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					                           Tongariro National Park Trip 2008
Hi there Mountaineers!
This is a message to the people who have committed to this years TNP trip. Unfortunately this year we
could not get the Whakapapa Lodge where we usually stay, so we will be staying at two different
locations. 23 will be at the Forest and Bird Lodge and 12 will be at a Backpackers lodge at Erua. I’ll sort
out who goes where in a few days time.
Evan has agreed to be Lodge Dad at the F&B Lodge and we’ll appoint a lodge Mum / Dad at Erua later.

             This year’s Cunning Plan: The Ascent of Tongariro and Ngauruhoe

Friday 21st March
Depart Hamilton early morning – say 8am - 9am
Arrive at accommodation before lunch
Eat packed lunch
Assemble at Whakapapa Visitor Centre prepared for short tramp or a muck around
Return to Lodgings, shower etc
Evan and I check out that place we checked out last year
Prepare dinner – own meal or bring food for pot luck
Bed, hopefully around 9.00 or 9.30pm

Saturday 22 March
Up early – say 7.00am
Make sure everyone has really short toenails
Have a good breakfast (make sure everyone eats breakfast – this is very important)
Travel by car to the beginning of Mangatepopo Track
Tramp as one group to the saddle between Tongariro and Ngauruhoe (about 1 ½ - 2 hours)
Group splits into two parties – one will climb to summit of Tongariro and the other to the summit of
Ngauruhoe, each group with designated leaders
The Tongariro group will be generally the younger members in the club
The Ngauruhoe group will be the more experienced Junats aged 14 or older
Each group will descend independently and make their way back to their Lodgings at the end of the
day (careful planning for transport needed here)
Dinner (and that place maybe) and an evening by the fire

Sunday 23rd March
Pack up, clean Lodgings and leave by 10am
Drive home or consider any one of a number of short walks in the area or a swim at Tokaanu Hot

        We will only be going high on the mountains in perfect weather. If it is not perfect weather
         there are lots of other options for us.
        Costs for the Lodges will be dearer than last year (no BBQ to subsidise the trip this year) and
         should be around $24 per head per night.
        Kathmandu have an “ Easter Sale” starting on the 14th March if you need any gear
                               SOME SUGGESTIONS REGARDING CLOTHING ETC

1.   It is very important that every person on the walk, including every child, carries his/her own pack. In
      that pack will be spare clothing, snacks, raincoat etc. No exceptions- even littlies must carry basic
      survival gear.

2.   Don’t underestimate the possibility of REALLY cold weather conditions – wind and maybe even snow,
     so consider taking lots of polar fleece clothing.

3.   All you oldies with gammy ankles, hips, knees, backs etc might consider purchasing a walking stick. I
     use one and I’m not that old. I recommend it, and you’re not borrowing mine. El cheapo ones cost
     around $30 and really good ones are about $115. Get the type with the angled handle. Descending
     the mountain is pretty tough if you’ve got sore bits, and I find the walking stick a big help. Talk to Colin
     at Trek and Travel for the best advice.

4.   Water- everyone will have to carry water because the streams we see on the way carry non-drinkable
     water. Take a 2 litre bottle for each person. Consider adding electrolyte.

5.   Minimum gear list: (borrow stuff if you’re not keen to spend too much)

    Water proof rain coat- not a wind cheater
    Shorts
    Long trousers, preferably polyprop (not jeans)
    Hat- woollen or polyprop- covering ears
    Woollen socks
    Sturdy shoes- trainers in good condition are OK, boots are better
    Spare clothing- woollen or polyprop- in the pack, not the car
    Gloves/mittens- woollen or polyprop
    Snack food (high energy, like bananas, lollies) and drink- 2 litres
    Sunhat, sunglasses and sunscreen

OPTIONAL- but a good idea

    Waterproof over trousers
    Puttees
    Walking stick
    Nail clippers (to cut those toe nails!)
    First aid kit- Junats have 3 but you could bring extra plasters/blister dressings
    Paracetamol or equivalent in case of blisters etc
    Silver emergency blanket
    Energy drink such as Powerade (provides electrolytes- muscles aren’t sore the next day)
    Board games in case we’re Lodge bound
    Togs etc for Tokaanu

Hot tip! You’ve got one week for some serious training!

Hope I haven’t forgotten anything vital. Any questions ring me at home in the evenings.

Dave Matthews
ph 846 4013