Bill orders the IOM to assess inspection system's fairness

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                                                                             Bill orders the IOM to assess
      Sarah Wells
      Executive Director
      Consumer Voice
                                                                             inspection system’s fairness
                                                                             By John O’Connor                                                     • An evaluation of states and
      Q: NCCNHR is now The National                                          In 1987, Congress approved                                        their respective agencies.
                                                                             and President Reagan signed                                          • The objectivity and accu-
      Consumer Voice for Quality Long-
                                                                             legislation that fundamentally                                    racy of the current process.
      Term Care. Why the name change?
                                                                             altered the way nursing homes                                        • Effectiveness of current

                                                                                                                                                 Photo: iStockphoto
      A: We’ve been talking about this for a                                 are inspected. More than two                                      enforcement measures.
      number of years and we’ve been in dis-                                 decades later, a Democratic                                          • Whether the current sys-
      cussions about expanding the focus of                                  Senator from Wisconsin wants                                      tem measures effectively.
      the organization across the long-term                                  to take a closer look at how the    Changes coming to the survey     • Whether the current sys-
                                                                             new rules are working out.          and certification system?      tem allows stakeholders or
      care spectrum. We wanted to focus on
                                                                                Russ Feingold’s measure          for evaluating nursing homes. other agencies and entities to
      the fact that we are the consumer voice
                                                                             would call on the Institute            • The relationship between engage in other/alternative
      for long-term care.
                                                                             of Medicine to study the sur-       nursing homes/the industry innovations.
                                                                             vey and certification process.       and CMS and how such a           “This legislation will help
      Q: Tell us in a few words about the                                    Among the issues the IOM            relationship impacts efforts bring nursing home quality
      expanded advocacy of the group.                                        would be required to assess:        to improve quality.           assurance into the twenty-
                                                                                • Alternatives to the cur-          • The methodology used first century and ensure a
      A: Our members and the individuals
                                                                             rent survey and certification       by CMS.                       better quality of life for cur-
      who call us to ask us how can they get
                                                                             system.                                • The relationship between rent and future nursing home
      quality care have increasingly been call-                                 • Current survey methods         CMS and the state agencies. residents,” Feingold said. ■
      ing us from different long-term care set-
      tings. Now is the perfect opportunity to

                                                                             Living wills often get it wrong, study finds
      be of value to people in other settings.

      Q: What is the No. 1 problem facing
      residents and consumers?                                               By John O’Connor                    want life-sustaining treatments                      reality helps explain the weak
                                                                             Living wills often fail to reflect   to be withheld if they served                        link between their responses on
      A: The challenge in working in non-                                    actual resident preferences,        only to prolong the process of                
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