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Pacific Sleep Disorders Center


									                                                                                                  Pacific Sleep
       Sleeping Well?

◊ Have you been told that you stop        D r . Alav y , M D , FC C P , F AAS M
                                                                                               Disorders Center
breathing while you’re sleeping?
8 points (IF YES)
◊ Have you ever fallen asleep or        Diplomate, American Board of Sleep Medicine
nodded off while driving? 6 points      Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine,       For the treatment of your
◊ Do you awaken suddenly with           Pulmonary Disease, and Critical Care Medicine
shortness of breath, gasping, or                                                              sleep...
with your heart racing? 6 points
◊ Do you feel excessively sleepy dur-
ing the day? 4 points
◊ Has anyone ever told you that you                                                       D r . Al a v y , M D , FC CP, FA A SM
snore while you’re sleeping? 4
points                                                                                          "[Sleep is] the golden
◊ Have you had weight gain and                                                                  chain that ties health and
                                                                                                our bodies together."
found it difficult to lose? 2 points
                                                                                                Thomas Dekker.
◊ Have you taken medication for or
been diagnosed with high blood
pressure? 2 points
◊ Do you kick or jerk your legs while
sleeping? 3 points
◊ Do you feel burning, tingling, or
crawling sensations in your legs
when you wake up? 3 points
◊ Do you wake up with headaches
during the night or in the morning?
3 points
◊ Do you have trouble falling                                                                 Pacific Sleep Disorders Center
asleep?                                                                                       230 East 17th Street, Suite 200
4 points                                                                                      Costa Mesa, CA 92627
◊ Do you have trouble staying asleep             Pacific Sleep Disorders Center
                                                                                              Phone: 949-645-5700
once you fall asleep? 4 points                   230 East 17th Street, Suite 200
                                                                                              Fax: 949-645-5702
                                                     Costa Mesa, CA 92627
Add Score, Review Breakdown Inside                                                            E-mail:
      Pacific Sleep                 achieve restful sleep.                Our office provides care for

                                    The Pacific Sleep Disorders Center         General Sleep Disorders
   Disorders Center
                                    is equipped with comfortable, ho-
                                                                             Obstructive Sleep Apnea
                                    tel-like sleep rooms, state of the
At the Pacific Sleep Disorders      art sleep ware and sleep diagnostic      Central Sleep Apneas
Center our focus is on the indi-    software. We provide Actigraphy
vidual and your specific needs.                                              Complex Sleep Apneas
                                    and Home Sleep Testing to quali-
Dr. Alavy and his staff are com-    fied patients. Our sleep techni-         Insomnia
mitted to providing the highest     cian, Matt Johnson, has years of
quality care in a friendly, effi-                                            Parasomnias
                                    experience in Polysomnography,
cient, and professional manner.     EEG monitoring, and patient care.        Restless Leg Syndrome
Dr. Alavy’s practice is designed    The Pacific Sleep Disorders Center       Narcolepsy
to provide comprehensive and        was established by Dr. Bahram
                                    Alavy. He is a well-respected phy-       And sleep disorders related
exclusive care to patients with
                                    sician who has been practicing             to shift work, jet lag, and
general sleep disorders, with a
                                    medicine for 12 years. Dr. Alavy is        other medical conditions.
special interest in Insomnia and
Sleep Apnea. The practice of        a practicing Sleep Specialist in      People at moderate to severe
sleep medicine has undergone        the Newport Beach, Costa Mesa,        risk of sleep apnea should call
many changes in recent years.       and Huntington Beach area.            to schedule an appointment.
We at the Pacific Sleep Disor-      We welcome you to call us with
ders Center believe that the        your questions or to make an ap-
practice of sleep medicine is a     pointment at 949-645-5700.            Your likelihood of having a
continuously evolving field.                                              sleep disorder is as follows:
Our center provides up to date      Our business hours are from 9               Quiz Scoring Breakdown
care, combine medical with be-      a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through
havioral therapy, and will par-     Thursday; we are closed an hour       Low: 0-7           Moderate: 8-11
ticularly stress patient educa-     for lunch every workday.              High: 12-15        Severe: 16+
tion in order to help patients

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