on there. Just
follow the following steps :
   Get your iPhone and turn it on.
   Go to "Maps" which is on your home screen.
   When the maps screen pops up, click on the small circular button in the
   bottom left-side of the iPhone screen. This calculates out where exactly you
   are. It can take a little time to process.
   Once the iPhone GPS picks up where you are, a small circle will appear on
   the map radiating around where your location. To add a new location in order
   to get directions, tap "Directions" on the bottom of the screen, type in the new
   address, and press "Start". This will map out how to get there giving you turn-
   by-turn directions, miles, and time needed top get there.
   As you go towards your new location, the GPS will track your movements and
   tell you where exactly you are. If you would like to move the map around on
   your iPhone, use your finger to scroll the map.
   If you would like to find a specific destination - a restaurant for example -
   while out, hit the "Search" button on your iPhone, type in the restaurant name
or type, and it will display the closest restaurants to your current location
fitting the criteria you just entered. Mapping out locations on your iPhone is
not a new functionality but the GPS feature to calculate your current location
in respect to your desired destination is new to the iPhone.

Description: How to use an iPhone built-in GPS navigation, using TomTom or Garming navigator