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                                                   Fall 2008

         IT’S THE LAW

         COPING WITH
         EYE HEALTH
         A PRIORITY

  Putting the fun
  in fundraising!
  Second-grade students at
  I.N. Bloom Elementary School
  party with Radio Disney after
  being named the top class
  fundraisers in the school’s
  “Hit the Roof” campaign
  to raise funds for diabetes
  programs at Kosair Children’s

                                                                                                                                                                   Dean Lavenson Photo
  Hospital. The school raised a
  record $34,500 through the
  Kids for Kids program, for a
  grand total of $86,500 raised
  over the past four years.

                                                                    Back to school
In this issu ...                                                    A     s we approach the end of summer, attention turns to sending children back to school
                                                                          – new teachers, new school supplies, new friends. Each year as school starts, the
                                                                    Children’s Hospital Foundation Office of Child Advocacy of Kosair Children’s Hospital
  3 Kentucky’s new booster                                          prepares educational outreach initiatives targeted at reducing childhood injuries and
      seat law                                                      illnesses in our region. While our child advocates prepare for the new school year, they are
                                                                    celebrating an addition to Kentucky’s child passenger safety law requiring children younger
                                                                                                  than 7 years old to be in a booster seat. This change will
 4 Tips to prevent eye injury                                                                     impact our state and region for years to come.
                                                                                                      In addition to the work and vision of our advocacy team,
 6 Help children get                                                                              our caregivers are making advances to continue providing
                                              Dean Lavenson Photo

                                                                                                  children with the best possible pediatric care in the region.
      enough sleep                                                                                Building on our established framework, we are pleased
                                                                                                  to announce the recent purchase of new state-of-the-art
 8 Specialized care for                                                                           ophthalmology surgical equipment and the completion of
                                                                                                  a new $10.2 million imaging pavilion at Kosair Children’s
      traumatic injuries
                                                                                                  Hospital. In addition to these two tangible milestones, we are
                                                                    pleased to announce and celebrate the new Wade Mountz Heritage Society, which pays
10 Kid-friendly diagnostic                                          tribute to the life and work of Norton Healthcare President Emeritus Wade Mountz, while
                                                                    at the same time recognizes individuals who have committed significant planned gifts to
                                                                    the work of Kosair Children’s Hospital.
                                                                        While change is always occurring, some things stay the same. The hospital remains
12 News and Notes                                                   committed to providing top quality, compassionate health care to children from
                                                                    throughout Kentucky and Southern Indiana. To do this, we rely on the support of so
                                                                    many in the community who step forward to make a difference in the lives of children.
14 Planned Giving                                                       We’d like to invite you to learn more about the exciting changes taking place at
                                                                    Kosair Children’s Hospital and how you can be a part of them! Please contact the
15 Upcoming Events                                                  Children’s Hospital Foundation, (502) 629-8060.

                                                                      Lynnie Meyer, MSN, R.N.                Doug Eighmey
                                                                      Executive Director                     President
 On the cover: Graham Miller, of Louisville                           Children’s Hospital Foundation         Kosair Children’s Hospital
Kentucky passes booster seat bill
E    arly in 2008, Kentucky’s new child passenger safety law went into effect
     requiring children younger than age 7 and between 40 and 50 inches tall to
be restrained in a belt-positioning booster seat. Child advocates have been fighting
                                                                                            Does your child need
                                                                                            a booster?
for a booster seat bill in Kentucky for several years. The law focuses on protecting           A simple exercise can help you
children who are old enough to stop using a car safety seat but not quite big               determine if your child should be riding
enough to fit comfortably and safely in a standard vehicle seat belt.                       in a booster seat. Have your child sit in
                                                                                            the back seat of a vehicle. While sitting
                                                                                            with his or her back against the seat:
Why are booster seats important?                                                               •	Your	child’s	knees	should	bend	at	the	
   Seat belts and even the seat of a car are made for adults, not children, according            edge of the seat.
to Sharon Rengers, R.N., Children’s Hospital Foundation Office of Child Advocacy               •	The	lap	belt	should	lie	across	his	or	
of Kosair Children’s Hospital. This causes the seat belt to fit incorrectly.                     her hip bones.
   “Because the seat belt doesn’t fit correctly, many times you see children who               •	The	shoulder	belt	should	come		
put the shoulder portion of the seat belt behind their back or under their arm for               across the middle of his or
comfort,” Rengers said. “This removes all upper body protection for the child.                   her shoulder.
   “When children are too small for a seat belt alone, you also see them slouch                If your child is slouching or scooting
down, causing the lap belt to be across their stomach rather than their hip bones.          forward in the seat to make his or her
In the event of a crash, both situations could cause internal injuries or, worse yet,       knees bend over the edge or if the lap
       the child could be ejected from the car.”                                            and/or shoulder belt are not positioned
                                    According to Rengers, a booster seat adds the           correctly, a booster seat may help your
                                        extra height a child needs to properly fit          child better fit in the vehicle seat that has
                                          the restraints and helps to reduce the risk       been designed for an adult.
                                           of injury.
                                              “Even though the new booster seat bill
                                                                                            How you can help
                                           notes booster seat usage for children under
                                          the age of 7, all children less than 4 feet 9        The Kohl’s “Just for Kids” C.A.R.E.
                                        inches tall should ride in a booster seat to        program offered through the Children’s
                                           be correctly protected by a vehicle’s safety     Hospital Foundation Office of Child
                                              belt,” Rengers said.                          Advocacy of Kosair Children’s Hospital
                                                   For more information about using         will help provide asthma and booster
                                                 car safety and booster seats correctly,    seat education for high-risk populations
                                                   call (502) 629-KIDS or visit             in the Louisville area. As part of the
                                          , keywords           program, child advocates will host car
                                                        “buckle up.”                        seat clinics, provide asthma screenings
                                                                                            and offer follow-up education to parents,
                                                                              –Keri Shain   teachers and children in areas designated
                                                                                            as high-risk based on health and injury
                                                                                            data gathered by the hospital’s emergency
                                                                                            department. The program received
                                                                                            more than $121,000 in support from
                                                           Davion Petty, of Louisville,
                                                           demonstrates the proper use      Kohl’s Cares for Kids. Since 2006,
                                                            of a booster seat.              Kohl’s has provided more than $366,000
                                                                                            to fund health and safety efforts at
                                                                                            Kosair Children’s Hospital.
                                                                                                 To learn more about supporting
                                                                                            health and safety efforts of the
                                                                                            Children’s Hospital Foundation Office
                                                                                            of Child Advocacy of Kosair Children’s
                                                                                            Hospital, call (502) 629-8060 or visit

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A real eye opener
Tips for preventing eye

                 Each year, thousands of children ages 5 and
              younger suffer eye injuries due to accidents at
              home, in the car or while playing, according to
              the National Society to Prevent Blindness.
                 The most common causes of eye injuries to
              children include:
                 •	Misuse	of	toys
                 •	Falls
                 •	Injuries	from	household	objects	such	as		
                   garden tools, knives, forks, ink pens,
                   pencils or scissors
                 •	Contact	with	harmful	household	products		
                   that may cause an eye burn
                 •	Automobile	accidents	
                 These injuries can damage a child’s sight
              and even cause blindness, according to Paul
              J. Rychwalski, M.D., chief of ophthalmology
              at Kosair Children’s Hospital and associate
              professor of ophthalmology and pediatrics at
              the University of Louisville School of Medicine.
                 While eye injuries are common for children,
              in many cases they are preventable. Dr.
              Rychwalski suggests the following tips for
              parents and caregivers:
                 •	Be	a	good	role	model	–	always	wear	proper		
                   eye protection.
                 •	Get	protective	eyewear	for	children	and		
                   help them learn to use it correctly.
                 •	Teach	children	to	never	point	toys	with			
                   flying parts at another person.
                 •	Teach	children	how	to	safely	carry	sharp	or	
                   pointed objects.
                 •	Use	caution	near	fires	and	explosives,	such	
                   as campfires and fireworks.


 Technology helps                                      Signs and symptoms of eye injury
 physicians repair eye                                 Seek medical attention if your child:
 injuries and defects                                  	 • Has obvious pain or trouble seeing
    New eye ultrasound equipment in the surgery
 department at Kosair Children’s Hospital is           	 • Cuts or tears his or her eyelid
 helping specialists like Dr. Rychwalski better
 diagnose and treat eye injuries and other vision-     	 • Has unusual pupil size or shape
 related problems in children.
    The equipment uses high-frequency sound            	 • Has blood in the clear part of the eye
 waves to form detailed images of the eye’s
 structure. With this ultrasound equipment,            	 • Experiences impaired eye movement
 doctors can see into an injured eye, even if there
 is heavy bleeding. These very precise eye scans       	 • Has an eye that sticks out noticeably
 are not only used to diagnose injuries in trauma         more than the other eye
 cases, but also to detect tumors and other
 abnormalities in the eye.                             	 • Has something in his or her eye
     “Because this equipment provides such a
 precise, accurate view into the eye, I have more         or under the eyelid that
 information to make decisions and provide
                                                          cannot be removed easily
 treatment that will result in the best outcome
 for a child,” Dr. Rychwalski said.
    This technology also allows doctors to
 measure the length and curve of the eye before
 performing cataract surgery.
    “Every millimeter of measurement in the
 eye changes the power of the eye lens by 2.5,”
 Dr. Rychwalski said. “When I am implanting a
 lens for a child, these measurements can make
 a dramatic difference in the clarity of the
 child’s vision.”
                                         –Keri Shain

 How you can help
    Funding for the ophthalmology
 ultrasound equipment was provided by the
 Children’s Hospital Foundation. To find
 out how you can support the purchase of
 additional state-of-the-art technology, visit or call
 (502) 629-8060.

                                       B     rooks and Hal Deetsch, ages 6
                                             and 3, have a bedtime routine.
                                       Starting at 7:30 p.m., they take a bath,

                      A good night’s
                                       brush their teeth, put on their pajamas,
                                       have a story read to them, say a prayer,
                                       listen to their mother sing a song, then lie
                                       down and go to sleep.
                                           “We established a routine with Brooks

                      sleep is key
                                       when he was very young, and that has
                                       not changed,” said the boys’ mother,
                                       Anne Karrick Deetsch. “Routine has been
                                       the key.”

                      for kids
                                           According to Karen Spruyt, Ph.D,
                                       pediatric sleep medicine specialist at
                                       Kosair Children’s Hospital, the Deetsch
                                       family is doing exactly what they should
                                       to help kids get the sleep they need.
Dean Lavenson Photo

   “Establishing an age-appropriate             “Children ages 5 to 12 need between                    Signs your child is not getting
routine and a regular bedtime are the        10 and 11 hours of sleep a night,” said                   enough sleep
best things you can do for your child,”      Dr.	Gozal,	also	a	clinical	instructor	of	
                                                                                                         • Having to wake your child
she said. “Developing regular schedules      pediatrics, University of Louisville School
                                                                                                           every morning
and routines not only helps the child by     of Medicine. “That has become more
getting him or her to relax to actually go   difficult for many people with all of the                   • Falling asleep most of the
to sleep, but creates a sense of security    demands on their time.”                                       time when in the car
that allows children to sleep better.”          Dr. Spruyt recommends parents keep                       • Falling asleep earlier than
                                             track of their child’s individual sleep                       normal bedtime
Lack of sleep – a serious                    needs and watch for signs of sleepiness.                    • Cranky, irritable, hyperactive,
problem                                                                                                    trouble processing and
   One of the problems facing many           Waking up at the wrong times                                  thinking
kids is that they simply do not get              Graham	Miller,	3,	was	sleeping	well	
enough sleep.                                at night – at least up until recently when                Sleep recommendations by
   “Just like adults, kids are becoming      monsters started to haunt his dreams.                     the National Sleep Foundation
more sleep-deprived,” said Leila                 “He was doing great and now he                        18 months to 3 years
Kheirandish	Gozal,	M.D.,	pediatric	sleep	    wakes up calling for me around 4 a.m.,”
                                                                                                         12 to 14 hours, including a nap
medicine, Kosair Children’s Hospital.        said	Graham’s	mother,	Brooke	Miller.	
“Lack of sleep can affect things such as     “It’s just heart wrenching.”
performance in school as well as lead to         According to Dr. Spruyt, also assistant               3 to 5 years
behavioral and even medical problems.”       professor of behavioral sleep research                      11 to 13 hours, may include
   A recent study published in the           and developmental neuropsychology,                          a nap
journal Sleep reported that children who     University of Louisville, this is a normal
don’t get the proper amount of sleep are     occurrence for a child of this age.                       5 to 12 years
more likely to have weight problems.             “Preschoolers start to develop active                   10 to 11 hours
                                             imaginations, and it is common for them
                                             to have nightmares,” she said. “The best
                                             thing you can do is comfort your child
                                             until he or she has calmed down enough                      9.25 hours
                                             to go back to sleep.
                                                 “Any time children wake up in the                     Newborns generally sleep 10.5 to
                                             middle of the night or have trouble going                 18 hours on an irregular schedule,
                                             to sleep in the first place, don’t bring                  and infants, 9 to 12 hours at night
                                             them into your bed or crawl in their bed                  with several 30-minute naps.
                                             with them to cuddle, as that can interfere
                                             with their ability to sleep on their own.”
                                                                                                       How you can help
                                                                   –Maggie Skibba Roetker                 With funding from the Children’s
                                                                                                       Hospital Foundation, researchers are
                                                                                                       looking at the effects of sleep on children,
                                                                                                       including how obesity and health issues
                                                                                                       affect sleep. To learn how you can help
                                                                                                       further research efforts such as this, visit
                                                                                                       call (502) 629-8060.

                                             Anne Karrick Deetsch reads to her sons, Hal and Brooks,
                                             as part of their bedtime routine.

                                                            P    arents can prevent some injuries to their
                                                                 children, but others they can only hope
                                                            never happen – like a car accident last
                                                            November that left 11-year-old Taylor Kelty
                                                            with a traumatic brain injury and in a coma.
                                                               Taylor, her older brother and her father were
                                                            stuck in traffic on an interstate when an
                                                            unaware driver in a large pickup truck slammed
                                                            into the back of their car at more than 60 mph,
                                                            crushing Taylor – still seatbelted – on the
                                                            opposite side of the back seat from where she
                                                            had been sitting.
                                                               “Damage to the car was so bad that when
                                                            police arrived, they didn’t even know anyone
                                                            was in the back seat,” said Tracy Kelty,
                                                            Taylor’s mom.

                      When a parent’s worst nigh
                      Surviving traum
                                                               Miraculously, Taylor did not suffer any
                                                            broken bones or other injuries in the accident,
                      Taylor Kelty survived a car crash     which her mom credits to her limberness from
                      thanks to the trauma specialists at
                                                            six hours a week spent training for competitive
                      Kosair Children’s Hospital.
                                                               “Children’s traumatic injuries tend to be
                                                            more from blunt force than from penetrating
                                                            wounds,” said David Foley, M.D., director of the
                                                            hospital’s trauma department. “Because there’s
                                                            no visible bleeding does not necessarily mean
                                                            an injury is not serious in children.”
                                                               Taylor spent about three weeks in the “Just
                                                            for Kids” Critical Care Center, where specially
                                                            trained staff understands the unique needs of
                                                            the most seriously injured children and uses the
                                                            most sophisticated technology and equipment.
                                                               “If it weren’t for these nurses and doctors I
                                                            wouldn’t have gotten through this,” Tracy said.
                                                            “I have nothing but great things to say about
                                                            them; and the expressive therapists were so
                                                            good with our younger daughter, educating her
                                                            on what she’d see when she visited Taylor.”
                                                               After spending time in a rehabilitation facility
                                                            and then recuperating at home and receiving
                                                            outpatient rehab, Taylor is expected to make
                                                            a full recovery and be able to return to her
Dean Lavenson Photo

                                                            regular school this fall, though she will always
                                                            have brain damage.
                                                               “I don’t feel any different than before the
                                                            accident, but sometimes I think I can do
                                                            something and I can’t,” Taylor said. “I’m not
                                                            strong enough yet, which makes me kind of

                                                            sad sometimes.”
    “All of her memory is back, but she can’t go
  back to tumbling for two years,” Tracy said.           Is your family prepared
  “She’s outgoing and opinionated now too –
  before the accident she was quiet and reserved!”
                                                         for an emergency?
                                                             Most parents feel they are prepared for emergencies because they
                                                         know to call 911. But often, that’s not enough. According to the
  Standing by for emergencies                            American Academy of Pediatrics, seek medical attention right away
      At the Kosair Children’s Hospital emergency
                                                         if you think your child could die or suffer permanent harm. Be
  department, qualified pediatric trauma
                                                         prepared with the following:
  specialists are nearby and ready to take action
                                                             •	Keep	a	well-stocked	first-aid	kit	ready.
  when accidents happen. The hospital’s 24-hour
                                                             •	Keep	a	list	of	emergency	phone	numbers	accessible	
  emergency department is the only pediatric
                                                               at all times, including 911 and the Kentucky Regional Poison
  trauma center in the Louisville area and serves
                                                               Center of Kosair Children’s Hospital – (800) 222-1222.
  Western Kentucky and Southern Indiana as well.
                                                             •	Be	sure	your	child	knows	who	to	call	and	what	to	say,	
  It is specially equipped and prepared to care for
                                                               including name, address and phone number.
  young patients in a child-friendly environment.
                                                             •	Make	sure	your	house	number	is	visible	from	the	street.
                                                             •	Keep	an	up-to-date	immunization	record	for	your	child	
                                                               to help doctors more quickly diagnose a problem in

htmare comes true                                              an emergency.
                                                             •	Write	down	medical	conditions,	medications,	dosages	and		

matic injury
                                                               all allergies to help doctors properly treat problems and
                                                               avoid drug interactions or allergic reactions. If your child
                                                               has severe allergies or a chronic condition, wearing a
                                                               medical ID bracelet is recommended.
                                                             •	Be	aware	of	your	health	insurance’s	emergency	coverage.	
      “Kosair Children’s Hospital’s emergency
                                                               Some insurance companies require you to call ahead for
  equipment is geared toward children of varying
                                                               approval. Be sure you understand your policy and have
  ages,” said Dr. Foley, also assistant professor
                                                               policy numbers/cards with you.
  of surgery, University of Louisville School of
                                                             •	Take	first-aid	classes	to	learn	how	to	properly	administer	
  Medicine. “In other hospitals, they may have
                                                               CPR, the Heimlich maneuver and treat burns, sprains and
  adult-size equipment for which they must use a
                                                               broken bones. These classes are a good idea for everyone
  scale to determine what will fit a child.” This can
                                                               who takes care of your child, including grandparents
  waste precious time and may not work as well as
                                                               and babysitters.
  equipment made specifically for children.
                                                             Safe Kids Louisville and Jefferson County, a program led by
      Kosair Children’s, which received Magnet
                                                         Kosair Children’s Hospital, has been working to reduce the number
  designation for nursing excellence in 2007,
                                                         of accidents and preventable injuries for children and families by
  is in the process of becoming verified by the
                                                         providing safety education and programming throughout the area
  American College of Surgeons, meaning its
                                                         since 1988.
  readiness, resources, policies and care of trauma
                                                             Safe Kids Louisville and Jefferson County is coordinated
  patients will be validated as following standards
                                                         through the Office of Child Advocacy of Kosair Children’s
  used by the best trauma centers nationwide.
                                                         Hospital. The child advocates receive funding from the
  The American College of Surgeons is the most
                                                         Children’s Hospital Foundation. To learn more about supporting
  respected authority on children’s trauma,
                                                         ongoing safety-related education efforts, call (502) 629-8060
  according to Dr. Foley.
                                                         or visit
                                     –Jennifer Stewart

                                                        New features make
                                               imaging procedures easier for children
                                              Many children are anxious about tests and procedures like MRIs and CT scans, but new technology
                                      at Kosair Children’s Hospital is making a trip to the hospital a little less scary.
                                        To help alleviate children’s fears, the Wal-Mart Imagination Station in the MRI suite includes a special miniature
                                    scanner. Children can select a toy and slide it into the mini-scanner to learn why the toy is “sick.”
                                      “On-screen animation tells children a story and shows them the same type of images a doctor might see when looking
                                 at	a	real	MRI	scan,”	said	Kyle	Green,	associate	vice	president	of	operations	at	Kosair	Children’s	Hospital.	“By	seeing	
                                how the MRI works and what doctors see, we hope to ease children’s worries about their own tests.”
                                  Kosair Children’s Hospital also added state-of-the-art electronics that allow patients to create their own
                              MRI experience by choosing a special card that is passed over a reader in the MRI suite to turn the room
                              into a wonderland of sounds and images projected on the walls. The scenes make the experience more
                             exciting for children but also have significant clinical value by creating a soothing distraction from
                             the actual test. This reduces the need for sedation, results in less anxiety for the family and virtually
                             eliminates	the	need	for	recovery	time	after	the	scan	if	sedation	is	not	necessary,	according	to	Green.

                             The need for growth
                               Currently, Kosair Children’s is the only hospital in the city offering specialized pediatric radiology and
                             anesthesia support required for young children who must be sedated for long procedures like MRIs and
                                              CT scans, according to Karen Moeller, M.D., one of the hospital’s pediatric neuroradiologists.
                                                Due to the community’s tremendous demand for the service, it can take as long as five weeks
                                                 to schedule an elective exam.
                                                      To help reduce delays in scheduling, the hospital has added a second MRI scanner and
                                                    expanded from four sedation rooms to a 12-room sedation suite.
                                                      “With the addition of a second MRI and additional sedation rooms, we are able to serve more
                                                       patients per day,” Dr. Moeller said. “This will help shorten wait times for scheduled patients
                                                         and give us quicker access in emergency cases.”
                                                            A newly expanded waiting space, the Republic Bank Family Waiting Area, also will
                                                           improve families’ experiences.
Annette Cable Illustration

                                                                                                                          –Keri Shain
                                                How you can help
                                          The Children’s Hospital Foundation provided philanthropic leadership to reach the
                                  $10.2 million goal to support Phase I of the imaging department’s expansion and renovation.
                                                  As part of this effort, Kosair Children’s Hospital received a $3 million gift
                                                    from Kosair Charities. Additional fundraising is under way for a
                                                    $1.5 million Phase II renovation. To find out how you can support
                                                    continued efforts to expand imaging and other services at Kosair Children’s
                                                  Hospital, visit or call (502) 629-8060.

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  Regina Cissell                           Grandchildren                              Isaac Lally                                 Diana Mabley Riddle
   Jennifer L. Ballard                      Daniel R. Duncan                            Amy M. Taylor                             Stephani Riddle
                                                                                                                                  William Riddle
                                                                                                                                  Bryan R. &
                                                                                                                                  Jeanette C. Vargo

  Tributes make wonderful gifts for special occasions,                                 To make a tribute gift, return the envelope enclosed in this issue of Cart Wheels or visit
  such as:                                                                    You may also contact the Children’s Hospital
  	 •	In	recognition	of	someone’s	anniversary	or	marriage                              Foundation at (502) 629-8060. The Children’s Hospital Foundation is the philanthropic entity
  	 •	In	honor	of	a	birthday,	promotion	or	other	event                                 of Kosair Children’s Hospital.
  	 •	In	recognition	of	the	birth	of	a	baby
                                                                                       The Children’s Hospital Foundation also receives many memorial gifts. For a list, visit
                                                                              and type “memorial” in the search box.

  *Efforts have been made to include all tribute gifts. If a name was overlooked or printed incorrectly, please accept our apologies. You are invited to contact us to correct
  the error: Children’s Hospital Foundation, 234 E. Gray St., Suite 450, Louisville, KY 40202, (502) 629-8060 or                                                   11
N ws and Not s

Kids for Kids
  Lemonade stand helps
  third-graders raise funds
                                       Third-grade students at
                                       St. Margaret Mary School spent
                                       their Friday evenings during
                                       Lent manning the Patrick’s
                                       Popcorn and Lemonade Stand
                                       at the parish’s fish fries. The
                                       stand was a fundraiser for the
                                       Cancer Care and Renal Center
                                       at Kosair Children’s Hospital in
                                       honor of classmate Patrick
                                       McSweeney, 8, who underwent
  Patrick McSweeney prepares for his
  lemonade stand shift.                38 months of chemotherapy at         Texas Roadhouse mascot Andy the Armadillo cheered Bloom Elementary School
                                       the hospital in his battle against   students’ record fundraising efforts for Kosair Children’s Hospital. Left to right:
                                                                            Sheldon Berman, Ed.D., Jefferson County Public Schools superintendent; Heather
                                       acute lymphoblastic leukemia.        Parrino, Kids for Kids specialist; Janice Bobo, Bloom Elementary principal;
                                                                            Lynnie Meyer, MSN, R.N., executive director of the Children’s Hospital
                                                                            Foundation; and Susan Moore, Kids for Kids leader at Bloom Elementary.
  Minors Lane Elementary School
  In their first Kids for Kids                                              Bloom Elementary students
  effort, Minors Lane                                                       ‘Hit the Roof’ to fight diabetes
  Elementary launched a                                                     As promised to I.N. Bloom Elementary students, Jefferson County
  fundraising project in                                                    Public Schools Superintendent Sheldon Berman, Ed.D., “Hit the
  conjunction with the                                                      Roof” to reward their fundraising efforts for diabetes programming at
  school’s goal to improve                                                  Kosair Children’s Hospital. Berman and Janice Bobo, the school’s
  CATS scores by 10 points.                                                 principal, agreed to work from the rooftop if students could raise
  The students, staff and                                                   more than $20,000. Bloom students raised a record $34,500.
  faculty worked together to                                                  Fourth-grader Casey Simon was the top individual fundraiser for
  raise money. Ms. Wisdom’s class won the fundraising contest and           the third consecutive year, collecting $2,500. The top female
  spent an additional 30 minutes with Radio Disney.                         fundraiser was first-grader Mae Alice Harrell, who collected $1,500.
                                                                            Top family fundraisers, Andrew and Matthew Vessels, raised $2,476.
  Heritage Christian Academy                                                The Bloom celebration events were supported by Kohl’s Cares for
  Beta Club officers at Heritage Christian Academy, a high school in        Kids,	Yum!	Brands	and	Radio	Disney.	Buddy	Bat	and	Andy	the	
  Hopkinsville, Ky., worked with local businesses and individuals           Armadillo, mascots of the Louisville Bats and Texas Roadhouse
  to orchestrate their first dance marathon to raise money for              respectively, cheered students on.
  Kosair Children’s Hospital.

  Dance marathon keeps U of L
  students up all night
  The third annual University of Louisville Dance Marathon, presented
  by	Chili’s	Grill	&	Bar,	raised	$27,000	cash	and	in-kind	support	for	
  Kosair Children’s Hospital. Students obtained pledges
  to stay up for 24 hours, dancing and playing games. Area Chili’s
  restaurants helped promote the event by selling hot-air balloon paper
  cutouts in their restaurants in March.

                                                                            Michelle Obama, wife of Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama, reads

                                                                            to patients at Kosair Children’s Hospital, accompanied by U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth.
Corporations for Kids                                                                 Auxiliary gives $100,000
                                                                                      Members of the Kosair Children’s Hospital Auxiliary presented a
 ‘Miracle Balloons’ benefit                                                           check for $100,000 to the Children’s Hospital Foundation. The
                                                                                      group raises funds each year by operating the Kosair Children’s
 Kosair Children’s Hospital                                                           Hospital gift shop. For information on volunteering in the gift shop,
 Kosair Children’s Hospital recently became a member of the
                                                                                      call (502) 629-6122.
 Children’s Miracle Network, a nonprofit organization that raises
 funds for children’s hospitals throughout the country by working                     Left to right: Lynnie Meyer,
                                                                                      MSN, R.N., executive
 with numerous national corporations on fundraising activities that
                                                                                      director of the Children’s
 include selling paper “Miracle Balloons.” Recent balloon sales                       Hospital Foundation;
 locations included Auntie Anne’s, Circle K Midwest, Costco, Fred’s                   Karen Klempner;
                                                                                      Clara Juergens; Wendy
 Inc.,	Golden	Corral,	Golf	Galaxy,	Goody’s,	Rite	Aid,	Sam’s	Club,	
                                                                                      Schneider; Kyle Green,
 Texaco and Wal-Mart.                                                                 associate vice president of
                                                                                      Kosair Children’s Hospital;
                                                                                      Ann BecVar; Brenda Reiss;
                                                                                      Gaye Passafiume; and
 Jarrett’s Joy Cart gala                                                              Cindi Shrader, president
                                                                                      of the Kosair Children’s
 The	sixth	annual	Time	for	Joy	Gala,	an	event	to	support	Jarrett’s	Joy	               Hospital Auxiliary.
 Cart at Kosair Children’s Hospital, raised more than $20,000. The
 event, sponsored by Power Creative, helps fund the joy cart that
                                                                                      Medical camp opens doors with
 volunteers take to the Cancer Care and Renal Center at the hospital,
 distributing toys, books and movies. Before he died, Jarrett Mynear
                                                                                      help from Kosair Children’s
 established the cart to bring joy to other kids fighting cancer. In its              Hospital
 six years, the gala has raised more than $150,000.                                   The Center for Courageous Kids opened its doors in April to provide
                                                                                      a year-round camp for children with life-threatening illnesses. The
                                                                                      camp, in Scottsburg, Ky., works with Kosair Children’s Hospital to
 Golf classic raises $270,000                                                         provide medical care to the children when they are at camp.
 The	2008	Children’s	Hospital	Foundation	Golf	Classic	held	at	Lake	
 Forest Country Club and presented by Highland Associates raised                      Richard Wolf, M.D., retired medical
                                                                                      director of Kosair Children’s Hospital,
 nearly $270,000 for Kosair Children’s Hospital.                                      and Lynnie Meyer, MSN, R.N., look
                                                                                      at one of the specially designed exam
                                                                                      tables at the Center for Courageous
                                                                                      Kids’ medical facility.

                                                                                          Today’s Girl 2008
                                                                                          Nominations are now being accepted
                                                                                      	   for	the	Today’s	Girl	2008	award,		 	
                                                                                          sponsored by the Children’s Hospital
                                                                                          Foundation and Today’s Woman
                                                                                          magazine. The award is given to three girls in the community who
                                                                                          have displayed “real girl” values. To enter, girls must write an essay
                                                                                      	   (maximum	300	words)	about	why	they	are	like	an	American	Girl®.
 Tonii Rizzo, Abel Construction, Golf Classic chair and chair of the Children’s       	   					The	Today’s	Young	Girl	2008	recipients	will	be	honored	at	the		
 Hospital Foundation board of trustees, aimed for the hole as (left to right) Scott   	   American	Girl	Fashion	Show® kickoff at Fourth Street Live!
 Watkins, vice president, Norton Healthcare; Bill Abel of Abel Construction; and
 Russ Cox, executive vice president and chief operating officer, Norton Healthcare,   	   Aug.	22	and	will	receive	tickets	to	the	American	Girl	Fashion	
 hoped for the best.                                                                      Show preview party Oct. 10.
                                                                                               Nominated girls must be between the ages of 7 and 12.
 For more information about getting your school,                                          Three awards will be given in the age groups of 7 to 8, 9 to 10 and
 business or group involved in helping Kosair Children’s                                  11 to 12. Each entrant can submit only one essay. Entry deadline is
 Hospital, contact the Children’s Hospital Foundation at                                  July 31. Entry form is available at

 (502) 629-8060 or
Plann d Giving

                                                                                                                                                                        Jamie Rhodes Photo
  From left: Lynnie Meyer, MSN, R.N., chief development officer, Norton Healthcare, and executive director, Children’s Hospital Foundation; Betty and Wade Mountz;
  Cindy and Hunt Rounsavall; Anne and Albin Hayes; Rick Guillaume; Debbie Irwin; Ann Guillaume; Cheryl and Gary Stewart; Max Baumgardner; Karen and
  Doug Eighmey; Stephen A. Williams, president and chief executive officer, Norton Healthcare; and Russell Cox, executive vice president and chief operating officer,
  Norton Healthcare.
  Not pictured: Bill and Coleen Ehrig, Jonathan Dubins and Charlotte and Sonny Tharp.

  New heritage society recognizes                                                          The Wade Mountz Heritage Society is named in honor
                                                                                        of Norton Healthcare President Emeritus Wade Mountz
  planned giving donors                                                                 and embodies many of his core values, such as his vision,
     A new legacy society, the Wade Mountz Heritage Society, has                        leadership, character, commitment and integrity.
  been established for individuals who have made irrevocable                               In a career that spanned more than four decades in health
  planned gifts of $100,000 or more to support the Children’s                           care administration in Louisville, Mountz was recognized by
  Hospital Foundation and/or the Norton Healthcare Foundation.                          his peers as one of the field’s most skilled and forward-thinking
  The society recognizes those who have included the                                    executives. When he was elected chairman of the American
  foundations in their estate planning.                                                 Hospital Association in 1975, his colleagues deemed him a true
     Combined, the charter members have made gifts of more                              health care visionary. He recently was inducted into Modern
  than $6.5 million.                                                                    Healthcare magazine’s Health Care Hall of Fame.
                                                                                           Through his progressive hospital management efforts in
  Wade Mountz Heritage Society                                                          Louisville and his leadership roles in local, state and national
  charter members                                                                       organizations, Mountz has influenced the direction of health
     Children’s Hospital Foundation                                                     care in Louisville and the state of Kentucky, as well as the
     Mr.	Max	G.	Baumgardner                                                             United States, for decades to come.
     Mr. Jonathan E. Dubins                                                                New members of the Wade Mountz Heritage Society will be
     Mr. and Mrs. William J. Ehrig                                                      recognized at an annual dinner.
     Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Eighmey Jr.
     Mr.	and	Mrs.	R.K.	Guillaume                                                        Have you made the Children’s
     Ms. Debbie Irwin
     Mr.	and	Mrs.	G.	Hunt	Rounsavall
                                                                                        Hospital Foundation part
     Charlotte S. and L.E. “Sonny” Tharp                                                of your estate plans?
                                                                                        Please let us know! Call (502) 629-8060 or e-mail
     Norton Healthcare Foundation
     Mr. and Mrs. Albin B. Hayes Jr.
                                                                                        information about estate planning is available at
     Mr. and Mrs. Wade Mountz
     Mr.	and	Mrs.	Gary	L.	Stewart
     Charlotte S. and L.E. “Sonny” Tharp

Upcoming Ev nts
  For information on events or to purchase tickets, visit or call (502) 629-KIDS.
                                                                                                 CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL FOuNDATION
                                                                                                 BOARD OF TRuSTEES
Now                                                                                              Chair

           Oct. 12
                                                                                                 Tonii Rizzo, Senior Vice President

  Until                           American Girl® Raffle Win a trip for six to
                                                                                                 Abel Construction
                                                                                                 Vice Chair
  the American Girl Place Chicago. Airfare and a two-night stay are included.
                                                                                                 William J. Ehrig,	Vice	President,	Government	
  Raffle tickets are $20 each.                                                                   and	International	Affairs,	Yum!	Brands	Inc.
                                                                                                 Wesley Beckner

           Nov. 23
                                                                                                 Regional	President,	BB&T
  Until               Win a new BMW in the Children’s                                            Jackie Cain
  Hospital Foundation Car Raffle Win your choice of a new 2009 BMW Z4                            TWIGS	of	Kosair	Children’s	Hospital

  Roadster, $40,000 toward any Sam Swope BMW vehicle or $40,000 cash! 2,008                      Jack M. Combs Jr.
                                                                                                 Senior Vice President, Commonwealth SMC
  tickets will be sold for $100 each. The drawing will take place at the Festival of Trees
                                                                                                 Brannon Dixon
  & Lights, Sunday, Nov. 23, 2008. Winner need not be present to win.                            Market Manager, Wal-Mart
  Net proceeds from raffles support Kosair Children’s Hospital through the Children’s Hospital   Jonathan E. Dubins
  Foundation. Charitable gaming license #ORG: 0000851. Winner is responsible for taxes and       Pilot, UPS
  licensing fees on vehicle or cash.                                                             Bruce Dudley
                                                                                                 Attorney,	Wyatt,	Tarrant	&	Combs	LLP
                                                                                                 Douglas J. Eighmey Jr.
                                                                                                 President,	Kosair	Children’s	Hospital	&	Regional	Market

September                                                                                        Robert D. Evans
                                                                                                 Project Manager, Actus Lend Lease

  26-28             Bluegrass Balloon Festival Bowman Field, Louisville.
  All proceeds from parking benefit the Children’s Hospital Foundation. Visit
                                                                                                 Amy Garlove, M.D.
                                                                                                 Pediatrician, Children’s Health PLLC
                                                                                                 G.J. Hart for more information.                                                    CEO, Texas Roadhouse
                                                                                                 Keith Johnson
                                                                                                 President and CEO, First Federal Savings Bank

                                                                                                 Karen L. Keith
                                                                                                 Partner,	Napier	Gault	PLC
                                                                                                 R. Miles Lee Jr.

  10-12             American Girl Fashion Show , benefiting the Kosair

  Children’s Hospital NICU, Millionaires Row, Churchill Downs. Join American Girls®
                                                                                                 President, Alliance Cost Containment
                                                                                                 Wayne Mortenson, DMD
                                                                                                 President and Owner
                                                                                                 Mortenson Family Dental
  Addy, Felicity, Kirsten, Molly and Samantha for the premiere of 2008 American Girl
                                                                                                 Nicole Mosely, ARNP
  fashions. Oct. 10, 7 p.m., preview party, dinner and fashion show, presented by Merrill        Civic Volunteer
  Lynch: $50 per person. Oct. 11 and 12, 1 and 4 p.m. teas: $35 per person. Tickets              Sean Muldoon
  available starting Aug. 23. Visit for more                     Vice	President	and	General	Manager
  American Girl events this summer.                                                              Preferred Marketing Solutions
                                                                                                 Paul Oberst
                                                                                                 Vice President, Fifth Third Bank

                                                                                                 Ernest A. Sampson
                                                                                                 President	and	CEO,	KFG	Enterprises	Inc.

  1 Hanna’s Day of Hope golf outing
                                                                                                 Patrick Sartor
                                                                                                 Vice President, Business Development
                                                    , Persimmon Ridge Golf Club.                 PNC Bank
  Benefiting the Cancer Care and Renal Center at Kosair Children’s Hospital through              Matt Schulte
  the Children’s Hospital Foundation. Registration: $100 per person. For more                    President, Horizon InSight
  information or to register, call (502) 722-5384.                                               Roger Shannon
                                                                                                 Chief Financial Officer
                                                                                                 Steel Technologies Inc.

  15 Snow Ball          , benefiting Kosair Children’s Hospital, presented by OfficeWare
  at the Marriott Louisville Downtown, 7 p.m. Enjoy an evening at Louisville’s premier
                                                                                                 Cindi Shrader
                                                                                                 President, Kosair Children’s Hospital Auxiliary
                                                                                                 Jack Sweeney
                                                                                                 Senior Vice President and Corporate Relationship Manager
  holiday black tie gala, including cocktails, a gourmet dinner, dancing and silent              National City Bank
  auction. Tickets are $275.                                                                     Peter Tevebaugh
                                                                                                 Vice President and Director, Brand Business Analysis

  20-23 Festival of Trees & Lights
                                                                                                 Brown-Forman Corp.
                                                    , benefiting Kosair Children’s               Charlotte S. Tharp
                                                                                                 Vice President, Mission and Outreach
  Hospital, presented by Republic Bank at Louisville Slugger Field, 401 E. Main St.              Norton Healthcare
  Enjoy designer-decorated trees, wreaths and garlands for sale, children’s activities,          Debbie Ward
  a Sweet Shop and Gift Shop, model trains and entertainment. Admission: $5 adults,              Service Team Leader
  $3 children 12 and under and seniors. Children under 3 are free. Tickets available             Southeast Christian Church
  at the door.                                                                                   Alyce Weixler
                                                                                                 Vice President, Wealth Management Advisor
                                                                                                 Merrill Lynch
                                                                                                 Richard S. Wolf, M.D.
                                                                                                 Retired Medical Director

                                                                                                 Kosair Children’s Hospital
                                                                                                 Doug York, CPA
                                                                                                 Melhiser Endres Tucker CPAs
Providing care
that’s “Just for Kids”
Kosair Children’s Hospital is Kentucky’s
only full-service, free-standing pediatric
care facility dedicated exclusively to
caring for children and is an advocate
for the health, safety and well-being of
all children. The 263-bed hospital, which
also serves as the primary pediatric
teaching facility for the University of
Louisville School of Medicine Department
of Pediatrics, maintains an unwavering
dedication to the children of this
community and the region. To learn
more about the programs and services
offered through Kosair Children’s Hospital,

The Children’s Hospital Foundation is
the philanthropic arm of Kosair Children’s
Hospital with a mission to raise awareness
and funds to support lifesaving equipment,
research, clinical care, education,
advocacy and state-of-the-art facilities.
For more information about charitable                 Brooklyn has to make a choice: backyard baseball or swinging? Six years ago, she didn’t have

contributions that help children, call                those choices, needing surgery to repair a heart defect. Her family turned to the nurses and doctors at

(502) 629-8060 or (800) 444-2523 or visit             the Congenital Heart Center, offering the region’s most advanced heart care for adults and children.                      Beyond expertise, we treat every heart care patient like an individual with unique needs – no matter

To learn more about volunteer                         what age. Today, Brooklyn is back to enjoying all the things she loves.
opportunities at Kosair Children’s Hospital,          EXPECT MORE FROM A LEADER.
call (502) 629-6122.
                                                      For information on how Norton Heart Care can help you,
                                                      call (502) 629-1234 or visit                          In partnership with Norton Heart Care

CartWh                    ls              Fall 2008
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A quarterly publication of Kosair Children’s                                                                                                             PAID
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Hospital and the Children’s Hospital Foundation                                                                                                   PERMIT NO. 131
                                                                    Cart Wheels
Contact us at:
                                                                    Norton Healthcare
Kosair Children’s Hospital information line                         P.O. Box 35070
(502) 629-KIDS • (800) 852-1770                                     Louisville,	KY	40232-5070
Children’s Hospital Foundation
(502) 629-8060 • (800) 444-2523

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