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  Reworking used mirrors                                                     Improved
                  pays its way                                                 productivity
Finding ways to cut costs is                                               “We have 2 specialised 3.5Kw
more important than ever which                                             laser systems that are used to
is why our reworking service is                                            cut detailed images in paper.
proving to be so popular.
                                                                           The optics have been a
Recently one of our customers,
                                                                           bespoke purchase from the
an international steel manufacturer
has saved over £8,000 by                                                   USA, but we have started to
reworking used mirrors, rather                                             have them re-worked at Laser
than replacing them.                     Saving time and money             Beam Products. They have
                                                                           polished and recoated copper
By repairing and refurbishing         It’s not just industrial CO2 laser   optics for us in the past, and
your own laser mirrors, you           mirrors that can be reworked,        recently did an excellent job
could be making substantial           mirrors from gas analysis equip-     resuscitating a special Molyb-
savings.                                                                   denum mirror with some par-
                                      ment and scientific instruments
                                      can be degraded after exposure       ticularly nasty surface mark-
We have been reworking copper
                                      to corrosive elements in gases or    ing. Great turnaround times
and silicon mirrors so they are
as good as new, saving customers      the atmosphere. Some of this         have meant we have been
the cost of a replacement.            equipment is not supported by the    able to maintain our usual
                                      manufacturer, so having the          product quality and customer
This is particularly effective for    mirrors repaired or copied is the    response times.
water-cooled, large or unusual        only option.
shaped mirrors. And we can coat                                            Richard Dyson,“Trilogy Laser-
your mirrors for cavity use,                                               craft Ltd”
beam delivery or phase retarders.     NEW FOR Autumn 2009

By recycling valuable materials       ..........Protected Silver Coating for broadband 1-5 microns
such as copper and silicon,
reworking your mirrors can
contribute towards ISO14000           ..........Gold coated Aluminium mirrors for medical and dental lasers
certification, as well as making
commercial sense.                     ..........CO2 laser mirrors available up to 150mm diameter

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Email:                                                             Reworked Mirror
                                       Recent case studies
Case Study 1: Gold Mirrors              Case Study 2: Govt                        Case Study 3: Silver coated
5mm Diameter                            Research Laboratory                       Aluminium mirrors with
                                                                                  extreme parallelism
Small mirrors are always a challenge    Multi pass IR spectroscopy of
so when a medical device customer       gases requires a pair of carefully        LBP recently supplied a series of
asked for Gold coated Copper mir-       controlled concave mirrors, one           Aluminium mirrors coated for high
rors just 5mm diameter and 1mm          of which will have an offset              reflectivity in the 1-6 micron spec-
thick we developed the manufaca-        through hole for the laser light to       trum. Additionally the mirrors
turing process.                         enter and/or exit. Since the gas          needed to be coated over the
                                        being analysed could contain              whole mirror face, including the
Since no chamfer was allowed, the
                                        acidic species, Gold coated mir-          very edges. Standard coating tool-
mirrors could only be handled by
wooden tweezers to avoid damaging       rors were specified to give both          ing allowed this to be done with
the edges, and surface inspection       broad reflectivity with the Quan-         no extra cost, and took just 1
was performed using a 80X video         tum Cascade Laser source, and             week. The extreme flatness of the
microscope.                             to avoid corrosion of the mirrors.        mirror was unchanged after coat-
                                                                                  ing, and the surface quality was
                                        The mirrors were 150mm                    better than 10-5 Scratch:Dig
                                        diameter and had several
                                        tapped holes in the rear to               The customer asked for flatness to
                                        f a c i l t a t e m o u n t i n g . The
                                                                                  be measured over a pattern of
                                        through hole was tapered to
                                                                                  20mm diameter test zones, this
                                        allow the incoming and outgoing
                                                                                  was easily done on our phase shif-
                                        QCL beam into the multipass
                                                                                  ing interferometer and the results
                                                                                  individually recorded and shipped
                                                                                  with the mirrors. Double sided
                                        The mirrors were chemically
                                                                                  lapping ensured the mirrors were
There were no tooling, or set up        polished to super-smoothness,
                                                                                                      parallel     to
charges and the first production run    and the gold coating applied all
                                                                                                      within        2
was just a few pieces for trials.       over the mirror including the
                                                                                                      microns and
Now in production we have made          inside of the through hole for
                                                                                                      certified with
many hundreds, and slightly larger      maximum corrosion resistance.
                                                                                                      Fizeau inter-
versions at 10mm diameter made                                                                        ferometry.
from Gold coated Aluminium.                                                                           We        have
As many mirrors are used in a                                                                         since     made
system, that is aligned with a red                                                                    metal mirrors
diode laser, the smooth polished                                                                      with     better
surfaces allowed the alignment                                                                        than 1 micron
laser to transmit without scatter,                                                                    parallelism.
and minimal refelection loss.

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