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					                     PERCUSSION DVD’S, VIDEOS & BOOKS
                                                                            Buddy Rich and His                                   Classic Drum Solos and
                                                                            Band–The Lost West Side                              Drum Battles
                                                                            Story Tapes                                          This DVD features 15 of the true
                                                                            Recorded in 1985. The master                         “legends of jazz drumming” in
           Steve Smith Drum Set Technique                                   tapes, thought to have been                          astounding extended solos and
           This DVD contains over four and a half                           lost in a fire, were discovered                      in rare, never-before-seen drum
           hours of footage! A virtual encyclopedia                         in 2000, along with the                              duels filmed over the last five
           of drumset techniques, styles and                                original digital master. The                         decades. List price: $24.
           concepts. In addition, Steve’s group Vital      concert includes Buddy Rich standards,
           Information plays seven complete tunes          commentary by Marie and Cathy Rich,
                                                           interview segments, behind-the-scenes footage                         Classic Solos and Drum
           that feature applications of the                                                                                      Battles Vol. 2
           techniques and complex rhythms                  of Buddy and rare photos from the Rich family
                                                           archives. Approximately 110 minutes.                                  The second installment in this
           explained. List price: $49.95.                                                                                        exciting and acclaimed series
                                                           List price: $39.
                                                                                                                                 featuring fifteen thunderous
           John Blackwell Technique,                                         Classic Jazz Drummers                               drum solos spanning the years
           Grooving and Showmanship                                          This DVD features over 20 of                        1947 to 1989. Many of these
           A 2 hour, 45 minute DVD with Prince                               the legendary giants of jazz                        performances have never been
           drummer John Blackwell, showing his                               percussion in solos, in “battle”   previously released on home video or DVD.
           approach to developing the astounding                             and in the groups they helped      Running Time: 73 minutes. List price: $29.
           technique he has become known for,                                make famous. List price: $24.
           including the key exercises he still uses.
           List price: $39.95.
                                                                             MORE HOT TITLES FROM HAL LEONARD
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                                                                                                                                                      Lowest Price!
             Mike Portnoy Anthology, Volume One

                                                                      6620020        Bass Drum Control - Book & CD                          $17.95
             is a must for every Portnoy fan, this deluxe             6620034        Paradiddle Power                                       $14.95
             songbook includes fantastic photos throughout            6620037        The Encyclopedia of Double Bass Drumming               $12.95
             and features over 90 minutes of music                    6620603        The Complete Book of Drum Fills                         $9.95
                                                                      6620611        Musician’s Guide to Polyrhythms Book w/Cassette        $19.95
             transcribed note-for-note with performance               6631474        Joe Morello Master Studies                             $12.95
             notes and detailed transcription notes by Mike           6631619        New Breed - Modern Drummer Books                       $12.95
             for each song. List price: $24.                          695349         Drummer’s Guide to Odd Meters                          $14.95
                                                                      HDZLQ02        Mike Portnoy Liquid - Tension Experiment DVD           $59.95

                                                                                                                 EXCITING DRUM VIDEOS
           How To Develop Your Sound VHS features Dave
           Weckl demonstrating tuning techniques, microphone                                             ®
           selection, placement, and drum mixing to get the best sound                                            Under The Table and Drumming
           (frequencies, equalization, phase cancellation, noise gates,                                           An exhilarating 2-video box set, Carter
           etc.). The most complete sound reinforcement instructional                                             Beauford, world-famous drummer for the
           video for drummers ever developed. List price: $39.                                                    Dave Matthews Band, performs along with
                                                                                                                  the rhythm tracks from 6 of the band's best
           How To Develop Technique is a VHS of Dave Weckl                                                        songs, including “Ants Marching” and
           explaining and demonstrating his natural approach to                                                   “Satellite.” Carter covers such topics as left-
           drumming. He presents his new concept of “stick grip,” and                                             hand lead/open-hand approaches, fills,
           contrasts the older “tight-into-the-kit” approach with his new,                                        double bass drums, drum set and cymbal
           flowing “out-of-the-kit” approach. He covers wrist technique,                                          setup, time feel, background and influences,
           finger technique, and the rebound approach for both hands                                              the early days of the Dave Matthews Band,
           and feet. Stick and set choices and proper set-up for stress-                                          and more. This set also features previously
           free playing are also covered. List price: $39.                                                        unreleased live footage of the Dave
                                                                                                                  Matthews Band. List price: $59.
           How to Practice describes and demonstrates many ideas
           for effective practicing. All the topics in this VHS are
           demonstrated on the drum pad, then on the drum set, and
                                                                                                                  Buddy Rich, Jazz Legend
           finally brought to life with exciting live recordings by the
                                                                                                                  Part One and Part Two
           Dave Weckl Band. Topics include warm-ups, hand and foot
                                                                                                                  This DVD covers the life, the music, and the
           development, independent practice, and Swiss triplets. A
                                                                                                                  astonishing percussion virtuosity of Buddy Rich.
           special section on time and motion studies will open your
                                                                                                                  Featuring extremely rare performance footage
           eyes. List price: $39.
                                                                                                                  from 1939 to 1970 of Rich with the bands of
                                                                                                                  Artie Shaw, Harry James, and Tommy Dorsey, as
            The Quick Guide to Djembe Drumming offers                                                             a leader of his own small groups and big bands;
            everthing you need to know to become an excellent Djembe                                              and in a unique drum duel with Gene Krupa.
            drummer, including the essential drum tones, a diverse                                                (67 min.) List price: $39.
            assortment of African rythms, and a series of unique, highly
            effective singing and drumming exercises. A Carl Fischer
            web site compoment offers expanded features as a
                                                                                                                Guaranteed Lowest Price!
            companion to the video. List price: $39.

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