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									        Welcome to Season 2007                         given the water position – decided that no new
                                                       teams would be allowed to be fielded in 2007.
Season 2007 is now upon us! After a delayed start      In 2007 we welcome back senior coach Dave
to the season, the action finally kicks off this       Matthews and U19’s “super coach” Michael
Saturday with a home game against C Section            Oaten, together with our new reserves/assistant
newcomers Rupertswood. There is no doubt that          coach Kornel Dachs. Kornel takes over from
all players representing Ormond this weekend will      Peter O’Dea who has been appointed reserves
be keen to impress in the first outing for the Club    coach at St Bedes-Mentone. Good luck to each of
in ’07.                                                our coaches, a warm Ormond welcome to Kornel,
                                                       and a big thank you from all at Ormond to Peter for
       From the President’s Mouth                      his years of exemplary service.

Welcome     all    supporters,
members and players to
Season 2007 - a season in
which we celebrate 75 years in
the ammos!

At last our season gets under
way on 28th April at Buxton
Oval against new comers to C
Grade Rupertswood. I look
forward to seeing all our members and supporters
in attendance to (hopefully) see the first of many
wins for the season.

For a while there, like all VAFA Clubs, we didn’t                    Ormond Coaches for 2007
                                                       (L-R) Michael Oaten, Kornel Dachs and Dave Matthews
know when, or even if, we were going to have a
start for the 2007 season given the state of the
                                                       Off field the committee, mainly through Mark
weather, the grounds and the policies of many
                                                       Gilmore, has been working hard to secure
councils - including the City of Glen Eira. Whilst
                                                       sponsors for Season 2007. We are thrilled to have
pre season has been severely restricted in terms of
                                                       our major sponsors Buxton Real Estate and
the availability of Buxton Oval, it has not stopped
                                                       Layton Press return again, together with a number
the OAFC players turning up to train, and we have
                                                       of our other sponsors (see our website for a full
recorded the highest number of attendees ever at
                                                       listing www.oafc.com.au). We are always looking
pre season.
                                                       for more sponsors so if you are interested in
                                                       finding out the great benefits of sponsoring OAFC,
With the influx of ex Under 19 players now of
                                                       or you know someone who might be, do not
open age, a return of some former players who
                                                       hesitate to contact either Mark or myself. Ormond
have been away/overseas for the last season or two,
                                                       simply cannot survive financially without the
plus some new recruits, there is no shortage of
                                                       support of our sponsors so I urge all members and
players. This will mean that pressure is being
                                                       supporters to avail themselves wherever possible of
exerted on all 3 teams for players to really perform
                                                       our sponsors’ services and/or products.
each week.
                                                       Furthermore without the tireless effort and support
Due to the number of players, the committee made
                                                       of our volunteers we would not get teams out on
the decision last year to field a Club 18 team.
                                                       the field each Saturday but, as with many sporting
Ultimately, however, this decision was taken out of
                                                       clubs, we can never have enough helpers on deck.
our hands as the City of Glen Eira - understandably
If you have a couple of spare hours once in a while    Ormond boys benefiting immensely from Kane and
please don’t hesitate or be shy to put your hand up!   James’ knowledge and enthusiasm.

As we are celebrating our 75th Anniversary in
2007, there are some special events planned. These
include the first function for the year – Back to
Ormond - on May 12, as well as the Past and
Present Players Annual Dinner celebrating 75
Years, to be held on Saturday 28 July at
Moorabbin Town Hall.

What 2007 Season holds for
us is anyone’s guess, but I
know all our players are
jumping out of their skins
waiting for the season to
start. Like all clubs at this
time of year we are                                    From the first session after Xmas, Kane and James
optimistic and hopeful but,                            were able to push the players harder than they’ve
unlike all clubs, I think we                           been pushed in a long time. They challenged the
have good reason to be.                                boys to work outside of their comfort zone, and
                                                       there is little doubt that the playing group is as fit
Good luck and good footy to all in 2007.               and healthy as it has been in a long time.

Go Monders!                                            The benefits to the playing group of a good
                                                       preseason are well documented, and that is why the
John Chisholm                                          Club will start the season in as good a shape as
President                                              could have been hoped.
                                                       Our thanks must go to Kane and James for their
                Football Report                        work and enthusiasm in getting the boys to the
                                                       stage they are today. Both Kane and James earned
                                                       the respect of the group in a very short time, as was
                                                       reflected in the quality of work being done.
In the last edition we mentioned that Kane
Malherbe and James Mundy from Tri Fitness had
been engaged to run Ormond’s preseason.

                                                                  Kane and James from Tri Fitness

                                                       From all at the Club, thank you Kane and James,
All reports indicate that the appointment of Tri       and all at Tri Fitness, for the work that you have
Fitness has been a huge success, with all of the       done. And the word on the street is that James may
even come down for a run at some stage during the
year, so be sure to remind him of that next time       If you miss out on a game, persevere, your chance
you see him!                                           will come, it’s up to you. To all those players
                                                       fortunate enough to wear the Brown and Blue in
For more information on the services offered by        Round 1, best of luck and may you all play to your
Tri Fitness, visit www.trifitness.com.au.              optimum capability.

SEASON 2007                                            David Matthews
                                                       Senior Coach
Phase 1 – (Preseason Training) has all but finished,
and the awaited Phase 2 (Home and Away Season)                          Netball Report
is set to begin.
                                                       OAFC NETBALL CLUB: SEASON PREVIEW
I think many players have enjoyed feeling their
fitness and energy levels increase over the
                                                       The OAFC Netball Club was established in 2004,
preseason, with renewed confidence in their
                                                       in an attempt to involve the many wives, partners,
aerobic capacity and recovery.
                                                       sisters and friends of Ormond football players. This
                                                       initiative was a result of a few Ormond boys
                                                       having played previously in country leagues where
                                                       netball clubs are closely affiliated, and are integral
                                                       to the success of the clubs', social and supporter

                                                       2007 will be the fourth year of affiliation between
                                                       the OAFC and the Netball Club, and we will again
                                                       enter three teams into Oakleigh Recreation
                                                       Centre's Winter Competition. So if you are keen to
                                                       see some of the competitive ladies in action, come
                                                       down on a Monday or Thursday night to show your

To our supporters and members, see you at EE           2007 will also be the fourth year of involvement
Gunn for Round 1 and we look forward to your           for a number of netballers, some of whom have
continued devotion in our 75th Anniversary year.       played over 60 games for the Club. To get to know
                                                       some of the girls a bit better, following are profiles
Our Practice match form against University Blues,      of the Monders, Ormondettes and Gunners
Mazenod and Beaumaris has been very                    respective Captains.
encouraging with many players showing
improvement after an arduous preseason.                NETBALL PLAYER PROFILES

The restraints in regards to water restrictions have   Monders
been disruptive, but let’s not be distracted on this
issue and focus on the goal that lies ahead.           Name: Brooke Phyland

We are currently in a very healthy situation in        Nickname: Chooka
regards to numbers of players, and I hope that this
trend will continue throughout the season. A           Age: 29ish
successful club needs to have ambitious players
putting pressure on each other to bring the best out   Occupation:               Health
of them.                                               Information Manager
Been playing netball since: 1985 when I was the
nuggetty grade 3'r recruited to play for Grade 4's at   Name: Edwina Deledio
Echuca South PS. I only played for the oranges at
half time!                                              Nickname: Ed

Connection to OAFC: I'm another one from                Age: 29
Echuca and went to school with Guru, Bryce,
Leigh Leigh, CT & co. After moving to                   Occupation: Mum, housewife,
Melbourne a few of the boys began playing with          Paediatric Nurse
Ormond and so I tagged along to a few social
functions at the Club (and made a semi-appearance       Been playing netball since: 1987 at Echuca East
at footy trip one year!).                               Primary. I have vivid memories of an opponent
                                                        whose personal hygiene was so bad I had to leave
Position: Mid-court. I fancied myself as a C            the court! Who would have thought B.O. could be
player for many years, but lung capacity and fitness    so rife at the ripe old age of 12.
(lack thereof) see me usually play WA for the
Monders.                                                Connection to OAFC: I’m married to the smallest
                                                        man on the field.
Something interesting others may not know about
you: I grew up on the river, but can't water-ski!       Position: I go where’s needed, but usually play
                                                        Something interesting others may not know about
Name: Sapphira Rowe                                     you: I can lick my elbow.

Nickname: Saph (although
Chooka likes to mix it up a                                              Ormond News
bit so Sophia, Fascia, Rowey
are also used depending on
the occasion)                                           CONGRATULATIONS – ALAN NAYLOR

Age: 30                                                 At the Football Victoria Members Awards Dinner
                                                        held on Friday 16th February, our very own Alan
Occupation: Admin Team Leader                           Naylor was one of only two recipients of the 2006
                                                        Football Victoria AFL Merit Award for
Been playing netball since: '89, when we'd ride         outstanding services to Australian Football. This
down to the south courts with our stack-hats on to      award recognises outstanding contributions to
play in a team called 'Smilies'                         Australian football over an extended period.

Connection to OAFC: We started going to OAFC            Presented with his award by Football Victoria's
social functions because of our friendship with         Chairman Bob Tregear, Alan was warmly received
Bryce Deledio. At an OAFC function, met Digger          as a significant contributor to football and, more
& he's my most recent connection! Thanks Brycie         specifically, the Ormond Amateur Football Club.
                                                        Alan has been a servant of the club for over 25
Position: Centre or WA/WD                               years after a long and distinguished football career.

Something interesting others may not know about         Alan is a Life Member of the club and will team
you: I like a good body-roll on the dance floor         manage the under 19 team in 2007. The AFL Merit
                                                        Award is the most significant award offered and
                                                        we can all be very proud of 'Nails'.
DAVID CHISHOLM                                       The weather cooperated, producing a magnificent
                                                     day for bowls, with a light north-westerly assisting
David Chisholm, Ormond junior football player        the forehand bowlers. With cheap drinks and a
and son of long-time player and sponsor, Andrew      magnificently cooked bbq on offer, the stage was
Chisholm, recently competed in the Australian        set for a ripping contest.
National Netball Championships in Perth. David’s
performances were so noteworthy that he was          In     the     early     stages    the      bowling
chosen in the Under 19 All-Australian side.          was…well…inconsistent, but as the matches
Congratulations David!                               progressed, the talent came out for all to see. The
                                                     early pace was set by the teaming of Deledio,
VALE                                                 Deledio, Keleher and Rowe (Jonathan), while in
                                                     the lower half of the draw, Matthews, Metz, Hall
Dr Geoff Wigley                                      and Cahalane were having difficulty advancing
Dr Geoff Wigley passed away suddenly on Friday       past the team of Martin and co.
March 30. Geoff had an association with Ormond
which lasted for more than 20 years from the early
1980s. He practiced medicine in the Ormond area,
and regularly treated injured Ormond players
during the glory years. Geoff was a financial
member of the Club right up until his untimely
death, and he was held in high esteem by players
and supporters alike.

The committee, members and players of the
Ormond Amateur Football Club offer their
sympathy to Diana and all of Geoff’s family and
friends. He will be sadly missed.

                Social Update
                                                     But after all of the preliminary matches were
                                                     complete, there were two remaining who would
                                                     battle out for the prize (beer and wine).
                                                     Surprisingly, Keleher, Rowe, Brown and Phyland
On Sunday April 1st approximately 40 of Ormond’s
                                                     (the Deledios had to depart early) were slow out of
finest lawn bowlers descended on Coatesville
                                                     the blocks, and Matthews, Metz, Hall and Cahalane
Bowls Club to contest the inaugural ‘OAFC Lawn
                                                     took an early lead.
Bowls Championship’.
                                                     Then in the 3rd end, Matthews’ nemesis, Brown,
                                                     produced a fine display of bowling to narrow the
                                                     gap. It was all to no avail, however, as Matthews
                                                     and co ran away with a comfortable victory.
                                                     Afterwards Matthews said, “It’s a great honour
                                                     winning the Ormond Lawn Bowls Championship.
                                                     Some great bowlers have won this event in the
                                                     past, and it’s just a real honour to be mentioned in
                                                     the same breath as them”.

                                                     I’m not sure if Dave realised at the time, but
                                                     inaugural means first. Nevertheless, we should all
congratulate the winning team - Mick Cahalane,                          Sponsor Profile
Greg Hall, Shane Metz and Dave Matthews.
                                                         In this edition we profile two of Ormond’s great
                                                         sponsors, Firebase and Stringers Sports.

                                                         FIREBASE SPRINKLER SYSTEMS

                                                         Firebase has been a significant contributor to
                                                         Ormond for a number of years. This has not
                                                         simply     been     support   through   financial
                                                         contributions – Firebase now employs no less than
                                                         nine Ormond players. They are:

                                                         Jacob Dale (pictured)
                                                         Matt Martinov
                                                         Ash Russell
                                                         Andrew Cook
 Winners of the OAFC Lawn Bowls Championship 2007        Russ Wiley
       (From left) Mick, Greg, Shane and Dave
                                                         Chris Everett
                                                         Rob Chisholm
UPCOMING FUNCTIONS                                       Chris Lees
                                                         Brad Cromack
Back to Ormond – Celebrating 75 years
The first social function of the Season will be held     Firebase was formed
on Saturday May 12 after the Round 3 home                14 years ago in the
match against Old Carey.                                 back of a panel van
                                                         and, since then, has
In this, our 75th Anniversary year, it is important      grown into one of the largest sprinkler protection
that we get as many ex-Ormond players and                companies in the eastern states.
supporters back to the Club to celebrate what has
been a sensational 75 years of football.                 Firebase deals in all aspects of fire protection in
                                                         commercial and industrial buildings.          They
So everyone is encouraged to come along on the           specialise in shopping centres, high rise office
night dressed in their oldest Ormond gear to             towers and residential apartment towers, and
celebrate 75 years of football at the greatest Club in   customised client warehouses.
the Amateurs.
                                                         Some of Firebase’s major achievements include
See the Ormond website, www.oafc.com.au for all          Vodafone Arena, DFO in Essendon and major
of the details.                                          upgrades to Chadstone, Knox and Watergardens.

Home Game Lunch – Saturday May 12                        Ormond player Jacob Dale has been with Firebase
The first home game lunch will be held on                for over 11 years, and is now the General Manager
Saturday May 12 before the match against Old             of the company. Ormond is very proud to have
Carey.                                                   such a great long term sponsor in Firebase.

See David Symes or Rod Strahan for further                        Firebase Sprinkler Systems
information.                                                       Suite 21, 1 Ricketts Road
                                                                       Mount Waverley
         9558 6466 or 0408 057 366                     Stringers Sports Store
              See Jacob Dale                         306 Clayton Road, Clayton
           www.firebase.com.au                               9544 2925
                                                        See Frank Stringer


Long time Ormond sponsor, Frank Stringer,
opened Stringers Sports with his wife in December
1956 and, since the 1960s, has been a dedicated
Ormond supporter.

Frank started placing advertisements in the
Ormond magazine, the “Brown and the Blue”, in
the 1960s, and came on board as an official
sponsor in the early 1970s.

After a few years of
watching the senior
sides, Frank was
encouraged to join the
General Committee
by then President,
Frank Eishold. He
subsequently joined
the Committee in
1983, and has been a
consistent contributor to the Club ever since.

Stringers Sports specialises in Asics footwear and
apparel, and Frank is always willing to help out
Ormond players and supporters. So for all of your
sporting footwear and clothing needs, be sure to
visit Stringers Sports for a great deal.

Thank you Frank for providing over 40 years of
support to Ormond, and we look forward to
maintaining the relationship for many years to

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