WELCOME TO
                                   HAMMERSMITH & FULHAM
                                     CHAMBER OF COMMERCE
                                     HAMMERSMITH & FULHAM’S PREMIER BUSINESS

Being a member of the Chamber
has been great as it has allowed
 me to network and present my
     business to other local
 companies which I would not
                                     Hammersmith & Fulham Chamber of Commerce has a strong understanding of the needs of the
                                     business community and offers essential support and knowledge to help your business grow. Members
                                     benefit from a wealth of networking opportunities, information resources and exclusive member
                                     money saving offers. As membership is corporate, your colleagues can use our services too.

                                     As a branch of London Chamber of Commerce – the capital’s leading network of 3000+

 have accessed any other way.
                                     businesses – Hammersmith & Fulham Chamber of Commerce open doors to new business contacts,
                                     essential advice, information and expertise and provide you with many opportunities to raise your
                                     profile to our growing network of members.
         Liz Merchant
     Succeed in Languages
                                     Being part of the Hammersmith & Fulham Chamber of Commerce will open the door to new
                                     business contacts, essential advice, information and expertise and provide you with vast
                                     opportunities to raise your profile to our growing network of members.

“I found the business briefings
   exceedingly useful from all
angles, namely conviviality, the
 appreciation of the skills and
    talents of other members,
      and most certainly the
                                     NETWORKING FOR SUCCESS
                                                                        Our strong schedule of membership activities and business
                                                                        development workshops will offer you and your business the
                                                                        support it needs to succeed.

                                                                        At Hammersmith & Fulham Chamber of Commerce, we recognise

          excellent food!
                                                                        the importance of networking for any company wishing to grow.
                                                                        We aim to keep you in touch with those who matter to you and
                                                                        your business – your potential customers. Generate those vital
         Neil Shestopal

                                                                        sales leads, with our extensive range of activities designed to
         BACI Solicitors
                                                                        enhance your opportunity to develop new contacts.

                                     Changing Places – a popular programme of complimentary networking receptions – is regularly
                                     attended by over 150 members. Organised monthly by London Chamber of Commerce recent venues

“In addition to the networking
  opportunities, my Chamber
 membership is invaluable for
     keeping me up to date
       through its regular
  publications, meetings and
                                     include Glaziers Hall (London Bridge), the British Library (King’s Cross) and Hard Rock Café
                                     (Piccadilly). As a member you can book up to two complimentary tickets for Changing Places. Many of
                                     our networking events, seminars and workshops are at discounted rates for members, if not FREE.
                                     On all event bookings, priority is given to our members who are welcome to bring guests along.

                                     Exclusive to members and their guests, you can take
                                     advantage of our Members’ Lounge at London
                                     Chamber of Commerce EC4; an attractive modern

     seminar programmes.
                                     meeting place that will impress your clients. Open from
        Glenda Shawley               8.30am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday, facilities include a
       The Training Pack             coffee bar (open 9.30am to 3.30pm), data points for
                                     laptop plug-in, wi-fi connectivity, news feeds and an
                                     eclectic mix of seating areas.


                                   Hammersmith & Fulham Chamber of Commerce is part of London Chamber of Commerce, working
                                   together to bring our 10 000 business customers the support they need to succeed
  • As a member you are instantly eligible to receive our Members Directory, detailing
    all of our current 3000 members. This is also available on the members’ zone
    which members can exclusively access by visiting www.hfchamber.co.uk

  • The exclusive Members’ Zone on the Hammersmith & Fulham Chamber of
    Commerce website provides an online database of our 3000 members across London.
    Why not promote your services by offering special offers to other members – an
    easy way of generating sales leads for you and your company - simple

  • Our very own Hammersmith & Fulham Chamber of Commerce Newsletter                            SUBSCRIPTION RATES
    offers an up-to-date insight into the activities taking place at the Chamber and an
    opportunity for you to promote your company. With the members platform and the
    chance to shout about your successes, our newsletter is there to support you and
    your company’s growth                                                                     To become a member of Hammersmith &
                                                                                              Fulham Chamber, your business must be
  • Sponsorship of one of our many events is a great way to promote your business by          located in the following postal codes:
    raising your profile in an efficient effective way to a growing network of members        SW6,W6,W12 and W14

BUSINESS ADVICE AND INFORMATION                                                               LOCAL MEMBERSHIP

  • eNewsletter and information factsheets and business guides on 150+ topics                     size of company:     1-12 employees
    including funding, avoiding email scams and effective PR can all be downloaded free of            subscription:    £125.00
    charge from the exclusive Members’ Zone on the website                                           + registration:   Nil
                                                                                                             + VAT:    £21.88
  • London Business Matters, a glossy 32-page magazine on issues, people, products                            total:   £146.88
    and services that affect and benefit business will be sent to you ten times a year
                                                                                                  size of company:     13+ employees
  • Occupational Heath Helpline enables you to speak to a qualified occupational                      subscription:    £282.00
    health specialist who will advise your business on coping with issues such as drug and           + registration:   £20.00
    alcohol abuse in the workplace, stress management and health and safety legislation                      + VAT:    £52.85
                                                                                                              total:   £354.85
  • FREE Legal Advice is offered 24 hours a day, seven days a week

  • Access to the European Information Centre, one of a network of 250 European               To reduce your annual subscription, why
    Information Centres across the continent answering questions on doing business            not pay by direct debit?
    in Europe
                                                                                              Companies completing a direct debit form
                                                                                              when applying to join Hammersmith &
                                                                                              Fulham Chamber of Commerce will
MEMBER MONEY SAVERS                                                                           receive a 5% discount on their first and
As a member of Hammersmith & Fulham Chamber of Commerce there are numerous
                                                                                              subsequent membership subscriptions.
ways you can save money. View our exclusive member offers at www.hfchamber.co.uk
                                                                                              The first year’s membership must
to source quality suppliers and enjoy superb discounts on a range of leisure activities. We
                                                                                              however be paid by cheque or charge
also offer a number of exclusive commercial packages:
                                                                                              card/ credit card. Please contact
                                                                                              membership sales on 020 7203 1840 for
  • Credit Card Processing Service – Access to a chip and pin terminal and credit
                                                                                              further details.
    card processing at reduced monthly rates
  • Company Credit Checks – Download credit reports online
  • Health Cash Plan – Help covering the costs of everyday health care expenses
  • Business Continuity Management – Risk assessments, continuity planning and
    document recovery
  • Translation Services – Over 100 different language contributions at a
    discounted price
  • Chambercard – Smartcard digital certificate solution

The Chamber lobbies the Local Authority on current business issues and represents
businesses on the Local Strategic Partnership and other key borough committees. The
Chamber also articulates the views of businesses through the local press.

                                           visit www.hfchamber.org.uk
                                                                                    PREMIER PLUS MEMBERSHIP
                                                                                      size of company:     1-2 employees
                                                                                          subscription:    £311.00
                                                                                         + registration:   £50.00
                                                                                                 + VAT:    £63.18
                                                                                                  total:   £424.18
                                                                                      size of company:     3-12 employees
                                                                                          subscription:    £468.00
                                                                                         + registration:   £50.00
                                                                                                 + VAT:    £90.65
                                                                                                  total:   £608.65
                                                                                      size of company:     13-50 employees
                                                                                          subscription:    £690.00
 JOINING LONDON’S BUSINESS NETWORK                                                       + registration:   £50.00
 Join Hammersmith & Fulham Chamber of Commerce today and take                                    + VAT:    £129.50
 advantage of reaching a network of over 3000 members. Becoming a member                          total:   £869.50
 is easy. Simply complete the application form and let us take care of the rest.      size of company:     51-100 employees
                                                                                          subscription:    £952.00
 If you require further information on the benefits of joining London’s leading          + registration:   £50.00
 business network contact our team on 020 7517 7947 or email                                     + VAT:    £175.35
 localmembership@londonchamber.co.uk.                                                             total:   £1,177.35
                                                                                      size of company:     101-250 employees
                                                                                          subscription:    £1,124.00
                                                                                         + registration:   £50.00
 PREMIER PLUS MEMBERSHIP                                                                         + VAT:    £205.45
                                                                                                  total:   £1,379.45
 With a growing network of members across London, our Premier Plus
                                                                                      size of company:     251-500 employees
 Membership offers you the chance to upgrade your membership with
                                                                                          subscription:    £1,495.00
 increased benefits. Premier Plus Membership offers you:                                 + registration:   £50.00
                                                                                                 + VAT:    £270.38
 • Over 100 additional events – many exclusive, free or at discounted                             total:   £1,815.38
   prices to Premier Plus members
                                                                                      size of company:     501-1000 employees
                                                                                          subscription:    £1,702.00
 • Access to special interest groups including Asian Business Association,
                                                                                         + registration:   £50.00
   Defence and Security Group, Business Development Club, Property and                           + VAT:    £306.60
   Construction Group and Women in Business Group                                                 total:   £2,058.60
                                                                                      size of company:     1001-2500 employees
 • Information services – access to information services and research
                                                                                          subscription:    £3,018.00
   including company reports and competitor monitoring
                                                                                         + registration:   £50.00
                                                                                                 + VAT:    £536.90
 • International trade services – overseas trade opportunities, import and                        total:   £3,604.90
   export advice, trade seminars and events, overseas missions, access to the
                                                                                          more than 2500 employees
   World Trade Club and export documentation at a member discount
                                                                                         negotiated subscriptions apply
 • 20% discount on conference facilities at London Chamber of
   Commerce, 33 Queen Street, EC4

 • One free advertorial space per year in London Business Matters to
   promote your company to an audience of 18,000 when you give a special
   offer to other members

 • Complimentary Business Advice Clinics that give you the opportunity
   to speak to professionals in a range of fields such as marketing, PR, business
   growth and legislation

 • Access to business forums that give members a direct say in determining
   our campaign priorities

contact the team now on T: 020 7203 1840 E: localmembership@londonchamber.co.uk
We hereby apply for membership of Hammersmith & Fulham Chamber of Commerce and agree to be bound by the
Memorandum and Articles of Association of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Please complete this form in BLOCK CAPITALS, using a ballpoint pen

company name

known as (if different from above)


city                                                              county                                                       postcode

telephone                                                                          fax

e-mail                                                                             website

description of business (products, services etc.)

business sector                                                                    number of personnel (including directors, partners and employees)

how did you hear about Hammersmith & Fulham Chamber of Commerce?

YOUR DETAILS – principal contact
title (Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms/Other)                              first name                                           surname

job title

responsible for

telephone                                                                          fax


were you introduced by a member of either Hammersmith & Fulham Chamber of Commerce or London Chamber of Commerce?                                YES          NO
member company name


city                                                              county                                                       postcode

contact name*
* by providing this name you warrant that your contact has consented to their details being processed by Hammersmith & Fulham Chamber and London Chamber of Commerce

PRIVACY AND DATA PROTECTION – personal data/principal contact
We are committed to protecting your privacy and will only use the information we collect about you in accordance with the reasons stated when we collect the
information. The information supplied by you will be held on a database by London Chamber of Commerce and used to inform you of member benefits and
events, survey your views and manage your membership.
Unless you put a cross in the box(es) provided:
  your company data will be:             Displayed on the searchable on-line database on the Members’ Zone of the Hammersmith & Fulham
                                         Chamber of Commerce website
                                         Printed in the hard-copy London Chamber of Commerce members’ directory
  you will receive:                      A copy of the London Business Matters magazine
                                         A copy of the monthly eLondon Newsletter by email
  your personal data will be used to:    Provide you with details of member benefits including events offered by Hammersmith & Fulham Chamber
                                         of Commerce and London Chamber of Commerce and Industry
                                         Inform you of offers we have negotiated with third parties to support your business or save your
                                         business money
Please indicate with a cross in the box if you do not wish to receive information by any of the following media:
                                            Telephone                  Fax                    Email                Post
Please note that by opting out of any communication channels you may miss out on events, information, discounts, exclusive offers and opportunities to voice
your views, all of which are benefits of your membership and could benefit your business.
• The first year’s subscription and joining fee must be paid in full by cheque or credit/debit card

• Subsidiaries of member companies are entitled to a discount of 25% off their subscription fee

• Members are normally entitled to treat their subscription as a business expense in computing liability for tax
• In the event of an unsuccessful application, payment will be refunded in full

• For resignation of membership, we require notice in writing one month prior to the renewal date
• If you wish to qualify for the 5% discount please enclose a direct debit form for your second and subsequent years payments

by card (please complete the following)

card type – Amex / Visa / Mastercard / Maestro/Switch / Other – please specify

card no.                                                                             card security code (last 3 or 4 digits on the signature strip)

start date                                               expiry date                                                   issue no. (Maestro/Switch)

name on card

company (if applicable)

billing address


signed                                                                  print name

by cheque - please make cheques payable to London Chamber of Commerce

London Chamber of Commerce and Industry provides an extensive range of business support activities and services to local members. To
help us ensure you derive the maximum benefit from your corporate membership, please indicate the services or activities that are of
interest to you by ticking the boxes provided.

NETWORKING AND EVENTS:                                                    EURO INFO CENTRE:
networking events                                                N1       policy and legislation                                                      E1
business briefings and seminars                                  N2       funding and grants                                                          E2
local branch events                                              N4       seminars and events                                                         E4
                                                                          telephone helpline                                                          E5
PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT:                                                 tender monitoring service                                                   E6
personal development skills                                      T1       euro currency information                                                   E7
                                                                          business opportunities                                                      E8
meeting rooms for hire                                           F1
                                                                          INFORMATION SERVICES:
                                                                          occupational health helpline                                                I8
members’ lounge                                                  F3
                                                                          legal advice                                                                O1
credit card processing service                                   O9       CAMPAIGNS AND POLICY:
company credit checks                                            O10      business and economic research                                              C1
health cash plan                                                 O11      crime and security                                                          C2
business continuity management                                   O12      skills and employment                                                       C4
translation services                                             W8       transport and planning                                                      C5
chambercard                                                      O7       taxation and “red tape”                                                     C6

Please return this completed form and cheque (if applicable) to: Local Membership, London Chamber of Commerce
and Industry, 33 Queen Street, London EC4R 1AP

Reasons for sponsorship vary but recent sponsors have set the following objectives:
• Increase brand awareness
• New business development
• Networking with a business audience
• Recruit members to trial new products or services
• As part of a wider marketing strategy or product launch
• Reach a targeted audience with the direct mail opportunities

The range of sponsorship opportunities includes sponsorship of a series of events, headline sponsorship of an individual event,
sponsorship of a part of an event such as a drinks reception or business award or sponsorship of a newsletter.

For further information about sponsorship opportunities please contact:
Patricia Bench, Manager, Hammersmith & Fulham Chamber of Commerce on 020 8840 6332 or email info@hfchamber.co.uk


                                              Visit www.hfchamber.co.uk today to find out how you can join the membership
                                              that matters to business. As part of the London Chamber of Commerce you and
                                              your business has instant access to a network of over 3000 businesses across London,

                                              As a member of Hammersmith & Fulham Chamber of Commerce, you will have
                                              instant access to the Exclusive Members’ Zone. Search for a member, anywhere
                                              across London, visit our information centre and keep up to date, check out our
                                              member money savers or quite simply have your say.

                                              JOIN THE MEMBERSHIP THAT MATTERS TO BUSINESS

                    Grove Mews, 42 The Grove, Ealing, London W5 5LH
                    T: 020 8840 6332 F: 020 8579 0685
                    E: info@hfchamber.co.uk W: www.hfchamber.co.uk

                             Hammersmith & Fulham Chamber of Commerce is part of London Chamber of Commerce, working
                             together to bring our 10 000 business customers the support they need to succeed

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