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					             Your Office Visit                        Specializing in
You should plan to arrive 30 minutes prior to
your scheduled appointment time to allow for          Sleep Disorders
vehicle parking and check-in procedures.
Your time is important to me, therefore I sug-
gest you call prior to leaving for your appoint-
ment in order to verify that we are running on
schedule. Occasional delays are unavoidable
and calling in can help you avoid having to
wait longer than necessary.                            CGH Sleep Center
                                                             100 E. LeFevre Road
Before taking a seat, please announce your                    Sterling, IL 61081
presence at the reception desk. Educational                (815) 625-0400 ext. 5687
materials are located in the waiting area for
your convenience and information. Please
feel free to take and read copies of these
patient education brochures.

As you prepare to leave the office, please
notify the receptionist if you need another
appointment. An appointment card will be             Sleep Well Tonight
                                                   for a Better Tomorrow!
                                                                                                     Welcome to
                                                                                                     Dr. Bruce’s
given to you. In addition, you will receive an
appointment reminder phone call from our
automated call system the day before your              For a list of sleep tips, visit

next appoitment.                               or call:

Your trust is important to me. Thank you for
allowing me to serve your health care needs.
                                                                                                                  David R. Bruce,
          Because your health                                                                      D.D.S., M.D., F.A.C.S., C.P.E.
            is our concern                                                                        Specializing in Sleep Disorders
                                                   Sterling Rock Falls Clinic
                                                     Sleep Medicine Clinic                             Diplomat of the American
                                                            101 East Miller Road,
                                                                                                       Board of Sleep Medicine
     The Sterling Rock Falls Clinic                         Sterling, Illinois 61081
              Sleep Medicine                       A Tradition of Excellence in the Sauk Valley
101 E. Miller Road, Sterling Illinois, 61081         (815) 625-4790 or (800) 625-4790                   Sterling Rock Falls Clinic
    (815) 625-4790 or (800) 625-4790                             Ext. 3301                              A Tradition of Excellence in the Sauk Valley
         Sleep Well Tonight...for a Better Tomorrow!
Did You Know...                                            Sleep Medicine...                                   You May Have Sleep Apnea...
Six Key Messages About Sleep                               Diagnosis and Treatment                             If You Have These Symptoms
• Sleep is a necessity, not a luxury.                      Sleep Medicine consists of the diagnosis and          • Sleepiness during the day
• You are how you sleep. Your nighttime sleep              treatment of sleep disorders. As a Board
                                                           Certified Sleep specialist, Dr. David Bruce is
                                                                                                                 • Unexplained fatigue
affects your daily life; don’t cheat on sleep.
                                                           highly qualified to help you through any sleep        • Unexplained headaches
•  Sleep is essential for good health, safety and          difficulties you may be experiencing. He is           • Loud snoring
optimum performance; lack of sleep affects your            trained to recognize, test, diagnose, and treat
mood and behavior, and contributes to poor                 multiple sleep disorders.                             • Pauses in breathing during sleep
performance.                                                                                                     • Being awakened by your sleep
                                                           Treating your sleep disorder is generally divided
• Be good to yourself and make time for sleep!             into three phases.
                                                                                                                     partner who is concerned that
Remember - sleep is a health choice and is as                                                                        you are not breathing
important as exercise and nutrition for a healthy life.

• Make sufficient sleep a family priority; a
                                                           Phase One: Evaluation
                                                           Phase one is the initial evaluation which
                                                                                                                 • Waking up in the night with
good night’s sleep should be a regular part of                                                                       a “choking sensation”
                                                           includes recording and evaluating your history
everyone’s daily schedule.                                 and conducting a physical examination,
                                                                                                               The Greek word “apnea” literally means
                                                           followed by any appropriate diagnostic imaging,
• Learn to recognize sleep problems.         Problems
                                                           x-rays or scans, and sleep labortory testing, if
                                                                                                               “without breath”. Sleep apnea is very
sleeping or daytime sleepiness can signal a sleep                                                              common, affecting more than twelve million
disorder that is usually treatable. Talk to your doctor.   needed.
                                                                                                               Americans, and if left untreated, may cause
                                                                                                               serious health problems including high blood
                                                           Phase Two: Treatment
Sleep is...                                                Armed with data gleaned from the evaluation
                                                                                                               pressure, cardiovascular disease, stroke,
                                                                                                               memory problems, weight gain, and headaches.
For Rejuvenation                                           phase, the second phase consists of treatment.
Sleep is supposed to be a rejuvenating experi-             A personal treatment plan is designed for your                                   If you suspect
ence. But this isn’t so if you have insomnia,              maximum recovery to restful and rejuvenating                                     that you or
limb movement disorder, or have sleep apnea, a             sleep. Depending on your sleep disorder                                          someone you
condition that causes you to stop breathing over           and it's severity, treatment may include                                         know suffers
and over during sleep and leaves you sleepy the            medical, behavioral, mechanical or surgical/                                     from sleep
next day. Getting the right quantity and quality           dental referral means.                                                           apnea, call
of sleep contributes to your well being.                                                                                                    Dr. Bruce at the
                                                           Phase Three: Follow-Up Care                                                      Sterling Rock
The majority of people with sleep disorders don’t          Regular follow-up care is offered to ensure                                      Falls Clinic
even realize they have them. If you have apnea,            continued success and continuity in the care                                     today for more
you may have been told that you snore loudly               of your sleep disorder. Changes in your sleep                                    information.
and gasp for air when sleeping. Ask Dr. Bruce              condition can be monitored, ensuring timely                                      (815) 622-1209
about the risks of living with a sleep disorder.           and appropriate intervention if needed.
For the “Rest”
       of Your Life
       ~ CGH Sleep Center ~
Do you have a Sleep Disorder?
       Take this quick assessment to find out!
• Do you or anyone in your family have a sleep
   disorder?                             Yes          No
   If so, who and what type? ________________________________

• Do you snore or have you been told that you stop
   breathing while asleep?               Yes          No
   * This is certainly a hallmark of sleep disordered breathing.

• Do you suffer from excessive daytime
   drowsiness?                           Yes          No
   * This can accompany any sleep disorder where there is changes
     in the quantity or quality of regular sleep.

• Do you have trouble initiating or maintaining
   sleep?                                Yes          No
   * This is often seen in forms of insomnia and certainly can be
     brought on by many medical conditions.

• Are you a very restless sleeper or do you move
   your arms or legs or have excessive movement
   while asleep?              Yes      No
   * This can uncover periodic limb movement disorder of sleep and
     may also reveal night seizures or other disorders.

 If you answered any of the above questions with a
     Yes, you may be at risk for a sleep disorder.
     Please contact the CGH Sleep Clinic at SRFC
    (815-625-4790 ext. 3301) for further evaluation.

 Common Sleep Problems and Disorders
   Sleep problems/disorders often mean interrupted and/or
     insufficient sleep. By better understanding sleep and
   recognizing the signs of sleep disorders, individuals can
  vastly improve their sleep, overall health and quality of life.
       Here are the five most common sleep disorders:
Insomnia is the inability to fall asleep or remain asleep. It is also
used to describe the condition of waking up not feeling restored
or refreshed. Symptoms can be either acute (lasting one to
several nights), or chronic (>1 month).
 Common Sleep Problems and Disorders
Snoring is a common problem among all ages and both
genders. It affects approximately 90 million American adults.
Snoring is caused by tissue vibration in a partially obstructed
airway that can result in abnormal breathing and sleep
Sleep Apnea
A disorder, and potentially life threatening condition in which
breathing is briefly and repeatedly interrupted during sleep.
Symptoms include loud snoring, pauses in breathing, gasps for
breath during sleep and daytime sleepiness.
Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS)
A neurological movement disorder that is characterized by an
unpleasant sensation and/or nervousness in the legs and an
urge to move during inactivity and sleep. Symptoms are
temporarily relieved by movement or pressure.
Periodic Limb Movement Disorder (PLMD)
A disorder that affects the limbs, and affects a person’s ability
to sleep at night and function normally during the day. The
movements of PLMD occur most often when a person is asleep
and are involuntary.

         A Sleep Study or “Polysomnogram”
            is important to assure proper
            diagnosis of sleep disorders.
  The Sleep Center at CGH Medical Center is a fully
  accredited state-of-the-art facility. It is comfortably
  decorated with a full-size bed and TV, plus snacks are
  available upon request. Behind the scenes of your
  comfortable environment is a well-trained staff and very
  sophisticated equipment.

  Patients of the Sleep Center usually arrive at the
  hospital at 8:00 p.m. or 9:30 p.m. (Daytime studies are
  also available.) A minimum of six hours of recording
  time is required. While you’re at the sleep center, a
  polysomnogram will be done. It’s a simple (and painless)
  procedure that will measure your brain waves, EKG,
  heartbeats, eye movements and muscle tension, along
  with leg movements, airflow respiratory breathing, chest
  and abdominal effort and blood oxygen levels. Audio
  and visual monitoring is also used to determine
  movement, position changes and snoring.

                   CGH Medical Center ~ Sleep Center
                   100 E. LeFevre Road Sterling, IL 61081
                           (815) 625-0400 ext. 5687
                           David Bruce, DDS, MD, FACS, CPE
                       Diplomat of the American Board of Sleep Medicine

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