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									2009 Annual Report

 Solutions for homeless families
Our Mission                                          Table of Contents
The Road Home Dane County serves homeless            President’s Message ........................................1
families with children in collaboration with
local faith communities and organizations.           2009 Staff and Board Members .....................2
We are committed to the empowerment and
long-term success of children and families, to       Statistics and Demographics ..........................3
serving each family with dignity and respect,
and to achieving results in helping families
                                                         IHN Shelter Program .............................4
improve their lives. We welcome the entire               Housing Stabilization .............................5
community, in all its diversity, to participate in       Second Chance Apartment Project .........6
the pursuit of safe, affordable housing for all.         Second Chance Leasing Program............7
                                                         Rapid Rehousing ....................................8
                                                         Housing & Hope .................................10
                                                         Tenant Advocacy Group (TAG)............11

                                                     Financial Statements....................................12

                                                     2009 Donors:
                                                         Homes for Families Society...................14
                                                         Annual Fund Donors............................15
                                                         Housing & Hope Campaign Donors....21
                                                         Thank You to our Volunteers ................23

                                                     Participating Congregations.........................24

                                                     2010 Homes for Families Tours ...................25
Dear Friends,

What a banner year this has been for The Road Home. In May, we celebrated a decade of helping homeless
families with children reach safety and stability in their lives. I am amazed by the increase in our programs
since 1999 and the tremendous outpouring of support from the community. It has truly been an honor to
serve as the President of this growing organization.

In 2009, we moved 92% of our shelter families into housing and reduced the average shelter stay to less
than 60 nights. In addition to our ongoing housing programs - Housing Stabilization, Second Chance
Apartment Project, and House-ability - we added a new program called Rapid Rehousing. This program
partners with other community agencies to allow homeless families to transition quickly from shelter into
housing, and in some cases, avoid shelter altogether. In addition, we added the Second Chance Leasing
Program, an extension of our Second Chance Apartment Project with the YWCA. All together, these
housing programs have assisted over 80% of families to retain housing for 12 months or longer.

The biggest milestone in 2009 was the acquisition of our first housing units as a result of our ongoing
Housing & Hope Campaign. In November, our first four families moved into their very own apartments.
Our goal is to complete the Housing & Hope Campaign in 2010, eventually providing a total of 30 units
of permanent housing.

None of these goals could have been
achieved without the generous support
of our donors, our participating churches
and synagogues, our volunteers, our
community partners and our committed
staff. We have truly been blessed with
such tremendous support. Homeless
families continue to need our help, and
our commitment to reduce homelessness
in Dane County is energized. We look
forward to working with all of you to
reduce homelessness through the next
decade of success stories!


                                                  Patsy Miller, President and Rev. David Michael, Vice President
Patsy A. Miller, President
Board of Directors

                                                                                                               page 1
2009 Staff                                                      2009 Board of Directors
                                                                Muhammad Abdullah
Administration:                                                 Community Representive
Rachel Krinsky, Executive Director                              Wayne Achterberg
Cynthia Wood, Development Director                              Epic Systems
Jo Healless, Business Manager                                   Heather Beck
Program Staff:                                                  Dave Grauwels
Shannon Hayes, Network Coordinator                              Mortgage Professionals, LLC
M. Theresa Straub, Programs Assistant                           Cheri Madsen, Treasurer
Cynthia Travis, TAG Coordinator                                 Urban Land Interests
                                                                Tim Mazur
Case Managers:                                                  River Valley High School

Ebony Jackson                                                   Barbara McKinney
                                                                Madison-Area Urban Ministry
Melissa Mennig
Georgiana Nazos                                                 Rev. David Michael, Vice President
                                                                Retired Lake Edge UCC
Dana Palmer
Kristin Rucinski                                                Patsy Miller, Vice President
                                                                Midwest Open MRI
Lacie Schneider
Meghan Stratton                                                 Pat Mooney
                                                                Retired Social Worker MMSD

Van Drivers:                                                    Rebekah Rickner
                                                                Community Representive
Jose Huichan, Carl Hunter, Matthew Langer,
                                                                Julie Riddler
Gloria Smith, Daniel Wassink                                    UW Hospital & Clinics
                                                                Nancy Rottier
IHN Shelter Worker:                                             Legislative Liaison, Supreme Court
Willie Aikens                                                   Alice Spencer, Secretary
                                                                Community Representative
Reception:                                                      Wayne Strong
Henry Dixon, Develmon Hannah                                    Madison Police Department

Data Support:
David Orton

Board Members serve a term of three years and may be nominated for a second term. Officers are elected annually and may
serve multiple terms. The Board met on the following dates: 1/26, 2/23, 4/27, 5/30, 6/22, 8/24, 9/21, 10/26 and 12/7.

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2009 Program Statistics & Demographics
30 families (39 adults, 54 children) stayed in the Interfaith Hospitality Network Shelter
Average length of stay in the Interfaith Hospitality Network Shelter was 59 days
17 families participated in the Housing Stabilization Program
13 families housed through the Second Chance Apartment Project
6 families housed through the Second Chance Leasing Project
10 families served in the House-ability Program
15 families housed through the Rapid Rehousing Program
4 families housed through the Housing & Hope Project

New Programs Offered
Rapid Rehousing began in January 2009
Housing & Hope began in November 2009
Second Chance Leasing Program began in December 2009

69% African American
19% Caucasian
9% Biracial
1% Asian
1% Hispanic
1% Native American

Family Composition
77% Single mother with children
19% Two-parent family
4% Single father with children

Source of Income
32% Employed
23% W-2 program
5% Unemployed
4% Child Support
2% Kinship Care

70% Wisconsin residents prior to participating in our programs
59% Dane County residents prior to participating in our programs

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Interfaith Hospitality                                    Diane had been working the same job as an
                                                          Emergency Room Dispatcher for over 15 years at a
Network (IHN) Shelter                                     hospital when she had to leave her job to care full-
                                                          time for her partner, who was was severely ill. He
Program                                                   had not yet qualified for disability payments and
The Road Home shelters homeless families with             had no other caregivers. During this time, Diane
children through a network of area churches and           got custody of her young grandsons, seven-year-old
synagogues. Volunteers from these congregations provide   Tre’veon and four-year-old Tavis. With no income
overnight shelter, three meals per day and evening        to pay the rent, they were ultimately evicted.
activities for the families. Daytime shelter and case
management services are provided at The Road Home         After spending time at the YWCA shelter, the
office and day center. Families staying in shelter work   family transitioned to The Road Home’s Interfaith
with a case manager to seek housing, employment           Hospitality Network (IHN) Shelter Program.
and other community services and attend educational       While in the IHN Shelter Program, Diane worked
workshops. Transportation between locations is            hard to obtain income and spent countless hours
provided by The Road Home.                                with school staff, psychologists, psychiatrists,
                                                                  therapists and others to get the proper
                                                                   support needed for her grandchildren.
                                                                    Tavis and Tre’veon both enjoyed spending
                                                                    time with the staff, especially taking walks

                                                                     Diane got along well with all of the
                                                                     families in shelter, the entire staff, and all
                                                                      of the volunteers. Being a grandmother
                                                                      with a lot of life experience, often times
                                                                       the younger parents in shelter looked
                                                                        to her for advice and encouragement.
                                                                         However, the feelings of worry,
                                                                         hopelessness and extreme exhaustion
                                                                         began to affect even Diane’s bright
                                                                          spirit. Finally, in their last week in
                                                                           the IHN Shelter, the family was
                                                                           accepted to the Second Chance
                                                                            Apartment Project.

                                                                         Diane and the boys are doing
                                                          wonderfully now in stable housing. Both of the
                                                          boys are exceeding expectations in school and are
                                                          making new friends.
                2009 Outcome
       92% of departing families moved
                into housing.

page 4
Housing Stabilization                                    In 2009, Tanisha became homeless in Ohio and
                                                         traveled to Chicago where she had lots of family
Families who successfully move from shelter into         that she thought would help her. Unfortunately
housing may elect to continue working with The           it did not work out that way. Tanisha was deeply
Road Home for up to a year. A case manager works         worried about caring for her two-year-old son
with each family to develop and work toward goals,       Marques and providing stable housing for both
to address budgeting and credit repair issues, to        of them. She had an aunt in Madison who had
maintain a positive relationship with the landlord and   been asking her to relocate here to give herself a
to seek additional skills and resources. Families also   fresh start but she was worried about her support
receive practical assistance such as transportation to   system. After much thought she figured that she
appointments, bus tickets, personal hygiene items and    had nothing to lose, got in touch with her aunt and
household goods.                                         came to Madison.

                                                         Tanisha stayed with her aunt for a few days,
                                                         but could not remain there because guests were
                                                         not allowed long term. She could not find an
                                                             apartment. She and Marques spent three
                                                             months in shelter before she qualified for an
                                                             apartment, signed a lease and moved in. During
                                                            this time, Tanisha applied for and received W-2.
                                                           Tanisha decided to participate in the Housing
                                                           Stabilization Program so that she would continue
                                                          to have support from The Road Home. Once
                                                          in stable housing, Tanisha got a job at KFC, and
                                                          works full time now.

                                                         Tanisha says that The Road Home has helped
                                                         her a lot with housing, job searching and school.
                                                         This spring Tanisha started training to become a
                                                         Certified Nursing Assistant and is now at the top
                                                         of her class. This is a great accomplishment for her
                                                         because she did not think that attending and doing
                                                         well in school was even possible. Marques loves his
                                                         home and is doing really well. Tanisha says she’s
                                                         glad to have The Road Home on her team.

                2009 Outcome
            90% of families reached
           one year in stable housing.

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Second Chance Apartment                                     In 2008, Sabrina and her two-year-old daughter
                                                            Mia lived at the Elizabeth House, a transitional
Project                                                     group home for young first-time mothers. Sabrina
                                                            did not know where they would stay once their time
The Second Chance Apartment Project creates
                                                            ended at the Elizabeth House. They would soon be
affordable transitional housing through partnership
                                                            homeless and she was scared.
with the YWCA of Madison and sponsoring
organizations. A sponsor, most often a church or
                                                            On one of her last days at the group home, Sabrina
synagogue, assists a homeless family to reach stability
                                                            was told they were accepted into the Second Chance
by renting an apartment for them and providing
                                                            Apartment Project. Sabrina says, “I know there is
mentors trained by The Road Home. Participating
                                                            a lot of hard work ahead to set and accomplish my
families are selected from The Road Home and YWCA
                                                            goals, but we will have solid support now.” Sabrina’s
shelters and receive intensive services from the agencies
                                                            mentors, Dave and Julie Riddler, helped her with
for two years.
                                                            her college homework and watched Mia one night
                                                            a week so Sabrina could go to school. Participating
                                                            in the program made it possible for Sabrina to pay
                                                               off several creditors. For the first time in her life,
                                                                                    she now had the tools and
                                                                                      knowledge to manage her
                                                                                     own money. It was much
                                                                                     harder than she thought it
                                                                                    would be!

                                                                                    Sabrina also took the
                                                                                   opportunity to seek personal
                                                                                   counseling to understand and
                                                                                  address some childhood issues.
                                                                                  Sabrina says, “It pleases me that
                                                                                 my daughter will have a better
                                                                                life because of all this hard work

                                                                               Sabrina plans to continue
                                                                              her studies at Madison Area
                                                                              Community College this fall and
                                                                              wants to work with juveniles in the
                                                                             criminal justice system. The family
                                                                            is moving into permanent affordable
                                                                            housing this summer.
                2009 Outcomes
   100% of families maintained housing.
3 families moved on to permanent housing.

page 6
Second Chance Leasing                                   Rosemarie and her two daughters, thirteen-year-
                                                        old Monica and ten-year-old Diamond, came to
Program                                                 Madison in September of 2009 from Milwaukee.
                                                        Rosemarie wanted to turn over a new leaf and
The Second Chance Leasing Program creates affordable
                                                        get a fresh start for her family. They’d struggled
transitional housing through our partnership with the
                                                        with homelessness for a few years and she wanted
YWCA of Madison. This program is funded through
                                                        somewhere stable for her children. Her friends and
a grant from HUD. Participating families are selected
                                                        family were drinking and using drugs all the time
from the Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN) Shelter
                                                        and she needed to get away from that environment
Program, YWCA and The Salvation Army shelters and
                                                        to better her life and set an example for her kids.
receive intensive case management services from the
agencies for one year.
                                                        Rosemarie and her girls stayed at the Warming
                                                        House when they could get in, sleeping on mats on
                                                        the Salvation Army’s floor and coming to The Road
                                                        Home during the day. At The Road Home she
                                                        worked with a case manager to find housing and
                                                        employment. She also spent a lot of time walking
                                                        from place to place trying to find a job. Rosemarie
                                                        remembers how hard it was to travel with all of her
                                                        belongings every day and talks about how hard it
                                                         was to leave her kids at the Respite Center on the
                                                         nights when they didn’t get into Warming House.
                                                          She would drop them off and go back to the single
                                                          women’s shelter just so they all had somewhere to
                                                           sleep. She remembers crying the very first time
                                                            but she knew that she had to do it because it
                                                            was best for her kids. During this terrible time,
                                                             Rosemarie also got the devastating news that
                                                             her youngest daughter, Diamond, has Crohn’s

                                                              On December 1, 2009, Rosemarie, Monica
                                                               and Diamond moved into their new home
                                                                with the assistance of the Second Chance
                                                                Leasing Program. Since then, Rosemarie
                                                               has been able to keep all of Diamond’s
                                                        appointments and get her health under better
                                                        control. Her children have been able to bring
                                                        their grades up in school because they now have
                                                        stability. Rosemarie is looking forward to renewing
                                                        her Certified Nursing Assistant license, Diamond
                2009 Outcome                            is looking forward to summer camp and Monica is
            6 families were housed.                     looking forward to being a freshman in high school
                                                        next year.

                                                                                                     page 7
Rapid Rehousing                                          Shaunda Nelson and her two children, four-year-old
                                                         Jayshaun and two-year-old Jayla, became homeless
Rapid Rehousing is a collaborative program of The        in September 2009 after their landlord sold the
Road Home, YWCA of Madison, The Salvation Army           rental property they were residing in and all of the
and United Way that provides limited rental assistance   residents were asked to move. They stayed with
and one year of case management so families with         various family members and friends. Being without
income can move quickly out of homelessness.             a consistent place to live was difficult for the family.
                                                         Shaunda had to problem-solve how to get herself
                                                         and her two active kids to the daycare where she
                                                         works from a different location each morning.

                                                                Shaunda applied for the IHN Shelter
                                                                Program and was placed on the waiting
                                                                 list. She immediately began working with
                                                                  a case manager who referred her to the
                                                                  Rapid Rehousing Program. Working
                                                                   in collaboration with the program’s
                                                                    coordinators, Shaunda was able to find a
                                                                     landlord who was willing to rent to her
                                                                      because of the support offered by the
                                                                      program. Shaunda and her family moved
                                                                       into their two-bedroom apartment on
                                                                        December 15, 2009 after three months
                                                                        of being homeless and without a secure
                                                                        place to stay each night.

                                                                        Shaunda says that the Rapid
                                                                        Rehousing Program and her case
                                                                        manager at The Road Home have
                                                                     put a roof over her and her children’s
                                                         heads, provided her with information and resources,
                                                         helped her work toward her family’s goals, and
                                                         taught her to keep track of getting her rent and
                                                         bills paid on time. She is still working full time at
                                                         the daycare where her children are enrolled, and
                2009 Outcome                             has recently gotten a promotion there. Shaunda has
  45 families housed, 15 of whom received                established primary health and dental care for her
   case management by The Road Home.                     children, and is working on various other objectives
                                                         to support their well being. Shaunda explained
     30 received case management from                    that her priorities now are re-enrolling at school
              partner agencies.                          to become a Dental Assistant and improving her

                                                         When asked how things are going now, Shaunda
                                                         replied, “We are doing great!”

page 8
House-ability                                          Elisa and her children became homeless in 2002
                                                       when she turned twenty-one and was no longer
House-ability is a collaborative program of The Road   eligible for foster care services. Back then, her
Home, YWCA of Madison and The Salvation Army           daughter Cashay was four years old and her son
that provides a permanent rental subsidy and case      Terrel was one. For the next three years, they stayed
management services for 23 homeless families with      off and on with relatives and welcomed their newest
a parent or guardian who has a physical, mental, or    addition, Ciara. When she was able to earn enough
cognitive disability.                                  money to get her first apartment, she discovered
                                                       it was infested with rats. She could not stay there
                                                       because she was worried about her children’s health.
                                                       So Elisa and her young children found themselves
                                                       homeless once again, and sought help at a family
                                                       shelter. They were there for several months.

                                                                  While in shelter, Elisa felt she needed
                                                                  to make a change in her life, so she
                                                                 contacted a friend for help. Her friend
                                                                 put her in touch with the coordinator of
                                                                the Second Chance Apartment Project and
                                                               after several interviews Elisa’s family was

                                                                For two years, Elisa and her family worked
                                                                with their case manager, their mentors and
                                                               their sponsor, Door Creek Church, to achieve
                                                              many of their goals including obtaining
                                                              income and counseling services. During this
                                                             time, Elisa was diagnosed with a disability
                                                            and applied for SSI. Elisa worked hard and
                                                            was getting ready to complete the Second
                                                           Chance Apartment Project but she didn’t want
                                                          this disability to set her family back once again.
                                                       Elisa’s case manager referred her family to our new
                                                       program, House-ability.
                2009 Outcome                           Since beginning this program, Elisa has been able
          90% of families maintained                   to continue in stable housing and has been working
                 their housing.                        with her case manager to secure transportation
                                                       and provide her three children with summer camp
                                                       opportunities. She is also working towards her
                                                       GED. The kids are doing really well and all are
                                                       very happy to have stable, secure housing.

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Housing & Hope                                          The Road Home purchased the first two apartment
                                                        buildings for the Housing & Hope apartments in
The Housing & Hope apartments are an innovative         the fall of 2009. Rehab began immediately and the
strategy that will create 30 total units of permanent   first four families moved from shelter to the new
affordable housing supported by on-site case            apartments on November 20, 2009 – just in time
management. Each family works closely with their case   for Thanksgiving. One of those families – Melissa,
manager to accomplish housing, financial and personal   Jay, and their children Olivia and Troy - had been
goals. The housing is not free. All tenants pay rent    homeless on-and-off for three years and could not
according to a sliding scale. Property management       have found housing anywhere else.
is provided by our partner Meridian Group, Inc.
                                                        Three-year-old Olivia was able to continue
                                                        attending Head Start after the move. She is very
                                                        happy to be living so close to her best friend, whom
                                                        she met in shelter, and likes riding the bus with her
                                                        every day to Head Start. Troy, age one, continues
                                                        to reach his milestones and seems much happier
                                                         with the stability that his new home has provided.

                                                                                  Melissa obtained
                                                                                  employment while they
                                                                                 were in shelter, and has
                                                                                continued on the job since
                                                                                their move to housing.
                                                                                However, Jay, who worked
                                                                               a construction job, saw his
                                                                               hours cut dramatically once
                                                                              the weather got cold and less
                                                                             work was available. Housing
                                                                             & Hope rents are based on each
                                                                            family’s income with a goal of
                                                                            keeping rents affordable and
                                                                           families in housing. When Jay’s
                                                                          hours were cut, and consequently
                                                                          their income fell, the family’s rent
                                                                         was reduced so that they are able
                                                                         to stay in their apartment.

                                                                        Melissa and Jay are thrilled to have
                2009 Outcome                            on-site case management and feel like they truly
                                                        have someone who will work with them through
   In November we purchased our first 15                the good times and bad to help them stabilize their
     apartments. 4 families were housed                 lives. They are reaching goals on a weekly basis and
           (7 adults, 8 children).                      are so happy to have a place to call home.

page 10
Tenant Advocacy Group                                    In 2002, Cynthia and her sister Gayle were both
                                                         employed and raising seven children - eight-year-
(TAG)                                                    old Sharae, nine-year-olds Charlotta and Tyrone,
                                                         twelve-year-olds Daphne and Justin, fifteen-year-old
TAG is a group of survivors of homelessness working
                                                         Stephanie and sixteen-year-old Donell. Cynthia
to prevent future homelessness in our community by
                                                         and Gayle’s other sister had recently passed away
sharing stories, speaking out, and putting a face with
                                                         and they decided they had no other choice but to
the statistics of homelessness.
                                                         keep the family together and raise her children in
                                                         addition to their own.

                                                         They came to Madison because one of their sons
                                                         became very ill and required hospitalization here.
                                                         Two of their brothers also live here, but the sisters
                                                         had no permanent place to stay and no local
                                                         employment, so the family ended up in shelter.
                                                         It was very difficult to find an apartment to rent for
                                                         their entire family of nine, so in the end they had
                                                         to split the household up and continue to support
                                                             each other from across town. These experiences
                                                              ignited Cynthia’s passion to help other families
                                                              who were facing barriers that prevented them
                                                               from finding housing.

                                                               After settling into their new jobs and
                                                               apartments, Cynthia and Gayle joined The
                                                                Road Home’s Tenant Advocacy Group
                                                                (TAG). After a year, Cynthia was hired
                                                                as The Road Home’s TAG Coordinator, a
                                                                 position she held for the next 8 years. As
                                                                  members of TAG, they wrote letters, made
                                                                  calls to local and state legislators and spoke
                                                                   at press conferences advocating for issues
                                                                   surrounding tenant rights and poverty.
                                                                    They also worked with others to get $2
                                                                    million dollars added to the State budget
                                                                    for shelter services. Cynthia states, “In
                                                                  the past eight years working with TAG,
                                                         the one thing I am most proud of is the respect we
                                                         have built within the community. When we (TAG)
                                                         attend a Joint Finance committee meeting, people
                                                         know we are knowledgeable and look to our group
                                                         for advice on the issues. We have put a face on

                                                                                                       page 11
2009 Consolidated Financial Statements
Complete, audited financial statements are available through The Road Home office.

Statement of Financial Position
Cash                                                             $575,461
Cash – Housing & Hope campaign                                     66,120
Certificates of deposit                                           278,175
Security deposit                                                    2,000
Escrow account                                                     18,700
Accounts receivable                                                31,684
Unconditional promises to give
    Housing & Hope campaign                                       593,994
    Other                                                         508,821
Prepaid expenses                                                   24,350
Property and equipment – net                                      767,478
The Road Home Sustainability Fund                                 201,003
Housing & Hope Forever Fund                                     1,028,314
Total Assets                                                    4,096,100

Accounts payable and accrued expenses                               17,583
Accrued payroll, taxes and vacation                                  3,951
Notes payable                                                      536,800
Total Liabilities                                                 558,334

Net Assets
Unrestricted                                                    1,265,281
Temporarily restricted
    Housing & Hope campaign                                     1,718,296
    Other                                                         554,189
Total Net Assets                                                3,537,766

Total Liabilities and Net Assets                                4,096,100

The Road Home Dane County is currently carrying significant cash balances for the purchase and rehabilitation of affordable,
supported housing units through the Housing & Hope initiative.

page 12
Statement of Activities
Support and Revenue
Contributions                                 $891,810
Government grants                              193,455
School transportation                            8,160
Return on investments                           83,863
Rent revenue                                     4,620

Total Support and Revenue                     1,181,908

Net Assets Released from Restrictions          324,793

Program services                               536,013
Management and general                         114.928
Fundraising                                    129,883
Total Expense                                  780,774

Write off of unconditional promises to give       9,701

Total Expenses and Losses                      790,475

Change in Net Assets                           716,226

                                                          page 13
2009 Donors
We have tried to provide an accurate list of contributors. If you have contributed but your name is not
included, we apologize. Please let us know so we can correct any inaccuracy. If you would prefer to be
anonymous in future listings, also please let us know.

                                                 Thank You!

                                   Homes for Families Society
                Sponsor a Home                                                        Sponsor a Family
             ($10,000 per year for five years)                                      ($5,000 per year for five years)
                    Anonymous (2)                                                      Bachmann Construction
                  Bill and Jan DeAtley                                               Douglas and Norma Madsen
              The Douglas Stewart Company                                               Tim and Kathy Mazur
                                                                                     Dr. Jack and Nancy Westman

                                                    Sponsor a Child
                                                 ($1,000 per year for five years)
Anonymous (3)                             Richard Hochstetter and                         Anshul and Janette Pande
Jodi and Wayne Achterberg                    Edith Alt-Hochstetter                        Rhonda and Phillip Plourd
Apartment Association of South            Enid Hoffman                                    Jason and Rebecca Punzel
    Central WI                            Laura and Mike Huggett                          Reynolds Family
Dr. Craig and Ann Aswegan                 Gail Jacob and Henry Steinberger                Karyl Rice and Rich Arnesen
John Bahlman                              Sari and Mike Judge                             Felix and Kristin Richgels
Virginia Bartelt                          Lynn and Dan Kaplan                             Julie and David Riddler
Jill and Mike Bowles                      Donna Katen-Bahensky                            Laura and Steven Rose
Stephen and Laurel Brown                  Karen and Randy Kessenich                       Bruce Rosen and Diane Seder
Eliot Butler                              Ed and Bobbie Krinsky                           Nancy and Jeffery Rosnow
Dr. Larry S. Charme                       Jeffery and Char Kuchenbecker                   Nancy Rottier and Gary Goyke
Tye and Cyrena Cook                       Ann Lacy                                        Louise Rowe
Tom Crone and Bobbie Beson-Crone          Ellen Lindgren                                  Mike and Mary Schlageter
Glenn Cushing and Clare Nichols           Griff and Mary Beth Madigan                     Sharon Schoolmeesters
Christine and Kevin Dahlhauser            Cheri and Karl Madsen                           Jay and Katherine Sekelsky
Linda Dawson and Don Pfahler              Paul and Melissa Markquart                      Erica Serlin and Ken Kushner
DeForest Dental Services                  Dr. Anna Maria Myklebust and                    Wendy Moore Skinner and Jim Skinner
Nancy Feingold and Doug Green                Dr. Barb Knisely                             Christopher and Alice Spencer
Ellen Flaherty                            Helene Nelson and James Arts                    Dr. James and Andrea Stein
Judy and John Fritz                       Alicia and Skip Nordness                        Doug and Beckie Strub
Marianna Fuchs                            Chuck Oehler                                    Wendy Weber
Deidre Garton                             Pam Oliver and John Lemke
Patrick Grant and Trish Krueger           Sona Olson and Sean Dilweg

page 14
                                   2009 Annual Fund Donors
Susan Abinger                            Bill and Pam Bendel                    Lois Braun-Oddo
Kendra Abts                              Carole and Alan Bendtsen               John Braunreiter
Hildegard Adler                          Julie and Dennis Bennett               David and Rhoda Braunschweig
Susan Alban                              June Bennett                           Carola and Don Breckbill
Jennifer Alderman                        Lawrence and Janice Bensky             Adam Brewer
Pat Alea                                 Cheryl Bensman-Rowe                    Thomas and Lynn Broderick
Erin Alft                                Kathleen Benson                        Sharon and Andy Brolin
Alliant Energy                           George and Susan Benton                Myrtle Brown
Alliant Energy Foundation                Rep. Terese Berceau                    Brownie Troop 53
Nancy Alsmo                              Hal Bergan and M. Susan Hundt-Bergan   JoAnne Bruehlman
American Girl                            Laura Berger                           Elaine Brye
Karla and Josef Anderegg                 Linda and Niles Berman                 Tyrone Buckingham
Margaret and Jeff Anders                 Andrew and Jennifer Bernat             Joseph and Angela Buongiorno
Dan Anderson and Joan Nugent             Dawn Berney and Edward Angelina        Linda Mcateer Burns
Esther and Gary Anderson                 Sally and John Bertelson               Janice Bush
Norman and Peggy Anderson                Rev. Peter and Valerie Besenbruch      Gary and Yvonne Bushland
Robert and Jane Anderson                 Janine and Russ Bessemer               Julie Buss
Bob and Gail Ansheles                    Bethany United Methodist Church        Carolyn and Brian Butler
John and Barbara Armitage                Bethel Lutheran Church                 Carolyn and John Cain
Karen and Richard Armstrong              Rabbi Jonathan Biatch                  Glenn and Ria Cain
Theresa and Dan Arndt                    Shiva Bidar-Sielaff                    Lisa and Keith Call
Deane and Edith Arny                     Jill and Jim Bidlingmaier              Janet and Amy Callear
Alka and Rakesh Arora                    Sande Bierd                            Cambridge Optimists
Richard and Caroline Ash                 Jen Billmann                           Rev. Brent and Ann Campbell
Chris Ashley                             Blackhawk Church                       Capitol Indemnity Corp.
Colleen Asmussen                         Blackhawk Evangelical Free Church      Dave Cappozzo
Attic Angel Association                  Jean and Dennis Blackmore              Bradley Carl and Merideth Trahan
D. Jackie Austin                         Gillian Blake                          Jane M. Carlson
Stephen Austin and Jane Brotman-Austin   Blessed Sacrament School               Carol and Peter Carstensen
Deb Bachmann and Geoff Cockey            T.J. Blitz                             Myrna Casebolt and Jayne Grant
Ron Baeseman                             Corlie Blumenfeld                      Devery Cash
Lorraine Baker                           Carol Blyfield                         Les Castleberry
Rodney and Joyann Bakken                 David Bochnowski                       Ann Catlett
Michael Balen                            Sheila Bock                            Sherry and Douglas Caves
Nick and Janet Balster                   Annie Bockhop                          Clifford J. Cavitt
Matthew Banks                            Gera Bodley                            James and Jamie Cayo
Melissa and Kenneth Barmore              Brett Boettze                          Center for Public Interest Research, Inc.
Birch Barron                             Julie Bogle                            Terry Chappell
Scott Barth                              Jan Bohn                               Sue and Bob Chase
David Barton and Mary Wagner             Ruth Bohne                             Christ Presbyterian Church
Bashford United Methodist Church         Monica and Robert Bolle                Christ the King Catholic Church
Tammy Bastian                            Rich Bolton and Sandra Tarver          Carissa and Jay Christner
Mark and Janice Bauman                   Susan and Franz Bonacker               Church Women United Of Madison, WI
Susan and Ellis Bauman                   Book Club                              Carol Clark
Frieda Baxter                            Sarabeth Bowe                          Mary Kay Clark
Jim Bean                                 Winton and Tammy Boyd                  Lois Clifcorn
Ellouise Beatty                          Ann and Paul Boyer                     Verallyn Cline
Heather Beck                             Amy Boynton                            Janet and Mark Clinger
Stephanie Beckwith                       Eileen Bradley                         ABC Supply Co.
George and Donna Beestman                Eileen Bradly                          Patricia Coakley
Lois Bergerson                           Laurie Bratvold                        Nansi Colley

                                                                                                                page 15
Dennis Collier                       Jodi Dobson                            Gillian and Ben Fortney
Pam and Tom Collins                  Chris Doering                          Carrie Foy
Kevin Colwell                        Carrie and Ronald Doersch              Veronica and David Franchino
Community of Hope UCC                Thomas and Anastasia Doherty           Aaron and Dawn Frank
Joanne Conger and Jan Anderson       Susan Donahoe                          Brigit Frank
Shelby Connell                       Door Creek Church                      Russell and Ruth Frank
Ann Conroy                           The Douglas Stewart Company            Susan Frank
Kathryn and Randy Converse           Chandra and Derek Downey               Sabrina and Mark Frey
Jane and Jim Corkery                 Kim and Raymond Doyle                  Gary and Bonnie Denmark-Friedman
Joyce and Jack Cotton                Jon Dresser                            David and Barbara Fromm
Country Inn & Suites                 Sandra Drew                            Diane and Richard Fronek
Nick Covacs                          Charles Dufresne                       Donna Fullerton
Covenant Presbyterian Church         Pam Duszynski                          Mary Fulton and Steven Koslov
Robert and Susan Cramer              Ellen Dux                              Susan and Devan Funk
Christine and Andrew Craven          Denise Janssen Eager and Chris Eager   Anthony Galli
James Crist and Mary Bird-Crist      Ann Eaves                              Marla Gamoran
Cross Road United Methodist Church   Dale and Lynn Edelfson                 Elizabeth Garcia
Nick and Kate Cubick                 Edgewood College School of Nursing     Marilee Gardner
Amy Curl                             Edgewood College                       Molly Garner
Bob and Nancy Currell                Teri Edman                             Kathleen Garton
Paul Curtis                          Janine Christen Edwards                Sherrie Gates-Hendrix and Doug Hendrix
Corky and Betty Custer               Jayson Edwards                         Lavon Geasland
George C. Cutlip                     Theresa Ehlers                         General Casualty Insurance
Charles Czuprynski                   Marian Ehrenberg                       Lillian Genskow
Patricia and Tom Dahl                Chris Elholm                           Jamie and Adam Gepner
Julie Dahlen                         Judith Ellickson                       Angela Gerlach
Mary Dahlstrom                       Christine Elliott                      Robert Gerndt
Doug and Carol Dalton                Carrie Ellis                           Charles Gervasi
Kathy Dauck                          Kathy Engebretsen                      GHC
Jennifer Davel                       Epic Systems Corporation               Genevieve Gibbs-Benesh & Chuck Benesh
Barb Davidson                        Loretta and Joyce Erdahl               Barry Gidal
Richard and Susan Davidson           Pamela and Howard Erlanger             Nancy Gidal
Wynn and Loree Davies                Kathleen Ernst                         Susanne Gilbertson
Amy Davis                            Judith Ettinger                        Audrey B. and Dr. Haywood Gilliam
Jennifer Davis                       Elvere Evans                           Sabrina Gilliam
Rev. Andrew and Beverly Davison      Thomas Evans                           Sarah Gillmore
Timothy Dean and Susan Hagness       Martin and Theresa Evanson             Helen Gilsdorf
Charlie Deck                         Jacque Evanson                         Geri and Scott Gerard
Deerfield RSVP                       Susan Fadness                          Girl Scouts of Black Hawk Troop 1170
Benjamin and Terri Deist             Karen Falkner                          Girl Scout Troop 305
Sue Dentinger and Mark Hill          Helen and Cecil Findley                Girl Scout Troop 284
Rick and Kathy DePrey                David Fink                             Chris Glad and Borkowski Kathy
Eva Deuschkron                       Lynn Fiore                             Norris and Sandra Glick
Gene and Beatrice Dewey              First Baptist Chruch                   Karen and Norman Goeschko
Adam Dial                            First Presbyterian Church - Neenah     Louise Goldstein
Dan and Beth Dibbert                 First Unitarian Society                Steven Goldstein and Lara Heisler
Arthur and Mary Dick                 First United Methodist Church          Good Shepherd Women’s Ministries
Karla and William Dickmeyer          Fitchburg RSVP                         Goodman Community Center
Lois Dickson                         Lisa and Marshall Flax                 GoodSearch
Michael Difrisco                     Heather Flemming                       Patrick and Margaret Goss
Helen and Richard Dignan             Jessica and Paul Focht-Perlberg        John Grace and Joan Raducha
Gary and Vivi Dilweg                 Sarah Foley                            Roberta Grade
Dr. Louis and Joan Dimas             Marian Forseth                         John Grande and Robin Sweet

page 16
Mary Schmidt                            Kathy Helm and Gaspar Giorgi          Celia Jackson
M. Elizabeth Graue                      Stacy and Eric Helsher                Ebony Jackson
Bridget and Dave Grauwels               Eric and Stacy Helshoe                Carol Lynne and Paul Jacobsen
Betty and Walter Gray                   Lisa Hempsted                         Robert and Ivy Jacus
Great Dane Pub & Brewing Co.            Erica and James Hendricks             Janus Galleries
Great Wolf Resorts                      Deborah Henke                         Mike Jarret
Rashanna and Marcus Green               Andrea Henshue                        JC Penney Salon
Dianne Greenley                         Kimberly Shaul Hepfinger              David Jenneke
Fred Gremmels                           Tom and Becky Hergenrother            Jewish Federation of Madison
Group Health Cooperative                Greg and Debra Hermus                 David and Jean Johnsen
Valerie Grover                          Armando Hernandez and Tara White      Susan Johnson
Emily Gruenewald                        Grace Herndon                         Denise Johnson
Sue Gudenkauf                           Deborah Herrem                        Jean Johnson
Daniel and Michelle Gustafson           Barbara Herro                         Mary Johnson
Robert and Jessie Gwynne                Diana Hess                            Phillip and Suzan Johnson
Darcy Hackel                            Linda Hess                            Tammy Johnson
Jenny Hackforth-Jones                   Denise Hettrick                       Keith Johnston
Hadassah                                Mary Jane Hill                        Lindsay Jones
Jennifer Hadley                         Orlandis Hillman                      Dayton Jones
Natalie Hagen                           Charles and Luella Hilston            Jennifer Jones
Jim and Pat Hale                        Sarah Hinkley                         Rosemary and Lee Jones
Linda Hall                              Cynthia Hirsch                        Edward A. Joseph
Mary Hall                               Linda Merriman Hitchman               Judy and Allen Pincus
Michael Halsted                         Jonathan Hoffman                      Junior League of Madison
Frederick Halverson                     David and Susan Hogg                     Sustainer Group
Diane Halvorson                         Sherie Hohs                           Nancy Kalsow
Larry Hamlin                            John and Tracey Hokanson              Janet Kane
Leesa Handrich                          Michelle Hoke                         Fern Kanitz
DeVelmon Hannah                         Deborah and William Holden            Kim and Phil Kantor
Pastor Tim and Lisa Hansen              Shane Holden                          Trudy Karlson
Mona Jean Harley and Alan Tripp         Hollie Hollister and Chris Seymour    Ron and Deb Karow
Jessica Harrison                        Donald and Loretta Holmen             Dr. Cindy Keene
Rachel Hart-Brinson and Peter Brinson   Holy Mother of Consolation Church     Keller Williams Realty
Steve and Bette Hartley                 Home Savings Bank                     Arlys and Lee Kempf
Philip Haslanger                        Birgit and Terrence Hooker            Bill Kessler
Hatheway Hasler                         Dianne and Dale Hopkins               Paul Ketterer
Sarah and James Hatchett                Rev. Richard Horst                    Patricia Kexel and Thomas Herman
Scott Haumersen                         Cindy Hotzmann                        Jessica Kiefer
Donald Hausch and Joanne Thomson        Richard Hough                         Anne and David Kies
William and Susan Hausler               John and Marirose Huebscher           Martha and Bill Kilgour
Sally Haveman                           Jim Huegerich                         Karen Kimball
Fazel and Vicki Hayati                  Anne Hughes and Stanley Livingston    Ed Kinney
Donald and Irene Hayes                  Sara Hulsether and John Brugge        Kathleen Kinney
Samantha Hayes                          Barbara Hummel                        Diana Kirchdoerfer
Amy Head                                Ann and Benjamin Imig                 Kelly and Charlie Kirsh
Esther Hedfield                         Immanuel Lutheran Church - Madison    Pastor Dean and Kristine Kirst
Dan Hein                                Independent Insurance Services        Darren Kittleson
Terry Heinrichs                         Dharmaras Indurthy                    Kiwanis Club of Madison West
Janet Heister                           Insty Prints                          Andrea Klubertanz
Joan and Alan Heitman                   Laurie Irwin                          Gretchen and Matt Knapp
Geraldine Heitzman                      Diane Iverson                         Lillian Knetter
Gloria Helgerson                        Richard and Betty Ivey                Ginny Knobeck
Billie and Simon Hellerstein            Jack DeLoss Taylor Charitable Trust   William Knoedler

                                                                                                           page 17
Ruth Knutson                       Julie and Matthew Logan              Carole McEvoy
Darcy Kobinsky                     Laurie Logan                         McFarland Lioness Club
Jean Koehler                       Mary and John Lohrentz               McFarland Evangelical Lutheran Church
Paula Kopp                         Lisa Fortune and Paul Lomasney       McFarland RSVP
Nancy and Andrew Kosseff           Look ‘N Good, LLC                    Molly McGlone
Kraft Foods Foundation Matching    Sally and Bob Lorenz                 Kevin and Rita McGrath
   Gift Program                    Mary Lou and John Lottes             Mary Jean McGrath
Dawn and Dean Krahn                Bill and Gayle Love                  Tania and Conor McGuire
Barb and Glen Kramer               Robbie Lowery                        Rodney and Paula McKenzie
Margie and Tom Krauskopf           Peter and Jill Lundberg              Barbara McKinney
Amy Krauthamer-Maloney and         Rose Lundberg                        Marty and Brenda McMiller
   Daniel Maloney                  Beth Lunde                           Stacey McWilliams
Rachel Krinsky and Scott Titus     Alice Lundeen                        Mead & Hunt
Robert and Carol Krisky            Luther Memorial Church               Rae Meadows
Virginia and John Kruse            Daniel and Monica Lyons              Terry Meissen
Dale Kunin and Leslie Goldsmith    Judith Lyons                         Joseph Melli
Jessica Kurtenbach                 Thomas and Athea Lyons               Melissa Mennig
Gregory Lampe and Jody Lee-Lampe   M3 Insurance Solutions               Emily Merk
Celia Lamper                       Ginger Mack                          Messiah Evangelical Lutheran Church
Landlord Counsel LLC               Shelley Mack                         Messiah Lutheran Church
Land’s End                         Mad City Techs                       Monique Metcalf
Ray Lang                           Madison Golden K Kiwanis Club        Carol Meteyer
Susan Lanphier                     Madison Knitters’ Guild              Marion Meyer and Ray Brown
Jennifer Lapham                    Madison Mennonite Church             Hugh and Vicky Meyers
Joyce Larson                       Madison Rotary Foundation            Rev. David and Linda Michael
Michael and Amber Lashua           Helen and Ernest Madsen              Ross Michaels
Jim and Gloria Laundrie            Wayne and Judith Madsen              Middleton Community Church
Danielle and Kent Lawson           Florencia Mallon and Steve Stern     Dennis Midthun
Duane and Rosie Lawson             Jim Maloney                          Midwest Open MRI, LLC
Jane and David LeCount             Mike and Georgia Manning             Charles and Lorene Miller
Kathleen Lee                       Kathy Markeland                      Katherine Miller
Dave and Kathy Leeder              David Marks                          Patsy and Rodney Miller
Randi Leeder                       Tracy Marks-Geib                     Skip and Sarah Miller
Tom and Debra Leffler              Wanda Marling                        William Mills
Jim and Rose Lehnherr              Rita and Aintars Marnauzs            Jocelyn Milner and Mark Ediger
Wanda and Arvid Lekies             Thomas and Yolanda Marrant           Don and Kathy Miner
Jeff and Sara Lerdahl              Laird Marshall and Alice D’Alessio   Rev. Stephen Minnema
Jeremy Levin                       Deborah Cantor Martin                Barry and Irene Mirkin
Jeff Levy                          Joan and Charles Martin              Barbara and John Mitchell
Lisa and William Levy              Julie Martin                         Connie Mitchell
Marvin Levy                        Lori Martin                          MJCC Kids Mitzvah Club
Libby Schick                       Sandra Martinelli                    Christin Mlsna
Matthew D. Lichtenwald             Martorana Family                     John and Judith Monday
Brittany Limmex                    Salli Martyniak                      Monona Senior Center
Jean Lind Revocable Living Trust   Norma Mason                          Monona United Methodist Church
Michell and Warren Linden          Mattel Children’s Foundation         Bill and Ellen Montei
Ruth and David Lindorff            Dave Matthews                        Robert Moon
Yan Liu                            Kenneth and Susan Mayer              Vickie and Richard Moon
Arthur and Susan Lloyd             Howard Mazur                         Frank and Mary Mooney
Helen Lodge                        Charlie McAteer                      Pat and Susanna Mooney
Deanna Loewenhagen                 Tara McAweeney and Kirtt Godager     Alfonso Morales
Jay and Janet Loewi                Charity McCarthy                     Sarah and Miles Morgan
Dorothy Logan                      Leon McCaughan                       Ronald Morse

page 18
Gail Morton and Mark Rooney             Candace Pantoga                        Kathleen Reiley
Holly Morton                            Carrie Pasch                           John Reinemann
Kelly Mortrud                           Ruth Pederson                          Kate Remmington
Mt Horeb United Methodist Church        People’s United Methodist Church       Bob and Sheryl Renslo
Mt. Olive Lutheran Church               Donna Peota                            Mary Revoy
Nancy and Richard Mueller               Deb Percival                           Eric and Linda Rice
Linda Mullane                           Bonnie and Ron Perkins                 Don and Toni Richards
Linda Muller                            Michael and Maria Perouansky           Felix and Kristin Richgels
Susan Munson                            Jordan Pertzborn                       Joan and William Richner
Ellen Murdoch                           PETA                                   Gordon Ridley
Chelsea Murphy                          Mildred Peterson                       Dr. Gary and Judy Ries
Pam Murphy                              Barbara Peterson                       Bruce Riley
Harvey Temkin and                       Franklynn Peterson and Judy K-Turkel   John Rinehart
   Barbara Myers Temkin                 Pat and Joel Peterson                  Gerald and Armella Ring
Ann Myers                               Susannah Peterson                      Risen Christ Holy Spirit Church
Dagny Myrah                             Jean Pfeifer                           Audrey and Albert Roberts
Kay Nachreiner                          Daniel and Krista Pfister              Sara Roberts
Dan Nash                                PICADA                                 Jean and Jim Robertson
Georgiana Nazos                         Bruce & Janey Piddington               Stephanie Robey
Darilee Nelson                          Julia Cox and Gregory Piefer           Celeste Robins
Frederick and Delores Nelson            Steve and Rita Pieroni                 Kathy Robinson
Kathy Nelson                            Judith and Daniel Pierotti             Cheryl Rogers
Lisa Nelson                             Beth Pinkerton                         Charles and Martha Romstad
Rachel and David Nelson                 Doug Piper                             Jonathan Rosenblum
Sue Nelson                              Anne Elizabeth Plouff                  Ulrich and Jennifer Rosenhagen
Paul Nesson                             Plumb Trust Company                    Margaret Harrigan and Richard Ross
Debra Neubauer                          Mary Lou Plummer and Aden Word         Rotary Club of Downtown Madison
David and Katie Neuser                  Joyce Pohl                             Karen and Harry Roth
Dennis and Sharon Nexton                Gary and Carol Polipnick               Arlene and Hersehel Rotter
Robert and Teresa Nicholas              Elissa Pollack                         Dr. Roy and Muriel Rotter
Mary Niederehe and Bruce Meredith       Eileen and Herman Pongratz             Grace Rotter
Liz Nitardy                             Sylvia Poppelbaum                      Chuck and Marilyn Roum
Eleanor Nordness                        Carmen Porco Jr.                       Steve and Jessica Royko
Northport Apartments Corp.              Jim Possin                             Kelda Roys
Grace Notter                            Frances and Ross Potter                RSVP
NPO UNI Global Community                Robin Potter                           RSVP Cross Plains
Oak Bank                                Presbyterian Women                     Lori Rubin
Dan and Beth O’Callaghan                David and Kay Prusynski                Eleanor and Albert Rucinski
Rita and Tom O’Connor                   Janet Pugh                             Thomas Rucinski
Eleanor Odden                           Vince and Leanne Pugielli              Brent and Jill Ruffridge
Elizabeth O’Donnell                     Dr. and Mrs. Charles Puntillo          Tammy Runstrom
Stacy Odorizzi                          Lewis and Barbara Quam                 Jean Rush
Natalie Oliver                          Christopher Quandt                     Paul Rusk
Bruce and Cherie Olsen                  Amy Radspinner                         Diana Russell
Marie Olsen                             Francine and Arnold Rask               JoAnn and Al Russell
Cheryl Thayer Olson                     Kris Rasmussen and Bob Factor          Steve and Lennie Saffian
Peter Oppeneer and Lawrie Kobza         Jane Raymond                           Jennry Saffran and Seth Pollak
Orchard Ridge United Church of Christ   W. C. Read                             Salem UCC
Carol Ottenstein                        Sherry and Fred Reames                 Virginia Salisbury
Amy and Jonathon Overby                 Erna and Kathyrn Reed                  Elizabeth Sammis
Jessica Ozalp                           John Reed                              Katherine Sample
Packer Apartments Corp.                 Rev. Glen Reichelderfer                Stephen and Nancy Sanborn
Dana Palmer and Meg Wiltse              Edwin Reid                             Kathy & Gary Sandefur

                                                                                                             page 19
Leora Saposnik                         Lisa Simpson                                Sustainable Engineering Group
Linda and Todd Schaack                 The Sinsinawa Dominicans                    Larry and Linda Svanda
Heidi Schalch                          Megan Sisson                                Bonnie Svarstad
Marie and Craig Schanke                Pat Size                                    Mary and Toni Swandby
Gaye Scheidegger                       Jim Skinner and Wendy Moore Skinner         Ethel Swandby
Roy Schenk                             Bob and JoAnn Skloot                        Fred and Elizabeth Swanson
Schering-Plough                        Carol Smith                                 Suzanne and Michael Swift
Carrie and John Scherpelz              Julene Smith                                Barbara Switzky
Jeff and Rebecca Schigiel              Lisa Smith                                  Amy and Ted Szalkowski
Linda and John Schilling               Craig and Sue Smith                         Monica Szatkowski and Jeremy Kupsco
Thomas Schirz                          Becky and Jay Soderholm                     Barb and Dan Takkunen
Mary Beth Schlagheck                   Kathy Soehnlein                             Annette and Steven Tallard
Beth Schmaltz                          Steven and Jill Sorden                      David Tarr and Mary Merrill
Paul and Jane Schmidt                  Bob and Barb Sorensen                       Taylor Revocable Trust
Warren and Peg Schmidt                 Hope and Kenneth Soroos                     Beverly Taylor
Cherie Schmiedicke                     James and Melissa Sosmen                    Telephone and Data Systems
Mary Ellen and Tim Schmit              Lisa and Bill Sotis                         Rayla Temin
Deborah Schmitz                        Emily Spellman                              V. and S. L. Temkin
John Schmitz and Jean Tretow-Schmitz   Barbara Spierer                             Temple Beth El
Denise and Robert Schneider            Joseph M. Spretnajak                        Tenney Nursery and Parent Center
Anna Schryver                          Denise Spusta                               Cynthia Terrill
John Schueler                          St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church               Texas Roadhouse
Jeffrey and Laura Schultz              St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church              Jill Thomas
Edward and Jeanne Schultz              St. James Evangelical Lutheran Church       Carrie Thome
Stephanie Schultz                      St. John’s Lutheran Church                  Ingrid Thompson
Jean Schumacher                        St. Luke’s Lutheran Church                  J. Craig and Eileen Thompson
Angela and Joseph Schwartz             St. Mark’s Quilters                         Kelli Thompson
Shelly and Dave Schwarz                St. Stephen’s Evangelical Lutheran Church   Michelle and Craig Thompson
Simone Schweber and Jonathan Ivy       Carl Stafstrom and Jean Liang               Threads of Love
Karl Schwenk                           John and Pam Stampen                        Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
Gerald Schwoch                         Starion Financial                           Foundation
Scott Felland                          Anne and Steve Staton                       Mary Jo Tierney
Catherine Scott                        Beth Oestreicher Steffen and                Kerry and Michelle Tiffany
Lesta and Paul Searles                    Scott Pichelman                          Laura Timmins
Lisa Seidel                            Gregory and Andrea Steinberger              Melissa Koch Tlapa
Select Comfort                         Brook Steingass                             Bill and Dawn Toman
SERRV International, Inc               Gail and Gary Steingraber                   Sharon Topp
SERRV International                    Stephanie Stoich                            Bob and Lucy Torkelson
Diane Sersland                         Beth Lee and Pete Stern                     Cindy Torstveit
Helen Sertich and Michell Linden       Steven A. Goldberg                          Kendra Toseff
Ann and Frederick Seybold              Judy and Roy Stevenson                      John and Carol Toussaint
Susan Shafer-Landau                    Bonnie Stewart                              Trinity Lutheran Church
Steve and Marcia Sheets                Mary Stoffel and Rich Novotney              Mary Tropcich and Michell Linden
Donna Sheil                            Muriel Stoneman                             Angela Try
Rev. John and Jean Sheild              William Stoudt                              Ellen Turgasen
Jane Shepard                           Joanne and Kenneth Streit                   Steve Tuschy
Barry and Carol Sherbeck               Rosanne and Joseph Strohl                   Two Men and a Truck
Nirupama K. Shevde                     Wayne Strong                                Susan Ullsvik
Richard and Joan Shropshire            Karen Stuesser and Rich Cornwell            Donna Ulteig
Ann Shudy-Palmer                       Bernie and Sharon Stumbras                  Divine Savior United Methodist Church
Judith and Ben Sidran                  Courtney and Dan Sullivan                   United Way of the Quad Cities Area
Paulette Siebers                       Joan Sumkin                                 Unity Health Insurance
Jeanne Silverberg                      Summit Credit Union                         University of Wisconsin

page 20
Uptown Fan Club                        Robert Waterman                         Russell and Kerry Wilson
Pastor Nick Utphall and Acacia Latke   Wauna-Makers RSVP                       Babette Wine
UW Dialysis Unit                       WEA Trust                               Michael and Susan Winokur
UW Health                              Mark Webb                               Doug Witte
UW Hospital and Clinics                WECC                                    Melanie Witte and Maggie Dugan
Carmen Valdez                          Chuck Wedekind                          Debra and Eric Woch
Martha Vallon                          Wegner LLP                              Suzanne Wolf
Marcia Vandercook                      Warren and Marie Weinstein              Jason and Amy Wollangk
Jim Veloff                             Mary Moore and Claire Wendland          Barbara Wolter
Verona Hometown Helpers                Melinda Wendt                           Cyndi Wood and Scott Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Steuart E. Vest           Sandra Wendt                            Sally and Steve Wood
Luanne Vogel                           Karen Wenger                            Julia and Matthew Wright
Jackie Voight                          Mary Ann Wenzel                         Yahara Friends Meeting
Julia Vorce                            Wesley Foundation                       Young Family
John and Jane Voss                     West Madison Jaycees, Inc.              John Young
Sally Vultaggio                        Westminster Presbyterian Church         James and Nancy Youngerman
Bozena Waclawik                        Whitehorse Middle School                Luis and Lynn Yudice
Lee Ann Wade                           Whitehorse Middle School Group          YWCA
Arnold and Ellen Wald                  Russ and Elizabeth Whitesel             Doris Zache
Dana Walker                            Jeanne Whitish                          Bahman Zakeri
Michael and Verla Wallace              Pat Wieczorek                           Lisa Zander
Sue Wallinger and Augustin Olvera      Beth Wiedel                             Dan Zerger
Elizabeth and Charles Wallman          Marilyn and Rudy Wieland                Sub Zero
Wal-Mart Foundation                    Nan and Jeff Wild                       Chris and Kathy Ziemba
Beth and Molly Walsh                   Roger and Kristi Williams               Laurie Zimmerman and Renee Bauer
Steve and Rebecca Walters              James Wills                             Richard and Kathryn Zimmerman
Dr. Ron and Jan Wanek                  Damien and Judy Wison                   Randy Zirk
Jamie Waterfield                       Pam Wilson

                     2009 Housing & Hope Campaign Donors
     (a complete listing of all Housing & Hope donors and levels will be published at the close of the campaign)
Hildegard Adler                        Cheryl Bingham                          Glenn Cushing and Clare Nichols
Marjorie Aiello                        Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church       Christine and Kevin Dahlhauser
Steve Albert                           David Boyer                             Dale Heights Presbyterian Church
American Family Insurance              Rev. Peter and Pat Brinkman             Bill and Jan DeAtley
Dan Anderson                           Stephen and Laurel Brown                Irene Diamond and Stephen Tumbush
Rozan Anderson                         Adriane Bullock                         Dave and Jane Dohler
Aaron and Nadia Anding                 Frank Burgess                           Robin Douthitt
Todd Argall                            Mark and Helen Burish                   Nathan Dreger
Ascender Corporation                   Eliot Butler                            Sandra Drew
Associated Bank                        Peter and Amy Callies                   Juanita Ebert
Baker Tilly Virchow Krause LLC         Rev. Brent and Ann Campbell             Teri Edman
Susan Barnett and Sonja Reschke        Mike and Jill Cardwell                  Jane and Eric Englund
Virginia Bartelt                       Herb and Harriet Chen                   Pamela and Howard Erlanger
Ellouise Beatty                        City of Madison                         Bill and Kathleen Fahl
Sonja and David Keesey-Berg            Kevin and Susan Corrado                 Nancy Feingold and Doug Green
Bobbie Beson-Crone and Tom Crone       Christine and Andrew Craven             Heidi and Marshall Fields
Jill and Jim Bidlingmaier              The Cremer Foundation                   First Presbyterian Church

                                                                                                           page 21
Suzanne and Donald Folberg            Cheri and Karl Madsen               Sarina Schrager
Lindsey Foss                          Wayne and Judith Madsen             Lisa and Al Schultz
Rebecca Fox                           Steve Malpezzi and Joan Klaski      Shelly and Dave Schwarz
Veronica and David Franchino          Mary Maronek                        Betty Scott
Darren and Jennifer Frank             Doris Marten                        Jay and Katherine Sekelsky
Graham and Margaret Fuguitt           Mike McCabe                         Jeanne Silverberg
Anthony Galli                         Memorial United Church of Christ    Jeanne and Joe Silverberg
Rev. Marilyn Gamm                     Meridian Group, Inc.                Lynn Silverman
Norris and Sandra Glick               MetaStar                            Christopher and Alice Spencer
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church         John Metcalf                        Springdale Lutheran Church
Dorothy Gosting                       Ruth Meyer                          St. John’s Lutheran Church
John Grace and Joan Raducha           MG&E Foundation                     St. Luke’s Lutheran Church
Patrick and Trish Grant               Rev. David and Linda Michael        Robert and Sally Staiger
Janice Gratch                         Sven Midelfort                      Keith and Kristin Steger
Great Dane Pub & Brewing Co.          Patsy and Rodney Miller             Dr. James and Andrea Stein
Great Wolf Resorts                    Jocelyn Milner and Mark Ediger      Lorraine Steinheuer
Rebecca Greenlee and Donal Kaehler    Walter and Ruth Miner               Mary Stoffel
Jeanne Grist                          Amber Molitor                       Doug and Beckie Strub
Carl Gulbrandsen                      Monona United Methodist Church      Peter and Laurie Swimm
Reta Harring                          Pat and Susanna Mooney              Laura and Eric teDuits
Karen and Phillip Harris              Mel Morgenbesser                    The QTI Group
Steve and Bette Hartley               Tracy A. Murray                     Tilsen Roofing Company, Inc.
Donald and Irene Hayes                Dr. Anna Maria Myklebust and           David & Sara Tilsen
Shannon Hayes                            Dr. Barb Knisely                 Cynthia Travis
Enid Hoffman                          Helene Nelson and James Arts        U.S. Bank
Walt and Linda Holthaus               Robert and Teresa Nicholas          Divine Savior United Methodist Church
Home Savings Bank                     Kathy Nissley and Matt Eberly       Marc and Astrid Vaccaro
Harvey Honig and Jean Scott           Joan Nugent                         Margy and Dick Walker
John and Marirose Huebscher           Sona Olson and Sean Dilweg          David G. and Nancy B. Walsh Family
Laura and Mike Huggett                Elayne Orr                          Foundation LTD
Jack DeLoss Taylor Charitable Trust   Oscar Rennebohm Foundation, Inc.    Barbara Weber
Carol Lynne and Paul Jacobsen         Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish      Wendy Weber
Molly and Bob Jahn                    Dana Palmer and Meg Wiltse          Warren and Marie Weinstein
Johnson Bank                          Park Bank                           Dr. Jack and Nancy Westman
Sharon and Brad Kahn                  Keith Pollack and Shaili Pfeiffer   Maurice White and Grace Witter-White
Lynn and Dan Kaplan                   Andy Phelps                         Susan and Michael Wildrick
Mary Ellen Kearney                    Rhonda and Phillip Plourd           Sandra Wolens
Karyn Knaak                           Plymouth Congregational UCC         Pastor Charles and Mary Wolfe
Mike and Karen Knetter                Jason and Rebecca Punzel            Cyndi Wood and Scott Smith
Rachel Krinsky and Scott Titus        Kelly and Bob Radford
Atsuka and Paul Kusuda                John and Lorelle Raihala
Lake Edge Lutheran Church             Francine and Arnold Rask
Lake Edge United Church of Christ     Bob and Sheryl Renslo
Ruth Ley                              Karyl Rice and Rich Arneson
Dan and Bettine Lipman                Scott and Holly Ringen
Helen Lodge                           Laura and Steven Rose
Dottie Loehrer                        Nancy Rottier and Gary Goyke
Alice Lundeen                         Thomas and Janice Rucinski
Judith Lyons                          Don and Joanne Schalch
M&I Bank                              James and Suzanne Scheuerman
Griff and Mary Beth Madigan           Linda Schilling
Madison Community Foundation          Jennifer Schmidt
Madison Mennonite Church              John Schmitz

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2009 Volunteers
The Road Home would not be able to help homeless families succeed without the participation of hundreds
of volunteers, who provided 15,878 hours of services to our families in 2009. In addition, we are able to
offer personal care items and household goods to our families only because many people and organizations
have generously donated new or used items. We thank you for your time, generosity and care!

                                        Thank You!

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2009 Participating Congregations
The Road Home Interfaith Hospitality Network Shelter Program and the Second Chance Apartment Project would
not exist without the partnership of the following congregations and sponsoring organizations.

Host Congregations:                 Buddy Congregations:                     2009 Second Chance
Christ Presbyterian Church          Advent Lutheran Church                   Apartment Sponsors:
Covenant Presbyterian Church        Bashford United Methodist Church         Anonymous (2)
Immanuel Lutheran Church, Madison   Bethany United Methodist Church          Christ Presbyterian Church
Lake Edge UCC                       Blackhawk Evangelical Church             Covenant Presbyterian Church
Lakeview Lutheran Church            Blessed Sacrament Church                 Door Creek Church
Luther Memorial Church              Burke Lutheran Church                    First Baptist Church
Middleton Community UCC             Christian Science Neighbors              First Unitarian Universalist Society
Midvale Community Lutheran Church   Community of Hope                        Future Madison
Orchard Ridge UCC                   Dale Heights Presbyterian Church         McFarland Churches
St. John’s Lutheran Church          Door Creek Church                        Meridian Group, Inc.
St. Luke’s Lutheran Church          First Baptist Church                     Stonehouse Development
Temple Beth El                      First Presbyterian Church                Village of Shorewood Hills
Trinity Lutheran Church             First Unitarian Society
Windsor Congregational UCC          Fountain of Life Family Worship Center
                                    Geneva Campus Church
                                    Glenwood Moravian Church
                                    Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
                                    Holy Mother of Consolation Church
                                    Immanuel Lutheran Church, Mt. Horeb
                                    Lake Edge Lutheran Church
                                    Lakeview Lutheran Church
                                    Madison Mennonite Church
                                    Memorial UCC
                                    Messiah Lutheran Church
                                    Monona Lutheran Church
                                    Monona Methodist Church
                                    Mount Horeb United Methodist Church
                                    People’s United Methodist Church
                                    Plymouth Congregational Church
                                    Prairie Unitarian Universalist Society
                                    Springdale Lutheran Church
                                    St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church
                                    St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church
                                    St. James Evangelical Lutheran Church
                                    St. Luke’s Episcopal Church
                                    St. Paul’s Lutheran Church
                                    St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church
                                    Westminster Presbyterian Church

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                                                             Solutions for homeless families

     Homes For Families Tours

     Please join us to learn more about how
      The Road Home changes the lives of
                homeless families.
   During these short, powerful, and informative tours, you
 will learn about family homelessness in our community and
  how The Road Home is working to help families transform
their lives. We invite you to meet our executive director, staff,
 and board members to see our work first-hand. This is not a
   fundraiser and we guarantee it will only last 59 minutes!

      2010 Homes for Families Tour Dates
             Wednesday, July 21st at 7:00 p.m.
             Tuesday, August 10th at 5:30 p.m.
           Wednesday, August 18th at 7:00 p.m.
           Tuesday, September 14th at 7:00 p.m.
          Wednesday, September 29th at 5:30 p.m.
            Tuesday, October 12th at 5:30 p.m.
           Wednesday, October 20th at 7:00 p.m.
          Wednesday, November 10th at 7:00 p.m.
           Tuesday, November 16th at 5:30 p.m.
            Tuesday, December 7th at 7:00 p.m.
          Wednesday, December 15th at 5:30 p.m.

                 Please join us at our office
         128 E. Olin Avenue, Suite 202, Madison, WI
                                  Non-Profit Org.
                                   US Postage
                                      PA ID
Solutions for homeless families   Madison, WI
                                  Permit #2950
128 East Olin Avenue, Suite 202
Madison, Wisconsin 53713

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