Healthy Sleep Starts With a Healthy Bedroom

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					Healthy Sleep Starts With a Healthy Bedroom
...But where do you start?             pillows and duvets with machine-        ganic crib mattresses (never put
                                       washable covers, washing regularly      baby on a hand-me-down poly-
For good airflow, ventilate stuffy
                                       with fragrance-free, natural deter-     urethane mattress, as heat and
rooms with a fan. Is your bed a bit
                                       gents. Avoid fabric softeners -         moisture will break it down quick-
clammy? Fold blankets over the foot
                                       they’re highly concentrated with        ly). Make sure baby sleeps on her
of the bed and open curtains so the
                                       chemicals like formaldehyde. Line-      back, maintain good airflow, and
sun can shine on it. This helps kill
                                       drying linens also exposes them to      keep linens and surfaces dust-free.
bacteria and evaporate moisture.
                                       the sun’s cleansing benefits.            Off-gassing from beds and bedding
Try a natural overlay made of
moisture-wicking material. Wool is     A supportive pillow helps restless      that contain polyurethane foam and
excellent at keeping you dry and at    sleepers too...especially one without   flame retardants has been linked to
a consistent temperature.              flame-retardant chemicals and syn-       ailments ranging from asthma to
                                       thetic materials. A natural pillow      learning disabilities. The good
Removing dust from your sleeping
                                       that won’t off-gas does wonders for     news: there are natural alterna-
area is key if you sleep on poly-
                                       respiratory health.                     tives! Wool and natural latex beds
urethane foam (most commercial
                                       Parents can give babies a good start    are increasingly popular, and other
mattresses contain this). A dusting
                                       with natural alternatives like or-      natural materials like cotton have
cloth dampened with water and
                                                                               made a comeback in futons.
white vinegar helps keep moulds,
mildew, and fungus from taking up                                              Explore the best of natural bedding
residence in your bedroom.                                                     at
Keep bed linens clean. Protect                                                          SEE COUPON PAGE 229
                                          Choose natural bed linens made from wool.                                  239

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Description: The first part of the concern about a third of a lifetime of sleep time spent in sleep, sleep is the body recovery, integration, and solid memory of the important part, is an integral part of health. Fast-paced modern life, stress, well as nightlife, drinking bad habits will lead to sleep disorders. According to the World Health Organization survey, 27% had sleep problems. International Mental Health Organization, every year on March 21 as "World Sleep Day." science of sleep effectively improve sleep quality and more abundant energy to work is to modern life made new demands on people.