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Predicting Products_ Single Replacement Reactions


									Name: ___________________________________ Block: _______ Date: ____________________________

           Predicting Products: Single Replacement Reactions
Translate into formulas and predict the products of the following reactions. Use the
activity series as your guide. If no reaction occurs, write “N.R.”.

 1. Magnesium metal reacts with an aqueous solution of zinc nitrate.

 2. Metallic zinc is combined with a solution of lithium nitrate.

 3. Lithium metal is placed in water.

 4. Copper is combined with a dilute solution of sodium chloride.

 5. A solution of copper (II) sulfate is poured onto zinc powder.

 6. Sodium metal is dropped into water.

 7. Aluminum metal is combined with aqueous iron (III) bromide.

                                    Honors Chemistry
Name: ___________________________________ Block: _______ Date: ____________________________

 Predict the products of the following equations. Balance each equation, then
 TRANSLATE INTO WORDS!! If no reaction occurs, write “N.R.” (but the reactants still
 need to be translated into words).

 1. Pb + Zn(C2H3O2)2      

 2. Fe + Al2O3 

 3. AgNO3 + Ni 

 4. NaBr + I2 

 5. AlBr3 + Cl2 

 6. NaI + Br2 

 7. Ca + HCl 

 8. Ag + H2SO4 

                                   Honors Chemistry

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