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           Everything You Need
           for Healthy Sleep
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                                                                                   Nature, Man and Sleep

        Between Dreams
        and Reality.

        To maintain your health and vitality, you have to let go and immerse yourself in a nocturnal dream-
        land, especially after a strenuous day. SAMINA has been consistently utilising nature’s powers for more
        than 10 years, making your SAMINA sleep a very special natural sleeping experience. The unique
        SAMINA slat frame holds and supports you every night. High-grade natural materials surround your
        body and provide a pleasant, dry and warm bed environment, making reclining and sleeping a
        pleasure for body and soul every night.
           The SAMINA sleeping philosophy incorporates all known factors that promote the natural human
        sleep process. It consistently provides the biological, orthopaedic, hygienic and materials-related
        environment you need for healthy sleep. Start the new day rested and relaxed.
           Charge your batteries with physical and mental energy. Without
        realising it, your whole system will go through an enormous building
        and regeneration process for body and soul.

                                                                                   The SAMINA bed –
                                                                                   An inexhaustible source of energy.

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                                                                                     Higher Quality of Life

        and Vitality.

        Sleep represents an essential recuperation process for body, mind and spirit. So much depends
        on sleep: health, performance level and a feeling of well being. More and more people suffer from
        sleeping disorders and back problems. According to the Swiss Rheumatism Association, more than
        50 % of the population suffers from acute back problems and 90 % of the population has consulted
        a doctor at least once because of back problems. This is no mere coincidence. These problems arise
        from the world we live in and from causes that we are able to identify, for example the wrong bed.
           SAMINA combines the results of modern sleep research (according to the most recent estimates,
        more than 60 % of the population suffers from sleep disorders) with requirements generated by
        doctors, orthopaedic surgeons, therapists and natural health specialists. We put the principles of healthy
        sleep, taken from the science of living-space biology, into practice
        without compromise. The result is a complete sleeping system that in-
        corporates the soothing and regenerative energy of natural materials
        such as wood, virgin sheep’s wool, natural rubber and cotton. This is
        one of the important reasons why more and more people are choos-
        ing SAMINA as their partner for the “sleeping third” of their life.
           Success stories from thousands of satisfied SAMINA customers
        speak for themselves – world-wide. Only the best is good enough for
        healthy sleep.

                                                                                     Harmony and healthy sleep
                                                                                     for a nice day.

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                                                                                 Nature as a Source of Strength

        Using Nature’s

        SAMINA only uses materials in their natural state. The energy contained in healthy wood, bio-active
        wool from living sheep and naturally pure cotton materials operate on body, mind and soul. With
        SAMINA, you spend your nights with materials that you can trust. Treat your body to the highest
        levels of relaxation and cuddle up in covers as soft as sheep’s fleece.
           Conscientious workmanship by our skilled craftsmen preserves the high-grade material energy con-
        tained in the natural raw materials, making the SAMINA bed your personal source of natural energy
        and giving you deep, restful sleep. People who prefer using nature’s powers for healthy sleep choose
           This is why doctors, orthopaedic surgeons, building engineering biologists and natural health
        specialists recommend SAMINA out of conviction. Paracelsus back
        in his day already understood the effects of a bed on human health,
        and this principle still applies today.

                                                                                 The SAMINA Four Seasons duvet –
                                                                                 pure natural materials for the best bed environment.

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                                                                                  Skilled Craftsmanship

        Made In House –

        Great care is taken during extraction of our valuable raw materials. All materials used are subjected
        to stringent testing for contaminants. However, what good are natural raw materials if unhealthy
        auxiliary materials are used in the production process? This is why these precious materials are for
        the most part carefully processed by hand in their natural state at SAMINA. The unique SAMINA
        beds are made in a calm, well-lighted ambience.
          Great emphasis is placed on first-class workmanship. This is why we manufacture SAMINA com-
        ponents using traditional methods of craftsmanship. Every wool product is filled, fastened and sewn
        by hand. Many hours of manual labour are contained in a SAMINA sleeping system. Each SAMINA
        product is made with great care, making it a valuable, distinct item.
          We guarantee highest-grade quality that will give you years of
        pleasure. SAMINA – for you and your healthy sleep.

                                                                                  Professional craftsmanship and
                                                                                  gentle production methods.

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                                                                      Reclining and Sleeping that is Good for Your Back

        The Spine –
        The Key Factor.

           In every sleeping position, the spine should lie so that it conforms
        to its natural S-shape. The highly-flexible slat frame provides the
        foundation needed to meet all medical-orthopaedic requirements
        for anatomically correct reclining and sleeping. In combination with
        the point-elastic natural rubber mattress and the virgin wool pad, the
        spine is given the best possible support and posture in every sleeping
        position. We often change our body position while we are sleeping.
        No sleeping position is maintained for more than two hours, most for
        less than one. 20 to 60 changes in position are regarded as normal.
           SAMINA always guarantees optimal and automatic adaptation to         More and more people suffer from back problems.
        your particular sleeping position. This is why the SAMINA sleeping
        system, perfectly adapted to the human body, is able to provide relaxation for the back and can
        prevent back problems. It increases your quality of sleep night after night, summer and winter,
        throughout your life.

        You need optimal support to recline properly

        It should neither be as rigid          nor flex like                      It should only give at the point
        as a stone bridge,                     a suspension bridge.               of load.

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                                                                                    A System for Sleeping

        Much More Than
        the Sum of its Parts.

        Although many of the secrets of sleep have not yet been uncovered, medical experts generally agree
        that the quality of the internal elements of a bed has a significant influence on the quality of sleep.
        SAMINA has spent years working together with scientists and experts to develop a complete sleeping
           The focus has been placed on the highly flexible and freely suspended SAMINA slat frame.Next
        comes the point elastic SAMINA natural rubber mattress and the SAMINA virgin wool pad with cli-
        mate regulation. A duvet, filled with virgin wool in its natural state that adapts to the body’s posture,
        and a pillow from the extensive SAMINA range round off the SAMINA sleeping system. We provide
        you with a no-compromise implementation of existing knowledge about natural processes packaged
        into concrete problem solutions for your night-time pleasure.
           All components are perfectly suited to each other and guarantee
        relaxing sleep. We can cater to your personal and individual modi-
        fication requests and perform fine adjustments at any time.

                                                                                    SAMINA is built up in layers
                                                                                    just like the human body.

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        Relaxation for Body and Min

        Most sleeping support products react passively to the person sleeping on them. Depending on the
        material and the support elements used, the body, together with shoulders and hips, sinks in to
        a greater or lesser degree. The lighter body parts lie on top. The necessary pressure equalisation is
        often lacking, and the body adapts to the supporting elements. The result is that the spine as well as
        muscle tension must provide the necessary equalisation. The muscles remain tense all night. Optimal
        regeneration is impossible.
           The SAMINA Royal is completely different. Surface pressure applied by the body is taken up by
        the patented, double-sided, freely suspended SAMINA Royal slat frame and is distributed in
        proportion to body weight and length. The unique construction of the double-sided SAMINA Royal
        slat frame creates active counter-pressure, providing optimal support
        to the lower spine and also relief for the spinal discs and muscles.
        There is continuous equalisation of pressure between the person
        sleeping and the supporting elements. The muscles can completely let

                                                                                  SAMINA Royal – gives way and supports.

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                                                                                   The Secret of SAMINA


        go and relax in any sleeping position, avoiding pressure spots, hardening of the muscles and circula-
        tion problems.
           SAMINA Royal continuously provides supporting, cushioning and equalising interaction with the
        person sleeping, independent of body weight. The unique construction absorbs and equalises every
        body movement, reliably preventing incorrect behaviour during sleep. You notice it immediately –
        the SAMINA Royal slat frame “thinks” and reacts along with your body. This significantly enhances
        the quality of sleep and guarantees optimal regeneration. As soon as you lie down to test the
        SAMINA Royal, you sense its unique properties.

          R     R        R     S    R     S        R = Relieve
                                                   S = Support

        Optimal sleep supporting elements must be capable of providing relief
        and support. SAMIINA provides appropriate relief to key parts
        of the body, in particular the hips and shoulder area. Active support of
        the lower back and neck area by the sleeping system is equally             Nothing can really go wrong when the day
        important, however. When this support is provided, our body assumes a      starts like this.
        ideal, natural position.
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                                                                                        Healthy Bed Environment

        Balanced Environment…
               …Point Elasticity.

        The SAMINA Royal virgin wool pad forms the top layer of the three-part SAMINA Royal. It is filled
        with 100 % biologically active virgin wool of best Merino quality, providing an ideal dry-warm bed
        environment. Wool fibre in its natural state stores moisture equal to more than a third of its own weight
        The resulting dry warmth lets you sleep comfortably and has an anti-rheumatic effect.
           The cover is made of pure cotton that breathes and is gentle on the skin. SAMINA Royal wool fleece
        is bonded using a labour-intensive dotted cross-stitch method. This avoids cold bridges and creates
        the incomparable SAMINA bed environment.
           The SAMINA Royal natural rubber mattress efficiently transfers the action and properties of the
        slat frame. It is characterised by particularly high point elasticity and an exceptionally good resilience.
        With SAMINA, you can be sure that the mattress
        core contains 100 % natural rubber.

                                                                 Natural rubber is characterised       Pure virgin wool has
                                                                 by good resilience.                   a soothing effect.

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                                                                                       Sophisticated Accessories

        Perfect in all
        Reclining Positions.

        The SAMINA Royal sleeping system also offers a series of sophisticated accessories made of solid
        beech wood. The SAMINA reading upright contains no metal and guarantees an anatomically correct
        spinal position as well as gentle positioning of the joints while you are reading in bed. The SAMINA
        Royal relaxation frame puts your spine when lying prone in a relaxing position. It is used for thera-
        peutic purposes for short periods of time, particularly to relieve the spinal discs after a busy day, rather
        than for sleeping. You can use special wedges to raise the head and foot areas by about 4 cm.
          You can use the installation set to quickly turn your bed into a naturally healthy SAMINA bed.
        The reading upright, the relaxation frame as well as the head and foot wedges can be added at
        any time. Of course we can do the entire installation for you on request.

                                                                 The metal-free reading upright guarantees anatomically
                                                                 correct spinal posture while you are reading in bed.

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                                                                                     Great Environment

        Marvellous Duvets
        and Pillows.

        This is an aspect that makes us particularly proud, and you can be proud as well. The wool fillings
        in SAMINA duvets and pillows contain only 100 % biologically active virgin wool of high-grade
        Merino quality taken from free-range sheep. Virgin sheep wool is one of the best climatic fibres in
        existence. It is comfortably warm in the winter and pleasantly cool in the summer. Its extraordinary
        ability to store moisture equal to about 30 % of its own weight and rapidly release it to air in the room
        makes virgin sheep’s wool an ideal filling material.
           The SAMINA Four Seasons duvet has a pure untreated cotton covering as well as the quality
        benefits of whole yarn. Made using a labour-intensive cross-stitch process, it is cuddly, fluid and
        simply marvellous. It consists of a light summer duvet and a warm autumn duvet. Both duvets are
        also available individually in all standard duvet sizes. You can now
        also get the new thin, airy “Midsummer Night’s Dream” duvet designed
        for the height of the summer.
           The right pillow is also very important for orthopaedic reasons and
        to maintain the proper bed environment. Do you normally sleep on
        your side, your back or your stomach? One of the 8 SAMINA pillows
        is sure to be your favourite.

                                                                                     For example, the SAMINA Balance:
                                                                                     ideal for the sensitive neck.

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                                                                                 More Energy during the Day

        Sleeping Better
        Enhances Success.

        Top athletes and successful people swear by the healthy sleep they get from SAMINA. The relation-
        ship between healthy, relaxing sleep and physical and mental performance levels has been known
        for a long time. The performance demands placed on modern man continue to increase. New techno-
        logies lead to very rapid change.
           The good news is that from the beginning, man has been exposed to conditions that have con-
        tinually changed at an increasing rate. He has met this challenge and has grown with it. He will
        continue to do so in the future. The important thing is to maintain the correct relationship between
        tension and relaxation. Take short breaks during the day. They give you renewed strength. Use your
        holidays and free days to “turn off”.
           Also, create the best conditions for sleeping. This lets you make the
        best use of the relaxation and regeneration phase during the night.

                                                                                 High demands on performance during the day require
                                                                                 healthy, regenerative sleep.

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                                                                                   Internal Elements

        Increased Harmony
        and Contentment.

        Every person is born to recognise and fulfil his or her personal calling in life. Health, harmony, con-
        tentment, success and happiness do not always follow as a matter of course.
           There are many ways of finding one’s own “middle path” and activating vital energy. The energy-
        consuming aspects of our high-performance society (the drive towards faster, higher and more
        powerful achievement) are destabilising more and more people. This makes it important for you and
        your family to recognise that healthy sleep is a source of strength in your life. If you want to remain
        healthy, you must first of all enjoy healthy sleep. Good, relaxing sleep has a direct influence on
        our ability to perform and maintain our equilibrium as well as on our immune system.
           The entire SAMINA sleep philosophy can help you achieve physical and spiritual equilibrium
        through healthy, bio-regenerative sleep – for a beautiful morning,
        a successful day, and for a good life.

                                                                                   Health is the sum of positive influences
                                                                                   on body, soul and spirit.

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                                                                                    Experience and Advice

        You Need Healthy Sur-
        roundings to Sleep Well.

        You have learned a great deal about the SAMINA sleep philosophy. Yet even this extensive informa-
        tion does not suffice if you want to achieve healthy sleep or tackle your back and sleep problems.
        Experience the SAMINA sleep system yourself. Try it out and experience the unique feeling. Your
        personal SAMINA sleeping expert will be happy to take the time to give you comprehensive advice
        on all aspects of healthy sleep.
           SAMINA offers you many variations to meet your individual needs. We will provide you with
        information about the right bed frame, proper care for SAMINA products and much more, includ-
        ing information about a sleeping location free of external interference. Electrical and magnetic fields,
        for example, can have a significant impact on health and sleep. This is why we address these sources
        of interference within the scope of the advice we
           Visit your nearest SAMINA centre. We will do all
        we can to ensure that you and your family can enjoy
        naturally healthy sleep. We should also mention that
        we are totally convinced that we offer top quality
        products. This is reflected in our product guarantee
        and our return policy. Take advantage of the decades
        of experience that SAMINA has gathered. Your health
        will show its appreciation.

                                                                   Chief Physician Dr. Alex Witasek has chosen SAMINA
                                                                   for the Lanserhof Health Centre.

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        Comprehensive Advice
        Will Increase the Quality
        of Your Life
        Your personal specialist shop for healthy sleep:

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