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The members of this newly formed and highly successful specialist club, offer to the fancy a
selection of top winning bloodlines from some of the most successful lofts in Wales. We have,
amongst our membership, fanciers who have won in excess of 50 x 1sts in Welsh National
races, plus the winners of three BICC Nationals in addition to a number of Queen’s Cup
Winners. The 2008 season witnessed an incredible surge of interest in long distance
specialist racing in Wales with the result that membership of the GGDC almost trebled. In
BICC racing members topped the West section of the BICC from all except two races in which
our members competed. Indeed, on a number of occasions GGDC members were fortunate
enough to take the majority of the top ten section prizes and this in a section that
encompasses Dorset, Devon, Somerset, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire,
Shropshire and all of Wales. This in itself is a very impressive record, and yet two members,
namely Spencer Jones and Dennis Ford, actually topped the Open result of the BICC
competing against thousands of pigeons, the vast majority of which were entered by English

Listed below is a selection of top quality pigeons offered to the fancy by members of the ultra
competitive GGDC. Only brief details are given here, each lot will be supplied with a fuller
pedigree by the vendors.

    1.   A cracking start to the sale – a pair of 2009 young birds bred from the No1 stock pair
         of the multi National winning loft of WILF REED of Monmouth. In 2008 alone Wilf
                st         st                 st
         won 1 Tours, 1 Barcelona and 1 Perpignan with the GGDC. If you are looking for
         birds to win at the distance, look no further, as these birds have been doing it for
         close on 50 years, right out to Barcelona 750 miles.
    2.   A 2009 young bird from 2008 BICC Falaise National winner SPENCER JONES of
         Pontypool. The youngster on offer will be a second round baby direct from the 2008
         Falaise National winner when mated to a Van Loon hen of Bolton & Williamson
    3.   A 2009 young bird bred by Derek Flowers of Pontypool from his ultra successful
         Wall, Lunt & Green Camphius Janssens.
    4.   A 2009 youngster offered by John Williams of Phillipstown, Gwent. The young bird
         will be bred from a direct son of Tommy Ingram’s Thurso National winner when
         paired to a Chequer hen of Vandervelden bloodlines, which in turn is bred from a 1
             rd                            st    nd                                     st
         & 3 Provincial Bordeaux plus 1 & 2 provincial Bergerac when mated to 1
         National Montauban.
    5.   A 2008 latebred donated by Jim Hooper of Cardiff bred direct from his winner of 1
         Section BICC Pau International when mated to the hen that was 6 Section Pau in
         the same race. The best of the old Kirkpatrick, Ken Hine and Peter Titmuss lines in
         this one. Sure to breed distance birds.
    6.   A 2008 bird from Jude & Prosser. Steve Jude is a previous winner of 1 National
         Lerwick and 1 National Guernsey. See attached pedigree and photos for further
    7.   A 2008 latebred [+-WHU 08 N 16057] from another of the stars of the Welsh racing
         scene namely Scammell & Peploe winners of 7 x 1 National; 6 x 2nds National and
         many more top ten finishes. They are also winners of 1 Welsh Combine. The
         latebred on offer is a dark chequer and is bred from the very best of M & D Evans’
      Vandenabeeles. Sire is a son of Rolls Royce and Carrie whilst the dam is a daughter
      of Jester888 and Gold Shadow.
8.    Another bird on offer from Scammell & Peploe this time a 2009 young bird from their
      stock loft.
9.    Jude & Prosser have offered a nest pair of 2009 youngsters from one of their top
                                                                   st       rd    th
      racing pairs. The sire of the youngsters is a winner of 1 club 3 sect 9 Open
                                  st       rd
      National Fougeres plus 1 club 3 Open National Saintes. The dam of the two
                                               st            nd                             th
      young birds on offer is a winner of 1 Lyndhurst; 42 Open BICC Falaise and 13
      Open National Pau.
10.   Padfield Family offer a 2009 youngster which will be a grand child of “The Don” 4
      times Pau and 2 Open BBC Palamos 741 miles. A youngster from one of the most
      consistently successful distance lofts in Wales.
11.   A 2009 young bird offered by Mr & Mrs Les Moses. This one contains all the very
      best of the “old English” long distance strains. Sire of the young bird on offer is bred
      by John Pudephatt of Crawley, one of the most successful long distance men on the
      south coast. This cock is half brother to “Highdown Prince”, a big winner in channel
      races at National level. He is bred from “Highdown King” when King was mated to a
      daughter of Mr & Mrs Cannon’s “Culmer Marion” winner of 1 Open NFC. The dam
      of the young bird offered is bred from a full sister to Chris Gordon’s “Snydale Prince”
      8 Open NFC Tarbes at more than 700 miles, when mated to a cock containing all
      the best of Ken Hine, Fear Brothers and Peter Titmuss long distance bloodlines.
12.   Another 2009 young bird offered by Mr & Mrs Moses . Nestmate to previous lot.
13.   The thirteenth lot for sale will be lucky for someone as it is offered by one of Wales’
      and the UK’s most successful National winning lofts, none other than Preece
      Brothers and Sons of Cwmtillery. These fanciers have no less than 9 x 1 ; 9 x2nds
      & 9x 3rds in Open National competition. Add to these 21 x 1sts at section level in
      National races on all routes and you have one of the best records in UK pigeon
      racing over the past 30 years. The 2009 young bird offered will be from “Gwasted
      Surprise” winner of 1 section BICC Saran in 2008. “Surprise” in turn is a daughter
      of “Gwasted Baroni” winner of 1 National Bergerac in 2008 and many other top
      prizes previously.
14.   Another 2009 young bird generously offered by the Preece loft. This won will be bred
                                            nd         th
      from “Gwasted Shelb” winner of 2 section 4 Open National Bergerac in 2008.
      “Shelb” in turn is bred from “Gwasted Saintes Cock” a big winner for the loft and
      amongst these wins is 1 National Herstal 2001.
15.   The National winners just keep on coming! Next we have a 2009 young bird offered
      by Adrian Ware & Daughter, another multi National winning loft. The young bird will
                                                                st    th
      be bred from 2 National Winners. Sire is a winner of 1 & 6 Open National
      Ramsgate plus numerous 1sts at club level. Dam is a winner of 1 BICC National
      Saran/Falaise 2007. Base bloodlines are Hession Van Reets with a touch of Walters
      & Broadhurst Wildemeersch thrown in for good measure. This loft has won all the
      major trophies open for competition to the whole of Wales, including The Queen’s
      Cup; Taffy Bowen Champion Sprint Trophy and the J.O.Davies Champion Young
      Bird of Wales Trophy.
16.   A 2009 young bird bred from a Queen’s Cup winner. This will again be presented by
      Adrian Ware & Daughter and will be bred direct from their 2006 Queen’s Cup
      winner. The Queen’s Cup is awarded each season to the Welsh pigeon which is
      deemed to have the best performance or series of performances in races over 300
      miles in that season Again the young bird on offer will be of predominantly Van Reet
17.   Next we have a pair of Janssen young birds offered by Tony Coombs of Beddau.
      These 2009 youngsters will be bred from a pair of Ponderosa Janssens containing
      the “Bourges” and “James Bond” lines. Tony has had immediate success with these
      lines racing on the south road into Wales.
18.    Darren Roberts has donated a 2009 young bird from his best distance bloodlines.
      This loft has topped the section of the BBC; NFC; BICC and WSRNFC in channel
      racing and has scores of firsts from club and Federation racing both inland and
      across the channel. A chance here to get hold of a pigeon from one of, if not the best
      channel lofts in North Wales.
19. Watkins, Son & Cockcroft of Tonypandy offer a pair of 2009 young birds. The buyer
    can select his own from the stock loft. Between 2001 and 2004 this loft won no less
                                                                   st     st
    than 70 x 1sts in club, Fed and National racing including 1 Fed;1 National 4,073
    birds and 1 Combine Brussels 8,667 birds. Two spinal operations since 2005 has
    severely restricted racing and yet the birds have still topped the 240 member
    Rhondda Valley Fed. Many winners have been reported in Wales and this loft has
    also produced birds that have bred a King’s Cup winner from Lerwick; Welsh
    SRNFC and Welsh SENFC, Welsh Combine and Welsh Amalgamation winners plus
    many Federation winners for others.
20. John Smale of Abergavenny will offer a 2009 young bird bred from his best distance
    bloodlines. John has won two Nationals ,two motor cars and he also bred the sire of
    the 2008 BICC Tarbes winner for his friend Dennis Ford of Blaenavon.
21. A second 2009 youngster from the double National winning loft of John Smale.
22. Dennis Ford of Blaenavon – what more can I say or write about this superb fancier.
    A winner of NINE NATIONALS plus scores of top ten finishes and also breeder of 1
    National Thurso. He just goes from strength to strength winning an incredible
    THREE 1sts in National races in 2008, including 1 BICC National from Tarbes 608
    miles. Dennis will give two 2009 young birds from his National winning loft.
23. Trevor Smith of Pontypool offers a 2009 young bird from his stock loft. The sire of
    the young bird is a son of “Heatherlea Lad” who in turn is a g.son of Sumo one of the
    best Jos Thone pigeons around when mated to a G.dtr of Sumosan x Miss Ottey.
    The dam of the youngster on offer is an Eddie Wright bred Janssen bred from a son
    of “The Iron Man” x Daughter of “Ruud Van Nistelrooy”.
24. Next we have a 2008 latebred youngster offered by the triple National winning
    partnership of Arnold Bros of Six Bells. This one is again bred in the purple and is
    full of National winning bloodlines. Sire is 100% Van Geel Aarden containing
    bloodlines of Dolle and Broer Dolle & Zuster Dolle. Dam is also Aarden and contains
                                                st  rd  th    rd
    the bloodlines of “Padfield Perfection” 1 , 3 , 9 & 23 National Pau ;”Holloway
    Boy” 1 NFC Pau and “Super Crack” lines via Bertie Fletcher.
25. John Ludlam of Nelson offers a pair of 2009 young birds from his Mr & Mrs Woolliss
    Van Wanroys. These will contain the bloodlines od “Lona”, “Ambition” and “Palona”
    all big winners for the Woolliss loft in 5, 6, 7 & 800 mile races. See full pedigree
26. Gill Brothers and son will offer a pair of youngsters from their highly successful loft of
    Houbens,Herbots and Pouw Bros pigeons. This loft has won in excess of 130 x 1sts
    in the past 5 seasons racing. Duplication only in National races. These birds win
    from 57 – 570 miles in any weather and at all velocities. The Gills were top
    prizewinners in the 240 loft strong Rhondda Valley Fed in 2008 and have been top
    channel fliers in the Fed for the past three seasons. Anyone buying these will NOT
    be disappointed.
27. A 2008 youngster [GB08J35886] from another National winning loft – that of Ray
    Strawbridge of Newport. See accompanying photo of this well bred Blue Pied
    containing the bloodlines of “Cambrian King” 1 National Lerwick. These lines have
    bred scores of top class long distance pigeons in Wales and are responsible for 1
    BBC Palamos and 1 National Pau amongst very many others. Also included in the
    pedigree is Ray’s top stock hen “My little Gem” dam, g.dam and g.g.dam of winners
    through to National level out to 580 miles.
28. Next we have what must be one of the stars of the sale. A proven, copper bottomed,
    twenty four-carat gem of a pigeon, again offered by club chairman Ray Strawbridge.
    See attached photo and pedigree. This 2000 bred chequer cock is already a multiple
    winner on the road and is sire & g.sire of winners through to National level. He is
    pure-bred Jan Aarden and is a direct son of Ray’s top stock hen and mother of the
    loft, “My little Gem”. This Wim Muller hen has bred winners from 60-600 miles. Sire
    of No28 is a R.O.Jones bred Jan Aarden which has bred many winners and is in turn
    closely related to Robert’s Combine winner which beat 16,141 birds. One not to be
    missed. {Cameron, there has to be a £100 reserve on this one – I’m prepared to pay
    that much at least}.
29. Yet another National winning loft offers a 2009 youngster this time Terry and Carol
30. Ray Strawbridge generously offers a 2009 young bird from his National winning Jan
    Aarden based loft. This one will be a grand child of “City Slicker” Ray’s Dax National
    winner and it’s g.dam on both sides of the pedigree is a gdtr of both Smaraagd11
    and Invincible Spirit.Once again we also see the influence of the Wim Muller
    Aardens in the pedigree.
31. Yet another 2009 youngster donated by Ray Strawbridge. This is similarly bred to no
    30 as it contains “City Slicker”, Wim Muller and Smaraagd11 and Invincible Spirit in
    its make up.
32. Dave Matthews of Abersychan will donate a 2009 young bird. Dave topped the
    massive Welsh Combine with “Clyro Prince”.
33. Paul Moorcraft, yet another National winner, will donate two 2009 young birds.
34. One 2009 young bird from Peter Mackintosh full details to purchaser.
35. Another multi National winning loft offers two 2009 young birds. These are offered by
    none other than Colin Pearce & Son of Pontypool. Colin’s latest, in a long line of
    National wins, was this year in the WSRNFC race from Saintes.
36. Finally, a 2009 young bird from the multi National winning Cardiff loft of David Smith
    of St Melons.

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