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How to backup iPhone 4G contacts manually also transfer the contacts to computer.

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									How to Backup iPhone Contacts
Why you should backup the iPhone Contacts?, there are many reason to answer
that question. For example, if you want to copy iPhone contacts to Blackberry,
then you should backup it first to your Computer, since the Operating System
between Apple iPhone 4G and Blackberry device is definitely different, then you
should do it. However in other case you have bought new smart phone and want
to copy all of the iphone contact to your new device, then you will need to backup
it first before move or copy the contact. Well, for any reason, backing up the
contacts will definitely important for us, to prevent any problem.
There are many methods to backup your iPhone 4G Contacts as you can follow
the following instruction :

           Manually Backup an iPhone & iPhone Contacts With iTunes
              The first step of manually backing up an iPhone with iTunes is to
       right-click (For Windows) or control click (For Macs) on the iPhone symbol
       on the left side of your iTunes window, according to Apple. Select
       "Backup" from the drop-down menu. This will create a backup file of your
       iPhone along with your iPhone contacts. This backup file can be used to
       restore your iPhone and your iPhone contacts.

           Backup iPhone Contacts Before a Manual Restore
              To manually perform a restore from a backup, right-click (For
       Windows) or control click (For Macs) on the iPhone symbol on the left side
       of your iTunes window. Select "Restore From Backup." You won't be able
       to restore your iPhone from a backup file unless you've previously created
       a backup file. However, if you've connected your iPhone to your computer
       before, then iTunes has automatically created backup file of your iPhone
       and your iPhone contacts for you. Before iTunes begins your restore, it will
       ask you if you want to create a backup file with your iPhone contacts, click
       "Yes." The best way to back up iPhone contacts is to perform manual
backups and syncing your iPhone before performing any type of update or
iPhone restore.

   Backup File Locations
      On Macs, backup files that contain your iPhone contacts are stored
in "~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/." On Windows XP,
backup files with your iPhone contacts are stored in "\Documents and
Settings\(username)\Application Data\Apple
Computer\MobileSync\Backup\." In Windows XP, backup files are stored
in "\Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\Apple

   About Syncing & Automatic Backups
      Syncing is a process that makes the content on your iPhone,
including your contacts, the same as the content on your computer. Each
time you sync your iPhone with iTunes, your old backup file is deleted and
a new backup file with your contacts is created.

   Restoring From Backup vs. Full Software Restores
      Restoring from a backup file is very different from a full software
restore, according to Apple. Performing a restore from a backup file will
restore settings, application data and other types of saved information.
Performing a full software backup deletes all saved data, including your
iPhone contacts, and restores your iPhone to factory settings.

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