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Product Focus


A global leader in serving libraries of all types, ProQuest LLC (“ProQuest”) supports the breadth of the information community with innovative discovery solutions that power the business of books and the best in research experience. More than a content provider or aggregator, ProQuest is an information partner, creating indispensable research solutions that connect people and information. Through innovative, user-centered discovery technology, ProQuest offers billions of pages of global content that includes historical newspapers, dissertations, and uniquely relevant resources for researchers of any age and sophistication—including content not likely to be digitized by others.

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									        Product Focus

           Opportunities to make cleaning
           operations more efficient                                                                        SCA   »
                                                                                The Tork® Elevation™ Xpress Folded
                                                                              Hand Towel Dispenser reliably delivers
                                                                              one towel at a time, improving hygiene
                                                                                and reducing maintenance time and
                                                                             in-use costs. It’s upscale, space-saving
                                                                             design complements any environment.
                                                                                                     For more inFo:
                                                                                           (866) SCA-TorK (722-8675)
                                                  Pronto™ – Electrolux Professional’s
                                                  combo washer/dryer saves time and
                                                  uses half the space of a separate washer
                                                  and dryer. Go handle other tasks while a
                                                  load is completely washed and dried in
                                                  one machine! To learn more call
                                                  For more inFo:
                                                  (800) 381-7222

                                                Clorox®   »
                      Clorox® Germicidal Wipes for terminal
                      cleaning are among the strongest and
                heaviest on the market. Available in a larger
                12 x 12, 110-count wipe and refillable bucket
                system. Use with confidence as part of your
                                  terminal cleaning protocol
                                            For more inFo:
                                               (888) 797-7225
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