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									                    FAQ: InfoSphere branding for IBM ECM Products

Recently, IBM ECM announced that it will be releasing new versions of some existing IBM ECM
products, and some forthcoming new IBM ECM products, under the IBM InfoSphere brand name.
This FAQ answers some common questions about this branding change. For more information,
please contact ECM Compliance and Discovery product marketing.

Q. What does the InfoSphere brand mean?

A. The InfoSphere brand means trusted information. InfoSphere-branded products transform raw
data and content into trusted, business-relevant information and provide ongoing governance of
that information to ensure it remains trusted.

They provide the capabilities needed for accelerating the delivery of trusted information for
business optimization. Through InfoSphere software products, clients can achieve trusted
business information by selecting, qualifying, transforming, reconciling and maintaining
information, and delivering it in real time to the people, processes and applications that need it.
InfoSphere software provides for the end to end management and delivery of trusted business
information to ensure competitive success.

Q. What ECM products are being branded under the InfoSphere brand name?

A. Between now and the end of 2009, the existing products making up the ECM Compliant
Information Management portfolio will be rebranded as InfoSphere, as follows:
    IBM eDiscovery Manager         -> IBM InfoSphere eDiscovery Manager       [July 2009]
    IBM eDiscovery Analyzer        -> IBM InfoSphere eDiscovery Analyzer      [July 2009]
    IBM Classification Module      -> IBM InfoSphere Classification Module [August 2009]
    IBM Content Collector          -> IBM InfoSphere Content Collector        [October 2009]
    IBM FileNet Records Manager -> IBM InfoSphere Enterprise Records          [October 2009]

In addition, future ECM offerings are being planned for release under the InfoSphere brand,
including a new integration between ECM and Master Data Management; these plans are IBM
Confidential and subject to change until announced.

Q. Why are ECM products being rebranded?

A. We are rebranding these products as part of a larger restructuring of branding across the
Information Management software portfolio. This restructuring is designed to broaden the reach
and definition of the InfoSphere and Cognos brand marks, and to apply them across the different
segments of Information Management. Under this restructuring, software offerings from across
the IM segments that help transform data and content into trusted business information are being
rebranded as InfoSphere. Likewise, offerings from any segment that deliver business analytics
and insight are being rebranded as Cognos.

From a client perspective, the expanded InfoSphere brand will enable IBM to position a more
comprehensive set of capabilities for creating and governing trusted information, spanning both
structured data and unstructured content. Similarly, the expanded Cognos brand will encompass
a richer portfolio of offerings that deliver analytics, insight, and performance management on
trusted information regardless of where in the IM portfolio it is sourced.

                        IBM Confidential                                 -1-
Q. Why were the specific products above chosen for rebranding?

A. The initial set of ECM products chosen for the InfoSphere rebranding are the products that
comprise the Compliant Information Management product set. These were chosen as the ECM
Compliant Information Management capabilities are consistent with the InfoSphere value
proposition. They provide the ability to take raw content and collect and enhance it into managed
ECM environments (IBM InfoSphere Content Collector), classify and organize that content (IBM
InfoSphere Classification Module), attach retention policy and manage that content as enterprise
records through its entire lifecycle (IBM InfoSphere Enterprise Records), manage eDiscovery
cases, requests, and legal holds (IBM InfoSphere eDiscovery Manager), and analyze collected
information for smart culling and early case assessment (IBM InfoSphere eDiscovery Analyzer).

These capabilities transform content “in the wild” into organized, trusted, managed content in
ECM repositories, and hence are well aligned to the InfoSphere brand value and message.

Q. What is the impact to ECM partners?

A. Impact to ECM partners should be minimal. ECM partners can continue to sell, integrate, and
extend the InfoSphere-branded ECM products. These products will continue to be part of the
ECM partner programs that they participate in today, and new InfoSphere-branded offerings will
be placed in the ECM ValueNet programs. At this point, they will not be available to ValueNet
partners that are certified only to the IP&S or BI&PM ValueNet program tracks.

Q. Do the InfoSphere-branded ECM products integrate with existing InfoSphere products?

A. Not necessarily, though over time we expect to increase the level of integration between ECM
and InfoSphere products based on the level of client demand for these integrations.

                       IBM Confidential                                -2-

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