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ENVIORNMENTAL BENEFITS                                                                           (HCFC) AIR
OF FOOD WASTE DISPOSERS                                                                         CONDITIONING
     Food waste disposers were invented nearly 80 years ago as a convenience for                REFRIGERANT
residential kitchens and cooks. Since then, they have become a standard appliance in U.S.
kitchens and more recently have found growing acceptance internationally for a perhaps           PHASE OUT
unexpected reason: concern about the environment.
     Everything municipalities normally do with food waste is environmentally problematic:
Stored inside buildings it generates ordors and bacteria; piled in bags on sidewalks it              There is a lot of confusion
attracts vermin; collected in trucks and shipped to distant landfills it decomposes and
                                                                                                about the upcoming transition
produces acidic leachate that can contaminate ground water as well as methane, a potent
greenhouse gas that is partly held to blame for global warming. And the trucks spew diesel      from the use of HCFC’s (R22
fumes as they travel back and forth to the landfills. Nothing about this process is cheap,      type) to HCFC (R410A) in newly
hygienic, environmentally friendly or substainable.                                             manufactured products. The
     Sending food sraps through a disposer is a more environmentally friendly alternative.      Montreal Protocol prohibits
The environmental advantages have been demonstrated consistently by third party studies         the use of HCFC’s in NEW
all over the globe, including in the United States, Australia, the Netherlands, Germany,        equipment manufactured after
Italy, Lebanon and Japan. Communities around the world have come to see food waste              January 1, 2010. There will
disposers as an effective contributor to a holistic waste management program. Here’s a          be no problem with existing
look at why.                                                                                    equipment with HCFC’s. There
Disposers help recycle waste:                                                                   is plenty of refrigerant around
     Food waste makes up about 20% of residential waste and even though it gets sent            (although the price is going
to landfills with other solid waste, it is mostly water – about 70% water and 30% solids.       up to due increased demand
That high water content is what contributes to acidic leachate that can contaminate             and reduced supply.) There
ground water. Food – like all once living things (dinosaurs included) also has a high           is no need to replace existing
carbon content. That’s why when it decomposes food waste produces green house gases,            AC equipment with the newer
primarily methane, which is at least 21 times more destructive than carbon dioxide, another     refrigerant unless you have
green house gas.
                                                                                                another type of concern ie:
     While some landfills are attempting to capture methane gas, their acreage and the fact     breakdown or upgrade.
that methane is generated throughout a landfill, not just in one spot, mean the process is
very inefficient.
     Currently about 41% of US food waste goes to landfills. However, because food               What’s Inside...
waste is mostly liquid, it makes more sense to pulverize it in a disposal and send it through
sewers to municipal wastewater treatments plants (or to septic systems). And modern             Waste Disposers  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . page 1
disposers can pulverize nearly 100% of                                                          Refridgerant Phase Out  .  .  . page 1
food waste, including bones, pineapple                                                          Pumpkin Muffins  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . page 2
tops and apple cores. At treatment                                                              Sewer Line Stopped Up?  .  . page 2
plants, solids are extracted from the
                                                                                                Jimmy’s Message  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . page 2
waste water and can be treated so
that the remaining biosolids can be                                                             Customers of the Month .  .  . page 2
recycyled and applied as fertilizer to          315 Burnet Street San Antonio, Texas 78202      Tax Credits & Rebates  .  .  .  . page 3
agricultural land. Right now almost 60%
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                                                               JIMMY’S MESSAGE
                                                                   Whew! Wow! That was a long and hot summer.
Makes 1 dozen                                                  Anybody have any green landscape left? And how about
INGREDIENTS:                                                   those electric bills? Scorching! We will all look forward
•	 1	½	cups	all-purpose	flour
•	 1	tsp	baking	powder
                                                               to some cooler weather and lower utility bills.
•	 1	can	canned	solid-pack	                                         Lots is going on now a days regarding rebates, energy
•	 ½	cup	vegetable	oil
                                                               tax credits and energy efficiency. This newsletter will try
•	 2	large	eggs                                                to address some of these issues. We can’t cover it all so
•	 1	tsp	pumpkin-pie	spice	(a	                                 feel free to call if you have questions or want more in
   combo of cinnamon, nutmeg,
   cloves, ginger, and allspice)                               depth conversation.
•	 1	¼	cups	plus	1	Tbsp	sugar            Easy ways to save money and have a safer home is to have your heater and
•	 ½	tsp	baking	soda
                                      plumbing systems thoroughly checked out.
•	 ½	tsp	salt
•	 1	tsp	cinnamon                     Another idea is having a solar hot water system installed.
DIRECTIONS:                              Don’t forget to change the batteries in the smoke detectors and make sure if
Put oven rack in the middle posi-     you have natural gas in your house to have a low level carbon monoxide detector!
tion and preheat oven to 350°F.
Put liners in muffin cups. Whisk      So, cooler weather is here. Let’s rejoice and be glad in it! Go for a walk, schedule
together flour and baking powder      a trip to Lost Maples to see the leaves change, take you kids hunting, go see a high
in a small bowl. Whisk together
pumpkin, oil, eggs, pumpkin-pie       school football game. Enjoy the seasons!
spice, 1 ¼ cups sugar, baking
soda, and salt in a large bowl        Best Regards,
until smooth, then whisk in flour
mixture until just combined. Stir
together cinnamon and remain-
ing 1 tablespoon sugar in another
bowl. Divide batter among muffin
cups (each should be about ¾ full),
then sprinkle tops with cinnamon-
sugar mixture. Bake until puffed
and golden brown and a wooden          CUSTOMER OF THE MONTH WINNERS
pick or skewer inserted into center
of a muffin comes out clean, 25 to     AUGUST 2009 | Joel & Onita Dunn | Dinner for 2 at La Fonda
30 minutes. Cool in pan on a rack
5 minutes, then transfer muffins       JULY 2009 | Pat Hales | Dinner for 2 at La Fonda and Movies for 2
from pan to rack and cool to warm
or room temperature.                   JUNE 2009 | Paul Kenyon | Dinner for 2 at La Fonda
(Source: Gourmet November 2006)
                                       MAY 2009 | None
Is your main sewer                     APRIL 2009 | George Richel III | Dinner for 2 at La Fonda and Movies for 2
line stopped up?                       MARCH 2009 | Yvonne Kohutek | Dinner for 2 at La Fonda and Movies for 2
Are you tired of your sewer
line backing up at the most
inconvenient time? Call                FUTURE FAMILY PACKAGES:
Shafer Services to open the
line and get a free camera             SEPTEMBER 2009 | 4 Tickets to Wurstfest
inspection for only $99. In
the fall and winter roots              OCTOBER 2009 | Thanksgiving Turkey
grow more and cause more               NOVEMBER 2009 | Holiday Floral Arrangement
drain stoppages, so….Call
us to see if you qualify for           DECEMBER 2009 | Movies for 4
the $99 special or to ask              JANUARY 2009 | 4 Tickets to a Rampage Hockey game
questions about drain or
other type plumbing, hot               FEBRUARY 2009 | 4 Tickets to the Magik Theater
water or air conditioning

                                                      Fall/Winter 2009 • Homeowner News
Continued from page 1
of the sludge from US wastewater plants is processed into biosolid fertilizer.
    Wastewater treatment plants can capture methane generated during treatment and
recycle it as renewable power for the plant itself or for other facilities.
Food waste disposers environmental footprint:                                                 present coupon to tech at time of service .
But what about food waste disposers’ use of energy and water? Think about how often
a disposer is run in a typical household. Studies have shown that using a food waste
disposer requires ¾ to 1.2 gallons of water per person per day – approximately the
equivalent of a single toilet flush.                                                           SPECIAL:
    Disposers’ electricity usage is estimated to cost less than 50 cents a year.
Food waste disposer themselves have a modest environmental footprint: they are durable,        Get $50 off the purchase
long-lasting and require minimal maintenance. They are composed primarily of metal              & installation of a new
and can be recycled at the end of their useful life.                                           water heater. To receive
    A variety of studies have also shown that using food waste disposers does not cause           this special pricing,
any harm to municipal sewer systems.                                                            you must mention this
Conclusion:                                                                                     newsletter promotion
While some argue that composting food scraps is a superior solution to both disposers           at time of scheduling.
and landfills, it is not always a practical one, particularly for people who live in urban           Not valid with
areas. It also presents challenges to anyone during the cold weather seasons. And in               any other offers.
practice, cities have tried to mandate separating organic food waste from other waste so       Offer expires December 31, 2009.
that it can be collected and composted have not been able to enforce participation in that
There is no waste management silver bullet, but food waste disposers can play a beneficial
role in managing waste in an environmentally responsible way.                                    HEATING
(Source: InSinkErator, a division of Emerson Electric Co.)                                      & COOLING
TAX CREDITS & REBATE REMINDERS:                                                                 Get a Fall/Winter Heat
(call Shafer Services for details)
                                                                                                  Check for only $79.
                                                                                                To receive this special
Tax credit are now available for home improvements. You can receive 30% of the cost,
up to a $1,500 tax credit when you install any of the following:                                   pricing, you must
   • Central AC System
                                                                                                mention this newsletter
                                                                                                 promotion at time of
   • Heat Pump
                                                                                                 scheduling. Not valid
   • Natural Gas / Propane Furnace
                                                                                                 with any other offers.
   • Gas, Oil, Propane Water Heater
                                                                                               Offer expires December 31, 2009.
   • Electric Heat Pump Water Heater
   • Solar Water Heating System
                                                                                             FREE STUFF! COMFORT TIPS!
SUMMARY OF REBATES FROM CPS ENERGY                                                                SAFETY ADVICE!
  • Air Flow Performance Rebates | Duct Repair or Replacement                                   DISCOUNT SPECIALS!
    u 25% up to $1,500 per system / $2,500 per customer

  • Air Flow Performance Rebates | Duct Testing                                                Go to Shaferservices.com
    u 50% up to $250 per system
                                                                                             to sign up for special offers.
  • Natural Gas Rebates                                                                      We promise you will find this
    u $1,100 for converting electric water heaters to natural gas.
                                                                                             beneficial. Short & sweet.
  • Heating and Cooling Rebates                                                              We’ll keep your information
  • Solar Water Heater Rebates                                                               private & remove you
    u Up to $2,000 based on Annual Energy Savings Performance
                                                                                             from our list as soon as
                                                                                             you desire.

           Homeowner News • Fall/Winter 2009
      Fresh, Local, Organic: Food travels an average of
   1,200 miles before it reaches your plate, so buy locally
   produced items to save energy and prevent emissions
   from going into the air. Visit USDA.gov to find a farmers
   market in your area. Also, choose fresh foods instead
   of frozen, since frozen foods require 10 times more
   energy to produce. Finally, organic foods are both
   good for the environment and good for your health
   since synthetic hormones, most conventional pesticides, as well as other
   potentially hazardous practices are not used. (Source: U.S. EPA)

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