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									17 AUG 07

While the debate over the new charter has been taking place, work has
been going on in the background to put the organisation in place to
ensure we have a functioning association as soon as all is agreed at the
AGM. I have set out the main issues being worked on below – in no
particular order.

1.     CHARTER. The revised CGA charter has now been available for
comment on the regroup website for 2 months. There has been very little
comment, but I am grateful to those who did respond, their views have
been taken on board. The document will now be tidied up and will be
presented to the AGM for the approval of members. It will then be put on
the regroup website CGA page until the AGM.

2.     AGM.         The AGM will be held in the Royal Citadel Sgts Mess
on Sat 8 Dec 07. Timings to be confirmed but probably at 1200hrs. This
will allow those wishing to combine the meeting with the Cdo Gnr
Regroup meeting in the Fisherman’s Arms the previous evening. The
meeting will be preceded by a CGA committee meeting. An agenda will
be published some weeks before, any proposed items for inclusion
should be sent to me or a regional representative asap. It is hoped to have
a presentation by the Regt on Op Herrick at some time during the

3.     REGIONAL REPRESENTATIVES. We now have a network of
regional representatives, shown below, who will be the first point of
contact for the passage of information (as per the charter). These will be
listed on a separate page shortly, with a brief CV and photos and contact
numbers. Each will be a member of the full CGA committee and will
represent the views and requirements of the members in his area as well
as organising functions etc. The NE, E and SE is not yet well covered so
we are still looking for volunteers! All will be subject to confirmation at
the AGM.

Scotland           Dave Matthews
NI/ NW             John Barratt, Jim Walton
London/SE          Barry Exley,
SW                 Martin Lambert Gorwyn, Al Carruthers
ABA                Miles Thompson, Brum Richards

4.    DIARY.       The following functions are now being planned:

Sep 15 07          ABA/148 Bty reunion – Poole
Oct 12 07          Cdo Gnr Officers Reunion – Larkhill
Oct 13 07          289 Bty reunion – London
Sep/Oct 07         NW area reunion – Liverpool (date & venue tbc)
Dec 8 07           AGM – Plymouth
Apr 08             29/95 Far East 62 – 71 Plymouth

5.     50TH ANNIVERSARY The Regimental Colonel has appointed a
committee to develop proposals for the 50th anniversary celebrations due
in 2012. The first meeting was held on 16 Mar 07 in Salisbury. The CGA
is well placed now to ensure that the views of retired Cdo Gnrs are heard
during the planning process. A picture taken pre meeting is below, to
prove the committee genuinely are the old and bold. You may just
recognise some of them.

6.     CGA PRESENTATION. The acting committee has proposed that
the CGA present an ornamental commando dagger annually to the
serving junior rank who has most embodied the commando spirit during
the previous year. The individual will be selected by the CO 29. The aim

of the award is to raise the profile of the CGA within the serving Regt
and to further develop the ties between the serving and retired Regiment.
The name of the recipient this year has not been formally announced but
it is hoped that he will be able to be at the AGM on 8 Dec to receive the
award. The formal presentation will be made by the President, Brigadier
Graham Kerr in front of the Regiment during the inter Bty boxing
competition on 13 Dec 07.

7.     EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. The CGA executive committee
will be voted in on 8 Dec. Candidate names and CVs will be published in
due course. Any objections to the proposed committee or individuals,
once published, should be supported by at least 6 named ex members.
Notification of objections must be with the acting chairman by Nov 23 07
to ensure inclusion in the agenda.

8.     CGA WEBSITE. CO 29 has kindly agreed to the CGA ‘owning
a page’ within the official 29 Cdo Regt website. Negotiations are ongoing
and the website itself is currently being updated, so it will take some
time. There may be some design costs involved which will be discussed
and hopefully agreed at the AGM. If there are any web designers out
there willing to help we would love to hear from them. Meanwhile I am
very grateful to Neil Randall for allowing the CGA to use the REGROUP
website until we get the show on the road.

The full list of candidates for regional representatives and executive
committee members will be published in early September when I hope to
have all details available. So if you want to volunteer let me know

Ray Faull


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