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        This FALCON 2009 Conference Pack contains most of the information that was shared
at the FALCON 2009 Annual Meeting in Washington, DC, on October 17-20, 2009. The
information includes PowerPoint presentations, handouts, abstracts, notes, and training materials.

         In the table below, files are listed in the order of the meeting’s agenda, with the first
number indicating the day of the conference (zero indicates introductory material). These files
are ordered similarly in the FALCON Document Library on the Web portal. To Open or Save
the file, simply click on the file’s name. The files listed below represent various computer
formats, for which you will need the appropriate software.

      Note: Because some PowerPoint presentations have very large file sizes, they have been
condensed into a Web-based format, and are not available for download.

       If you have any questions, difficulties or suggestions, please contact John Phillips, at, 573-234-2064.

File name                                 Description                                                 Format
0-1 Read Me First                         Instructions for Conference Pack                            Word
0-2 Conference Program                    The conference program                                      Adobe pdf
0-3 FALCON 2009 participant list          The final participant list                                  Excel
1-1 Indigenous Wellness Training          Leatrice Lewis’ Indigenous Wellness training agenda         Adobe pdf
                                          and outline.
1-2 Indigenous Wellness Model             Leatrice Lewis’ model on Indigenous Wellness.               JPEG image
1-3 Poster Session Abstracts              Abstracts of the poster displays by tribal college          Word
                                          students and faculty, and other conference
2-1-Maresca-Bridge-Trad-West-Med          “Bridging Traditional and Western Medicine for              PowerPoint
                                          Wellness.” Keynote presentation by Terry Maresca,
                                          University of Washington, School of Medicine
2-2 Faculty Presentation Panels Program   Abstracts of the presentations by tribal college faculty.   Word
2-3-Goodman-Seven-Gen-Health              “Seven Generations Of Health: A Transgenerational           PowerPoint
                                          Approach To Obesity Intervention In Indian
                                          Country.” Presentation by Joan Goodman,
                                          Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute.
2-4-Aune-UTTC-Land-Grant-Pgms             “United Tribes Technical College Land Grant                 PowerPoint
                                          Programs.” Presentation by Pat Aune, United Tribes
                                          Technical College.
2-5 Tanner Health Sports Exercise Sci     “Health, Sports and Exercise Science: The                   Adobe pdf
                                          construction of a Bachelors Degree, With the help of
                                          the CSREES Equity Grant.” Presentation by Gary
                                          Tanner, Haskell Indian Nations University.
2-6-Dahlberg-WETCC-Wellness               “Promoting Wellness with Traditional Foods.”                PowerPoint
                                          Presentation by Stephen Dahlberg, White Earth Tribal
                                          & Community College.
2-7 Dupuis-Field-and-Home-p1              “Field and Home: Food and Fitness Programming               PowerPoint
2-7 Dupuis-Field-and-Home-p2              on the Flathead Indian Reservation.” Presentation by
                                          Virgil Dupuis, Salish Kootenai College, in two files.
2-8 Chen-Collaborative-Fort-Belknap       “What Have We Learned After Four Years                      PowerPoint
                                          Collaborative Project.” Presentation by Chenci Chen,
                                          Montana State University, on research with Fort
                                           Belknap College.
2-9 Carroll Dine Environmental Institute   “Diné Environmental Institute.” Presentation by           Adobe pdf
                                           Marnie Carroll, Diné Environmental Institute, Diné
2-a FALCON Membership Meeting              The agenda for the FALCON Membership Meeting.             Word
2-b FALCON Minutes Dec 08 08               Minutes approved from the 2008 Membership                 Word
2-c FALCON Minutes Oct 18-19 09            Draft minutes from the 2009 Membership Meeting.           Word
2-d FAIES Partner Report                   “FAEIS and FALCON.” Presented by Bill Richardson          PowerPoint
                                           FAEIS Project Manager.
2-e-4-H-Partner-Update                     “4-H Partner Update.” Presented by Suzanne Le             PowerPoint
                                           Menestrel, USDA NIFE, and Andy Ferrin, National 4-
                                           H Council
2-f CARET Partner Report                   CARET Update Report, presented by Samuel Donald,          Adobe pdf
                                           CARET Minority-Serving Institutions Liaison
2-g FALCON Exec Dir report                 The FALCON Executive Director’s Report, presented         PowerPoint
                                           by John Phillips.
2-h FALCON Treasurer’s report              The FALCON Treasurer’s Report, presented by Susan         Adobe pdf
3-1 Guion TCU Assessment                   “TCU Assessment: Process for Seeking Deeper               PowerPoint
                                           Understanding.” Presentation by Lisa A. Guion, North
                                           Carolina State University.
3-2 Lee TCU Grant Pgms Similarities        “Tribal College Grant Programs: Similarities…and          PowerPoint
Specialties                                Specialties.” Presentation by Jill Lee, USDA NIFA.
3-3 Food Sovereignty Luncheon Report       Summary notes and recommendations from the                Adobe pdf
                                           luncheon discussion on food sovereignty.
3-4 Student Presentation Panels Program    Abstracts of the presentations by tribal college          Word
3-5 Azure Cord grass Biocomposite          “Processing of Prairie Cord Grass into Plastics for use   PowerPoint
                                           as Reinforcements.” Presentation by Margaret Azure,
                                           Cankdeska Cikana Community College.
3-6 Jay Water Quality Survey               “Water Quality Survey.” Presentation by Gary Jay,         PowerPoint
                                           Diné Environmental Institute, Diné College.
3-7 Apsaalooke Tours                       “Apsaalooke Tours: Battle of the Little Big Horn.”        PowerPoint
                                           Presentation by Hubert Noel Two Leggins, Cassandra
                                           Walks, and Olivia Rose Williamson, Little Big Horn
3-8 Lowry Kv Transmission                  “Potential Impacts of the Proposed Kv Transmission        PowerPoint
                                           upon Heritage Resources within the Leech Lake
                                           Reservation.” Presentation by Marie Lowry, Leech
                                           Lake Tribal College.
3-9 Therriault Pipeline Spill Model        “Pipeline Contamination Model.” Presentation by           PowerPoint
                                           Supaya Therriault , Leech Lake Tribal College.
3-a Habeck American Marten                 “American Marten Research Project.” Presentation by       PowerPoint
                                           Karl Habeck, Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe Community

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