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Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln


Abraham Lincoln, American statesman, 16th President (Term: March 4, 1861 -1 865 on April 15), is the first Republican president. In its president, the United States Civil War broke out, known to history as the Civil War. Lincoln beat the South separation forces, the abolition of slavery and safeguarding the national unity. But shortly after the Civil War, Lincoln was assassinated unfortunately. He was the first assassination of U.S. President, it is a great president was born poor.

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									    How do you make a                                         Discovering LincoLn in
    bronze bust?                                             spencer county, inDiana                                              Abraham Lincoln
  Many modern bronze or
metal sculptors use what is
                                                         Lincoln State Park offers a unique opportunity
                                                         to explore Abraham Lincoln’s young life as a                        Bicentennial Plaza
called the lost wax casting                              pioneer in Indiana. The Nature Center explores
process to create their works                            the changes in Indiana since Abraham Lincoln first
of art. This process with                                stepped onto the north shore of the Ohio River in
many variations goes back                                Spencer County. The Colonel Jones Home, located
centuries-even millennia- to                             in Gentryville and managed by Lincoln State Park,
the Bronze Age.                                          explores the influence that William Jones, a pioneer
                                                         entrepreneur and politician, had on a young adult
   The bronze bust of                                    Lincoln.
Abraham Lincoln was
created using a modern                                     Lincoln State Park and Colonel Jones Home
version of the lost wax casting process. This starts                   Hwy 162, Box 216
with the creation of the bust by the sculptor in clay.               Lincoln City, IN 47552
The clay bust is then taken to a foundry. There the                       812-937-4710
bust is covered with a series of layers of rubber
compounds to form a mold around the clay. When
the rubber mold has hardened, it is cut apart. The        Other Spencer County attractions with Lincoln
clay is removed, the mold is put back together                        connections include:
and wax is poured into the mold. When the wax
                                                         Lincoln Boyhood                   Lincoln Pioneer Village
hardens, the mold is removed, leaving a wax replica      National Memorial                 City Park, Rockport, IN
of the original clay sculpture. This wax is then         Hwy 162                           812.649.9147
                                                         Lincoln City, IN 47552  
repeatedly dipped into a silicate solution and dried     812.937.4541
until a hard shell is formed around the wax.                         Lincoln Landing
                                                                                           Rockport Riverbank
   Unlike the wax, this shell will not melt or           Buffalo Run Farm,
                                                         Grill, and Gifts
                                                                                                                             Indiana Department of Natural Resources
decompose in the heat of a furnace. The shell is then    Hwy 162
heated to melt away the wax, and molten bronze           812.937.2799                      Lincoln Ferry Park                        Indiana Abraham Lincoln
                                                             Hwy 66                                    Bicentennial Commission
is poured into the hollow silicate shell. When the       buffalorun                        Troy, IN
bronze hardens, the shell is broken off. Any rough                                                         Indiana Arts Commission
                                                         Ohio River Scenic Route
edges of the sculpture are cleaned up, sanded and        Hwy 66                            Lincoln Amphitheatre                   Spencer County Visitors Bureau
polished. The final step is applying a patina to         800.489.4474                      Inside Lincoln State Park
provide the desired color for the piece.                       Lincoln City, IN 47552

      the artist & Designer
                                                                                                                                              Interpretive Services
George Morrison was born and educated in Indiana,                                                                                              Lincoln State Park
where he established his architectural firm in 1981.                                                                                              P.O. Box 216
Many of the firm’s projects have been recognized                                                                                            Lincoln City, IN 47552
with awards for excellence in design.                                                                                                            812·937· 4710
Will Clark is a retired businessman who has been
sculpting since 1998. His work can be seen at www.                                                                            The mission of the Interpretive Services is to provide information, and in public and private                                                                            and offer interpretive experiences with Indiana’s natural and cultural
collections around Indiana.                                                                                                              resources to visitors, staff and a diverse public.
                                                          Brochure printing courtesy of the Spencer County Visitors Bureau
                                                                                                                  “The child is father of the man…”
W       elcome to the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial
        Plaza at Lincoln State Park. This 58-foot
diameter circular plaza, nestled in a grove of
                                                          end of his life, when he was past the tragedies of
                                                          the Civil War. Here he is depicted as the strong,
                                                          compassionate, confident man that people around
                                                                                                                                                --William Wordsworth

magnificent old trees, provides a fitting presence        the world have come to admire. Flanking the bust
for the study and admiration of one of America’s          is the entire text of the Gettysburg Address and        The Plaza by
greatest presidents. If you are visiting the site, we     the closing words of Lincoln’s Second Inaugural         the numbers
invite you to spend some time discovering and             Address.
enjoying the Plaza before or after you read this                                                                  •	 The Indiana limestone is from the Empire
brochure. If you are considering a visit to Spencer       Teaching with the                                          Quarry in Oolitic, Indiana, which also supplied
County, Indiana, and to the Plaza, we hope this                                                                      the stone for the Empire State Building.
information will draw you to this area where
                                                          abraham LincoLn
                                                          bicentenniaL pLaza                                      •	 The largest stone weighs 3400 pounds.
Abraham Lincoln spent his youth.
                                                            Lesson plans are available for teachers and           •	 There are 94 pieces of stone in the memorial.
   The artistic and architectural challenge of the        students who plan to visit Lincoln State Park and       •	 The pillars weigh 1,700 pounds.
Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Plaza was to create          the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Plaza. For
a structure that provided not only education, but                                                                 •	 The pillars match Lincoln’s adult height of
                                                          more information, contact the Indiana Historical           6 feet 4 inches.
also inspiration. The theme for the plaza is taken        Bureau at or the Lincoln State
from Wordsworth, “The child is father of the man.”        Parkinterpretive naturalist.                            •	 The plaza is 58 feet in diameter.
This theme is presented in large letters at the top of                                                            •	 The central quote and theme of the plaza is
an 8 foot 6 inch high central limestone cylinder. In
front of the cylinder are displayed eight pillars, each   Sand on Stone:                                             from William Wordsworth’s poem “My Heart
                                                          the inscription process                                    Leaps Up,” written in 1802.
6 feet 4 inches tall, the height Lincoln was when he
left Indiana. Each describes an important aspect of         The Plaza texts are in a font called Adobe Jenson.    •	 The bust is made of bronze and weighs about
Lincoln’s development from the age of 7 to 21. This       This font, which was released in 1996, is based            400 pounds.
young man, who grew up in southern Indiana with           on original designs created by a Venetian named         •	 The bust was cast at the Shidoni Foundry near
no special advantages, acquired the knowledge, skills     Nicolas Jenson in 1470. Rubber stencils were               Santa Fe, New Mexico.
and attitudes that led to the outstanding success         adhered to the stone, and the letters to be inscribed
that he experienced in his life of service to the                                                                 •	 The plaza was built by Seufert Construction.
                                                          were removed from the stencil. These areas were
country.                                                  subjected to a sand blasting process while the          •	 Stone fabrication was by Indiana Stone Works
                                                          remaining surfaces were protected by the rubber            and text inscription was completed by Busch
  Beyond the educational part of the plaza is the         material.                                                  Monuments.
large bronze bust that portrays Lincoln at the

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