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					Volume 35 | Issue 1 | Fall 2007

Stigma surrounding certain breeds results
more from hype than reality, experts say.

CRASHERS limitlESS                                                         inSPiREbeyond the            PlAybook
Don’t go out this weekend without For three days, the Austin music scene   Motivation takes some        Frogs still working toward season
this party survival guide.              burst at the seams.                boundaries of campus life.   success despite early setbacks.

                                                                                                        FA L L 2 0 0 7 l I M A G E l i
Ronald Villegas: Photo Editor

                                    We are a nation at war.
                                    And though this has not negatively affected enrollment in TCU’s ROTC program,
                                    it’s a fact students are acutely aware of — even if their chances of fighting

know your image                     overseas upon graduation are slim.

                                    Join us in the winter issue as Image looks into ROTC life and the university’s role
                                    in military training.
Contents | Because we all need a little substance

numbers                             3

concert watch                       4
on the town                         5
diversions                          31
battle of the sexes                 32

The Rev. Angela Kaufman
shuffles her iPod with the
Image staff.                 8
Scenario 14
Surviving this weekend’s party blunders.
                                                           False Start
                                                            Despite early season losses and tough conference
                                                            games ahead, Frogs are not yet down for the count.

                                           Lone Star State ranks first in fatal dog attacks, though experts say dangerous
                                           dogs are a result of negative socialization rather than breed types.


ingenuity                                                                              29
                                                                                                        Take a trip down
                                                                                                        to the little music
                                                                                                        capital of the
                                                                                                        world for the
                                                                                                        music gathering

In Motion                                                                                               of the year.

Students and professors alike find off-the-cuff
outlets for their entrepreneurial spirit.

TCU fights to maintain competitive football
reputation on small school budget.                26
                                                                                                      FA L L 2 0 0 7 l I M A G E l 1
From             our editor                                             | this      issue ’ s writers

                                                                                                Valerie Cooper is a junior English and news-editorial journalism major from the
  Most of my day is spent                                                                       miniscule town of Azle. When not reading and writing as her majors dictate, she
  through two wires leading                                                                     enjoys working out by playing trumpet in the Horned Frog marching band and as
  to my ears.                                                                                   an RA, attempting to feminize Milton Daniel as much as possible. She still hopes
                                                                                                to one day become a Jedi Knight, or at least an astronaut, but until that happens,
  Music is part of my life.                                                                     plans to live in huts in third world countries as a writer and photographer for
                                                                                                National Geographic.                                    Read her work on page 20
  Music takes on a large part
  of my free time. However,
                                                                                                When Billy Wessels was a young pup he wanted to be a famous football and
  I must also say, that with
                                                                                                baseball player, like Deion Sanders. He was well on his way until he hit high
  all this love and energy toward it, I still have a small
                                                                                                school and realized that he was, well, not quite good enough. So with his dreams
  amount of “music worldly knowledge.”
                                                                                                shattered, Billy set out to find something fun that would still let him work with
                                                                                                athletics. He settled for journalism, where he hopes to at least talk to Sanders and
  This issue, I was able to make the trip down to                                               other childhood idols.
  my hometown of Austin where I saw not only                                                                                                              Read his work on page 12
  the beautiful cross dressing divas, green inspired
  left-wing hippies, rolling hills, beautiful lakes and
  diverse downtown community; but also the greatest                                            Morgan Blunk is a senior broadcast journalism major from Omaha, Neb. She enjoys
  gathering of diverse music artists in the state of                                           golfing, black coffee, the Huskers and good grammar. Her hobbies include, but are
  Texas: the Austin City Limits’ Music Festival.                                               never limited to: procrastinating, acting shady, watching The Office, doing what
                                                                                               she wants and waiting days, weeks, and sometimes months to call people back.
                                                                                               When she was little, she wanted to be Julia Roberts when she grew up.
  There is an infinite world of music out there — from
  the guilty pleasures, such as my worn out copy of
  Kelly Clarkson’s Break Away, to the classic rock                                                                                                       Read her work on page 32
  of the Beatles. But, most of my music is made up
  of those that few have heard of and would have to                                             Cortney Strube is a senior news-editorial journalism major from Waxahachie.
  dig deep to find. It’s about discovering those special                                        She spends most of her time looking for freelance work and trying to find a real
  bands you love to tell your friends about because                                             job — a far cry from her dreams of becoming a skater when she was younger.
  you know they’ve never heard of them.                                                         The day she got a pair of Rollerblades her life was forever changed. But, her mom
                                                                                                says she knew Cortney was destined to be a writer when she was published in
  For this reason and a second look at what Image                                               her school newspaper with A Day in the Life of a First Grader. It remains in her
  is really about, we have made some changes. We                                                scrapbook to this day.                                    Read her work on page 16
  created a larger concert section to keep you up
  to date about what live artists will be in the area,
  more agenda reviews to help you find something                                               Tim Bella is a senior news-editorial journalism major from Kingwood by way of
  to do around the Fort Worth area and an in-depth                                             Manhattan, N.Y. He enjoys cooking mass portions of Italian food, lighting scented
  iProf page, so professors can educate you on                                                 candles on a stormy night and dancing like Justin Timberlake. Growing up, he could
  more than just what they teach. All this while                                               not decide whether he wanted to be Superman or Clark Kent, so would dress up
  still providing important news stories that inform                                           as both of them on Halloween. As he has matured, he decided to go with the Kent
  and affect you.                                                                              persona, but he still wears a Superman belt honoring the man in blue tights.
                                                                                                                                                          Read his work on page 26

                                                                         image staFF
                                                                         Editor in Chief
                                                                         Ky Lewis

                                                                         Managing Editors
                                                                         Kathleen Thurber
                                                                         Michelle Devereaux
                               Ky Lewis                                  Photo Editor
                               Editor in chief                           Ronald Villegas

                                                                         Contributing Photographers
                                                                         Michael Bou-Nacklie, Andrew Chavez
Image, Texas Christian University’s student magazine, is published
quarterly by the Schieffer School of Journalism. Any questions, com-     Director of Student         Production Manager           Business Manager             Director, Schieffer
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rected toward the Image staff at or (817) 257-7429.        Robert Bohler                                                                         Tommy Thomason

   2 l I M A G E l FA L L 2 0 0 7
  numbers | There is more to it than you think

  Want more? See Locking Horns on page 12 and Staying in the Game on page 26.
sources:,,, physical plant, dining services
                                                                                FA L L 2 0 0 7 l I M A G E l 3
           Concert Watch | Take a look at these artists coming to the Metroplex

                                                                                               Photo courtesy of Stunt Company

                                                                                                                                 Oct. 11: Lyle Lovett
                                                                                                                                 Bass Performance Hall

                                                                                                                                 Oct. 12: Django Walker
                                                                                                                                 The Horseman Club

                                                                                                                                 Oct. 12: Norma Jean
                                                                                                                                 House of Blues

                                                                                                                                 Oct. 16: The Donnas
                                                                                                                                 House of Blues

                                                                                                                                 Oct. 19: Robert Earl Keen
                                                                                                                                 Billy Bob’s Texas

                                                                                                                                 Oct. 19: Matt Wertz and Dave Barnes
                                                                                                                                 Granada Theater

                                                                                                                                 Oct. 19: Ryan Adams
                                                                                                                                 McFarlin Memorial Auditorium
                                                                                                                                 Oct. 20: Peter Frampton
                                                                                                                                 Billy Bob’s Texas

                                                                                                                                 Oct. 20: Caribou
                                                                                                                                 Palladium Ballroom
                                                                                                                                 Oct. 21: Glen Phillips
                                                                                                                                 Bend Studio
                                                                                                                                 Oct. 21: The Pipettes
                                                                                                                                 House of Blues
                                                                                                                                 Oct. 23: Paolo Nutini
                                                                                                                                 House of Blues
                                                                                                                                 Oct. 26: Motion City Soundtrack

                                                                                                                                 House of Blues
                                                                                                                                 Oct. 27: Willie Nelson
                                                                                                                                 Smirnoff Music Centre
                                                                                                                                 Oct. 27: Maroon 5
                                                                                                                                 Fort Worth Convention Center
           Even if you’ve been purposely avoiding pop           After a hiatus from touring behind the album,                    Oct. 31: Stars
           culture and pop music during the past few            the band recorded its third effort, Even If                      House of Blues
           years, chances are you’ve still heard of Motion      It Kills Me. The album, which was released                       Nov. 2: The New Pornographers/Spoon
           City Soundtrack.                                     Sept. 18, has already been receiving air-                        House of Blues
                                                                play thanks to its two pre-released tracks,                      Nov. 2: Girl Talk
                                                                                                                                 Palladium Ballroom
           Whether you recognize the name, the Min-             Broken Heart and This Is For Real. The
           neapolis quintet and its quirky brand of rock        songs show how the band has maintained                           Nov. 4: M.I.A.
                                                                                                                                 House of Blues
           has been a radio staple since its first single,      its integrity while still being able to evolve
                                                                                                                                 Nov. 6: The Polyphonic Spree
           the catchy The Future Freaks Me Out. The             its sound, proving that MCS is a band that’s                     House of Blues
           sleeper hit from the band’s I Am the Movie           here to stay.
                                                                                                                                 Nov. 8: Regina Spektor
           album helped push MCS into the spotlight                                                                              House of Blues
           as it built its ever-growing fan base through        With high-energy shows and a flair for per-                      Nov. 9: Tegan and Sara
           constant touring.                                    formance, Motion City Soundtrack is a band                       House of Blues
                                                                worth seeing. Although the band is undoubt-                      Nov. 10: Eisley
           The band’s sophomore effort, Commit This To          edly performing plenty of new material on                        House of Blues
           Memory, brought a more mature sound to the           its current tour in support of Even If It Kills                  Nov. 13: Architecture in Helsinki
                                                                                                                                 Hailey’s Denton
           band. With introspective lyrics and solid musician   Me, MCS will keep fans old and new happy
           ship (all of the band’s members contribute to the    by playing their past hits as well as plenty                     Nov. 13: Jens Lekman
                                                                                                                                 Granada Theater
           song writing process) the album showed that          of fan favorites.
                                                                                                                                 Nov. 14: Brand New
           MCS was not a one hit wonder and would sur-                                                                           House of Blues
           vive the dreaded sophomore slump. The single         Motion City Soundtrack will be performing
                                                                                                                                 Nov. 16: Nickel Creek
           Everything Is Alright was Motion City Sound-         Friday, Oct. 26 at the House of Blues in Dallas                  House of Blues
           track’s first major hit and the band was also fea-   with Mae, Anberlin and Metro Station.                            Nov. 16: Aesop Rock
           tured on several movie soundtracks, including                                                                         The Loft
           Accepted and Superman Returns.                                                    — Ryan Claunch

4 l I M A G E l FA L L 2 0 0 7
On The Town | Check out what’s going on around town                                                                                                                     AGENDA

                                                                                       Ronald Villegas: Photo Editor
                                                                                                                       The Ginger Man
                                                                                                                       3716 Camp Bowie Blvd.
                                                                                                                       You don’t have to jet set to London to drink
                                                                                                                       beers at ye old pub. Just say hello to Fort Worth’s
                                                                                                                       newest local watering hole, The Ginger Man. It
                                                                                                                       has a quaint setting where you can sip on beers
                                                                                                                       or wine while chiming in on conversation with
                                                                                                                       good friends.

                                                                                                                       Located on Camp Bowie Blvd., The Ginger Man
                                                                                                                       features 67 beers on draught and more than 100
                                                                                                                       in bottles from all over the world. Whether you
                                                                                                                       have a fancy for a Shiner, Stone IPA or a good
                                                                                                                       California red wine, The Ginger Man can satisfy
                                                                                                                       your cravings. Or, really go out on a limb and try
                                                                                                                       a beer blend like Black Velvet, which combines
                                                                                                                       Guinness and cider.

                                                                                                                       There always seems to be something happen-
                                                                                                                       ing at The Ginger Man. Be sure to come to
                                                                                                                       Texas Mondays where all Texas draughts are
                                                                                                                       $3 a pint, or Logo Pint Night on Tuesdays at 6
The Ridglea Theater                                After 57 years in operation, the Ridlea Theater still
                                                   shines as one of Fort Worth’s distinctive rock venues.
                                                                                                                       p.m., where you buy the beer and get to keep
                                                                                                                       the glass. Of course, if those events won’t fit
6025 Camp Bowie Blvd.
                                                                                                                       into your schedule, there’s live music to tune
Since its opening in 1950, Ridglea Theater has     Brandon Cearley, drummer for local band No                          into every Saturday.
transformed from a movie theater to a dinner       Scope, said the Ridglea has plenty of security
theater, to a laser light show auditorium, and     and it’s open to all ages.                                          If you find yourself getting hungry while sip-
currently, to one of Fort Worth’s most well-                                                                           ping on your beverage, try pub standbys such
known rock concert venues.                         “There’s a lot of history there,” Cearley said.                     as artichoke and spinach dip or a German
                                                   “Some big names have played there so when                           bratwurst. You can also bring your own darts
Ridglea stands out as a rock venue in Fort         we’re up on that stage we’re sharing it with                        or grab some from the bartender to play on
Worth for its size and prime location in the       some legends.”                                                      the dart boards.
historic section of Camp Bowie, but its two
managers, Richard Van Zandt and his wife,          The main theater is an auditorium that houses                       Spare yourself the jet lag, drive a few miles from
Wesely Hathaway, say what distinguishes            up to 1,000 people. The carpet shows wear from                      campus, and see why The Ginger Man is all it’s
the venue is their customer service approach       eager fans unwilling to give up their hard-earned                   cracked up to be.
to business.                                       spots close to the stage and have resorted to
                                                   stubbing out their cigarettes on the floor.               
“We are unique in this environment because we                                                                                                      — Christina Holtzen
didn’t come from a club or bar background,”        There are two bar areas in the room so audience
Hathaway said. “We are more customer ser-          members don’t have to wait long to be served.
vice-oriented and come to this with a different    A 384 square-foot dance floor sits beyond the                       In addition to setting the venue apart, the differ-
set of ideas than most people who get into         stage, but does not contain the band groupies                       ent style of management at Ridglea has also won
this business.”                                    who usually spill onto the carpeted area.                           the couple points with the music community.

Hathaway, with her bright pink hair, said she      In the back, less involved fans can sit in the few                  “Richard got sick with pneumonia and was in
enjoys listening to the bands and getting to       rows of old fashioned auditorium seats with their                   the hospital,” Hathaway said. “He almost died.
know the people who frequent the Ridglea.          time-stamped red cushions, or they can play a                       We didn’t have any insurance, so the metal com-
Van Zandt laughingly said he enjoys only some      game of pool in the bar area.                                       munity got together and threw a benefit to raise
of the bands but mostly likes the people he                                                                            money to help pay for Richard’s medical bills.”
has met.                                           Upstairs is a smaller lounge that houses 70
                                                   people, though Hathaway and Van Zandt say                           Choat said he went to the benefit and his band
Tyrel Choat, guitarist for local band Addnerim,    there have been nights when close to 150 fans                       donated money to the cause. He said he shared
said playing at Ridglea is like going home.        are crammed in the area. Also on the second                         a birthday party with Hathaway and said the
                                                   floor are a bar and a performance space that                        staff members at Ridglea are “the nicest people
“I’d rather play at Ridglea than anywhere else,”   on Thursday nights is frequented by amateurs                        in the world.”
Choat said.                                        participating in open mic night.                                                                  — Bailey Shiffler
                                                                                                                                               FA L L 2 0 0 7 l I M A G E l 5
                                                                                                                                         Fred’s Texas Café
                                                                                                                                         915 Currie St.

                                                                                                                                         You’ll know you’re in Cowtown at Fred’s Texas
                                                                                                                                         Cafe, where spirited boot-wearing folk serve
                                                                                                                                         the tastes and tunes of Texas.

                                                                                                                                         In a red barn-like building near the arts district,
                                                                                                                                         cafe owner Terry Chandler becomes “Outlaw
                                                                                                                                         Chef,” as he cooks Fred’s famous FredBurgers
                                                                                                                                         and specialty burgers with 100 percent Tex-
                                                                                                                                         as-raised ground beef, something his parents
                                                                                                                                         started doing in 1978 when they opened the
                                                                                                         Ronald Villegas: Photo Editor
                                                                                                                                         restaurant and named it after Fred, the fam-
                                                                                                                                         ily dog.
           Sushi Axiom                                           Visit this revamped restaurant for sushi in
                                                                 a contemporary, mature atmosphere.
           4625 Donnelly St.                                                                                                             The phrase, “If it’s raining, it’s happy hour,”
                                                                                                                                         painted at the cafe’s entrance, welcomes diners
           Earlier this year, Fort Worth welcomed a new sushi    Sushi Axiom, with its more gourmet, grown-up                            into a warm and friendly atmosphere. Antlers
           restaurant, and, although it took the place of Nine   style now seems to cater to a more adult crowd                          and photographs adorn the ceiling and inner
           Pan Asia, Sushi Axiom is no cloned replacement.       instead of family outings. And, for college stu-                        walls of the cozy cafe, known for serving greasy
                                                                 dents, this new style may be exactly what they                          food with an authentic Texas twist.
           Nine Pan Asia, with its two hibachi tables and        are looking for: a restaurant that lets them act
           sushi bar, had a laid-back atmosphere, but,           and be their age, especially once they get to                           Fred’s hand-cut crispy bacon cheese fries and
           after nearly six months of renovations, Sushi         the task of paying.                                                     taco cheese fries have an unforgettable taste
           Axiom was born.                                                                                                               worth savoring with a burger or chicken sand-
                                                                 Just as is the case with any Asian restaurant                           wich. Then there is that portabella mushroom
           Gone were the hibachi tables and traditional          of this kind, including the hibachi style, such                         burger and salad burger, because, hey, you gotta
           sushi bar. In there place were more regular seat-     as Edo Hana, eating out should not be a task                            do what you gotta do. Even vegans reside in
           ing and a larger bar top area that served as a        taken by the light-walleted.                                            Texas.
           contemporary sushi section.
                                                                 All in all, Sushi Axiom is a great restaurant to find tasty
           While Sushi Axiom still has much of the same items    Asian cuisine in a quiet, grown-up atmosphere.
           available that Nine Pan Asia offered, the overall
           changes in the look, atmosphere and menu for
           Sushi Axiom have made it its own restaurant.                                                   — Mike Dodd

           Championship Rodeo                                     However, the tie down roping, team roping and
                                                                  breakaway roping, seem harsh. Cowboys on
           Fort Worth Stockyards
                                                                  horses chase small calves, throw lassos around
           Dust off those cowboy boots. Pull on those             their necks and tie their legs with ropes. Never-
           Wranglers. The rodeo is waiting in the Fort            theless, audiences seem to enjoy it.
           Worth Stockyards – deep in the heart of Texas.
                                                                  Barrel racing is a sport any rodeo fan will en-
                                                                                                                                                                            Ronald Villegas: Photo Editor

           The Stockyards Championship Rodeo brings               joy. Cheer on the barrel racers as they compete
           bucking bulls, wild horses and rowdy cowboys           against the clock to steer their horses around                         The unique southern atmosphere at Fred’s Texas
                                                                  three barrels in about 15 seconds.                                     Cafe starts before you get through the door.
           to the Cowtown Coliseum every Friday and
           Saturday night at 8 p.m. Spectators can enjoy
                                                                  Even the kids can get a taste of the southern
           all the classic rodeo competitions from bull                                                                                  Local musicians perform nightly on Fred’s out-
                                                                  scene with calf and mutton scrambles. The
           riding to barrel racing.                                                                                                      door patio, “The Fort,” where concertgoers
                                                                  first kid to snatch the tag from the tail of a
                                                                                                                                         enjoy live music under the Texas sky and can
           Come watch as Texas cowboys of all ages com-           calf or lamb wins a prize.
                                                                                                                                         order beer, wine and food until midnight.
           pete in bull riding, bareback riding and saddle
                                                                  General admission for adults is $15 and ad-
           bronc riding competitions. The sights are                                                                                     For lunch, dinner and live music, Fred’s Texas
                                                                  mission for children ages 3-12 is $10. Senior
           exciting, yet gruesome, as riders are thrown                                                                                  Cafe is a must. Just don’t forget your boots.
                                                                  citizens 60 and older can get in for $12.50.
           from thrashing animals and often scramble to
           dodge the bulls’ powerful blows.                                                                                    
                                                                                                      — Lindsey Bever                                                 — Ashleigh Whaley

6 l I M A G E l FA L L 2 0 0 7
On The Town | Check out what’s going on around town                                                                                                                     AGENDA
Ron Mueck at the Modern
3200 Darnell Street

There’s something in Ron Mueck’s work that’s
amazing. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but
it’s somewhere between the sheer perfection of
his art mixed with a quiet realism that actually
jumps out as you enter his exhibit at the Modern
Art Museum of Fort Worth.

A renowned contemporary artist who specializ-
es in sculptures, Mueck’s isolated, yet intimate,
sculptures leave much open for interpretation.
From the 20-foot sculpture of a woman lying
in bed (In Bed, 2005-06) to the critically ac-
claimed Dead Dad (1996-97), Mueck’s work is
detailed beyond belief. Even the wrinkles of the
skin and the hair particles are perfected in such
a way that you may find yourself taking several
glances to ensure these are in fact sculptures.                    Photo courtesy of the Modern Art Museum

                                                                 Attention to detail and the sheer size of Ron Mueck’s sculpture makes the woman glancing at vistors In Bed hard to miss.
Perhaps the most thought-provoking is a seven-
foot-tall sculpture of a large, nude man sitting                 the array of emotions many of us feel when we          relate to these believable works of art at one
in a corner (Big Man, 2000). Study his eyes                      hold a newborn infant in our arms.                     time or another. For those who appreciate the
and you’ll find yourself perplexed, yet under-                                                                          raw detail and honesty of various works of art,
standing, as you get a sense of his apparent                     The sculptures are based on the physical and           Mueck’s exhibit is a must-see.
sadness. Another sculpture sure to grab your at-                 psychological realms of the human being and
tention is Baby (2000). This 10-inch long sculp-                 it’s easy find your own interpretation and level
ture touches the soul and brings to the surface                  of understanding, as we have all been able to                                         —Cortney Strube

                                                                 7th Street Barber Shop                                 of 2000, but the corrugated building adjacent
                                                                                                                        to the Wreck Room keeps the relaxed pace of
                                                                 3218 W. 7th St.
                                                                                                                        an old western saloon. In the city, people are
                                                                                                                        always in a rush, on West 7th Street, they go
                                                                 There is a dying industry in blue-collar America. It
                                                                                                                        no faster than a mosey.
                                                                 is an industry that does not have union protection
                                                                 or a local workers’ lodge.                             A quick trim off the top by Aaron’s daft hand
                                                                                                                        and then the moment came. An old-fashioned
                                                                 Well, let me rephrase, there is a lodge available      straight shave. Thirty minutes and four hot
                                                                 for these men and on West 7th Street; the striped      towel soakings later, my rugged jowls were
                                                                 pole out front signifies their home.                   smoother than AC Slater’s pick-up routine.
                                                                 Barbering is a profession losing its clout to the
                                                                                                                        My barber explained there was a 14-step pro-
                                                                 modern-day cosmotologists and fashion industry.
                                                                                                                        cess to a straight razor shave, but in the field,
                                                                 Aaron Taylor is one of these shear-weilding war-       everyone has a different face and everyone re-
                                                                 riors and the youngest worker at 7th Street Bar-       quires different treatment.
                                                                 ber Shop and a master of a gentleman’s shave
                                                                                                                        It has taken me 21 years, but I finally understand
                                                                 and haircut.
                                                                                                                        why people like facials, manicures and pedi-
                                                                 As someone notorious for having cro-magnon             cures. The comfort of time out of the office, good
                                                                 facial features, I was wary about getting my           conversation and the cooling burn of aftershave
                                                                 beard removed by someone with a straight               makes any rough day seem a distant worry.
                                                                 razor and some barbicide. After all, “Sweeny
                                                                                                                        Men looking for a shave and a haircut need not
                                                                 Todd” showed me the morbid acts that occur
                                                                                                                        look further than the haven on 7th Street; fifty
                                 Ronald Villegas: Photo Editor   in a barber shop.
                                                                                                                        years strong and growing.
Leaning back in his chair at the 7th
Street Barber Shop, Marcus Murphree                              The shop has undergone some renovation in
experiences an old-fashioned shave.                              recent years following the Fort Worth tornado                                     — Marcus Murphree

                                                                                                                                               FA L L 2 0 0 7 l I M A G E l 7
           iProf | We scrolled through the Rev. Angela Kaufman’s iPod

           — Michelle Devereaux

           Daring to bear her music soul, the Rev.            Q: Do you have music for different moods             Tori Amos Winter
           Angela Kaufman took a break from her du-           or activities?                                       -“Her music is pretty
           ties as minister to the university and shuffled    A: “I definitely listen to music based on the        haunting. It’s paralyz-
           the 5,000-plus songs on her iPod. Kaufman          mood or place I’m in. I listen to techno, indus-     ing. I remember
           enjoys a wide variety of artists and genres        trial and club music, like the Chemical Brothers     listening to this in
           from Tori Amos to Dave Matthews to the             and Prodigy, when I’m working out. When I’m          college. I would stop
           Cowboy Junkies.                                    sitting reading or getting work done, I love         whatever I was doing
                                                              coffee house style music like Nico Case, Nickel      and just listen and
           Q: What was the first music you ever bought?       Creek and Damien Rice. If you find it at a           enjoy the music. There’s so much meaning in
           A: “This is going to date me. The first music      dirty, dingy coffee house, or at a Starbucks, it’s   every song she put out.”
           my parents ever bought for me was ‘Peter,          going to be music I listen to at work. I listen to
           Paul and Mary’ children’s songs. The first         Phelonius Monk, Chad Baker, Miles Davis and          Cowboy Junkies 200 More Miles
           music I ever bought myself was Sting’s first       John Coltrane when I need to chill out.”             -“Oh, excellent song.
           album after he left The Police, ‘Dream of the                                                           Excellent band. They
           Blue Turtles.’ I listened to the song Russian      The Shuffle                                          cross that bridge
           probably 10,000 times. Some other firsts were      Eddie from Ohio        Walkin’ in Jerusalem          between college rock
           WAM and Madonna.”                                  -“Yes! I would                                       and folk and blues.
                                                              describe them as                                     The Cowboy Junkies
                                                              Christian acoustic,                                  basically got me
           Q: What is your most regretted or embarrass-
                                                              warm fuzzy goodness.                                 through writing my
           ing music purchase?
                                                              It’s this incredibly                                 master’s thesis. I spent months working on my
           A: “There’s not one album in particular, but       uplifting song that’s                                hundred-something page thesis and that was
           I went through some music phases that                                                                   definitely a Cowboy Junkies phase for me.”
                                                              a reflective song for
           are embarrassing when I look back. I went
                                                              everyone who’s a
           through a very age-appropriate phase of
                                                              Christian. Faith is something that we con-           John Coltrane Blue Train
           owning everything that Tori Amos ever did. As
                                                              tinue growing in. We continue figuring it out        -“What can you say
           great as she is, I think that, sometimes, any-
                                                              our whole lives.”                                    about John Coltrane?
           body can go overboard. It shows how limited
                                                                                                                   His music changes
           my musical horizons were.”
                                                              Harry McLintock Big Rock Candy Moun-                 lives. He didn’t
                                                              tain, from O’ Brother Where Art Thou                 produce music, he
           Q: What is the last concert you attended?          -“It’s so great. My                                  produced art. This
           A: “I saw the Dave Matthews Band last year.        love of this song is not                             song is what you
           I love Dave Matthews. I don’t go to as many        necessarily out of any                               listen to when you’re
           concerts here as I did in Chicago. I was spoiled   loyalty to Harry McLin-                              in that happy, upbeat tempo, walking to class
           by venues that were close and small. I’m a         tock. It’s more out of                               or going to a meeting. I listen to this song
           small venue concert person.”                       my love of bluegrass                                 when I want some jazz that keeps me in that
                                                              and folk music.”                                     energetic, on-the-go mentality. It’s great.”
           Q: What was your favorite concert experience?
           A: “My favorite experiences are usually            Kim English Treat Me Right (Guido)                   U2 A Man & A Woman
           based on the venue more than the artist.           -“Very solid dance                                   -“I appreciate the
           I’d have to say Jonny Lang at the Gypsy Tea        song. As a woman,                                    direction that U2
           Room, Lyle Lovett at the Chicago Theatre,          it’s an incredibly                                   took their lyrics. This
           Nico Case at Old Town School of Folk Music         empowering song.                                     is a reminder of their
           and, embarrassingly, Blink-182 & Green Day         It’s the idea of know-                               commitment to not
           out in Lumbar, Il. My friend and I weren’t old     ing our own value                                    just soulful music, but
           enough to be the parents that were there           and not leaving that                                 soulful people. I can
           and we weren’t as young as the majority            up to other people                                   listen to this no matter
           of the people at the concert. We weren’t           to define. This is a great song to start off the     what mood I’m in or what I’m doing. I could
           expecting that.”                                   day, or a workout.”                                  listen to it over and over again.”

8 l I M A G E l FA L L 2 0 0 7
The Rev. Angela Kaufman, with iPod in hand, sits on the steps inside Robert Carr Chapel.
Ky Lewis: Editor in Chief

                                                                                           FA L L 2 0 0 7 l I M A G E l 9
           Quiet Eyes
           Niveè cools off in the water at the Fort
           Worth Zoo’s Texas Wild! exhibit Sept.
           6. This 3-year-old jaguar is one of 435
           species at the zoo and was brought in
           from Colombia where she was raised in
           captivity. The zoo caters to about
           1 million visitors annually, including
           first-year students who visited this
           summer during Frog Camp: Casa Nueva.
           Michael Bou-Nacklie: Contributing Photographer

1 0 l I M A G E l FA L L 2 0 0 7
FA L L 2 0 0 7 l I M A G E l 11
           LOCKING HORNS race
           Early upsets haven’t tossed Frogs out of Mountain West Conference
           At halftime during the Horned           the only team they would lose to —         freshman Andy Dalton, who hadn’t
           Frogs’ game against the University      until they visited the Air Force Acad-     taken a snap at the college level until
           of Texas, I was standing in one of      emy Falcons in Colorado Springs.           this season, junior running back
           the small slivers of purple scattered                                              Aaron Brown, who won’t have the
           throughout Darrel K. Royal-Texas        The Frogs began their Mountain West
                                                   Conference schedule with a 20-17           seniority of Robert Merrill and Lonta
           Memorial Stadium thinking I was                                                    Hobbs to help him carry the load
                                                   overtime loss to the Falcons, which
           about to witness one of the biggest                                                in the backfield, plus that daunted
                                                   raised doubts about our team.
           victories in TCU’s history.
                                                                                              defense which ranked in the top five
                                                   But, as head coach Gary Patterson          last season.
                        Although the team
                                                   has said multiple times since coming
                        came up short in its
                                                   to the MWC, one loss in this confer-       The team got back on the winning
                        34-13 loss to the then
                                                   ence doesn’t ruin your season.             track with a relatively sloppy 21-7
                        No. 7 Longhorns, the
                        loss showed this team      While the last two teams to win the        victory over long-time rival South-
                        can hang with some of      MWC — TCU in 2005 and Brigham              ern Methodist University. The team
                        the best teams and still   Young University last season — fin-        will need to play better if it wants
        COMMENTARY BY                              ished with an unblemished conference       to win every game from now until
                        make it a game going
          Billy Wessels                            record, this loss doesn’t end the Frogs’
                        into the fourth quarter.                                              bowl season.
                                                   hope of another conference title.
           Texas is the only ranked opponent on                                               And this team can’t afford to lose
           this years’ schedule for the Horned     To earn that second MWC ring, the          many more games, and the toughest
           Frogs and it looked like it would be    Frogs will be leaning on redshirt          conference opponents are yet to come.

1 2 l I M A G E l FA L L 2 0 0 7
                  Holding on
                  Senior wide receiver Marcus Brock attempts
                  to push through the Longhorn’s defense,
                  including senior cornerback Brandon Foster,
                  Sept. 8 at Darrell K. Royal-Texas Memorial
                  Stadium. The game, which was 10-0 TCU at
                  the end of the first half, ended with a Texas
                  victory, 34-13.
                  Andrew Chavez: Contributing Photographer

The toughest in-conference game re-                          the beginning of November, but I am
maining for the Frogs this year could                        willing to bet it is colder there than
come from those BYU Cougars.                                 in Fort Worth.
While the Cougars lost six starters on
offense and four on defense, includ-                         One other conference game for the
ing starting quarterback John Beck                           Frogs to worry about will come at
and running back Curtis Brown,                               home against the Utah Utes. The Utes
it will be the atmosphere and the                            handed TCU their second and final
calendar that could hurt the Frogs                           loss last season.
the most.                                                    The last time the Frogs defeated Utah
TCU will be traveling to Provo, Utah,                        was an overtime nail biter at Amon
to face BYU just five days after a                           G. Carter Stadium in 2005.
home game against the New Mexico                             That Utah defense that held TCU to
Lobos.                                                       just a touchdown last season will only
                                                             be returning five starters from a year
Short weeks are always tough on
                                                             ago, which will help the Frogs’ offense.
teams, which was shown during
our loss to Air Force just five days                         While those two tough conference
after the game against Texas. Having                         games remain, there is still a road
to face the toughest conference op-                          game versus Stanford University, that
ponent on a short schedule on the                            the Frogs have never played, and the
road could be a difficult thing for the                      rest of the MWC.
Frogs to overcome.
                                                             So, despite the early season losses,
Another element working against                              there is still hope for the Frogs to
TCU for that game could be Mother                            bring home their second conference
Nature. I have never been to Utah at                         title in the last three seasons.

                                                                                                        FA L L 2 0 0 7 l I M A G E l 1 3
                                                                                                                After five days of sitting through
                                                                                                                lectures on rock formation and
                                                                                                                political theories, the weekend is

                                                                                                                finally here. To ensure your party
                                                                                                                plot goes off without a hitch, make
                                                                                                                sure you don’t fall prey to one of
                                                                                                                these Worst-Case Scenarios.

           The Lone Dancer                                   showing off their recently discovered ability to
                                                             “pop it, lock it and drop it.”
                                                                                                                Avril Lavigne or Tim McGraw. Some songs
                                                                                                                should simply be left alone. Use that time to
           There’s nothing wrong with music at a party. It                                                      grab a drink or catch up with your friends at
           puts guests at ease, gives them something to      If you feel like you really need to dance at a     the party. Don’t force the dance party, if it’s
           talk about, and, occasionally, even dance to.     party, make sure to bring someone out on the       meant to happen, it will.
                                                             dance floor who shares your enthusiasm. This
           Now, I’m not saying I’m Patrick Swayze or         may work in your favor. Other people may see       •  Could your dancing be construed as crazy? 
           anything, but even I have been known to get       the fun the two of you are having and join in.     There’s a fine line between “that funny crazy
           down and boogie.                                                                                     person just trying to make people laugh,” and
                                                                                                                “this is so disturbing and awful, that, just like
           But remember: Sometimes, music is just back-                                                         a car wreck, no one can look away?” Some 
           ground noise; a cover for awkward silence, or,                                                       people have that special talent for breaking
           a way to let those looking know where the                                                            the ice at a party by dancing badly, but in a
           party is literally at.                                                                               funny way. Those people are allowed to dance
                                                                                                                by themselves. If you think that your personal
           I’m not trying to bash party-goers who think                                                         style of dancing is getting bad looks from the
           dancing is the best way to party. I’m simply
                                                                                                                surrounding crowds, use this angle to save
           saying it may be better to keep your moves
                                                                                                                your reputation.
           un-busted until you’re at home, in front of the
           mirror, by yourself. And especially not when
           you’re surrounded by a handful of innocent                                                           •  When it’s too late. If the party comes to 
           bystanders, forced to watch you balancing out                                                        an end, and you’re still on the dance floor by
           your version of the one legged air-hump after     Things to consider, if you really want to show     yourself, that doesn’t mean you’re too hot to
           having one too many Bacardi and cokes.            off what you’ve got on the dance floor:            handle. It means you’ve become the person
                                                                                                                everyone will talk about while driving to pick
           So, if you’re planning on dancing, make sure      •  Does the music really call for it? I know       up fast food the next morning.
           you’re not that only, lonely person that is       few people able to pull off a stylish move to                                           — Ky Lewis

           The Glutton                                       is like spitting on the alter of the party gods
                                                             and may be punishable by a shameful banish-
                                                                                                                food is not OK. If you’ve got a growl in your
                                                                                                                belly and the munchies are calling your name,
                                                             ment to the front porch.                           grab your DD and head to Whataburger, not
           College has many effects on a young person’s                                                         the fridge. That’s why 24-hour fast food exists.
           life. They gain knowledge, broaden their          If you didn’t bring enough beer — or didn’t
           horizons and become better people for it. They    down enough pre-party Jello shots — ac-            Come prepared next time. Eat before you
           also become dangerously possessive of their       cept the fact that maybe tonight’s not your        party. Not too much and not right before you
           food, and beer becomes as important to them       night to get sloshed. That’s no one’s fault        plan to hit the dance floor. Too much food,
           as their birthright.                              but your own.                                      too much alcohol and a premature dance-
                                                                                                                off could be a disastrous and embarrassing
                                                             Party Host, you must know that in accepting        end to an evening before the clock strikes
                                                             the responsibility of throwing this shindig, you   midnight.
                                                             may have beer requests from your sad-looking
                                                             and not-quite-drunk-enough friends. In this        Party host, if you cherish your chow, you may
                                                             case, be generous. (NOTE: A Keystone is an ac-     consider a full cabinet lock-down. Hide your
                                                             ceptable offering, even when hoarding a six-       favorite cereal and don’t even think about
                                                             pack of Shiner behind the 24-pack of ‘stones.)     leaving out the cookies your mom sent you.
                                                             However, if the line has been crossed between
                                                             polite request and non-caring thievery, you        Just remember what your kindergarten
                                                             maintain the right to issue consequences to        teacher taught you on the first day of school
                                                             those deserving of it.                             and things will flow smoothly.

                                                             Party-goers, being welcomed into someone’s         Sharing is a good thing, but don’t take advan-
           Every Bud is sacred. Sneaking one out of Party    home for the purpose of letting loose is not       tage of someone’s goodwill.
           Host’s fridge when you’ve tapped your reserve     an invite into their pantry. Eating Party Host’s                           — Michelle Devereaux

1 4 l I M A G E l FA L L 2 0 0 7
The Couch Crasher                                   crudely drawn eyeliner mustache that has
                                                    smeared onto your sofa cover, your first
                                                                                                          3. Your next logical step is to discern a name,
                                                                                                          but keep your wits about you. While a pirate
Your soiree went off without a hitch; you man-      assumption may be that this new tenant                is likely to surrender their name on the first
aged to keep the good liquor hidden and your        is an acquaintance of a roommate, but                 attempt, survivors of a ’90s theme may ramble
pirate theme was universally adored by all.         questioning only leads you back to the couch          off a list of kitschy pop-culture references from
                                                    as, befuddled, you and your friends stand             their adolescence. As a rule of thumb, Zack
But don’t congratulate yourself yet, dear friend,   uneasily as the John or Jane Doe on your IKEA         Morris was probably not in attendance.
for lurking in the shadows is a creature sure to    sectional rolls over.
rot your peachy evening. Stretched out on your                                                            4. Find out whom they tagged along with.
sofa and drooling uncontrollably is the person      At this point, some people resolve on allow-          Likely, this straggler is that person that one
all hosts dread: The Couch Crasher.                 ing the unconscious scallywag to enjoy a              of your friends was pretty sure “left with some-
                                                    luxurious slumber in the living room. I submit,       one else an hour earlier.” If this is the case,
                                                    however, that the following course of action          suggest that you call said friend yourself, as
                                                    will produce a much more appreciated result           you probably have some words that will inspire
                                                    for everyone.                                         them to swing by and pick up their long-lost
                                                                                                          crew member.
                                                    1. Let’s assume your guest can be waked.
                                                    Shouting “Hey, you, drunken pirate,” will             5. If unable to secure transportation for your
                                                    probably elicit no response. A light tapping,         couch crasher, you are faced with difficult deci-
                                                    followed by a mildly vigorous shaking should          sions. Can you drive? If so, you will probably 
                                                    be enough to jostle most into consciousness.          be universally admonished for not making
The Couch Crasher comes in many forms and,          But be aware of the situation they are waking         someone stumble back to campus dressed like
admittedly, we have all probably been one in        up to. If the perpetrator is female, waking up        a fallen Disney villain. Does Captain Morgan
the past. But crashing thoughtlessly on your        to a semi-circle of male pirates looming over         have anything with them? If so, they may have 
friend’s couch after a rough night is a far cry     her is probably not the first way to start the        enough doubloons to hire their own driver.
from being the nameless body stretched out          “Hello, and you are?” conversation.                   Finally, as a last resort, you may be forced to
on a La-Z-Boy at the end of a theme party                                                                 admit defeat and allow your unwelcome visitor
involving hooks and peg legs.                       2. After rousing your guest, allow a few mo-          to curl back up and dream of the high seas
                                                    ments for them to make sense of the situation.        until morning.
Wearing one shoe and brandishing no ap-             This is an opportune time for you to grab them
parent source of identification other than a        a glass of water, or to secure a trash can.                                          — Jeremy Kraatz

The Impromptu Costume
Theme parties are inevitably awkward. The           not the Saran Wrap, there’s no need to be in
whole point is to dress up as ridiculously as       the running for the most promiscuous costume
possible and pretend what you’re doing —            award. There’s also your shower curtain or, with
dancing while wearing a Disney costume or           the addition of arm and neck holes, those left-
lime colored ’80s track suit with matching          over boxes from move-in can easily be morphed
schrunchies — is a perfectly normal practice.       into an all-inclusive outfit.
                                                                                                          but a surefire method for fitting into the already
Sometime long ago, some overzealous Greek           •If you’re going for a time warp, toilet paper        false depiction of the Wild, Wild West).
kid must have decided college just wouldn’t         can be used to make a fashionable hair bow
be college without a few last opportunities to      reminiscent of the classic ’50s or if you’re a guy,   •If you’ve “Gone Greek!” don’t ever pass up 
re-visit the childhood days of “dress-up” and       just roll up your jeans, strip to your undershirt     the opportunity to rifle through your “broth-
so were born the unforgettable nights of Togas,     and you match most of the characters in Grease        ers’ or sisters’” closets. You know you’ll have
Cowboys and Indians and the Rockin’ ’80s.           — a plus since girls are always eager to dance        the time as event buses are never prompt
                                                    with a John Travolta look-alike.                      and you’d be surprised at some of the strange
The irony of the whole situation: If you’re the                                                           things hiding out on the third floor.
one person who dresses like an adult you’re         •Togas are simple. If the host is concerned 
more of an outcast than the guy who forgot to       when they find you rifling through their linen        •If all else fails, grab a marker and scribble a 
put on deodorant.                                   closet, just assure them the sheet will be
                                                                                                          message on a piece of printer paper. For some
                                                    washed and returned Monday (don’t ever
                                                                                                          reason, students are always amused at the kid
The good news: If you show up at a theme            promise borrowed items will be returned by the
                                                                                                          who taped a sign to his front and back reading,
party dressed for everyday life, there’s no need    next morning, neither you nor the lender will be
                                                                                                          “Donald Duck.” I’d prefer to wear a corny joke
to panic. A few household essentials paired         up for a round of laundry at 8 a.m. Sunday).
with some odds and ends from your or your                                                                 all night, but go for whatever fits your personal-
date’s purse can go a long way to making you        •Lipstick and eyeliner go a long way. If you          ity, you’re the one who’s going to be stuck
blend in with the carefully planned garb the        want to morph into a football player, apply           explaining it.
rest of the crowd is sporting.                      a thick line of black under the eyes and toss
                                                    your hair in a low ponytail. If you’re aiming for     Whatever you choose, you’re going to feel
Some tips for the unprepared party-goer:            the rockstar look, any array or makeup can be         ridiculous. Embrace it. Once you get into the
•The tinfoil you bought to cover leftover           morphed into a realistic tattoo. Bright lipstick      real-world there will unlikely be any after work
birthday cake can be molded into a stylish pair     smeared in lines across your face turns you           socials that require a costume.
of pants. Just make sure you grab the foil and      into an instant Indian (not historically accurate,
                                                                                                                                      — Kathleen Thurber

                                                                                                                               FA L L 2 0 0 7 l I M A G E l 1 5
        Breaking the chain      e canine breeds is the fau
                                                          lt of poor treatment, not

               u s labele on som
        Dangerortney Strub
         story by Co

       Sept. 17, 2007, Dallas — Lia Johnston, a
       35-year-old Dallas woman, is mauled by three
       dogs while walking through her neighborhood
       north of Fair Park. A passer-by stops to help
       her. Johnson is taken to the hospital with inju-
       ries to her legs and arms, but she survives.

       Aug. 31, 2007, Dallas — Scott Warren, 6,
       is attacked inside his home by his family’s
       1-year-old pit bull, Tippy. The boy dies on the
       way to Baylor University Medical Center at
       Dallas. Warren’s relatives tell reporters Tippy
       previously had not shown signs of aggres-
       sion. Warren’s death marks the seventh dog
       bite-related fatality in Texas in 2007. He is
       killed one day before a new Texas law goes
       into effect, which allows felony charges to be
       filed against the owner of a dog that seriously
       injures or kills someone.

       Aug. 27, 2007, North Richland Hills — A
       patrol officer is attacked when he answers
       an animal complaint call. He shoots and kills
       the dog, a Pointer named Ruger. The officer is
       taken to a local hospital where he is treated
       for injuries to his leg and is later released.
       North Richland Hills investigator Larry Irving
       said Ruger had been the subject of previous
       animal complaint calls.

                                                                                               Ronald Villegas: Photo Editor
1 6 l I M A G E l FA L L 2 0 0 7
     n epidemic of attacks by dogs is      “You have an animal that has been
     making its way across the United      bred to kill and it’s killing people
     States. Annually, there are about     and other animals,” Phillips said.
5 million reported non-fatal dog bites     “Even if you’re the perfect pit bull
in the U.S., according to the Centers      owner, you’re still going to have the
for Disease Control and Prevention.        normal odds that the dog will bite
About 90 non-fatal dog bite cases          someone, as with all breeds. The
are investigated in Fort Worth every       problem with the pit bull is that
month, according to Fort Worth Ani-        when the dog decides he wants to
mal Care and Control Center.               attack, it’s not like a Chihuahua or a
                                           Yorkie attacking.”
In 2007, there have been 23 fatal dog
attacks in the United States, seven of     Phillips, who specializes in dog bite
which have happened in the Lone            laws and is the only recognized
Star State. Georgia, Illinois and Ten-     attorney in the United States who
nessee tie for second place, each          exclusively represents dog bite vic-
with three canine homicides in 2007.       tims, has been called “the dog bite
From 1979 to 1996, the yearly aver-        king.” He said the solution doesn’t
age of fatal canine attacks was 17, ac-    lie in elimination of the pit bull or
cording to a combined study by the         rottweiler mixes, but rather in the re-
American Medical Association, the          striction of the breed to certain types
American Academy of Pediatrics and         of people.
the Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention. The average has since          Phillips said he believes any violators
increased to 26 annually.                  of the law, especially felons, gang
                                           members and violators of animal
As the number of fatal dog at-             control laws, should not be allowed
tacks have increased, so has media         to own a pit bull. Phillips also said
coverage of these fatalities, bringing     no pit bulls should be in schools,
increased public awareness.                apartment buildings, day cares or lo-
                                           cations where there are children. He
The “Dangerous” Dog Phenomenon             said education is important because
According to an annual report of the       these dogs are aggressive when put
Fort Worth Animal Care and Control         in the wrong situations.
Center, 968 non-fatal dog bites were
reported in Fort Worth in 2006. Of         New Regulations
those 968 reported bites, 188 were         On Sept. 1, 2007, two new laws
from pit bull mixes and 38 were from       went into effect in Texas, just one
rottweilers mixes, accounting for 24       day after 6-year-old Scott Warren’s
percent of reported dog bites in 2006      death in Dallas. Known as “Lillian’s
involved these two breeds.                 Law,” the legislation increases jail
                                           time for owners who, with criminal
But, when it comes to canine fa-           negligence, fail to secure their dogs,
talities, pit bull, rottweiler and presa   resulting in serious bodily injury or
canario mixes are responsible for 65       death. If an attack takes place on the
percent of fatal dog attacks in the        dog owner’s property, the offense
United States and Canada, according        will be a third-degree felony. If the
to a 24-year study done by Merritt         result of the attack is death, it is con-
Clifton, an author and journalist who      sidered a second-degree felony and
specializes in animal coverage.            the dog’s owner could face up to 20
                                           years in prison.
Attorney Kenneth Phillips of Beverly
Hills, Calif., said dog bites occur in     “Lillian’s Law” was named after Lil-
any breed when the dog falls into          lian Stiles, who on Nov. 26, 2005, was
the hands of the wrong owners. He          attacked by six pit-bull Rottweiler
said the trouble with pit bull mixes is    mixed-breed dogs while she mowed
they have been bred for years to be        the front lawn of her Thorndale, Tex-
dangerous and are considered other         as, home. Although the law contains
dogs’ worst enemy. Add abuse, chain-       the harshest criminal penalties in
ing, neglect, lack of socialization and    the nation for dog owners, attorney
lack of proper veterinary care and         Randy Turner, president of Texas Hu-
the result is a truly dangerous dog,       mane Legislation Network, said there
Phillips said.                             are loopholes in the new law.

                                                            FA L L 2 0 0 7 l I M A G E l 1 7
            “The state must show criminal             Texas Families Against Danger-
            negligence and that the attack was        ous Dogs after her mother’s
            unprovoked,” Turner said. “There’s        death, said the important
            a defense in that if you had your         thing is to raise awareness
            dog on a leash and you were in            and get dangerous dogs
            control or if you lost control but        off the streets.
            were making an immediate attempt
            to regain control.”                       “The problem is irre-
                                                      sponsible dog owners,”
            This means there are no grounds for       Shoemaker said. “There
            conviction unless it is proved beyond     are too many people
            a reasonable doubt that the owner         that aren’t responsible with
            knew or should have known the dog         certain breeds of dogs that
            was capable of causing death or seri-     deserve extra caution.”
            ous bodily harm. Turner said proving
            criminal negligence becomes an            Keane Menefee, animal control
            issue in regard to medical bills and      manager for Fort Worth Animal
            financial responsibility.                 Care and Control Center,
                                                      said there are irresponsible pet
                                                                                                     Ronald Villegas: Photo Editor
            “Generally, if your negligence causes     owners because people don’t always
            someone to be injured, you’re re-         invest enough time into learning
            sponsible for that person’s injuries      about the “game” of owning a pet.
            or damages,” Turner said. “Under the      And, Menefee said, a lack of educa-
            basic law of negligence, you’re liable    tion on an owner’s part can make
            for medical expenses, pain and suf-       for an ugly outcome.
            fering, funeral expenses, loss of job.”
                                                                                                     Five factors that can
                                                      “If you’re going to own any medium             lead to dog bites:
            Turner said victims always have the       to large breed of dog, whether it be
            right to bring a lawsuit. However, he     a German Sheppard, a Great Dane                1) Health: When a dog is sick or
            said, proving negligence can often be     or a pit bull mix, you’ve got to know          diseased, there is an increased
            difficult to do.                          the responsibilities and needs of the          chance it will bite — even if it’s a
                                                      dog,” Menefee said. “It’s frustrating          14-year-old Golden Retriever
            The second law that took effect           when you deal with an unsocial-                that has never bitten before.
            involves the unlawful restraint of a      ized Husky that attacked, and find             2) Background: A dog’s breed
            dog. While Texas continues to allow       out the owner didn’t do enough
                                                                                                      does play into how aggressive
            dogs to be chained, the new law           research to know that Huskies are
                                                      highly social dogs.”
                                                                                                     it will be when provoked, but if
            prohibits the restraint of a dog to a
                                                                                                     the dog is socialized to tolerate
            permanent object at night, within 500
                                                      Pit Bulls Are Status Symbols                   people rather than act as a guard
            feet of a school or during unfavor-
            able weather conditions. The law          In the past few years, dangerous                the risks can be reduced.
            was originally an anti-chaining law,      dogs have become popular among                 3) Socialization levels: If a dog is
                                                      celebrities and pro-athletes. Hip-hop          disciplined from the start not to
                                                      icon DMX’s recent album “Year of the           dominate people and is continually
“The problem is irresponsible                         Dog, Again”, released in August 2006,          stimulated through its life the
                 dog owners”                          has a CD cover that features DMX in
                                                      a dark graffiti-covered alley, restrain-
                                                                                                     chances of an attack are much less.
                    - Marilyn Stiles Shoemaker                                                       4) Training
                                                      ing a pit bull on a chain. A year after
                                                                                                     5) Behavior
                                                      “Year of the Dog, Again” was re-
                                                                                                     *According to attorney Ken Phillips
            which prohibited dogs from be-            leased, police officers removed 12 pit
            ing tied up to objects such as trees,     bulls from DMX’s Arizona residence.
            parking meters, fences and stakes.
            However, according to Phillips, this      “A lot of buying a pet is based on
            law was severely “watered down”           how the animal looks or the status         the problem is that when, not if,
            during the legislative process. Phil-     it will bring. It’s not looked at as a     they bite someone, it’s not pleasant,”
            lips said chaining a dog regardless       pet as much as it is a status symbol,”     Menefee said.
            of the situation is cruel and danger-     Menefee said. “If you want to look
            ous, as dogs become more aggres-          tough, you get a pit bull. That’s a        Texas state law requires that these
            sive under tight restraints.              huge downfall to that breed of dog.”       types of bites be reported, Menefee
            Marilyn Stiles Shoemaker, daughter        Menefee said that because pit bulls        “When you look at how the media
            of Lillian Stiles, said that while she    have become a status symbol, they’re       reports these bites and how the pit
            feels more laws need to be passed         being over-bred.                           bull is portrayed, it’s sensationalism,”
            to help the victims of dog bite-                                                     Menefee said. “We put such a fear
            related cases, any progress is good       “The more large-breed dogs there           out there that it’s the perception soci-
            progress. Shoemaker, who founded          are, the more bites that occur and         ety has of these breeds of dogs.”

 1 8 l I M A G E l FA L L 2 0 0 7
                                                                                                                             The Road to Change
                      Preventing Animal Cruelty on College Campuses                                                          In July, Atlanta Falcons quarter-
                                                                                                                             back Michael Vick was indicted on
                      •Understand the responsibility of having a pet                                                         a federal conspiracy charge for his
                      “Getting a pet is often an act of independence when college students                                   alleged role in a dog fighting ring
                      move in,” Menefee said. “It’s not always thought out. What happens during                              operating on his Virginia property.
                      Christmas and summer break is that the animal is dropped off at the shelter                            The charge came after more than
                      because mom and dad won’t have it and there’s no where to take it when                                 50 pit bulls were removed from the
                      the student heads home.”                                                                               property and allegations of gam-
                                                                                                                             bling, abuse and professional dog
                      •Having a pet is often a 12-to-15-year commitment                                                      fighting began to surface.
                      “You can go to medical school twice in the life of that animal,” Menefee
                      said.                                                                                                  For attorney Randy Turner, the media
                                                                                                                             attention of the Vick case has been a
                      •Be mindful of leaving animals in carriers: A good rule is to refrain from                             positive thing.
                      leaving a dog in a crate for longer than its age and the animal should be
                      able to stand up, sit down and turn around while inside its crate, Menefee                             “I was thrilled about the Michael
                      said.                                                                                                  Vick case because it brought public-
                      “Crate training is popular but you can’t leave a puppy in all day and you                              ity, which brings awareness,” Turner
                      don’t want to cause it stress,” Menefee said. “It’s not fair to the animal and                         said. “Many people are clueless to
                      it can cause behavioral issues as you are deviating from how the animal                                the cruelty and abuse that’s happen-
                      naturally wants to be.”                                                                                ing to animals. The public got a nice
                                                                                                                             dose of reality with the Vick case.”
                      •Spay and neuter animals, call animal control if you spot a stray and keep 
                      identification on pets so they can be returned if lost.                                                Turner said animals play a huge role
                                                                                                                             in our lives, especially dogs.
                      •Consider adopting an adult dog rather than a puppy
                      “Puppies are cute, but they’re high maintenance,” Menefee said. “Shelters                              “Animal welfare issues are becoming
                      have many great adult dogs. Looking into adopting a cat is also a good idea                            more prevalent and mainstream in
                      because they don’t require as much attention.”                                                         today’s society, and while some of it
                      * according to Keane Menefee, animal control manager for Fort Worth Animal Care and Control Center
                                                                                                                             might be a fad, most of it is sincere,”
                                                                                                                             he said, adding that awareness and
                                                                                                                             education are the keys to change.

 Actions considered cruel under Texas law:                                                                                   “Get educated,” Turner said. “Find
 -Torturing an animal                                                           -Using a live animal as lure in a dog race   out what’s going on, read up on ani-
                                                                                                                             mal cruelty, join organizations. The
 -Failure to provide food, care or shelter,                                     -Tripping a horse
                                                                                                                             more educated and aware society
 -Abandonment                                                                   -Injuring an animal belonging to another     becomes, the greater the chance that
 -Transporting or confining an animal in a cruel                                  person                                     something will be done.
   manner                                                                       -Seriously overworking an animal
 -Causing an animal to fight with another

Ronald Villegas: Photo Editor

                                                                                                                                              FA L L 2 0 0 7 l I M A G E l 1 9
                                   Ky Lewis: Editor in Chief

2 0 l I M A G E l FA L L 2 0 0 7
Image ConsCienCe | Self-starters

Writing Reality
Deon James finds inspiration in struggles
By Valerie Cooper

   Initially, Deon James received criti-    that he was a publisher,” James said.             After talking with financial aid and
cism for writing an inspirational book         If it was difficult to find time to write   explaining the situation, TCU granted
about life struggles when he’s only         at this point, but it was nothing com-         James enough financial aid to return to
22. But James has fit a lot more into       pared to the beginning of school that          TCU in the fall. Aetna also worked with
those 22 years than many people do          fall, the start of his senior year.            James. They postponed his job, and is
in their lives.                                Competing with more than 900 stu-           holding it for him until he graduates.
   “Even at 22, you can have some-          dents, James applied for a job manag-             Rather than trying to take more
thing to say,” James said. “Everyone        ing national accounts at Aetna Health          classes over the summer to guarantee
has a story, regardless of age.”            Insurance and at the beginning of the          a December graduation, James spent
   The senior political science and psy-    spring 2007 semester, was one of 15 to         his summer working three jobs in order
chology of leadership major plans to        be accepted to the program.                    to pay for school. Now that the semes-
share his story, along with those of           Now, James was about to graduate,           ter has resumed, James is taking 30
many others, in his upcoming book,          had the dream job lined up and was             hours of classes as well as working
Ordinary People Taken to Extraordi-         looking at having a book on the shelves        two jobs.
nary Places.                                within the year.                                  His book has been put on hold until
   James said the book is a description        But as James discusses in his book, life    he can wrap it up and his most recent
of how anyone can be successful if they     isn’t always as smooth as we’d like.           struggles have provided him with plen-
make the most of their circumstances.          The first week in April, James’s            ty more material to write about. And
   “Everyone has the potential to be suc-   uncle was killed in a car accident.            with a publisher and marketer in place,
cessful, and extraordinary,” James said.    Two weeks later, his aunt lost a long          James said he’s confident once more
   He said he plans to have the book        battle with diabetes.                          about his book and his life.
in stores in 2008.                             The final blow came when James                 “My own story isn’t finished yet,”
   Despite his age, James has plenty of     received a call from his brother, who          James said. “But I’m sure it’s still going
experience in what he calls “maximizing     told him that James’s niece, only two          to turn out positive.”
potential.” When James came to TCU          weeks old, had passed away due to
from his home in Germany, he jumped         birth complications.
right in with 18 hours and three jobs,         “It was the most painful thing I ever
and it’s been that way ever since. His      experienced,” James said. “There were
typical day would keep him out of his       horrible days after that, when I just
room from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m., when he        didn’t want to go anymore, didn’t want
would start doing his homework and          to move.”
studying. On top of this, James kept           With less than a month until gradua-
active by working as a resident assistant   tion, James left TCU, taking incomplete
in Moncrief Hall, serving on the Student    grades in all of his classes.
Government Association and participat-         “I don’t regret that decision, even if
ing in Frogs for Our Future.                it put me back,” James said. “I needed
   His summers keep him equally busy.       to be with my family.”
In 2006, he served as a the youngest           This decision put not only his edu-
person ever to work as director for         cation on the line, but also his job
a youth camp in Galveston, oversee-         with Aetna. To complicate matters, his
ing about 125 kids. During this time,       incomplete grades made him ineligible
he regularly spoke to the group about       for financial aid. At the time, it looked
building character, life struggles and      like James had lost his degree, his
just growing up.                            dream job and everything he had been
   At one particular conference, a man      working toward the past four years.
from the audience suggested he turn            But James saw this as only another
his speeches into a book.                   challenge to struggle through, and per-
   “I had no idea when he came up to me     haps another story for his book.
                                                                                                             FA L L 2 0 0 7 l I M A G E l 2 1
                                   Ronald Villegas: Photo Editor

2 2 l I M A G E l FA L L 2 0 0 7
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An Elegant Twist
Mica Trojacek turns ballet into a birthday bash
By Kathleen Thurber

   For Mica Trojacek, dancing is kind           “They just loved it,” she said. “They
of like breathing.                           were just mesmerized.”
   Having grown up dancing in a studio          The idea, she admits, fell into her
and continuing on to receive her mas-        lap. A mother had contacted the TCU
ter’s degree in modern dance at TCU,         Dance Department in search of some-
Trojacek admits she was definitely one       one to visit her daughter’s party, and
of those little girls who dreamed of a       after responding to that request about
life under the spotlight.                    five years ago, the concept simply grew
   “Every little girl dreams about being     from there, Trojacek said.
a ballerina,” Trojacek said.                    “I did the first one because it sound-
   It’s this fascination with the pos-       ed like fun,” she said, and when her
sibility of a life in pointe shoes and       expectations were fulfilled, she thought
a tutu that Trojacek said often makes        she’d try it again.
her the hit of the party — the birthday         Most of her birthday party gigs come
party that is.                               from one of her “real” jobs where she
   While Trojacek spends most of her         visits schools, churches and other
time teaching dance, she’s also built        groups to teach creative dance.
what she describes as a fun side busi-          “You teach ideas of movement rath-
ness through dressing up as a danc-          er than teaching specific steps,” she
er and leading activities at children’s      said describing her methods of teach-
birthday parties.                            ing that involve anything from impro-
   “It’s like a different take on having     visation to basic locomotive lessons,
a clown at your birthday party,” Tro-        rhythm exercises, singing or reading.
jacek said.                                  “It’s a way to get them dance and move
   So instead of telling jokes and           without having to restrict them.”
wearing a multi-colored wig, Trojacek           Trojacek also teaches modern at TCU
shows up donned in ballerina garb            where she is choreographing a piece
and leads children in a mini-dance           for the fall show.
class, a craft and sometimes even per-          Somewhere between these respon-
forms for them.                              sibilities, she continues to find time
   “I’m usually kind of the star of the      to research methods and benefits of
party,” Trojacek said.                       creative dance for children.
   And whether it’s making a crown out          “It’s fun for them,” she said smil-
of pipe cleaners or tieing ribbons to a      ing. “It’s a way to access knowledge
ring to fashion a prop for performing,       for kids.”
she said children are almost always             But, even if it’s just movement at
receptive to the activities. She even got    a birthday party, Trojacek says chil-
a group of boys excited about dancing        dren always enjoy it. And for Trojacek,
recently when she lead a break-danc-         using her lifelong passion to create a
ing-themed birthday party and let the        unique side business is just icing on
party-goers decorate bandanas to wear        the cake.
while they danced.
   At her last party, she said, she walked
into a room of 3-year-old girls staring
up in awe at her with their perfectly
curled hair and ballet skirts on ready
to learn whatever knowledge Trojacek
was willing to bestow.
                                                                                         FA L L 2 0 0 7 l I M A G E l 2 3
                                   Ronald Villegas: Photo Editor

2 4 l I M A G E l FA L L 2 0 0 7
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Brains for Business
Michael McKenzie pursues innate entrepreneurial spirit
By Michelle Devereaux

    When many pre-teens were playing            house calls and took him to his contract-      Christian Ministries, a local charity in
video games and rollerblading around            ed computer parts supplier two to three        Katy, Texas.
the block, junior business major Michael        times a week after school. Eventually,            To see some of McKenzie’s light
McKenzie was starting his first business.       fliers were no longer needed. His busi-        shows and for information about
MCM Mowing and Pools was a yard and             ness was growing and word-of-mouth             future shows, visit www.cottagec-
pool maintenance company, and McK-              advertisement was all he relied on.  
enzie’s first business venture at 10 years          “As long as you provide a good service        McKenzie said he comes from a fam-
old. Loans from his parents and grand-          and you’re memorable to the client, they       ily of farmers and insurance salesmen.
parents helped him buy equipment to             will tell their friends,” he said.             Business may not be in his blood, but
start his business.                                 Now, the McKenzie Group does not           he said his family instilled principles in
    McKenzie said he has always been            only residential but also corporate con-       him that he still carries today.
business-minded and financially mature,         sulting. He visits small businesses and           McKenzie, who believes giving
something his parents taught him from           assists with issues they may be hav-           children an allowance to be pre-so-
an early age.                                   ing with their networking and server           cial welfare, was taught to work hard
    “If I wanted something, my parents          management. He also builds networks            and to run a business with integrity
told me that I had to save up and buy it        from scratch.                                  and perseverance.
myself,” he said. “I wanted a go-cart and           “It’s a fun job, except when I get calls
stereo, so I had to get busy.”                  at 2 a.m. from a client whose server is
    Today, along with being a student with      down,” he said.                        
a full course load, he is the founder of            Technology isn’t the only thing that
the McKenzie Group, a residential and           McKenzie is doing these days. He has
small business consulting company. This         also started consulting for computerized
venture began at age 13, when the mon-          Christmas light shows for residential cli-
ey he earned from MCM Mowing and                ents or small businesses. McKenzie con-
Pools was invested in McKenzie’s new            trols the timing of the lights from a single
passion: computers. And so MCM Com-             computer that is connected to the dozens
puters was born.                                of light strands by extension chords.
    McKenzie has mostly taught himself              Viewers can tune into a local radio sta-
what he knows about computers. He               tion where Christmas songs are played,
said his main method of learning has            while the lights flash and fade in time
been trial and error.                           with the music. McKenzie said these are
    “I’ve messed a lot of stuff up,” he said.   some of his favorite projects.
“I’ve fried things and started fires, but           “I have to do a lot of planning and
it’s just part of learning.”                    music synchronization for the shows,”
    In the beginning, McKenzie got used         he said. “I really like music and seeing
computers from the company where his            the finished product at that large scale
father worked. He took them apart,              is fun and rewarding. I can’t wait to get
fixed and updated them, and then built          more into it.”
them again to sell. At one point, he cre-           For McKenzie, this was an unex-
ated a network of all the computers in          pected interest. This will be his sec-
his home.                                       ond Christmas season to organize and
    Eventually, computers became cheap-         create light shows. He plans to pro-
er and McKenzie recognized a need for           vide this service to several residential
in-home tech service. He bought sever-          households, a small business and a large
al computers and hired his friends and          church in Houston.
three younger sisters to pass out fliers            This Christmas season, one of the
around his neighborhood.                        shows will hold a canned food drive,
    McKenzie’s parents drove him to             with all donations benefiting Katy
                                                                                                                 FA L L 2 0 0 7 l I M A G E l 2 5
                                                                                                                                                                      Andrew Chavez: Contributing Photographer

                                                                                                                                    have more money at their disposal is
                                                                                                                                    a challenge the athletic director said
                                                                                                                                    he accepts. He said increasing the
                                                                                                                                    athletics program’s total endowment,
                                                                                                                                    especially in football, is important.
                                                                                                                                    With total athletic donations at $3.3
                                                                                                                                    million in 2006-2007 up from $2.7 in
                                                                                                                                    2005-2006 and a total of $17.8 mil-
                                                                                                                                    lion in capital being raised through
                                                                                                                                    fundraising and endowment efforts,
         Head football coach Gary Patterson
                      Andrew Chavez: Contributing Photographer
                                                                                   Chancellor Victor Boschini
                                                                                      Stephen Spillman: Contributing Photographer
                                                                                                                                    Morrison said this kind of continual
                                                                                                                                    growth is needed if TCU is to take the
                                                                                                                                    next step in terms of football funding.
                                                                                                                                       “If you look at most of the really

     Staying in the game                                                                                                            great private colleges in America that
                                                                                                                                    compete at a high level athletically,”
                                                                                                                                    Morrison said, “they usually have a
     Creating a big time sports program                                                                                             pretty well endowed program.”
                                                                                                                                       As senior kicker Chris Manfredini
     takes more than pocket change                                                                                                  came on to kick a 19-yard field goal
                                                                                                                                    to give the Frogs a 10-0 lead going
     by Tim Bella                                                                                                                   into halftime, the most powerful man
                                                                                                                                    at TCU was watching the game two
                                                                                                                                    rows from the top of the stadium in
                                                                                                                                    Row 128.
                                                                                                                                       Chancellor Victor Boschini insisted
                                                                                                                                    on sitting with the fans for arguably
           it was all happening for tCU football.                Seeing Through The Numbers                                         the biggest game of the year — po-
              The game the Horned Frogs com-                        As the fans cheer Brock’s opening                               litely declining invitations from UT’s
           munity had been waiting for had                       return, Danny Morrison is excited.                                 Chancellor as well as other adminis-
           finally arrived.                                      The third-year athletic director                                   trators to sit in their luxury boxes.
              Thousands of alumni, students and                  watches the game unfold from the                                      People have come to expect this
           fans clad in purple descended on the                  visiting athletic director’s box, look-                            out of Boschini, now in his fifth year
           capitol of Texas for an event that had                ing confident but still cautious.                                  as Chancellor.
           been talked about for months.                            Morrison said TCU athletics will                                   Boschini said the commitment to
              It was TCU versus the University                   work with a budget of $27.5 mil-                                   football and the rest of athletics came
           of Texas — a showdown between                         lion this year. This budget comes on                               a decade ago, when the university
           arguably the state’s two finest college               the heels of an athletics year that                                was at a crossroads as to whether it
           football programs in the last 12 years.               brought in $11 million. He said the                                should take a chance by increasing
              The Horned Frogs’ rise to promi-                   football program’s budget is about                                 its athletic funding.
           nence reflected that non-BCS pro-                     $7 million with about three-fourths                                   “The board of trustees made a com-
           grams could reap the benefits similar                 going toward player scholarships                                   mitment to substantially increase and
           to that of larger, more endowed                       and employee compensation — a                                      enhance our entire athletic program
           football programs if the allocation of                comparable breakdown of funding                                    because they thought it was a good
           its funding was balanced and meticu-                  distribution to football programs in                               window to the world,” Boschini said,
           lously planned. This accumulation of                  its budget range.                                                  “and I think they were right on that
           funding at TCU had been happening                        Morrison said figures released                                  because it’s a great way to get a lot of
           for close to a decade, and this game                  by electronic media outlets such as                                attention and publicity for your school
           was somewhat of a culmination for            that deal with the                                 that you can’t afford any other way.
           the athletics department’s dedication                 estimated athletic expenses of Divi-                                  “Our applications for admissions
           to the football program.                              sion I athletic programs are not neces-                            have gone up every year in the past
              With more than 80,000 fans inside                  sarily inaccurate, but can be deceiving                            five years. Maybe that’s just coin-
           Darrell K. Royal-Texas Memorial                       because these reports often include                                cidental, but it also coincides with
           Stadium on their feet and The Eyes of                 indirect costs. He said some reports                               success in sports and specifically
           Texas reverberating moments before                    will show TCU’s 2006 budget at $37                                 football,” Boschini said.
           kickoff, it was game time.                            million for this reason, when in actu-                                Another factor involved in the
              The kickoff to senior wide receiver                ality, it was closer to $27.5 million.                             success is Patterson, the 47-year-old
           Marcus Brock is taken at his team’s                      “They’ll take, for instance, the                                head coach that has led the program
           own 1-yard line. Brock breaks free                    square footage of all facilities or                                to seasons of 10 wins or more in four
           from several burnt orange jerseys and                 grounds and so forth, and then put a                               of the past five years.
           looks to be heading for a touchdown,                  charge on that and multiply that out,”                                With college football’s landscape
           much to the delight of the scattered                  he said.                                                           changing each year, the price for
           sections of purple and white.                            As a private school, trying to                                  paying a top-flight head coach is get-
              It was on.                                         compete with mega-programs that                                    ting steeper.

2 6 l I M A G E l FA L L 2 0 0 7
        “We’re a small school for a big-                                      at the South Carolina-Georgia game        Conference is between $11 million
     time athletic program,” Boschini said.                                   when he saw the score flash up on         to $12 million per team, the Frogs
     “What scares me the most is the esca-                                    the TV screen. The Frogs’ halftime        are pulling in somewhere between
     lating salaries, and you just can’t com-                                 lead was catching the attention of the    $1 million to $1.5 million in its
     pete anymore. Maybe I’ll be wrong                                        college football world that Saturday,     Mountain West Conference payout.
     about this, but I don’t see us paying                                    and Hyman was just one of the many        Even teams that are perennial losing
     $4 million for any one employee on                                       intrigued with the game’s outcome.        programs such as Baylor University
     our campus, and that’s what some of                                         Before accepting the athletics         bring in $6 million per year from
     these schools are doing.”                                                director position at South Carolina,      its Big 12 contract, according to the
        Longtime university faculty mem-                                      Hyman spent eight years in the same       Chronicle of Higher Education
     bers such as finance professor Stan-                                     role at TCU. In 1998, the university         Hyman said even though the pro-
     ley Block said the university needs to                                   decided to take a chance in allocat-      gram is limited as to what it can do
     continue to pay competitive faculty                                      ing substantial funding for athletics     financially due to it being a private
     salaries to people like Patterson just                                   — something the university hoped          school with a relatively small alumni
     as it would pay for a quality chemis-                                    would garner brand identity and           base, the commitment made to the
     try professor.                                                           marketing benefits.                       athletics program a decade ago has
        “I’d pay whatever the market rate                                        “They were sort of at a crossroads     brought TCU and its football pro-
     is for Patterson,” said Block, the                                       because they had floundered for           gram to new heights.
     holder of the Stan Block Endowed                                         many years,” Hyman said. “There was          “They gambled, but that gamble has
     Chair in Finance at the Neeley School                                    so much competition academically in       paid off dividends,” Hyman said. “They
     of Business. “I think it’s more expen-                                   the state of Texas and really from a      understand a viable athletic program
     sive to get a coach that isn’t quite                                     national standpoint. TCU didn’t have      can complement the university.”
     as good. And when the market for                                         the national recognition.”                   When the third quarter ended
     Patterson gets up to $3 million, the                                        After going 1-10 in 1997, Hyman        with a 10-10 tie and UT threaten-
     market for Saban, (Mack) Brown and                                       said he was dedicated to turning the      ing to take the lead, Hyman’s joking
     (Pete) Carroll and (Dennis) Fran-                                        football team around and ditching         proclamation of ending the game at
     chione and the rest of those guys is
     going to be $8 million to $10 million,
     so I don’t think $3 million is going to
                                                                              “ There was the perception of TCU as
     be as scary as it looks right now.”
        Manfredini’s kick sailed through
                                                                                a school of losers. And now, the per-
     the uprights and gave the Frogs a                                          ception has gone 180 degrees and
     10-0 lead heading into the locker
                                                                                it’s a school of winners.”
                                                                                -Eric Hyman, former TCU athletics director
        Other than the blips of purple on
     the burnt orange radar, the stadium
     was inactive.                                                            the stigma of “loser.”                    halftime was turning out to be ac-
                                                                                  “One of the board members said        curate after all.
     Losers No More                                                           years ago when I first got there, his
       In Athens, Ga., Eric Hyman was                                         daughter didn’t want to go to TCU,”       The Reality
     sending text messages to his chil-                                       Hyman said. “There was the percep-           The 80,000 fans donned in burnt
     dren from the University of Georgia’s                                    tion of TCU as a school of losers. And    orange began to get back into the
     radio booth in Sanford Stadium for                                       now, the perception has gone 180          game and give the Longhorns the
     updates on the game in Austin.                                           degrees and it’s a school of winners.”    momentum the team needed to put
       Hyman, the athletic director at the                                        Block said that, although football    up 24 points in the final quarter.
     University of South Carolina, was                                        should not have as much of an im-            UT proved it was too much for the
                                                                              pact on a school’s image, it does —       Frogs that night. The cannons would
                                                                              especially in the state of Texas.         fire after every score. The quarter
                                                                                  “A university is judged too much      proved that, although the Frogs had
                                                                              on football, but it still happens,”       come a long way, the team still has
                                                                              Block said. “Just for students in         room to grow.
                                                                              general, having a successful football        The final score was 34-13. Patterson
                                                                              program provides more legitimacy          kept the team on the field as the Long-
                                                                              than it should, but it does, so I think   horns and the remaining fans inside
                                                                              it’s important.”                          the stadium sang, The Eyes of Texas
                                                                                  Although it may be “a school of       in victory. The Frogs walked off the
                                                                              winners,” the Frogs are not being         field with their heads up as they were
                                                                              paid like winners or even like a BCS      greeted with jeers from UT students.
                                                                              conference team.                             Though the question remains of
                                                                                  Hyman, who was calling after          what the future of TCU football will
                                   Andrew Chavez: Contributing Photographer
                                                                              landing in Baton Rouge, La., for          bring from a financial standpoint,
Junior Steven Coleman and seniors David Roach                                 South Carolina’s Sept. 22 showdown        one common theme was reverber-
and Brian Bonner make a tackle at the Sept. 1                                 with LSU, said that while revenue         ated: more can be done and more
game against Baylor at Amon G. Carter Stadium.
                                                                              sharing for the 12-team Southeastern      will be done.

                                                                                                                                        FA L L 2 0 0 7 l I M A G E l 2 7
             by Ky Lewis

What’s so special about the Austin
City Limits Music Festival?

After six years, ACL, which is now
the largest music festival in Texas,
has created a sensation that seems
to grow larger every year.

Still, the festival is basically three
steaming-hot, dusty days in the
middle of a gigantic field. What
keeps bringing people back to
Zilker Park?

                                         Ky Lewis: Editor in Chief
Thursday evening                          the day. After listening to a few of his    sharp lyricism, spontaneous-bursts
If anyone knows the pull of this          electric jam sessions, we make our          of energy and north-eastern style.
festival, it’s me.                        way to another stage.                       With Manchester Orchestra serving
                                                                                      as Devine’s back-up band, hearing
I’ve been going to Austin for three       A thick cloud of dark, black smoke          Cotton Crush and his cover of Neutral
years. I’ve seen the Pixies, Modest       starts to rise from behind the bar          Milk Hotel’s Holland, 1945 was a
Mouse, Coldplay and a handful of          tents during singer-songwriter Pete         great way to start the day.
bands that rarely make it to the Lone     Yorn’s set at the AT&T stage. The fire,
Star state.                               caused by a propane tank explosion          Then it was off to see Austin natives
                                          that also torches a few empty port-         Sound Team, where I met back up
But I’m not alone. This weekend,          o-johns, is visible from almost the         with Darren. It’s been a tough year for
many like me will travel here, Why?       entire park, and personnel are racing       Sound Team, who was dropped from
It’s simple. Three days, eight stages     to keep the crowd controlled.               Capitol Records earlier this year after
and 130 bands. A three-day pass is                                                    enduring a handful of scathing reviews
reasonably priced. Considering the        It could have been a disaster of            of their latest disc, Movie Monster.
amount of music one can consume           Woodstock ’99 proportions, but              This performance marked their last as
in one weekend, it makes it a pretty      fortunately the professional staff          a band, and bittersweet as it was, the
good deal.                                keeps the mood cool and relaxed,            show was very well-attended for such
                                          and no festival-goers are injured.          an early set.
However, it leaves out one important
fact. A lot of these fantastic bands      The fire is quickly doused and the          Then it was off to get some soul. Back
will be playing at the same time. You     ruckus calms down after about 30            Door Slam, whose lead singer, Davy
can’t see everyone.                       minutes, so we make our way to one          Knowles, who is only 19 years old,
                                          of our most anticipated shows of            had more blues in his voice than I’ve
I arrived in Austin Thursday night, and   the day. Manchester Orchestra at the        heard in a long, long time. The guitar
although the grounds for the festival     Austin Ventures stage. Manchester           solos and bass collaborations drew in
are on the other side of town, I could    Orchestra always plays a great show         a crowd that could compete with some
already feel the enthusiasm and hype      in Austin. Their energy, along with         of the bigger bands at the festival.
in the voices of the radio DJs.           their screaming vocals, revives the
                                          sun-drained fans.                           After a small lunch we were back at
I met up with my best friend
                                                                                      it again. Trying not to lose the pace
from Austin down at Shady Grove           After a small lunchtime break, we           we had built up, we moved on to the
Restaurant, only about a five-minute      had all the energy we needed for            fourth show of the day.
walk from the soon-to-be festival         the dance and electronic styling of
grounds at Zilker Park. Shady Grove       festival favorites LCD Soundsystem.         We started looking for a good spot to
is known for great food and its           Lead singer James Murphy, spiked            relax in the grass until Blue October
outdoor atmosphere, but tonight           the crowd with the terse boogie of          took the stage. We found a nice spot
there’s music in the air. Billy Harvey,   hits like Daft Punk is Playing at My        between two of the stages where
best known as a sideman for Austin        House and All My Friends. This was          we could listen to the sounds of the
favorite Bob Schneider, kicked off        the first conflict I had at the festival,   Cold War Kids finishing up their
the three-day musicpalooza on the         too. I had been informed by several         mob-filled set.
outside stage. Harvey mostly drew         others that world-rapper M.I.A. was
                                                                                                                       Ky Lewis: Editor in Chief
from his new album Bearsick, which        the show to see over LCD. I still
is full of great tunes.                   believe I made the right call, though
                                          part of me feels torn by what I could
After a couple of the Grove’s famous
                                          have seen.
Shady Thing Margaritas, we decided
to call it a night.                       The final show for the night was the
                                          Killers. And to be honest, it wasn’t a
Friday                                    great choice, unless you’re already
It’s a peaceful morning around
                                          a die-hard Killers fan. Brandon
Austin, and it was time to head to
                                          Flowers and the rest of his Las Vegas
the festival. I met up with former
                                          band just went through the motions
Image editor-in-chief Darren White
                                          during their set, not really giving the
to pick up our tickets before heading
                                          crowd anymore than true-to-the-radio
our separate ways to pick up our
                                          versions of their overplayed hits.
ACL companions. We load up with
water and head down to find a             With that we made our way back to
parking spot, where we can make the       the car, trying to recover from the
anticipated walk to Zilker Park.          sunburned day, for day two.
The festival is already well under way    Saturday
when we arrive at 1:30 p.m.               It was well over 90 degrees
                                          Fahrenheit when I made it to the
After a short walk through the park,                                                  The music dies for a little when a propane tank
                                          AT&T Blue Room Stage, where Kevin
we stumble on Joseph Arthur & The                                                     explodes behind one of the drink stands at the
                                          Devine was already barreling though
Lonely Astronauts. Arthur gathered                                                    festival. Four people were injured, two of them
                                          his set. Devine was full of razor-
a rather large crowd for this early in                                                were deemed to be in critical condition.

                                                                                                          FA L L 2 0 0 7 l I M A G E l 2 9
                                                                                                                           ARTIST PHOTOS COURTESY OF: Fresh and Clean Media
           Kevin Devine on the AT&T Blue Room Stage, masked behind the other 130 bands.

           After the ups and downers of Blue            Sunday                                    and Hate it Here as the sun set behind
           October’s Calling You and Into the           I started Sunday flying solo, After       the stage.
           Ocean, we made the hike across               a quick trip to the merch tent to
           the park to see the explosive                pick up an official ACL t-shirt and       The biggest buzz in the Austin
           sounds of Damien Rice. That’s right,         a bottle of sunscreen (which was a        music world these days is Ghostland
           I said explosive.                            useless attempt to prevent my already     Observatory, a punk-funk-space rock-
                                                        burned body going from medium             techno-hybrid that you just kind of
           Rice, who is mostly known for his            rare to well-done), I headed off to see   have to see to believe. Ghostland let
           soft acoustic sound on albums like           brooding indie-rockers the National.      everyone know the night wasn’t over
           O, played a set that would jar a soft                                                  until the last beam of their laser-light
           rock fan out of a deep sleep. Ballads        The National soon became one of my        show dance party and songs like Sad,
           like Delicate and The Blower’s               favorite sets of the weekend, and it      Sad City and Stranger Lover.
           Daughter sounded intense and                 provided just the spark I needed to
           fierce with an electric guitar and a         carry on through the day.                 The festival closed with the
           propulsive drummer.                                                                    legendary Bob Dylan & His Band,
                                                        The rest of the day was a speed-          someone I’ve listened to but never
           Saturday night closed on two stages.         attack, with one great show               really embraced. I stayed, in contrast
           On one, the much-buzzed about                following another.                        to many other festival-goers who
           Arcade Fire, and on the other, English                                                 seemed uninterested.
           arena rockers Muse.                          I made a short stop at Ben Kweller
                                                        to confirm that he did not, in fact,      It was understandable, as Dylan
           Muse was stepping up an hour to              bleed all over himself or stop the        seemed a little off. His voice was
           fill the time slot left vacant when          flow of said nosebleed by jamming a       rough and craggy and it was hard
           The White Stripes canceled their             tampon into his nose like he did at       to spot even some of his most
           appearance at the festival due to            the 2006 festival.                        recognizable tunes. The stage
           drummer Meg White’s acute anxiety.                                                     cameras that provide a good view to
           While there was certainly some               From there it was a rush to the front
                                                                                                  the folks in back were also turned
           disappointment by the no-show                of the crowded and anticipated
                                                                                                  off at Dylan’s request, making it hard
           Stripes, Muse brought spirits back up        AT&T stage where Bloc Party would
                                                                                                  for those in back to really get into
           with an intense stage show.                  soon be coming on. Although they
                                                                                                  the show. Still Dylan is an American
                                                        were far from the cool and wet
                                                                                                  legend, and I was not about to miss a
           They did not disappoint. After a well-       weather of their London hometown,
                                                                                                  chance to say I saw him.
           known opener, Knights of Cydonia, I          it didn’t slow them down from
           was curious to see how the set could         pumping up the crowd to the               A small spot on a grassy hill
           get any better. But it did. Each song        poppy, fast tempo beats.                  overlooking the park and Austin
           surpassed the last. After an hour and                                                  skyline is where I finished my night
           half set we were left with the feeling       At the end of the set I was faced
                                                                                                  to the sounds of Workingman Blues #
           that we had just experienced the             with a hard journey through the
                                                                                                  2, Tangled Up in Blue and Rainy Day
           climatic show of the weekend.                tense and suspicious smelling crowd
                                                                                                  Women 12&35. It was a great end to
                                                        to the other side of the park. I was
                                                                                                  a spectacular weekend.
           On the other stage, The Arcade Fire          down to my last couple of shows
           gave a show that by all accounts was         for the weekend, and although my          After a small drop in to a near by
           equally excellent, making Saturday           body called out for me to bail and        Taco Cabana for some quesadilla
           night perhaps the penultimate                be happy with what I had seen and         fuel, Darren and I made our way out
           moment of the festival.                      heard, I carried on.                      of the beautifully enlightened city
                                                                                                  of Austin, our ears ringing, our skin
           We had very little faith on the walk         Wilco cooled the crowd with the
                                                                                                  sunburned and our souls happy.
           back to the car that any other set           smooth sounds of their latest CD,
           would be any better.                         Sky Blue Sky, Including What Light        Darren White contributed to this story.

3 0 l I M A G E l FA L L 2 0 0 7
                diversions | Because class and studying are overrated

                sudoku                                                                           Close-up:               Each          Crossword
                                                                                                 of these six images shows a
                                             *               +                            # 0    close-up view of a larger ob-                                 - +                     *
                                                                                                 ject. Try to guess the object
                 # ,                                             $ +                    - *      and the theme.                                                                        .
                                                                     Hint: “Sweet treats”
                   -                              $              .                          +
                   /                              *              0                          -                                                                  / #                     $
                 0   $                            /            .   #                    #                                                                                                      .
                   *                              #              -                        /   .                                                                $               -
                   0                              +              /                                                                                                             *
                 , .                                             # 0                      0                                                                                      # $
                                             $               0                            $   ,                                                                #               . 0
                %&'()%                                                               !"#$                                     %&'()%                                                           !"#-
                spot the diFFerenCes:
                There are six differences between these
                images of Raef Payne’s living room.                                                                                                                                Down:
                                                                                                                                                                                   1. Old-style verb form
                                                                                                                                    Across:                                        2. Mrs. Bunker
                                                                                                                                    1. Real cool, once                             3. Artist’s model
                                                                                                                                    4. Slightly moist                              4. Build up
                                                                                                                                    8. Spring bloomer                              5. Way back when
                                                                                                                                    14. Hurly-burly                                6. Clips the lawn
                                                                                                                                    15. Self images                                7. Hey, over here!
                                     -            0 #                        *                                                      Jackson Braun
                                                                                                                                                   *         $
                                                                                                                                    16. Cat mysteries author, _____                8. Single-handedly
                                                                                                                                                                                   9. Turn from side to side
                                                                                                                                    17. Repudiates                                 10. The whole time
                                     /                                       - +                                                    19. Eye ballers
                                                                                                                                    20. Jobs of computers
                                                                                                                                                           * , - 0                             $
                                                                                                                                                                                   11. Stretch out
                                                                                                                                                                                   12. Musician’s organ
                                                                                                                                    21. Division of a poem                         13. Response to a question.
                                 -                                   #                                                          -   23. Charge with excitement                                 /
                                                                                                                                                                                   18. Tel__ -Jaffa
                                                                                                                                    25. House seller                               22. Backbreaking
                             - $ 0 *                                                                                                29. Made invalid       0
                                                                                                                                    32. Russian writer Maxim
                                                                                                                                                                                 # 24. Pale purple
                                                                                                                                                                                   26. Pick up the tab
                                                                                                                                    33. Make things happen                         27. Giraffe’s cousin
                 #                                                                   /                                                     - #
                                                                                                                                    36. Bedevil                                , . 28. Age
                                                                                                                                    38. Type of tide                               30. Sweetheart
                         $ + - ,                                                                                                           /
                                                                                                                                    39. Luck luster
                                                                                                                                    41. Insert gas
                                                                                                                                                                       #           31. Push
                                                                                                                                                                                   33. Some Egyptian clerics
                                                                                                                                    42. Open-mouthed stare                         34. Barton of the Red Cross
                     ,     $                                                                                                    $   23. Oven setting
                                                                                                                                    44. Obscures
                                                                                                                                                                                   35. Abducted,
                                                                                                                                                                                   37. Eventually become
                                                                                                                                    46. Foil material                              40. Like the Sleepy Hollow horse-
                 + 0         ,                                                                                                  +   47. Regions    , # - .                         man
                                                                                                                                    29. Disrespect                                 45. Let up on
                   $   + ,   /                                                                                                      53. Absolution
                                                                                                                                    51. Bedtime visitor?   +                       48. Discredit
                                                                                                                                                                                   50. Race pace
                %&'()%                                                               !"##                                           57.
                                                                                                                              %&'()% Tarry                                         52. Bug !"/11
                                                                                                                                    60. Hokey                                      54. Serious play
                                                                                                                                    61. Apprentice doctor                          55. Leek relative
                                                                                                                                    64. Liquor libation                            56. Synthetic fabric
                                                                                                                                    66. Total washout                              58. Sound on the rebound
                                                                                                                                    67. Bill Clinton’s hometown                    59. Space
                                                                                                                                    68. Sounds as a cow                            61. Contingencies
                                                                                                                                    69. Like melting snow                          62. Nothing at all
                                             8889:;<6=;9>6?                                                                         70. Muscat’s place                             63. Letter following sigma
                                                                                                                                    71. Massachusetts cape                         65. Numbers pro

                     .   +   -       0   ,    $   /    #     *                                                                3.Snickers 4.Reese’s 5.Kit Kat 6.Goodbar
!"#$    /   $    .   *   0   +   #   ,   -            !"#-       .   #   0   /   -   +   $   *   ,          !"##      $   +    -   /   0   #   .   *           !"/11
                                                                                                                                                     1.Twix 2.Crunch       0   +   *   .   $   /   -   ,   #
                     0   #   $       *   -    /   +    .     ,
        #   ,    *   -   .   /   0   $   +                       -   *   /   #   ,   $   +   .   0                    *   #    /   $   .   ,   0   -   +                   /   #   .   *   ,   -   0   +   $
        +   -    0   #
                     ,   $
                         /   ,
                             *   /   .
                                     #   *
                                         +    .   -    0     $   $   ,   +   0   .   *   #   -   /                    0   ,    .   -   +   *   #
                                                                                                                    Poster flips 6. Bottle branding/   $                   -   ,   $   +   #   0   .   *   /
        -   /    #   +
                     /   *
                         -   .
                             +   ,   0
                                     $   $
                                         #    0   ,    *     .   0   .   -   +   /   #   ,   $   *                    ,   -    $   0   *   /   +   .   #
                                                                                                                    3. Pillow disappears 4. Bike lock vanishes 5.          .   $   +   0   *   ,   /   #   -
        0   +    $   ,   /   -   .   *   #                       #   +   $   -   *   ,   0   /   .                    #   *    +   ,   -   .   $   0   /
                                                                                                                    1.Guitars trade places 2. Accordion squeeze            *   -   #   $   /   +   ,   .   0
        .   *    ,
                             $   +
                                              ,   $    +     0   *   /   ,   .   $   0   -   +   #                    /   .    0   #   $   +   -   ,   *                   ,   /   0   -   .   #   *   $   +
                                                                                                                    spot the diFFerenCes:

        $   0    -   .
                     $   +
                         0   #
                             ,   *   /
                                     .   ,
                                         *    +   #    /     -   /   -   #   $   0   .   *   ,   +                    -   /    ,   .   #   $   *   +   0                   $   .   -   /   +   *   #   0   ,
        ,   .    +   /
                     *   -
                         .   *
                             /   $   #
                                     ,   0
                                         $    #   0    -     +   ,   0   .   *   +   -   /   #   $                    +   0    #   *   /   -   ,   $   .                   +   0   ,   #   -   .   $   /   *
        *   #    /   $   ,   0   -   +   .                       +   $   *   ,   #   /   .   0   -                    .   $    *   +   ,   0   /   #   -                   #   *   /   ,   0   $   +   -   .
                     +   $   0       /   .    -   *    ,     #
!"#                  -   ,   #       +   0    *   .    $     /           !"#$                        2345"+."67"+.                                                                                         +,"@;A"1.

                                                                                                                                                                       FA L L 2 0 0 7 l I M A G E l 3 1
Battle of the Sexes | This Issue’s Topic: Spending habits

          Get your money for                                                   Self-involved women get
          nothin’ and time isn’t free                                          slapped with reality

         I    buy a lot of crap. I’ll admit
           it. Whether I’m buying my
           523 New York Yankees hat or
           purchasing tickets to a Styx
                                              spends her money on is fun-

                                              MTV Video Music Awards,
                                              nier than the ill-fated Brit-
                                              ney Spears comeback at the
                                                                                      omen are shallow and
                                                                               narcissistic. That’s right, I said
                                                                               it. Now, if you’re a man read-
                                                                               ing this, you’re probably giv-
                                                                                                                    to the list. For the purposes
                                                                                                                    of my point and judging by
                                                                                                                    the rest of her contributions, I
                                                                                                                    think we can safely erase junk
           concert (worth every penny,        minus the awkwardness.           ing yourself a big pat on the        food from the list.
           mind you), the money I tend                                         back or high-fiving the meat-
           to spend on nonessential           For instance, if I give the      head next to you. And if you’re      And as shallow as these things
           items can sometimes leave          slightest compliment on a        a woman, you’re probably             under the ‘Girl’ column seem,
           my parents and friends say-        female’s haircut, I get the      wondering what the hell my           they weren’t half as bad until
           ing, “Huh?” or “No!” Heck, I       full rundown of where she        problem is, because I am of          I saw what was written under
           sometimes even buy stupid          got it done, how much it         the female gender, myself.           the ‘Boy’ column (which, even
           things on purpose just to see      cost and why she already                                              more insultingly, was twice
           their reaction.                    hates it or doesn’t love it as   Let me explain.                      the size of the ‘Girl’ list).
                                              much as she had hoped to                                              Bills, gas, gadgets, golf, elec-
                              Of course,      all less than six hours after                       After poll-       tronics, music, wakeboarding,
                              there is a      having it cut.                                      i ng some         yard work and housework
                              method to                                                           random            were listed, to name a few.
                              my m ad -       My big beef with female                             students          Yes, the typical video games,
                              ness. You       spending habits is that                             a t T C U ’s      beer, sporting events, ciga-
                              see, though     women si mply do not                                librar y, I       rettes and bars popped up fre-
          COMMENTARY BY I still pur-          appreciate purchases as          COMMENTARY BY r e a l i z e d        quently. But, overall, the ‘Boy’
               Tim Bella      c h a s e       much as I do. Now, I am            Morgan Blunk     exactly what      list was not only a lot longer
           things that have significant       all for the ladies satisfy-      men and women spend their            in size, but also surprisingly
           long-term value (i.e. The          ing their needs via a Louis      money on. On my yellow legal         more well-rounded. The icing
           Mighty Ducks Trilogy), I           Vuitton bag or a Volkswa-        pad I scribbled out three col-       on the cake was when nine
           love buying items that are         gen Bug, but what I do not       umns, writing ‘Girls’ first (of      out of 10 of the guys I talked
           going to give me joy – even        understand is why females        course), followed by ‘Boys’          to told me one of the top five
           if that joy is only temporary.     tend to value material much      (yes, I realize this is sexist—      things they spend money on
           In most cases, living for the      more than experience.            we’re all over the age of 18         is women — girlfriend or not.
           moment should take pre-                                             now, but let’s face it, the topic    Aww ... how sweet.
           cedence over money. That           I might be a product of          for this column is a little juve-
           might mean having a ridic-         where I came from, but I         nile), and last I made a place       Now ladies, don’t you feel like
           ulous bar tab on a Tuesday         am 100 percent confident         for a ‘Both’ column. After care-     a bunch of shmucks? The
           night at The Pub, but if you       in saying that something         fully assigning each thing to its    worst part is that we get away
           have a few laughs and meet         temporary in time and place      respective column, I sat back        with making fun of guys’ vid-
           new people, then can you           such as going to a sport-        with amazement and disgust.          eo game-playing while we go
           really put a price on those        ing event, concert or muse-                                           around caking our faces with
           memories?                          um exhibit with family and       Shoes, expensive cosmetics           make up, French-manicuring
                                              friends will mean more to        (Chanel and YSL brands to            our fingers and munching on
           Now, I know 20-something           me than any shirt, TV, car       name a few), Neiman Mar-             health bars, while the men
           females that are all about         or other material item.          cus hair spray, manicures,           continue to pay for us.
           living for the moment and                                           tanning, hair cuts, highlights
           opening up their wallets to        That does not mean I won’t       and protein bars were what           Obviously, we’re not all as
           do so, but I also know quite       buy things for the hell of       popped up under my team’s            shallow as my tiny list made
           a few who’d rather buy the         it, but if given a choice, I     column. The only outlier on          us seem. But I hope, this will
           same pair of shoes for the         would take the memories          the list was junk food — and         make you ladies stop and
           seventh time.                      over the material. Unlike        that response was from a             think the next time you pop
                                              material, you just cannot        petite little blonde, sporting       into Tony & Guy and drop
           A female’s reaction when           put a price on the memo-         a full face of make up, who          200 bones on a hair cut and
           you question what she              ries you make.                   also added the tanning part          highlight.

3 2 l I M A G E l FA L L 2 0 0 7
             last look | Views you couldn’t lose

These 2,711 concrete slabs, each a different shape and size, are meant to create a wave-like pattern that will conjure a sense of instability for visitors at this
Holocaust Memorial in Berlin. The memorial was dedicated in 2005 to remember the more than 6 million people killed during the Holocaust.
Ronald Villegas: Photo Editor
             Image magazine l TCU Box 298050 l Fort Worth, TX 76129 l (817) 257-7429 l l


                                                                i mage
3 4 l I M A G E l FA L L 2 0 0 7