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                           The Nursing Expert
                                                         Nursing groups issue a list of
                          Anne Marie Barnett, RN
                          Former President,
                          Maryland NADONA/LTC            culture change competencies
                                                         By James M. Berklan                                                  the Pioneer Network.
        As a nursing director, just how                  Call it the Top 10 nursing com-                                         Their leaders say they hope
        much compromising of myself is                   petencies for bringing about                                         issuing the competencies will
        expected?                                        culture change in long-term                                          lead to further integration of
                                                         care facilities. After a two-year                                    the nursing team into culture
        I believe that when we interview for             process, a group of nursing                                          change in nursing facilities.
        the position of DON, the interviewer             organizations released the list                                         “The competencies can
        looks for many things. Experience                in late May.                                                         also be a guide to identify-

                                                                                                                             Photo: iStockphoto
        in long-term care, knowledge base,                  Many of the competencies                                          ing the education, support
        enthusiasm, ability to communicate               will be familiar to long-term                                        and resources long-term
        effectively, sometimes word-of-mouth             care veterans. They include                                          care nurses need to provide
        reputation and our general personal-             developing and using effective      Nursing organizations have iden- the person-directed care and
        ity are all just a part of what is being         communication skills, adapting      tified competencies for nurses    develop supportive systems
                                                                                             pursuing culture change goals.
        considered.                                      daily routines to accommodate                                        that ensure sustainability,”
            The chemistry between a DON and              resident preferences, creating a    to prioritize competencies said Pioneer Network Board
        the administrator is difficult to quan-           system to maintain consistency      for furthering culture change Member Joanne Rader, one of
        tify, but extremely important.                   of caregivers for residents, and    goals. The compilation is a the project’s leaders.
            As a DON, we are sometimes asked             including residents and families    joint effort by the Hartford        More information on the list
        to carry out duties that we object to.           in shared problem-solving, deci-    Institute for Geriatric Nurs- of competencies is available
        Some things that are requested, you              sion-making and planning.           ing, the Coalition of Geriatric at
        just do automatically. Other items                  Thirty-one individuals met       Nursing Organizations, and Providers/ForNurses/. ■
        require that you pause and consider

                                                         Funding for background checks here now
        the best implementation. Your request-
        ed cooperation in issues such as staff
        reduction for budgetary reasons may
        give you anxiety. I have never heard of          By Brett Bakshis                    March. The provision expands                         these systems at the state level,
        the DON who goes along with every-               The Centers for Medicare &          upon a recently conducted                            the law requires potential hires
        thing asked/requested/direct
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