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									Newell Recycling Opens Transfer Facility in Columbus
January 20, 2010

In response to the competitive challenges facing the metal recycling business in the Columbus,
Georgia Region, Newell Recycling, LLC announced today that it is opening a metal recycling
transfer facility in Columbus. The facility is located on Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard. The
seven-acre site features a 1,000-foot rail spur connecting to the Norfolk Southern Railway.

Newell Recycling designed its new Columbus facility to provide its long-time suppliers, including
E.J. Knight and J.T. Knight/Schnitzer Steel Industries, with a cost-effective transportation option.
The company’s customers will now have the ability to send their scrap metal by rail to Newell’s
large processing facilities in Atlanta and Savannah.

“In addition to leveraging our existing customer base in Columbus, we chose to locate a facility in
Columbus because of the strategic geographical location and the strong work ethic of the
Columbus residents,” explained Bobby Triesch, vice president of Ferrous Operations for Newell
Recycling. “We are grateful for the support we have received from the economic development
department at the Greater Columbus Georgia Chamber of Commerce and the Columbus
Consolidated Government.

Newell Recycling is investing $2 million in the new facility, which is expected to create
employment opportunities for 5 people in phase one and an additional 10 people as the business

“Economic development growth comes from existing companies and new businesses like this
announcement from Newell Recycling,” said Mike Gaymon, president and CEO of the Greater
Columbus Georgia Chamber of Commerce. “It also puts a new business into Columbus’
Enterprise Zone, which was designed to help stimulate economic growth. It is great to start the
new year with this announcement. All new jobs are important to keep our region growing. Small
business is BIG business to our Chamber.”

About Newell Recycling, LLC
Newell Recycling, LLC is proud to be one of the nation's premier processors of ferrous and non-
ferrous scrap metals. Now in its fourth decade of operation, Newell Recycling continues to
provide scrap solutions to customers of all sizes, each with unique and demanding requirements.
Newell has grown to become the region's largest and most trusted metals recycler

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