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How To Prevent Your Partner From Cheating

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Many relationships at some point are confronted with the issues of infidelity. Don't let it go that far.
Do something before it happens.

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Most of us at some point during a relationship are confronted with the issue of infidelity. This
article has been written to help you prevent your partner from cheating.

The goal is to make your lover want you and not someone else. Here are 10 simple things that you
can do which should keep your lover interested in you.

1. First and foremost you should try to trust your lover. This may of course not always be the
easiest thing to do. But making your lover feel that you trust them, gives them the signal that you
are confident. A confident person is always more interesting compared to a person who isn't.

2. Give your lover the space they need. If you let a bird fly away it is more likely to be loyal to you
compared to putting it in a cage. In this situation the bird is more likely to fly back to you. However,
if the bird is kept in a cage and it eventually manages to escape it is less likely to come back to you.
Trying to control your partner will almost definitely lead to disaster. Give them a certain amount of
freedom - but not too much. Some partners feel that an excessive amount of freedom is a sign of
not caring or not being interested.

3. Whether we like it or not - we all have our insecurities. Your lover will have them too. Massage
his or her ego by making compliments once in a while. The important thing though is not to over do
it. If you swamp your partner with too many compliments they are either unlikely to believe you or
they simply won’t accept them. Someone who has severe insecurities will struggle to accept an
overload of compliments because they don't actually believe they are worth it. In this situation your
compliments could backfire. If the relationship is young, start off by giving the odd compliment
here and there and monitor carefully how your partner reacts to them.

4. Don't over do it with gifts. By overloading your lover with an excessive amount of gifts you
could be sending out the signal that you are worried they may leave you if you don’t continue to
buy them gifts. This could display a sign of weakness or insecurity on your part. You definitely
want to avoid this. Of course, surprising your partner with occasional gifts, at the right time, is the
right thing to do. In fact, giving someone a present, especially if it’s an earned surprise, can often
be more rewarding than receiving a present. So feel free to give your partner flowers, chocolates,
nice sex toys, a weekend break away, or even a voucher for a massage, etc. Just don’t overdo it.

5. Keep your lover intellectually stimulated. People easily get bored if their partner lacks ideas or if
they are not up to date with what is happening in the world. Bring new ideas to the table - and
sometimes insist on them - even if your partner doesn't agree. Especially if your idea means a lot to
you or if you are certain that you are right. A great way of keeping your lover intellectually
stimulated is to teach them something that they could not do before. This, simply put, will make
you an interesting partner to be around.

6. Make an effort to look good - this ensures that you remain attractive in the eyes of your partner.
Go to the gym, do yoga, go for a swim or do some other form regular physical exercise. Please bear
in mind though that simply looking good is not everything. Mental attraction carries a lot more
weight in a relationship compared to physical attraction.

7. Build a healthy social life outside the relationship. The things you experience when you are
around other people will bring new ideas into the relationship. If you spend every day of the week
with your lover, you run the risk of letting you relationship go stale. This is definitely something to
avoid. Keep the relationship interesting.

8. Don't fall into the routine trap. Some routine is definitely healthy in a relationship as it provides a
certain amount of stability. Stability is without a doubt something we all need. However, too much
routine sometimes can lead to boredom. Boredom can (not always) cause your lover to look
elsewhere. Naturally this is something you want to avoid. It's important to strike a healthy balance
between stability and change. Some examples of change: Introduce new foods to the relationship,
don't always go to the same places on holiday, invite different people around for dinner, try a new
hobby and in general – don’t be frightened to be spontaneous. Doing these things demonstrates to
your partner that you are not afraid of change and it displays confidence. Confidence is definitely
an attractive feature.

9. Don't be too indecisive. Constant indecisiveness can be a sign of weakness. What you definitely
don't want is that your lover starts to make all the decisions for you. This can lead to a lover
walking all over the other person. If someone starts to do that, they will end up taking their partner
for granted. This is something that you definitely want to avoid. Although a certain amount of
indecisiveness can on occasion be attractive as it will give your lover a chance to take the lead. The
important thing here to remember is that it should not always be the same person who is in control.
Control, in a healthy relationship, is very much a shared thing.

10. Finally, on a more lighthearted note - don't forget to smile and laugh. In fact it's very important
to laugh and smile in any relationship. Smiles and laughter will transfer to your partner - and they
can draw from that, especially if they are having a bad day. Smiling and laughing also is a form of
showing emotions. People who are able to show emotions display a certain amount of confidence.
And that can only be a good thing.

The above are just some of the things you can do to keep your relationship happy and healthy. This
would prevent your partner from straying and causing havoc to your emotions.
But if you already suspect that your lover is cheating on you, the above suggestions may not be
workable. You will have to gather the evidence to dispel or confirm your suspicion and only when
you have found out the truth, you can go on to work on your relationship. The above points can
then form part of your plan to make your relationship thrive again.

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